American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins

Here, a fascinating series of maps.
Your assignment, just to piss PC Idiots off, is to analyze the maps in terms of demographics and race.
Greed is highest on the East Coast, in California, in Washington State and Oregon, in Arizona, in Texas and around Chicago, in lower Michigan, in Florida and in the Rust Belt. These are all places where there are concentrations of wealth. The measure was based on “Average income compared with number of people living below the poverty line.” What this means is that this is where extremes of wealth and poverty exist.
They exist in Arizona, California and Florida because of mass Hispanic immigration. Hispanics can probably only create societies with extremes of wealth and poverty, and the Hispanic elite which has settled in Florida has created the most outrageous and reactionary mirror of a Latin American banana republic shithole you could imagine. Why? Because that’s what they do. That’s what they create in Latin America, so that’s what they are going to create when you import them to the US.
In California and Arizona, there are still a lot of rich people, mostly rich White people. This has recently been combined with the insanity of importing millions of Mesoamerican urban poor and peasants with an average 5th grade education. Predictably, they have created mass poverty and slums wherever they have settled. Combine this with the rich Whites you get greed on the map.
I have no explanations for the high greed coefficients around Chicago, lower Michigan and the Rust Belt, but there is a lot of Black poverty and there are a lot of wrecked cities in this region. I can’t understand the high readings on the liberal White East Coast or in Washington State/Oregon either. Interestingly, the South, including the Black Belt, scores low on greed. Maybe there is not much money to go around?
The next map is Envy, or the Ripoff Map. It’s a map of theft. Predictably, it’s high in Arizona, central California and Washington State. Extremes of inequality cause tons of crime, especially theft, but you can never get a conservative to admit this basic fact of human nature.
The South, including the Black Belt, has tons of theft. Presumably, Blacks are doing a lot of this stealing, but I am curious to what extent Southern Whites are thieves too. I have always heard that Southern Whites also have a high crime rate. In that respect, Southern crime may be more of a regionalism than a race thing per se.
Also lots of ripoff in lower Michigan and Rust Belt. We do have lots of Blacks there, lots of wrecked cities and abandoned industry, along with extremes of wealth and poverty. That sounds like a recipe for Ripoff Central. Also quite a bit of ripoff in eastern Oklahoma and NE Texas, which I cannot explain.
The Wrath Map, or violent crime map, is most interesting. Once again, high rates in Central California which are not explainable. Arizona has lots of violent crime, possibly due to Hispanics. So does New Mexico, and I cannot explain that.
So does Southern Missouri, East Texas, Eastern Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and  Southern North Carolina. Yet Mississippi has little and Alabama has much less than the rest. One is tempted to say “Black Belt”, except that I have always heard that those wonderful Southern White folks have always had a very high violent crime rate. In particular a high homicide rate. And it’s been that way for 200 years or so. I chalk it up to culture.
Southern Michigan has some violent crime, but the Rust Belt does not. Go figure? There’s also quite a bit of violent crime being committed those White redneck mountain men in far Western Montana. Huh? So much on these maps hardly makes sense.
Next up we have Sloth, and this map doesn’t tell us much except that Americans are not particularly sloth-like, nor are they all that workaholic. In the Yellowstone region, we find the laziest folks of all, what with all that elk hunting and flyfishing in the rivers. That includes Western Montana, where the homicidal herds of Whites roam. I guess when they are not shooting each other, they are practicing on elk and deer?
The Gluttony map tells us little except that Texas is full of fatties, steer-shaped guys and gals wearing outsized beltbuckles and deep fat-frying anything no longer moving. Appalachia is full of unhealthy eaters and so is the Washington DC area, except for Michelle’s organic garden I guess.
Now for my favorite subject: Lust! This is a VD map, unfortunately, not a Get Laid Map. One would think that wherever you have lots of queers you have tons of  VD, but it doesn’t show on the map.
Instead we get the South. And indeed, it does look something like the Black Belt. I know Blacks like to screw a lot, but how about Southern Whites? Are they all prim and proper, going to Church every Sunday and Bible Study during the week? One wonders.
There are some strange anomalies on there – the Black Hills, NE Arizona, until one realizes that these are Indian reservations. Indians like to screw a lot? I never knew. I thought Indian maidens were all shy and reserved and proper. We also have tons of uncontrollable sex maniacs in East Central New Mexico and across the border in West Texas (Bible Belt). I don’t understand this one at all. Once again, we have lots of evil, this time Sex Evil, in NE Texas, which I don’t understand. Lot of Black folks there? Lot of screwing in southern Michigan, once again a lot of Blacks.
Thaaat’s all, folks!

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3 thoughts on “American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins”

  1. cool map, for sure. going to show this to a couple of friends.
    glad to see you’re back at it again by the way. and you’re on a roll, i’d say. awesome!

    1. LOL, I just slept for I think 60 hours or so. Haha. I don’t know if it’s good for you or not. If it’s bad for you, I would say that I don’t care. Let it kill me, haha.
      Thx for the encouragement my friend! I hate to say that I need it. In a way, I’m hopelessly insecure.

  2. I think the sloth figures are thrown off by a lot of people from the greed belt spending on their vacation homes in areas where wages for the locals are relatively low.

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