A Reworking of the Classification of Philippine Language Group

I really don’t know much about the classification of the Phillipine languages, other than that they are all Austronesian, and they are fairly close to one another. How close, I haven’t the faintest idea. The ones listed as different languages are certainly not intelligible though.
The Austronesian family outside of Taiwan is also huge, and it is also fairly close-knit, in fact, it is probably one of the closest large collections of related languages on Earth.
These include all of the languages of the Philippines, most of the languages of Indonesia and Malaysia, some New Guinea languages (on the coast), most Melanesian languages (some appear to speak Papuan languages), and all Polynesian and Melanesian languages. Yes, indeed. Hawaiian, Samoan and Maori are all related Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia. Even more shocking is that there are quite a few cognates. You might be surprised looking through a list of basic words in Tagalog and Hawaiian.
I don’t enough about Philippine languages to figure out if the author is onto something here.
He has also has a couple of maps of what the Philippines languages would have looked like without Spanish colonization and what they look like with Spanish colonization (actually existing situation), but I don’t know enough about that to make sense of it either. But it’s interesting.

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