New Visitor Record On Robert Lindsay Immediately Broken

People are complaining about these posts*, but the truth is that these posts bring in even more traffic. I don’t know how that works, but I guess it has something to do with human psychology. Everyone loves a winner, and no one wants to admit they bought a lemon, stuff like that. If these posts piss you off, don’t read.
The new record for 2nd highest hits** in a day set on September 2 – 4,020 – was immediately broken the next day, September 3, when a new 2nd highest hits/day record of 4,127 was set, surpassing the old record by 107 hits.
This is pretty amazing. We are breaking records almost every other day on here now.
*On the other hand, they are pissing off the right people sometimes, so maybe they are worthwhile. There’s nothing more delicious than being hated by raving White Supremacists. No wait! Maybe there is. How about being hated by raving Afrocentrists?
*I keep records for 1st-5th highest traffic for days, weeks and months on here.

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