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A comment on the post, Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives, exemplifies a typical way that liberals dodge the issue of race realism. That post really makes Black people mad! I’m not sure why, really. The post merely notes that Blacks, in particular males, and especially young Black males, seem to have levels of aggression and violence far beyond what typically manifests in other races. It’s not that Blacks are violent and other races are not; all humans are naturally violent. But Blacks seem to be quite a bit more violent on average than other races. Looking over the data, this seems to hold true across cultures, in the West, in Europe, in the Caribbean, in Brazil and in Africa. Furthermore, it seems to hold true for different types of Blacks. One could argue that only African-Americans are violent and say Africans are not. Yet when ordinary Africans are imported to the West via refugee programs, their aggressive and antisocial behavior looks quite a bit like their African-American brethren. Australia is now going to stop taking Sudanese refugees due to the tremendous amounts of crime they are committing. Their crime rate seems to be about 12X above the average for Australians as a whole. Jamaicans in the UK commit a tremendous amount of crime, particularly violent crime. At 2 In the UK, police in London began requiring a Form 696 before music events. It turns out that the purpose of the form is to find out if bashment, R&B or garage music is going to be played at an event and what ethnic groups would be there. You need to turn in a form to get approval for the gig. Although it looks like gigs with these forms of music were all approved anyway, police wanted to know beforehand if this type of music was going to be played. The article beats around the bush claiming that that music is popular with “Asian and Black” fans. As it turns out, it’s only popular with Blacks (read: Jamaicans). I guess when this sort of music is played, lots of cops show up keep a lid on things. Violence at gigs declined by 14 We’ve heard depressing stories like this too many times, but I repeat it to show that Black violence is not confined to the US somehow. Black states in the Caribbean often have very high violent crime and especially homicide rates. South Africa leads the world in violent crime. The fact that it seems like wherever we find large numbers of Blacks, we find lots of crime, violence and especially violent crime seems to shoot down the liberal explanations. This is where Liberal Race Realism comes in. Liberal Race Realism is going to reject the standard liberal explanations. These explanations are that poverty, racism, and the lingering effects of colonialism and slavery are responsible for astronomical Black crime and violent crime levels. The more you think about this explanation, the more silly it seems, but it lingers nevertheless, and in fact it is the dominant explanation for Black crime in the West. This is unfortunate. You can’t even begin to solve problems until you figure out what’s causing them. As long as we have the cause wrong, we’re never going to get a lid on matters. The article argued that Black crime, especially Black violent crime, is nearly a public health crisis. The victims of this public health crisis are by and large Black folks themselves. So it would seem that Blacks would want to get a handle on this matter one way or another. The article offered several explanations for high Black crime and violent crime and offered some tentative though unsavory possible ameliorations of the problem. One thing that Liberal Race Realism might offer in this bleak situation is a suggestion that Blacks may differ in the genetic, cultural, behavioral, cognitive and emotional cards that they bring to the table. Therefore, if we are going to try to deal with Black crime, what anti-crime measures work for say, Japanese or Mexicans or American Whites might not work for Blacks. Things that motivate Whites might not motivate Blacks. If we recognize that Blacks are different, one suggestion is that Blacks may need specifically tailored programs that work best for them. If we just throw Program X at a multiracial group, maybe only some of the groups will respond. So Liberal Race Realism would focus on which social ameliorative measures work best for Blacks. Who cares if they work for Hispanics, Hmong or Tennessee hillbillies? What works for them may fail with Blacks. A teacher at the nearby college has figured out a way to teach math to female college students. Using this method, females don’t do as well as males, but they do do better than before. Getting back to commenter, he asked me if making nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is “civilized” behavior. He was suggesting that White folks making Minuteman missiles is the same Blacks rampaging through Detroit every Hell Night and burning down half the city. This is a typical anti-racist rejoinder when we talk about Black crime or social pathologies in general. It’s a Tim Wise answer that doesn’t solve anything, all it does it divert the discussion. Supposedly the out of control murder rate in New Orleans is the same thing as the Pentagon’s weapons program. I suppose this is interesting as a philosophical question for philosophers or philosophy students, but it has no meaning in the real world. Would you rather live in the Hell of New Orleans or Detroit, with a South African type crime rate, or in some tony lily-White neighborhood with the sort of White folks who work on advanced weapons systems for the Pentagon? Most folks would rather live in Brentwood than Detroit. Granted, making nuclear bombs is nasty business, but nuclear engineers are not going to carjack me, rape my sister, murder my neighbor, mug my brother or hold up the liquor store and pistol-whip the owner. In other words, the fact that you live in a neighborhood full of guys who work at Livermore Labs is kind of creepy, but it’s completely safe. While living among the feral young Black thugs of Washington DC’s ghettos is downright dangerous to your health.

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15 thoughts on “Not Answering the Question”

  1. Maybe what the commenter meant is whether or not USING these weapons of mass destruction is civilized behavior. Your answer to him would probably be the same.
    Many Black people readily acknowledge Black violence. So the reaction to the article is not coming from any kind of denial of Black violence. I think a lot of Black people are sick of being analyzed and discussed over like lab specimens by Whites.
    This is coming from a place most White people probably can’t relate to. And I know a lot of White people may scoff and say it’s too bad Black people get bent out of shape over it.
    But this probably explains the kind of knee-jerk reaction some of us have to people trying to figure out what makes us tick.

  2. Tim Wise is a Kumbaya Jew. These are career change agents involved in keeping the race dialogue on university campuses anti-White. BTW “Kumbaya” is ebonics for “Come by here.” Has anyone noticed that even many educated Blacks drop their t’s ? Jesus Christ becomes “Jesus Crise.” They refuse, or simply can’t, make the “t” sound on words that end in this letter.
    Tim Wise should drop his t’s and get up and discuss the fact that Blacks get a free pass on public transportation fees because of their potential for violence. Black drivers almost never collect fares from Black bus riders in my city as a matter of course. It’s a “Black thing.” Drivers have been cautioned not to press the point if a rider doesn’t pay the fare. Blacks have gotten used to riding for free because they know Black drivers won’t charge them and the White drivers won’t either because they’re afraid of getting punched in the face by a Black hot head or crazy with an outsized sense of honor. If you want to keep your teeth don’t ever disrespect a dim witted thug by asking him to exercise some civility.

    1. I think you’re making too big a deal about the “dropping Ts” thing. It’s pretty common in all society’s, even homogeneous ones that there are regional dialects and that not all groups of people pronounce things the same way. Southern whites speak very differently from California whites as an example.

  3. Everyone is sensitive about something.
    There are Black people who make a huge deal of the fact that White people enslaved Africans and who make it seem as if White behavior toward Blacks is particularly evil.
    There will be White people coming forward to point out that Arabs enslaved Blacks, that other Africans enslaved Blacks, that it was all the Jews’ fault, and so forth.
    Nobody wants to be told how bad they’ve been.

  4. Would you rather live in the Hell of New Orleans or Detroit, with a South African type crime rate, or in some tony lily-White neighborhood with the sort of White folks who work on advanced weapons systems for the Pentagon?

    One thing I noticed about Madera, California is that it has a very low black population (~4%). I strongly believe that by bringing in Negroes from disadvantaged neighborhoods (such as Detroit) to live alongside the older white population (50+), they all could benefit from increased diversity and unique multicultural perspectives.
    And anyone who opposes that is a racist.
    (Heh, heh, heh…)

    1. There are not that many older Whites in this town. I don’t know what happened to the older Whites. They mostly moved out to other places I think. This town has a young population. The older people are Mexicans and Blacks.
      A lot of the Blacks around here are pretty ghetto, but they don’t cause any serious problems, though they get arrested a lot of little stuff. 4% Blacks, even heavily ghetto Blacks, is pretty much doable. For one thing the population is so tiny that they really can’t form any substantial Black gangs. One thing we do have is pimps and street whores though.
      All the pimps are Black of course. 90% of the street whores are Black. It’s sort of ugly, but it’s not like it destroys the whole place. It’s just sort of unsightly. I know a couple of those pimps and I’ve tried to turn them in to the cops, but it’s kind of hard to catch a pimp. The cops know they are pimps, but you need more than that to bust them.
      Hispanic gangs are WAY more tolerable than Black gangs. I’d rather live with Nortenos than Crips any day of the week.

  5. I’m sure everyone saw the story about the White South African who got asylum in Canada because of crime and Black-on-White animosity in SA. Is this a harbringer of what’s to come? Is Lindsay going to ask for asylum in Totonto because of La Raza?

    1. I’m sure everyone saw the story about the White South African who got asylum in Canada because of crime and Black-on-White animosity in SA.
      No.. do you have a link..? It sounds dubious… I suspect there has to be some other reason that asylum was granted.. or perhaps they got a sympathetic or immigration officer. I doubt this will become policy.

    2. Nathan, I can live with Mexicans; I’m a native Californian. I was taking Spanish classes at age 6. One of my first girlfriends was a Mexican gang girl, 15 yrs old. I know these people inside and out. We grew up with them here.
      I can’t live with Blacks though. Not in large numbers anyway. I don’t mind a few of them. Under 7% though please. If it has to be more than that in say some huge city (like LA where I lived for a time), concentrate them in one place where I never have to go to.

  6. “I’m sure everyone saw the story about the White South African who got asylum in Canada because of crime and Black-on-White animosity in SA.”
    I didn’t hear anything about this. I did hear that
    the Canadian Human Rights org’s odious “hate” speech law was declared unconstitutional and struck from the books recently. What’s
    interesting about this is that it’s the third (count em) Canadian law used against Ernst Zundel to be challenged by free speech activists and scuttled.
    White overeducated Brits Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle (“The Heretical Two”) sought political asylum in the US and were finally denied it after spending a year in the Santa Ana Jail. They weren’t released on PR until their hearing like normal asylum seekers because the minority with the mostest, busying themselves behind the scenes as usual, wanted them punished for heresies posted at their website.

  7. The conundrum I have with “blacks are inherently more violent” thing is that the majority of them are not. I can walk around on any given day and maybe pass 100 black people. What is the likelihood of any of them attacking me? Pretty small. Now if I go to a place like a gang territory, then maybe that’s a different story. But the AVERAGE black poses no physical threat to me and I’ve never been attacked by a black person in any way and I don’t go out of my way to avoid them.
    I know S. Africa is violent, but I’ve spoken to white tourists that have traveled to Africa, gone on safaris or done humanitarian work and most of them felt that Africans overall are a pretty friendly and hospitable bunch. One British guy told me that he felt safer in Ghana than he does in London. I think the safety/crime situation in Africa can vary widely from country to country.
    Jamaica has a reputation for violence, but virtually all of it is confined to Kingston gangs. And the drug trade is at the root of it as it often is with gangs. Same thing with the favelas of Brazil, violent places, but unless you’re posing some threat to their drug turf, the drug gangs could care less about harming you. I don’t think these people are being violent for the sake of being violent, but in the very stratified society of Brazil where upward mobility is almost unheard of, there really isn’t much a favela kid can do to make money. They have no public schools, often not even running water.
    In the USA, I think the black crime matter is the result of primarily one thing, too many fatherless homes. I cannot think of a single 2 parent black family that has problematic kids. Virtually every single black criminal in jail grew up without a father. What sociological phenomena caused this? I don’t know. 100 years ago, the black family was quite strong and black crimes rates were pretty low. Many blacks didn’t even lock their doors from what I’ve heard. What happened between then and now? I really don’t know.

  8. Tulio: Aggression is increased by inequality. You will find that more unequal African states have more agressive populations – Nigeria, South Africa etc. Where the population is more equal (and usually more ethnically homogenous) in countries like Botswana and Ghana crime is less of a problem.
    100 years ago US families of all races were stronger. Additionally, blacks were still partly legally disenfranchised so they had lower expectations. Now of course blacks are bombarded with adverts and the idea that money is god, so the impetus to steal is stronger.

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