Brainwashing, Mind Control and Biowarfare in Korea

Note: Repost from the old blog. All my life, I’ve been told by the US Liesmedia, and by my society in general, that some people called “Red Chinese” subjected US Korean War POW’s to some kind of a horrible “brainwashing and mind control” program. I’ve believed this all my life. It never happened. It’s all a great big lie. There was about as much brainwashing and mind control as you get from reading this blog. I was also told that US POW’s got tortured. Never happened, at least not by the Chinese. There was some terrible treatment by the North Koreans, but as soon as the Chinese took over, thing quickly got better. Turns out that a number of US POW’s admitted that the US used biological weapons against the North Koreans. The Chinese made videotapes of these confessions and released them for propaganda purposes. The only way for the US government to make sense of these statements was to say that the POW’s were tortured and subjected to mind control and brainwashing. After the war, the POW’s who made those statements were released, and came home to a hostile America, where they were threatened with court martial. They quickly recanted and made up a bunch of crap about brainwashing, mind control and torture to explain why they made those tapes. A new book proves that the US did use biological warfare on North Korea. Evidence includes:

…Reports of sudden deaths from plague, anthrax and encephalitis (brain inflammation resulting from a viral infection), and eyewitness accounts of US aircraft dropping strange objects, including soybean stalks, feathers and cardboard packages containing live insects, rotten fish, decaying pork, frogs and rodents. Fleas from these airdrops tested positive for plague, which had not been reported in Korea since 1912. And insects, spiders and feathers were found to be carrying anthrax.

Turns out our “free press” never got around to telling me about any of this either. Isn’t it great living in a country with “freedom of the press”?

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One thought on “Brainwashing, Mind Control and Biowarfare in Korea”

  1. Its all true The U.S. not only is capable but is currently mind controlling/brainwashing kids, young adults by making them hear voices 24/7/365 and putting them through sleep deprivation and shocking them. The target cannot actually see what is happening. It is sick, cruel, torture done with satilites and microwave towers possible the chemtrails might have somthing to do with it. I know this for a fact as I have experianced this since I was a kid. If they dont admit to what they are doing illegally, its only gonna make life miserable for all of America. I know im not the only one enduring this torture that isnt visible. Restitution is near.

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