New Weekly Record On Robert Lindsay

It’s hard to believe that we keep on breaking records here at this website, but that’s exactly what we are doing. Last week, August 24-30, set a new record for number of hits in a week. There were 22,563 hits recorded last week, breaking the previous record of 22,094 set 2 months prior, July 6-12. That’s an average of 3,223 hits a day. There were also 438 visits to the old site, where traffic is really declining. Total traffic was 23,001 for the week, or 3,285 hits a day. Traffic has been very high for 2 months now, much higher than in any previous time since I was on WordPress.

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3 thoughts on “New Weekly Record On Robert Lindsay”

  1. That is good. Many commi-liberal scumbags reads your blog and that is good because then many shit for brain liberals will grow a brain after reading my comments 9D)
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