Latin America Sucks Because It's Full of Stupid Mestizos

Note: Repost from the old blog.
A White Supremacist just wrote me to tell me this.
It’s important to take this crap on full-bore because this is the heart of the White nationalist argument about culture and economics. If we can smash this argument, the whole White nationalist argument comes tumbling down.
Genes drive culture. Screwed up countries are screwed up because their genes are lousy. Mexico sucks because it’s full of Mexicans, not Swedes. That’s it in a nutshell.
Not so fast.
My position is that capitalism has largely failed in Latin America. Not due to low per capita income, but due to the horrible poverty, lack of schooling, medical care, shelter, food security, infrastructure and the grotesque inequality of the continent.
Let’s take a look just at IQ:

Albania                 90
Bermuda                 90
Bosnia and Herzegovina  90
Croatia                 90
Costa Rica              90
Ecuador                 89
Laos                    89
Kyrgyzstan              88.5
Turkey                  88.5
Mexico                  88.5
Samoa                   87.5
Peru                    87.5
Azerbaijan              87
Brazil                  87
Tajikistan              87
Turkmenistan            87
Uzbekistan              87
Iraq                    87
Tonga                   86.5
Bolivia                 86
Colombia                86
Venezuela               86
Guyana                  85.5
Jordan                  85.5
New Caledonia           85
Cuba                    85
Syria                   85
Fiji                    84.5
Morocco                 84.5
Paraguay                84.5
Vanuatu                 84.5
Lebanon                 84
Panama                  84
Puerto Rico             84
Kiribati                84
Yemen                   84
Fed. St. of Micronesia  84
Iran                    84
Marshall Islands        84
Solomon Islands         84
Belize                  83.5
Saudi Arabia            83.5
United Arab Emirates    83.5
Algeria                 83.5
Libya                   83.5
Papua New Guinea        83.5
Tunisia                 83.5
Dominican Republic      83
Bahrain                 83
Oman                    83
Kuwait                  83
Honduras                82.5
Nicaragua               82.5
Egypt                   82
El Salvador             82
The Bahamas             81
N. Mariana Islands      81
Sri Lanka               80
Barbados                79
Guatemala               79

Latin American states are in blue above. Non-Latin American states are in bold. I did not include Chile, Argentina or Uruguay above because those populations are mostly White. The countries in blue are primarily Mestizo, mulatto, and various other combinations of Black, White and Indian. I am not going to bother going down the line here to describe each non-Latin American state.
I can only tell you that many to most of the nations in Black lack at least one of the serious problems that afflicts Latin America. Most nations in black have low crime rates, certainly much lower than their Latin American counterparts. Most of them do not have the same kind of horrible and outrageous poverty that Latin America has, in particular with the insane gaps between the rich and poor.
The situation where a tiny percentage of the population hoards almost all the money while poor majorities fester in horrific shantytowns without plumbing, running water, schooling, medical care or proper housing in general does not exist in the nations above.
I don’t have infant mortality statistics for the nations above, but Sri Lanka has a very low infant mortality rate, and it is a poor country. It is useful to compare Sri Lanka to India to show how a socialist government in Sri Lanka is kicking ass on murderous Indian capitalism. By not having an infant mortality rate as low as Sri Lanka’s, India is killing 2.8 million kids every single year. That’s just mass murder.
That’s why I support the Maoist revolutionaries in India who have taken up arms against the state. There’s already violence in India. There are millions dying prematurely every year. Are Maoists killing 4 million a year in India? Hell no. Indian capitalism is!
As long as Indian capitalism kills at least 4 million people every single year, people need to shut up about Maoist violence. Maoist violence seeks to end the mass murder that occurs in India every year, hence it’s a righteous project.
I’m not sure what else you might want to look for above. There are Arab states that have achieved some very high standards of living with relatively low IQ’s. So they have oil. So what. So does Venezuela, Mexico and Bolivia. So how come they don’t look like Dubai or Riyadh?
It’s even hard to argue that Mestizo nations are automatically poor. Not the case. Mexico, at $12,500/year, can no longer be considered a poor country. The fact that the wealth is distributed so horribly is the cause for the horrible and criminal poverty, ridiculous crime rate, lack of sanitation, etc. in Mexico.
The experience of Cuba shows that Latin American style shantytowns and rural poverty can be wiped off the face of the Earth in a Latin American country. It shows you can achieve First World education and health figures and eliminate malnutrition. You can hook up the whole country up to clean water and sewage treatment. You can wipe out the horrible gaps between the rich and the poor and the horrific crime rate that results.
The only difference between Cuba, the countries in Black above, and most of Latin America is economics. Most of the countries in Black above are socialist to one degree or another. Others such as Western Samoa have reverted to a more basic and traditional type of lifestyle that at least eliminates poverty has nearly eliminated crime.
There is simply no reason whatsoever to assume, based on the figures above, that Latin American capitalism’s horrible problems and results are due to the IQ’s of its population.

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107 thoughts on “Latin America Sucks Because It's Full of Stupid Mestizos”

  1. Rob,
    The book “IQ and Global Inequality” has an interesting hypothesis but it’s data for many countries was extrapolated, outdated, or taken from a very small sample and therefore (in my opinion) be taken with a grain (or teaspoon) of salt:
    Many of the IQ statistics on which they draw must inevitably be subject to significant errors, especially as data were available only for 81 out of the 185 countries analyzed, with the rest assigned IQs equal to, or averaging those of adjacent countries. One might have reservations for example about using a small sample test for Croatia in 1952 to allocate Croatia an IQ of 90, extraordinarily low for a central European country..”

    1. RL:”Ok, I still say that Latin America’s problems are not due to the fact that the population is “stupid.””
      Latin America’s problems clearly stem from the fact that they are a bunch of unorganizable and corrupt racial mongrels.
      Race-mixing causes degeneration and stupidity, and thus heavily mixed Latin America is and will always remain a sickening cesspool of racial decay.

      1. WP,
        Ha! I would more than welcome of an “objective” test between you et al. and me and my gang of mestizo, mulatto, hapa mutts (which frankly is everyone). Your posting deserves an equally inane response, so here it goes: We can whoop your asses physically (as stereotypes would go) and intellectually.
        On a larger note, I’m not sure how IQ even comes into the mix. IUsing IQ to measure “Western” superiority is like using the Bible to prove Christianity — not only biased but perhaps a near-tautology.

        1. the immigration from cuba to the United States in the 60’s were mostly white, Cubans have nothing to do with other latin American countries, they are mostly white, and are the only Hispanics that have progressed the most both politically and economically in the united states. Sure, they have blacks in cuba, just like the united states have afro americans, doesn’t mean everyone is mixed. examples of Cubans, Cameron diaz, andy Garcia, otto reich, bob vila, the ex- president of coca cola, soon to be president marco Rubio as well as many others, they turned Miami, a crappy retirement place into an important city, the other latin American people have not.

        2. HAPA? You must be half-Japanese. Japanese do not know it but they were a mixed race from word one, being so close to Russia in the North and Asia in the South.
          As for everyone being Eurasian…true West to Poland, maybe.
          Asians got fairly brutal in the Middle Ages and suddenly showed up from Mongolia or West China and started raping the hell out of Slavic girls.

      2. Dear Uncle Sam,
        I am writing to apologize for all the terrible things which we Cubans have done to you while living in these United States. Please let me begin with my own humble plea for forgiveness.
        Forgive me for being too Cuban, too Spanish, too European and too white to know how painful it must be for you to have Spanish speaking Caucasians living on your soil. I also beg you to forgive my Afro-Cuban brothers and sisters for being descendants of the Yoruba people of West Africa, one of the most highly cultured and sophisticated African ethnic groups. It is not their fault that they are both intelligent and beautiful or that they overcame the horrors of slavery with courage and dignity. Nor there is any malice in their ability to live in harmony with their white compatriots. I ask you to forgive them for being thoroughly Cuban.
        On a collective level, please forgive us for having a strong work ethic, for being educated and for enjoying a certain level of economic prosperity. Forgive us for paying our taxes and for obeying your laws. Above all, forgive us for having served in your armed forces and for having suffered casualties in your Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars out of all proportion to our numbers.
        Forgive us for having transformed Miami from a sleepy Southern town into a thriving, world-class metropolis. Also, forgive us for contributing billions of dollars to the American economy. Forgive us for having successfully run major American corporations such as the Coca Cola Company and for giving you the Bacardi product lines. Forgive us for not being a burden on you social welfare system. Forgive us for being economically self-reliant. Forgive us for being charitable and for believing in equality and social justice. Forgive us for helping the Nicaraguans and the Haitians in South Florida.
        Forgive us for our contributions to both American popular and high culture. Forgive us for the Mambo the cha-cha-cha and what you now like to call salsa. Forgive us for Desi Arnaz, Andy García, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Paquito de Rivera, and also, by the way, the Buena Vista Social Club. Forgive us for giving you international ballet stars like Fernando Bujones and theatrical innovators like Maria Irene Fornes and Randy Barceló. I assure you, we meant no offense or harm by providing you with so much creativity, entertainment and pleasure.
        Forgive us for visual artists such as Ana Mendieta, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Ernesto Pujol as well as for all the intellectuals and professors whom we have given to your universities. Forgive us for Adolfo, Luis Esteves and Narciso Rodriguez dressing your women in the most elegant of clothes. Forgive us for someone like Bob Vila appearing on your TV sets and helping you fix your homes.
        Forgive us for playing baseball, a game that you invented, and for contributing great athletes like Minnie Miñoso, José Canseco, Rafael Palmeiro, Louis Tiant, Tony Perez to your major leagues. Forgive us for Alberto Salazar winning the New York Marathon three times, we are sorry.
        Forgive us for adding to your culinary diversity. Forgive us for our black beans, roast pork, arroz con pollo, arroz con mariscos, fried plantains, broiled red snapper, shrimp enchilado, Cuban sandwiches, flan, pastelitos de guayaba and a host of other dishes that complement your meatloaf and barbecue. Forgive us for bringing you the diversity of our food by introducing you to chino-latino restaurants in New York City. Forgive us also for brewing coffee that actually looks, tastes and smell like coffee – and most of all, forgive us for cooking with garlic.
        Uncle Sam, forgive us for actually practicing family values instead of simply talking about them. Forgive us for loving our extended families and our children and for treating our elderly with affection and respect. Forgive us for enjoying life, for being both passionate and compassionate and for sharing whatever we have with those who are less fortunate. Forgive us our humanity. Please Uncle Sam, I implore you to forgive us for our participation in the political and civil life of your nation. Forgive us for becoming U. S. citizens. Forgive us for voting in your elections. Forgive us for having elected Cubans to all levels of your government – and please, please forgive us for having alienated our Latin American cousins by defending your interests in the region.
        Forgive us also for learning the lessons of Henry David Thoreau and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as for mastering that most American of all political acts, civil disobedience.
        I now realize that we Cubans are terrible people, and we have hurt you in unspeakable ways. But I assure you that we will get out of the country as soon as we regain our homeland. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this will happen any time soon; therefore, if I am so bold, could you please allow us to remain here just a little longer? I promise that we will do our best to behave more like a stereotypical minority. Oh, by the way, could you find it in your heart to forgive us for choosing freedom over a totalitarian dictatorship?

        1. the part about Miami/South Florida is true.
          I generally hate Cubans, but the ‘Dum Mud Coobans’ recked Soth Floreda’ line from the retards gets old.
          There really was nothing there, before, it was a swamp.
          Jews probably weren’t responsible for helping because they don’t have impressive spatial IQs.
          I would assume the problems mostly come from Central American Mestizos and Afro-Cubans, although it’s still definitley a decent city.

        2. it just shows WNs are such goddamn morons.
          “Look what them there did to muh Soth Floreda”…………
          made it from a swamp to a city whose biggest sin is beach parties and social security fraud?

          If go to Basque Spain where Castro and all white Cubans it is no less developed than the countries Anglo-Americans trace their roots to.
          For PC reasons, De Palma did not want to depict the truth that Marielitos were Afro-Caribbeans.
          Colombians are Indians from violent tribes. They too, are not Latino in the sense that Al Pacino or Basque Cubans are.

        4. My dad’s mother looks like Maggie Thatcher;

          but my dad’s dad looks like Saddam Hussein and could pass in most of the middle East;

          Marco Rubio is just about on par with the darkest Cubans I’ve seen in real life.
          Apparently in a sample of 1000 Cubans the Amerindian blood maxed out at 34%, and this was on the island, so it may be lighter here (it seems the early overwhelming Whiteness still dominates).

  2. “My position is that capitalism has largely failed in Latin America. Not due to low per capita income, but due to the horrible poverty, lack of schooling, medical care, shelter, food security, infrastructure and the grotesque inequality of the continent”
    Don’t get confused, Robert. Capitalism has no role in the failings of socialist programs provided for by a corrupt government of the state. Capitalism deals with private ownership issues. You’re talking about “public” failings.

  3. Some interesting papers on IQ and development which build on Lynn & Vanhannen’s work:
    “It is shown that the technological capabilities of a nation are related to national IQ. Nations with a higher percentage of high-IQ individuals generate more technological knowledge (as measured by patents granted per head of population) than other nations. Technological achievement is also shown to mediate the relationship between national IQ and per-capita GDP, suggesting that high-IQ nations are wealthier partly because they are more successful at generating technological knowledge. Additional variance in technological achievement, beyond that explained by IQ, is accounted for by cultural values; nations that value intellectual autonomy and social equality produce more technological knowledge. Intellectual autonomy was also found to moderate the relationship between technological achievement and national IQ, suggesting that technological progress is enhanced where high-IQ individuals live in an intellectually open environment.”
    ‘IQ, cultural values, and the technological achievement of nations’
    Garry A. Geladea,
    Volume 36, Issue 6, November-December 2008, Pages 711-718
    “In longitudinal analyses with various samples of nations, education and cognitive abilities appear to be more important as developmental factors for GNP than economic freedom. Education and intelligence are also more relevant to economic welfare than vice versa. but at the national level the influence of economic wealth on cognitive development is still substantial.”
    “Relevance of education and intelligence at the national level for the economic welfare of people ”
    Rindermann Intelligence
    Volume 36, Issue 2, March-April 2008, Pages 127-142

  4. I’m not a German National Socialist, but in terms of the degeneration of the higher races when interm9ingled with the lower ones Hitler said it well in MEIN KAMPF when he wrote:

    If Nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one; because in such a case all her efforts, throughout hundreds of thousands of years, to establish an evolutionary higher stage of being, may thus be rendered futile.
    History furnishes us with innumerable instances that prove this law. It shows, with a startling clarity, that whenever Aryans have mingled their blood with that of an inferior race the result has been the downfall of the people who were the standard-bearers of a higher culture. In North America, where the population is prevalently Teutonic, and where those elements intermingled with the inferior race only to a very small degree, we have a quality of mankind and a civilization which are different from those of Central and South America. In these latter countries the immigrants – who mainly belonged to the Latin races – mated with the aborigines, sometimes to a very large extent indeed. In this case we have a clear and decisive example of the effect produced by the mixture of races. But in North America the Teutonic element, which has kept its racial stock pure and did not mix it with any other racial stock, as come to dominate the American Continent and will remain master of it as long as that element does not fall a victim to the habit of adulterating its blood.
    In short, the results of miscegenation are always the following:
    (a) The level of the superior race becomes lowered;
    (b) physical and mental degeneration sets in, thus leading slowly but steadily towards a progressive drying up of the vital sap.
    The act which brings about such a development is a sin against the will of the Eternal Creator. And as a sin this act will be avenged.
    Man’s effort to build up something that contradicts the iron logic of Nature brings him into conflict with those principles to which he himself exclusively owes his own existence. By acting against the laws of Nature he prepares the way that leads to his ruin.
    Here we meet the insolent objection, which is Jewish in its inspiration and is typical of the modern pacifist. It says: “Man can control even Nature.”
    There are millions who repeat by rote that piece of Jewish babble and end up by imagining that somehow they themselves are the conquerors of Nature. And yet their only weapon is just a mere idea, and a very preposterous idea into the bargain; because if one accepted it, then it would be impossible even to imagine the existence of the world.
    The real truth is that, not only has man failed to overcome Nature in any sphere whatsoever but that at best he has merely succeeded in getting hold of and lifting a tiny corner of the enormous veil which she has spread over her eternal mysteries and secret. He never creates anything. All he can do is to discover something. He does not master Nature but has only come to be the master of those living beings who have not gained the knowledge he has arrived at by penetrating into some of Nature’s laws and mysteries. Apart from all this, an idea can never subject to its own sway those conditions which are necessary for the existence and development of mankind; for the idea itself has come only from man. Without man there would be no human idea in this world. The idea as such is therefore always dependent on the existence of man and consequently is dependent on those laws which furnish the conditions of his existence.

    All the great civilizations of the past became decadent because the originally creative race died out, as a result of contamination of the blood.

    It would be futile to attempt to discuss the question as to what race or races were the original standard-bearers of human culture and were thereby the real founders of all that we understand by the word humanity. It is much simpler to deal with this question in so far as it relates to the present time. Here the answer is simple and clear. Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science and technical skill, which we see before our eyes to-day, is almost exclusively the product of the Aryan creative power. This very fact fully justifies the conclusion that it was the Aryan alone who founded a superior type of humanity; therefore he represents the archetype of what we understand by the term: MAN. He is the Prometheus of mankind, from whose shining brow the divine spark of genius has at all times flashed forth, always kindling anew that fire which, in the form of knowledge, illuminated the dark night by drawing aside the veil of mystery and thus showing man how to rise and become master over all the other beings on the earth. Should he be forced to disappear, a profound darkness will descend on the earth; within a few thousand years human culture will vanish and the world will become a desert.

  5. Listen Sebastian, you’re banned. You’re so stupid, you weren’t even able to understand this piece. You’re so thick, you can’t even figure out which positions I’m advocating and which I’m attacking. You have mistakenly lined me up with the people I am attacking because you’re too slow to figure out the article.

  6. For some strange reason I took time and read this, and here is my opinion if I may:
    You’ll see when someone with a racial bias or an inferiority complex like Mr. Lindsay writes about places and their geopolitical-economical situation, one can notice two basic things: lack of research (ignorance), and a very obvious element of hatred.
    Latin American economic situation is very much related to its history. and the way in which the Spanish and the portuguese pretty much destroyed the entire continent. Even if the invasion took place well over 500 years ago the nations that formed afterwards were never able to be integrated countries with constitutional rights, and democratic institutions. But that has nothing to do with the mix of races. California has more than 60% of a mixed population and it is the 8th largest economy in the world. Spain is a very mixed country and it is a very stable country. Brazil, and Peru are the most stables economies in the region right now and they are very mixed countries. And so on… no tolerance for racism. I guess my point is that ignorance is always loud but never accurate.

  7. Wow…I was in shock when I read this and how your argument is not well sustained and plain stupid. Latin American economic situation has nothing to with gene pool. I am assuming you don’t even know about the Argentinian crisis in 2001 and how their economy was completely destroyed and still in recovery.
    Latin countries have problem for several reasons:
    1. These countries are very young that were dominated by the Spaniards and Portuguese that were only after the resources of the countries.
    2. There is a lot of corruption in these countries and the economy revolves around monopolies. Govt. usually does legislation to help these monopolistic companies excel.
    3. The education system is not very efficient and poorly run.
    4. I could go on….but these are some of the reasons why countries are in badly economic shape.
    I would say your argument makes no sense…

  8. Hello my idiot friends (only the ones that criticate Latin America with stupid reasons :] ), I am from Chile, Soth America, few time ago here was an earthquake, I came here for several reasons:
    1) First, you are a fucking retard, Bermuda is East to U.S.A pay attention in geography classes.
    2) WE are not fucking mestizos like fucking retard indians that you see in a movie, we are civilized people, of course not so old countries thats why buildings but we’ve give to all european countries bronce.
    3)I am bored of this but, first instead of start writing critics write Santiago, Chile on google. Here we discriminate “Gallegos” but I think ist people movements and poor ignorants that they must bother someone for trying to have a good life, well goodbye.

    1. Hi Pablo, many Spanish speakers do not understand this post. The title is sarcastic. I am actually attacking the POV that says Latin America sucks because it’s full of stupid mestizos.
      Who are Gallegos?
      I actually like Latin Americans and I have known some Chileans. Very interesting people, quite European.

      1. “Gallegos” means “Galicians” in Spanish (gallego= Galician). Is the nickname used in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for Spaniards, because, during the great immigration wave from Europe of 19th and 20th centuries, most part of Spaniards that migrated to these countries were from Galicia (in Argentina, 70%).
        And about Pablo Cabezas (the Chilean that wrote up here), besides that he did not understand the sarcasm, he seems to hate Amerindians after all, refering to them as “retard Indians”, and neither like mestizos, and say that Chileans (or Latin Americans in general, I don’t know very well to who he was refering) are not mestizos, when in this country there are tons of them (most part of whites are very mixed).

        1. Gallegos people are Celts and belong to the Celtic League. They are more like Irish people than like Portuguese.

        2. TRASH
          “Gallegos people are Celts and belong to the Celtic League. They are more like Irish people than like Portuguese.”
          I only explained the using of “gallegos” (Galicians) in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay to name Spaniards in general.
          And I think that the Iberians with more Celtic roots, are Basques, and Galicians not so much, but I don’t know much about this, so maybe you are right.

  9. Robert Lindsay, too bad people post here without even reading your blog, I get the sarcasm. There is most definitely a causal relationship between higher IQ and a potential economic situation. Look at predominately East Asian and white countries compared to any black country, and South Africa does not count. Brazil is 50% white I read somewhere, and South Africa is like 12% white. The point is that the commanding heights of the economy and government must be in the hands of higher IQ people. Once the lower IQ masses take over –See: Haiti, Rhodesia, the US after George Bush 🙂 — the country declines. That being said, environment and culture and all of that can still play a role. In my experience Hispanics ride the bus to work early in the morning with lunchboxes, they show me respect and pay their fare (or have counterfeit fare). Blacks start getting on later in the afternoon in comfy workout style clothes to go “chill”. Then the Hispanics come home from work. Later that night the blacks get back on in expensive clothes and jewelry and watches and flash their bus pass which is right next to their food stamp card, they give me a dirty look and use obscene language right next to children. I could go on, my point is that it is not just IQ, Hispanics may have some other trait that predisposes them to work. Every black run society, with a few exceptions that are easily explained, is economically “disadvantaged.”

    1. I would say it is the IQ of the population that matters. South Africa was able to work pretty well as long as the high-IQ Whites were running the state. S. African White IQ = 94.
      The thing is, I bet that in the South African government, at the highest positions, you have folks with some pretty high IQ’s. Same in Latin America, South Asia, SE Asia, Arabia, North Africa, the Caribbean. Even though in some places the general population is dumb as rocks, the folks at the top of government are typically well-educated and bright.
      So I don’t think low IQ country = low IQ idiots in government. Forget it. I just don’t buy it. Besides, past a certain point, IQ just does not matter. It’s high enough.
      More than the state, it is the IQ of the general population that matters in terms of how the society functions. Let’s not place too much emphasis on government here! In Haiti, I imagine that those at the stop of the state are some bright folks. I have met some of the Haitian elite and they were not stupid at all. I’ve also met some of the African elite that they were not dumb either. I have met very bright Africans from all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Surely there are enough bright folks to form a competent state at the highest levels.
      You may start running into problems at the local levels, but still a say that it’s the composition of society, not the state, that matters. If your society has an IQ of 67 or 72, I am sorry, but chances are you are going to have lots of problems functioning in the modern world no matter how bright your officials are. This is what is really going on here when we compare say Africa with East Asia and the US.
      The “Obama is in charge so dumb Blacks rule” thing is a fallacy. I don’t know Obama’s IQ, but it has to be higher than George Bush’s. Obama’s administration is full of bright folks of all different races. They are certainly intelligent enough to run a modern state well. You are conflating a relatively lower Black IQ with “Obama” and his admin. But Obama is very smart and so is his Cabinet and aides.
      The IQ of Mexican immigrants is probably around 85. The IQ of US Blacks is 86.8. The illegals are less intelligent than Blacks. But look at the behavioral difference. Let us not place too much effort on IQ.
      Also, let us not conflate US and UK Black IQ = 86.8 and 86, with African IQ = 67. The IQ’s of US and UK Blacks are about 20 points higher. That alone almost makes them a separate race in some ways.
      There are many societies that function quite well and have IQ’s of 86-87. US and UK Black IQ is certainly adequate to function in modern society. That they don’t seem to do too well has reasons I’m sure, but IQ can’t possibly be one of them.

      1. Also, these bright blacks, Amerindian mixed Latinos etc..also come from a good environment, unlike the one for most of the people which is horrible.
        If your from a good evironment, then you get all the breaks, better education, job connections, respect, preferential treatment etc..
        I mean even being a US citizen, most US people have a massive advantage over much of the world that lives on one dollar a day or less.

        1. The son of a successful Nigerian diamond trader in New York might have the same IQ as a poor rural white but he is apt to fair better.
          My experience with poor rural whites is that their family structure is often f*cked: Mom and Dad are young and unskilled when their first child pops out and he lives in a bad neighborhood where he is of course going to be hardened in early battles with NAMS on the playground.
          Dad often leaves the family to the tender mercies of step-Dad who sometimes beats or molests everybody.
          They drink too much, drug too much and leave school too soon. Naturally they are at the tender mercies of Mexican drug cartels or street dealers, NAMS who are battling for crumbs off the table of the middle-class.
          No JOOOS live around them at all so I am not sure what this group has to do with the sad state of poor rural whites at all.

        2. According to WNs the Joos have been poisoning the culture which has decimated blacks and poor whites. However, despite this fact, they still show no mercy or heart toward ghetto thugs. Go figure.

    2. PORTLAND BUS DRIVER Why is that unemployed whites who lost their home/business in the Meltdown 2008 have nothing and sleep in their cars (Your homeless problem is well-known) or on the street but AA’s can afford jewelry without every having held a job in their life. What kind of welfare do they get? How does a white North American of German ancestry get on it?
      Granted usually the worst whites either leech off their parents because most white people have decent jobs or slings some dope but how an earth do NAMS who never held a job where gold?
      You would think Italian-Americans would perm their hair and get a sun tan in order to quit their pizza parlor jobs and get on it.

  10. Yeah, we are agreeing more than you think.
    I meant Our country suffered after what GW Bush did to the place, I’m not a fan. I believe Obama is smart, and so are many of his cabinet and advisers, Paul Volcker to say the least. I also believe there are smart black people running governments and economies. However, when there is not enough people as a % of a population who can understand or have a difficult time understanding engineering or economics or high finance etc. you will have a limited potential. (think of the people on the other side of that 85 curve).
    Lastly I believe Hispanics who were born and raised here do much better intellectually than blacks.
    One shocker: I voted for Obama, Because McCain promised nothing as far as race, and I believe in “keynsian economic theory.”

    1. The evidence is that Hispanic IQ is around 90 and US Black IQ is 86.8. Not a tremendously large difference.
      However, it looks like 2nd generation Hispanics have IQ’s of ~95. Combined with immigrant Hispanic IQ of 85, this gives combined IQ = 90. So I think you are right. 2nd generation Hispanics do have higher IQ’s than Blacks.
      I voted for Obama too, and I’m also a Keynesian. I’m a socialist too.
      This blog is pretty strange because it is one of the few race realist blogs that is actually also anti-racist, or tries to be. Most people think that’s incoherent, but I don’t think so. Anti-racism and race realism can certainly ride together in one individual.

      1. Yank-land use to have the same stereotypes about Italian-Americans until about 1980. They work in construction, are swarthy, macho, speak a different language, had fearsome gangs.

        1. No wonder when they made a Rocky in 76, they used an Italian was supposed to be Italian), not someone with Mayflower descendents.

      2. Those IQs of Hispanics and Blacks are not far off from the South African white IQ of 94, yet whites ran South Africa well, though at times brutal. So doesn’t this say something bad about racism?
        The South African black IQ must have been very low, if the white one was only 94.

      1. Greeks don’t have Latin roots.
        And, Latin Americans (those that are called Hispanics and stupidly seen like a racial category), racially and culturally are much more mixed than Latin Europeans. In general terms, Latin Americans are a great mix between Amerindians, whites and, less, blacks, while culture of Latin American countries are a mix between cultures of American native peoples, Europeans (mainly Spanish) and some native Africans.
        Latin Europeans are just white, some maybe with some very old black ancestry.

        1. I can believe that Southern Spanish or Sicilians have significant Arab blood. But I do not buy that Sub-Saharan Africans for the Central belt of the Congo ever got as far North as Spain or Italy.
          Argentina is a bit different from Central America because many white females went there.
          From what I can see Mestizos are simply the result of white men keeping mistresses because Spanish women unlike Anglo females are too feminine to want to ride in a packed boat for 4 months across the Atlantic.
          The problem with white men keeping red female mistresses is that it is a shaky start to a civilization because the white man extracts enough gold or loot to return to Spain and abandons them.

        2. Interesting point. Usually this stuff is layed against black men, the whole abandonment thing. But it seems whites did the same when creating a mixed race in Latin America.
          So who’s the real niggas? 😆

        3. Part of the reason the “miscenegation” argument against the Mixed-race, and the whole “White genoicide” argument as a whole, is that Blacks and Hispanics are now 15-25% White on average. They lost their purity, at the hands of us.
          But now they’re all evil for making like 2% of our population “mixed race”.
          Such is why people laugh at the WNs.

        4. Good point Barack. In the past a black man, at least in the US would get lynched for fucking (or having anything to do with) a white woman, so the whiteness had to come from whites raping or marrying blacks.
          Nowadays though, black Darrius Ruckers are marrying whites and making mulatto children and it’s a tragedy similar to Fukashima (saracsm).

        5. TRASH
          “I can believe that Southern Spanish or Sicilians have significant Arab blood. But I do not buy that Sub-Saharan Africans for the Central belt of the Congo ever got as far North as Spain or Italy.
          Argentina is a bit different from Central America because many white females went there.
          From what I can see Mestizos are simply the result of white men keeping mistresses because Spanish women unlike Anglo females are too feminine to want to ride in a packed boat for 4 months across the Atlantic.
          The problem with white men keeping red female mistresses is that it is a shaky start to a civilization because the white man extracts enough gold or loot to return to Spain and abandons them.”
          And Arabs (and many Middle Easterners in general) mixed with blacks since times of Christ in North Africa and the Sahel (and Middle East itself with black slaves carried from Africa). Also there were black slaves that Europeans carried to Europe and not to the Americas in colonial times. And there is no need to go to the heart of Congo to find blacks by the way, because there were in the south of Sahara, Egypt, Sudan, etc.
          About Argentines, here did not arrived many women, in fact, most part of our immigrants during 19th and 20th centuries were Italians and Spaniards, and most part of them were lonely men. Precisely where most women arrived during the big European immigration time was from Central Europe and East Europe, who were important minorities between our immigrants (Germans, Polish, Ukrainians, Russians, etc.). But the main European ancestry here is from Italy and Spain, by much, and most part of men that arrived, remained here.

  11. Is it or is it not possible for small differences of average IQ to have quite significant implications for the general characteristics of a given society? I seem to recall hearing somewhere (it was from an “authority” of some sort, can’t remember who) that if the average IQ in the U.S. were about 2-5 points higher, the culture would look quite different. Just throwing that out there…
    I never cease to be surprised by some of the countries that cluster at the low middle or the bottom. Iran, for example. OTOH, I’m surprised that others are as high as they are (Papua New Guinea).

    1. 5 points, yeah. 5 points is the difference between NE Asians and Whites. You can see the difference with your naked eye.
      2 points? Forget it.
      Let’s not overrate IQ.
      US Blacks 86.8
      US Amerindians 89.5
      OK, who’s doing better? Blacks by a long shot. See what I mean? The Indians have 3 points on the Blacks, and it hasn’t done them a lick of good.
      Yes, Iran is interesting.
      Iran 85
      US Blacks 86.8
      Iran is an extremely orderly society. It works very well. If you go there, you might even think you’re in a European country. Your average Iranian is quite intelligent too. Further, there is little social pathology and almost no street crime. Iran is a very safe in terms of being victimized by violent criminals. There is little to worry about.
      This is why I think that “low IQ” has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with most of the pathologies, high crime, etc. of US Blacks. There’s something going on, but it ain’t IQ. At least I don’t think so. That’s why I think the “niggers act bad because they’re stupid” thing needs to be shitcanned. I just don’t see the evidence.
      Apparently the vast majority of Papua New Guineans are Melanesians. Melanesian IQ is not that low – around 86. Papuan IQ is said to be very low – around 64 or so. Papua New Guinea IQ is so high due to all of the Melanesians, I think.
      The Melanesians tend to live on the coast; the Papuans in the highlands. However, Port Moresby is a Hellhole, a very dangerous city full of booze, dope and crime, often violent crime. It’s one of the more dangerous cities on Earth.

  12. What is the difference between Papuans and Melanesians? I had heard that Papuans were just a subset. BTW, here’s an interesting post by someone on the difference between Melanesians and Polynesians that I found trying to sort this all out:
    There’s also plenty more at that site of interest. Check out his previous post on the Polynesian response to gender deviance.
    Yes, the number of “stupid” countries that get along quite nicely gives the lie to this. As I’ve said before, WNs tend to be the people with the smallest share of the gifts and attitudes they attribute to “whites,” and the least understanding thereof. I could be really Jewy about it and psychoanalyze their obsession w/ *other people’s* alleged stupidity, but those blood soaked matzahs won’t bake themselves.

  13. Hello dear friends… I am live in Colombia (Latin America). I have to say that your article is based on exaggerated and incorrectly gathered information. I can say with certainty, however, that Latin American countries are still very young, and have not had the advantage that dominating countries have had, such as those in Europe and Asia. It also seems to me that many Americans are well uneducated as to what the world looks like outside of the box that is the USA.

  14. Actually, Mexico’s IQ is 90 for 2006. And the IQ score may be biased because the testers tested only Indians and mestizos from a poor background (they didn’t include Mexican whites whatsoever).

    1. That old Irishman Vincent Fox has an IQ of 96? That seems unlikely.
      It is sad that some white males at any time in history have to rape a woman in the third-world. What a horrible disgrace that Spain’s dregs forced themselves on Red Women or simply traded them for an old musket.
      But this is of course what Cholos are-the sad product of a white degenerate rapist and a teenage Amerindian girl.

      1. Mixing of Spaniards and Amerindians was not only by rape, in fact, in regions like Mexico, Guatemala or the Andean region of South America, I think that was mostly with consent, because remember that they helped some native peoples of those places to fight against another peoples that were dominating them, like Aztecs or Quechuas (Incan empire), so they were allies.

  15. its how one is raised that matters.chile is mestizo and iq is 94.peru now the economy increases it breeds people with good iq’s.second generation mexicans have iq of 95! expect things to even up in the near future!

  16. im from argentina i was bor here but my mom and dad was from italy and spain. i am agree with you about mestizos, i real fuckin hate that shit. They steal they are dirty, the dont know talk. They are real shit, argentina is not a white country not anymore. 20 years ago it was white. Now is mestizo and the problem are them an the fucking nativ. I love united states. God bless America.

    1. I have heard this. I have heard that Argentina is now turning into a much more mestizo country or from a White country into a mestizo country, whichever analysis you prefer. Inevitable, may as well lie back and enjoy it.

      1. Yeah, I was a bit surprised by this. I was expecting everyone in Argentina to be lily white and was a bit surprised by how dark many people are. I think it’s only a minority of Argentines that could come to the USA and be considered “white” by Anglos.

    2. Many Argentinian folks are Italian, as I have noted in previous posts. Argentina must be the most Italian place in the Americas.
      In any event Colombians and Mexicans and Salvadorans are ferocious Indians who have more to do with Mongolia than with Spain.

        1. ROCKY Southerners are quite unaware of Northern Demographics. They believe Jews live in huge plantations overseeing us. In fact, Irish-Catholics and Germans (Trump) have dominated the economy.
          Italians were into the 1970’s were similar to Hispanics in the South. They lived in poor Latin-speaking districts, were dark enough to be easily identifiable (Pacino played Hispanics) and were considered violent, macho, wife-beating laborers. Their murder rates were never as high as NAMS but far higher than other whites.
          Physically they are tough. Until the 1980’s they dominated middle-weight boxing.
          At one point about the time Rocky was made East Coast cities esp. New Jersey were run by Italian crime cartels and corruption was at South America levels.
          They basically became suburban in about 1980 and like the Stallone character basically got out of the inner-city.

      1. Uruguay maybe is a bit more Italian than Argentina.
        Here there are many more Amerindians (maybe between 20% and 25% of population), while in Uruguay are like 0,4%.

        1. Uruguay? I was unaware of that. Buenos Aires has a European feel to it though. Very much like Rome or Madrid.
          I’ve never been there or anywhere in Latin America but Mexicans just seem no different than Apache or Pueblo Indians in the Southwest or their cities like Juarez.

        2. TRASH
          “Uruguay? I was unaware of that. Buenos Aires has a European feel to it though. Very much like Rome or Madrid.
          I’ve never been there or anywhere in Latin America but Mexicans just seem no different than Apache or Pueblo Indians in the Southwest or their cities like Juarez.”
          Yes, Uruguay, is like the Pampean region of Argentina (the whitest of the country, by the way, and the most populated, where is located Buenos Aires for example) without Amerindians (that today are a visible minority in cities like Buenos Aires and Rosario – hird largest city of the country-) or those many heavily mixed whites (whiter mestizos).
          Look pictures of Montevideo (capital of Uruguay) or Uruguayan people in general and you will see that they resemble much more to Europeans than Argentines. Very-mixed whites in Uruguay maybe are like 15% or 20%, those that, in different levels, are called “mestizos” in the rest of Latin America (meanwhile, in Argentina are more than 30%). Also there is like 6% of blacks, most part of them very mixed (while in Argentina are 1% and also are very mixed), and Amerindians are so few like Mongoloids (0,4%), while in Argentina, Amerindians are like 20% or a bit more (very mixed by the way), and Mongoloids, a similar percentage that in Uruguay.
          White argentines that don’t have some relevant percentage of Amerindian/black “blood” are like 40%.
          Equally, “mestizos” from Argentina and Uruguay usually are whiter than most part of “mestizos” from the rest of Latin America.
          Montevideo is like a little version of Buenos Aires.

  17. the immigration from cuba to the United States in the 60′s were mostly white, Cubans have nothing to do with other latin American countries, they are mostly white, and are the only Hispanics that have progressed the most both politically and economically in the united states. Sure, they have blacks in cuba, just like the united states have afro americans, doesn’t mean everyone is mixed. examples of Cubans, Cameron diaz, andy Garcia, otto reich, bob vila, the ex- president of coca cola, soon to be president marco Rubio as well as many others, they turned Miami, a crappy retirement place into an important city, the other latin American people have not.

    1. Let’s not forget the most famous white Cuban today, that freak Perez Hilton.
      I think you are giving Cubans way too much credit. First they are only about 25% of the population. Secondly, what transformed Miami was large cocaine. Check out the documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Modern Miami was build upon the drug trade, money laundering, racketeering and all the vice that comes along with that explosion in organized crime. Miami was the silicon valley of drugs in the 80s. The billions that went through city from Latin American cartels pretty much created Miami as we know it.

    2. Miami was a beautiful retirement city. The the Cubans moved in and destroyed it. I live close to Miami and its in Florida but its a different country. The primary language is Spanish, secondary is Portuguese, third is creole and then you will find so places still speak English. Its a filthy crime ridden city. Cubans have expanded their reach and everyone can identify them from the Mexicans. Cubans are the Jews of the Caribbean.

    3. Also Cocaine Cowboys. I agree that Cuban whites, mostly the grandchildren of Galician emigrants like Castro’s parents, are more successful than Amerindians.

  18. This is the first time I’ve seen a libtard use i.q. results. Mestizos are parasites. If the race is good, so is the place. Race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct.

    1. Race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct. I like that, even though it’s a biting indictment of my ancestors. I hear Mexicans (and read some in this comment string) claim that the state of Latin America is owing to its “invaded” nature and its “young” society. Oh god, tell me one country that has not experienced at least some raping, pillaging and cultural gutting in its history, especially at the hands of the White man, and furthermore, this violent legacy doesn’t appear to be singularly a hindrance for many of these countries.
      Mexico’s official government is only about 30 years younger than that of the United States, yet I sincerely doubt that Mexico’s level of existence will be anything like the US’ within 30 years.
      Collective national intelligence is obviously important, but when you are talking about such things on the grand scale of cultural groups, IQ’s share of relevance must share the stage with other personality characteristics of the collective people. Stated simply, native Mexicans simply “don’t give a shit” about a lot of the stuff that materialistic, consumerist modern American society does. This is not The reason Mexico is Mexico, but it is one very important reason.
      What Mexican mestizo immigrants here have going for them is that they generally behave, are respectful, are willing to work and stay out of your hair. They are simple people content to remain in their own plain, unremarkable neighborhoods where typical SWPL American culture stays away from (when will fucking Trader Joe’s open a store in East LA???)
      I hate, hate, hate, when 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans, tainted by the American First World luxury mentality they lack the ability or wherewithal to attain, begin acting like thugs and mimic all the American urban lowlife fashions and behaviors. That’s when we become a liability rather than a peasant class Whites and Asians are happy to exploit.

      1. I hate, hate, hate, when 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans, tainted by the American First World luxury mentality they lack the ability or wherewithal to attain, begin acting like thugs and mimic all the American urban lowlife fashions and behaviors.
        Well there are the classical Chicano gangster types. I do not like them at all, but in a way they are authentic and even honorable in a Mafioso way – most have wives and little kids. In a short period of time in their 20’s, they leave gangs, marry and start raising children. I have met some of these and they are pretty good people. Even met a guy in his 40’s who had been in prison. He was living with a woman and her kids. Family man.
        What is so much worse is around here you have really low life 2nd generation Hispanics mimicking ghetto Blacks at their very lowest of the low gansta rap level. They form this culture that is truly scummy but is at least somewhat above that of ghetto Blacks.
        Some of my friends call those types “Mexiniggers.” Niggers can pretty much be any color. I am quite comfortable with that statement.

        1. ROBERT That is true, Mexicans resemble Italians in the Northeast in many behavioral aspects.
          SPIKE LEE depicted tensions in the late 1980’s – 1990’s that I foresee occurring on the West Coast.

  19. If Cuba was full of whites (as some WNs claim), not mulattoes, then why was the place still poor before the revolution? Shouldn’t the whiteness have improved the place? Why would there have been a revolution to begin with? What would have been the motive?

  20. oh , what poor heart has the one that write this, you have a hearth made of stone,you don´t know what is life , because you live in a lie called the world , if you want a heart that love go and look for GOD , GOD bless you

  21. Guys please its nothing about IQ, the core of issues here, yes I’m rise and born at such continent and not proud of it, are composed by several aspects…
    Government corruption, lack of investment in innovation and technology, people here used to just buy iphones and computers from US and Asia, cars from Europe and thats it, they just don’t want develop themselves such things! Second, we don’t give a shit about our own land, yes we born dreaming in getting away to Europe or US and we don’t have any desire of getting things better here.
    Thats truth believe me or not!

  22. Well, to be completely fair, Tenochtitlan was far more advanced than any city in Europe at the time of the Spanish arrival. And, New Spain was by far the most important colony in the New World during the age of colonization. I don’t think the English were actually even worried when the Americans “fought” for their independence. They were much more worried about other places, such as India. I think a lot of it has to do with two things; 1) The first settlers in the English Colonies were basically entrepreneurs; landowners and businessmen who were able to take advantage of the situation. This is the difference between Latin America and the United States; much of Latin America’s population reflect the Spanish policy of subjugation of the natives, while the US population is a direct result of the extermination of native tribes. In short, most Latin Americans had the disadvantage of being liberated nations of slaves, with the United States being a nation of rebellious colonizers. 2) The fact that the United States has had an effective hand in keeping Latin America divided, subjugated, and oppressed. Keep in mind that, when Mexico was an empire and growing, the United States was responsible for a mass invasion that literally split the nation in half. Colombia had uprisings created in its country to build a canal. Cuba had dictators long before Castro, but as long as Americans had their share of rum and hookers, they were allies. Banana republics were created in Ecuador and Guatemala. Oh, and filibusters. Don’t even get me started with that. It’s a great idea to blame it all on race and say that race plays a huge factor, but honestly, it has more to do with aggressive American exceptionalism as opposed to race-mixing. Because, lol, in the end, every American white boy I’ve ever met is “1/16 Cherokee, and 1/8 Choctaw”.

    1. RAY That might be true of poorer and more rural whites whose families migrated to the proximity of Amerindians. It is different from being 46% Amerindian like most Mexicans. Below 1/4 Amerindian you are basically white.
      Whites on the East Coast and Plains Cities and West Coast will all be 3-4 generation ethnics whose grandparents are Slavic, German, Italian or Irish who congregated en mass.
      After 2 generations they left the cities for the suburbs where they began intermarry but up until the 1950’s most Northern Whites has parents whose families came from the same region in Europe.
      The bulk of white Americans did not immigrate until the late 19th century and this was after the Amerindians were decimated.

    2. RAY
      If North American whites like intermarrying with Indians they would not have wiped them out.
      This is mostly a fantasy promulgated after 1990 when Anglo people watched Dances With Wolves and no DNA test would yield any Native American from the average white who claims some.
      White Americans for the most part arrived in the 1870’s as Indians were being decimated.

      1. One Jew I do not respect at all is Stefan Molyneux.
        Although I’m not sure he’s said it himself, he’s in the “White genoicide” crowd (now is best buddies with Jew-Wed Taylor)
        …yet the Native American genoicide wasn’t such because they were ‘outbred’.
        Whites being outbred= Genoicide
        Native Americans being outbred= Not genoicide.

      2. My family is strongly Amerindian. Nonetheless, feelings aside, I think the Amerindians were pretty much wiped out as early as the 1600s. So I don’t see the point in a guilt trip as such talk goes against nature.
        But I would be put in the same boat as Phil for speaking out against my people (well they’re sort of my people). I did get into a verbal fight with my brother who said I got my ideas from Rush Limbaugh.

        1. JASON That might be true but there is little evidence of Amerindians in the places where rural whites who claim Amerindian blood exist today.

        2. That’s true I guess. You’d have to travel out toward North Carolina or Chattanooga to see actual Cherokee. So I think some Amerindians, the radical type, are angry cause basically they’ve disappeared, with the exception of certain sort of remote areas.
          From this one Cherokee lady on Facebook, it seems like they don’t like white people. They have a tomohawk to grind for sure.. LOL

        3. There are loads of Chippewa and Micmac and every other tribe in the Upper Midwest.
          Nor is their standard of living that much lower than Whites.

  23. I think one thing the U.S. does to keep Mexico and other Latin-American countries poor is draw off the persons who are smart, energetic and Honest. Capital intended.

    1. That’s the just way human nature is. It’s sort of like the foolishness that Sam expresses when he says “Oh, blacks should care for their own thugs, live in their neighborhoods, when a typical good black can just say “fuck it” and leave, especially if he has kids in danger.”

      1. Rural whites believe that NAMS would actually want to move out of the inner-city where at least there is a trickle-down of wealth (Bling), industry, jobs etc to “invade” the country. NAMS do not want to do this.
        NAMS regard “crackers” as jungle primitives who live in remote places and practice cannibalism with cousin Leatherface.
        NAMS would not accept any government incentive to invade the country. Do they seep into the suburbs or wish to? Yes, of course and we have also had trouble with Italians before them (They are more violent and prone to gang-activity than other whites). But “riot” in the country…Poor rural whites are flattering themselves that NAMS want anything to do with them.
        Most poor whites have trouble with NAMS because they have put themselves in the vicinity of NAMS. They do this by a) being as poor as NAMS through a similar pattern of early pregnancy or sneering at school as youth or b) trying to purchase drugs in NAM neighborhoods which is also a contributing factor.

    2. How many Spanish white airline pilots from Mexico City want to ride the “death train” into North America or sell cocaine to Africans on the street in Dallas.
      I think that’s Indians who have more to do with Mongolia somewhere in the prehistoric past than Andalusia.

      1. Mongolians aren’t much different than Koreans and Japanese and they are first world nations. Mongolia could possibly be the same, but years of Communism have retarded (sorry for un-PC word) it’s growth.

        1. Possibly but few Spanish “Criollo” doctors or lawyers or pilots want to leave Mexico city to jostle for a position at an Arizona Day Labor.

  24. Also, as I stated before in these comments:
    The US Hispanic IQ is 90 and the US black IQ is 86. However, the South African white IQ was 94. Therefore, US blacks or Latinos could run a civilization in which they dominate lower IQ groups like average native Africans.
    That thing would be worth another blog post on this blog.

    1. Sorry for double post but if the average South African IQ was 94 then there must have been some lower functioning whites, cause the number is just an average.

  25. TRASH I do not believe there is one American black without a single European ancestor in the entire United States.
    If you ever see a Nigerian businessman in the North you know right away he is not African-American.

  26. Although I can understand the abuse of reservation Indians in places like Bolivia, Peru, all that’s happened in Venezuela, and Central America/Mexico economically……
    could someone elaborate on what the other Latin American elites did which is “stone fucking evil”?

  27. Have you been in Chile????????!!!!!!!!!. You are totally wrong. Chile IS NOT WHITE!!!. Most of chilineans are BROWN. Just take a look of soccer national team. Yes, a few whites lives over there (half million). But they are mostly mestizos . They are a mix between araucanos, incas , midlle east , a few spaniards and a very few germans. The country is poor . Have big favelas behind Santiago . They hide the favelas to the tourist eyes. Just take a look of national soccer team.

  28. No, Latin Europeans aren’t “just white.” That makes us sound as vanilla as say, Irish or German. We’re more exotic than that, and certainly we look and act different.
    But we are NOT AT ALL the same as those “Latin” Americans. Those people aren’t even really Latin. They just speak a ghetto version of Latin languages. Any real Latin blood they have is negligible.

    1. FRANKIE
      “Latin American” gangs are Amerindians from Central America, period.
      Al Pacino and Steven Bauer the Jewish guy might pass for Cuban Gallegos but Cuban whites don’t commit the crimes that were portrayed in SCARFACE.
      In all fairness to Italians in Latin America Argentina and Paraguay never dealt with the mafia or its corruption/extortion like New York.

  29. FRANKIE Italian-American Defamation
    Cuban whites don’t act like Pacino or the Jewish guy playing his henchman in Scarface in real life.
    Real-life barrio violence is perpetrated by Central American Indians.
    Of note Italians in Buenos Aires or Paraguay have not brought the scourge of the mafia to those Latin countries that they did to the United States.

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