New Daily Record On Robert Lindsay

A new record for 5th highest hits in a day was set on Saturday, August 29th when we got 3,543 hits. There were an additional 83 visits to the old site, where traffic is really dropping off lately, for a total of 3,626 hits total for the day. There were quite a few hits for Final Katrina Death Toll at 4,081, since yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the hurricane.
My death toll is about 2,500 higher than the official one because I included excess deaths that occurred in New Orleans for 6 months after the hurricane. According to the theory of excess mortality, now standard in epidemiology, that is a valid assumption on my part.
No MSM source has linked to my total, but the MSM pretty much ignores bloggers anyway. I don’t know if they think we are competition or if we are somehow below them, but it’s like we’re not even there.
There were also a lot of hits for Liberal Race Realism Starting To Grow. I don’t have any ulterior motives about this project at all. I’m just a standard liberal-Leftist who has finally caved in under the mountain of evidence in favor of race realism.
Now I’m trying to fashion some sort of a liberal project that accounts for these facts of our species, but it’s not so easy, because race realism tends to feed back automatically into racism, supremacism, separatism, apartheid, segregation, which are all various forms of reaction. In particular, it feeds into the Far Right like Traditional Catholicism, libertarianism, Southern Rights idiots, fascism and often out and out Nazism.
Given that, it’s obvious why the liberal-Left fights so hard to deny these facts. Nevertheless, facts are facts, and you can only deny empirical science for so long. I’m convinced we liberal-Lefties are not going to get away with shouting down, bullying, threats and thuggery to make these unpleasant facts go away. At some point the dam’s got to burst.
It’s hard to believe that we keep on setting records here, but we do.

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