National Review Finally Comes Out Against Illegal Immigration

Stop Illegals, Save CA, from National Review Online. National Review is, of course, the rag of the late William Buckley. Although it was never a neocon rag, when the neocons grabbed power under Bush, NR was not far in tagging along. It never became a staunch neocon outpost like The Weekly Standard, but it got taken over by the Pod People all right. One of the standard lines of the neocons right and left was that immigration, even illegal immigration, was a fine and dandy thing. This is in keeping with the essentially Jewish nature of neoconservatism. Jews have traditionally supported mass immigration into White Gentile nations in which they are minorities for various reasons that are too complex to go into here, but it isn’t about driving Whites extinct as the anti-Semites insist. Mostly it’s about making things safe for the Jews. Jews think that monoethnic, monoreligious White countries are bad for the Jews. These places are prone to White Christian ethnic nationalism, and history shows that that’s usually bad news for the Jews. So Jews try to create more multicultural societies in which they figure that the various ethnicities with be so split up that they won’t be able to get together and gang up on the Jews. Anti-Semites say Jews do this so they can outcompete and rule over the White Gentiles in this lands, but I doubt if that is true. It’s more about what’s good for the Jews and paranoia about White Christian anti-Semitism. This article is written by Alex Alexiev, and if I am not mistaken, he is a rightwing Russian Jewish ultra-neoconservative. I would have accepted this piece from a conservative WASP type, but from a Russian Jewish neocon? I’m not sure what’s going on here. Maybe as, similar to my previous post about the apostasy of The New Republic on Centrist Democrats, a lot of useful idiots both right and left are getting fed up with drinking their Kool-Aid dogma. Illegal immigration, especially in California, has gotten so insane that even the most immigration-smitten, corporate-loving Jews have had it up to here with it. Conservatives, after all, are not insane, and it’s hard for any non-Hispanic who is in control of their mental faculties to support the illegal immigration status quo here in California. What’s even more amazing is it’s hosted on the website of liberal National Public Radio (NPR). I don’t know NPR‘s stance on illegals, but I assume they never met an illegal alien they could not love, like most media liberals. What’s even more odd is that NPR is also full of Jews, this time the liberal variety. Are even liberal Jews starting to enough is enough to lunatic, out of control illegal immigration? Maybe there’s hope after all.

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6 thoughts on “National Review Finally Comes Out Against Illegal Immigration”

  1. As I mentioned in another thread, there used to be a political orientation called “the radical center” that didn’t really identify with either party. Illegal immigration is perhaps the most perfect distinguishing issue of this group. They believe (justifiably) that the Democrats see it as a minority-rights issue; and that the Republicans see inexpensive labor. The two party establishments are colluding to keep down the wages of natives, both white and especially black.
    Who are the radical center? It’s easy to tell which is the party of the rich and which is the party of the poor. The party of the rural area and the center city. The party of the business owner and the blue collar worker. The party of the ultra-religious and the secularist. So which is the party of the middle-class suburban white-collar employee of a large business or organization who’s a religious moderate? That’s a hell of a lot of people not to have a political identity.
    And they’re fed up with things like gay marriage dominating political dialogue.

  2. The Jews are concerned that their support of open borders in the West HAS gone too far…in that Muslims (especially in Europe) are also coming in large numbers (VERY large numbers, in Europe). These Muslims are – as everyone knows – hostile to the Jews.
    They realize now they’ve cut off their nose to spite their face

  3. Young Russian nationalists have offered one possible exemplary solution for those who might wish to take stern action against illegals. Sean’s Russian Blog had a video post a few days ago. Importantly, however, elements within the Russian government itself are somewhat calibrating the action. I doubt the U.S. government has elements which would do the same.

  4. Jews drive policy. Since Jews are now fed up with illegals, expect ICE to start deporting a lot of them. At this point, there may be enough Hispanic voters (current and future ones) to give liberals (Democrats) a permanent majority. So, there is no need for more. Also, expect legal immigration to be cut down in the near future.

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