Spot The Language 22

Identify the language.
Say where it is spoken (what country, continent or area). Say who speaks it (what race, people or ethnic group). Say what type of language it is, if you can identify it. Extra points for precision.
Example: Basque, spoken in NE Spain by Basques, language isolate not related to anything.
I picked out some easy ones on purpose for starters. All these languages or peoples are fairly well-known, at least to me anyway.
1. Abenaki
2. Afar
3. Akan
4. Alsatian
5. Amharic
6. Aramaic
7. Asturian
8. Assamese
9. Assiniboine
10. Aymara
11. Balinese
12. Baluchi
13. Bikol
14. Brahui
15. Buryat
16. Burushaski
17. Cahuilla
18. Chamorro
19. Chickasaw
20. Choctaw

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5 thoughts on “Spot The Language 22”

  1. Oh wow I made it first this time!
    1. Abenaki — Vermont and environs
    2. Afar — Afar desert of Ethiopia
    3. Akan — Probably West Africa just judging by the name
    4. Alsation — did you spell that right? Alsace, France
    5. Amharic — Ethiopia again
    6. Aramaic — formerly spoken in Syria
    7. Asturian — Asturia. (ha ha, I can’t be wrong with that, can I?)
    8. Assamese — Assam (there, I did it again)
    9. Assiniboine — Montana
    10. Aymara — Peru
    11. Balinese — Bali
    12. Baluchi — Baluchistan (southern part of Pakistan)
    13. Bikol — probably West Africa again
    14. Brahui — Pakistan
    15. Buryat — Siberia
    16. Burushaski — a little valley somewhere near Afghanistan
    17. Cahuilla — probably South America judging by spelling
    18. Chamorro — Guam, I think
    19. Chickasaw — southern USA
    20. Choctaw — southern USA

    1. Oh, I suppose I didnt read the full post, and so I didnt realize I was supposed to give more info. Well, I think most of the answers should be obvious … e.g. if it’s spoken in Montana it’s going to be American Indians, Africa is Africans, and so on … as for the “types” of languages, Im not so well educated about that.

      1. “17. Cahuilla — probably South America judging by spelling”
        I don’t think its south america. My gut tells me its Mexico – specifically Northern Mexico. I know that there’s a state there with a similar name (Coahuila, I belive), but I think I’ve heard this name involving an indigenous group in northern Mexico.

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