One Cop No Legs

[wpvideo 6f8JBet8] Warning! This video has caused adverse reactions, including vomiting, in some viewers. Please exercise caution in viewing this video. This is one seriously messed up video. A traffic cop in Vietnam gets hit by a truck and is cut in half. For about five minutes, bystanders surround him but don’t know what to do. Idiotically, no other cops, ambulances, doctors, anyone, show up. The poor guy just lies there. However, the video does end at a little over 5 minutes when the ambulance finally shows up. He realizes what is going on, and it’s like he keeps trying to stuff his guts back in. What’s even more weird is he keeps up a running conversation with the crowd around him the whole time and does not even appear to be in tremendous pain. It’s almost like he’s asking, “Hey, could you stuff my guts back in and put my legs back on please? This is really a drag lying here chopped in half you know. For one thing, I can’t get up.” People are complaining about the bystanders and saying that they are not doing anything. This is translated into a cultural critique of Vietnam being a backwards Third World mess where life is not valued. However, if you translate the soundtrack from Vietnamese to English, a different picture emerges. The people are crowding around, telling him to be calm, that they have called the police, but the ambulance is being slowed down by traffic. Others are trying to stop traffic so the ambulance can get through quicker. Yet others suggest getting a local doctor who lives nearby. A Christian woman tells him to pray to Jesus to save himself. The man says, “I’m going to die…” At one point, angrily, he says, “Stop taking pictures of me!” This is making the rounds on the Internet these days and it’s getting pretty popular. It was on Youtube for a bit, but it quickly got removed. I can’t handle the beheading or murder videos on here at all. I watch em once or twice and then never again. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but this video did not really upset me. For some reason, I thought it was funny. I mean, the guy’s chopped in half lying in the street, and he’s acting like there’s nothing wrong. He’s looking around at the crowd, and it’s like he’s asking them about the weather. Plus, you don’t see the guy die, so it’s not so horrible. The poor man died on the way to the hospital. There is some confusion between this man and Peng Shulin, a Chinese man who suffered a similar accident. That incident occurred in China in 1995, and this incident occurred in Vietnam just recently. Peng Shulin survived, but he no longer has legs and has to hop around like a human frog.

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39 thoughts on “One Cop No Legs”

  1. A team of the top 100 doctors in the world could’t have saved his life. What do you want low educated bystanders to do?
    A friend of mine told me he saw a man being cut into two halves by a wire that snapped on a fishing boat. What could he possibly have done to save the mans life?

    1. There’s nothing they could do.
      I was laughing when I watched this video. I know that’s bad. It’s funny, the guy’s like, “Hey! Excuse me? See my legs over there? Could you please put them back on me? Thx guys.”

  2. I don’t think that’s the guy from dead cult’s link. That guy got cut in half in 1995, and judging by the cameras and cell phones, I doubt this video is that old.

  3. this is a very similar situation to Peng’s I believe, who did survive and is thriving – but perhaps the last comment ‘hopping like a frog’ was a little insensitive – i mean wtf!?!

  4. I’ve seen this video on a few sites and now I agree with your critique of the comments. People are misunderstanding the bystanders because they don’t understand what is being said. It was good to read your translation. Thank you for that. A little common sense seems to be beyond the commentators complaining about the bystanders lack of compassion.
    These images were in my head for days after I first saw the video. I was quite disturbed by the fact someone had videoed the man’s distress. I know I’m basically a bit of a hypocrite for then looking at it more than once, and I can’t decide whether it’s in anyway useful to see these things in full or not. It is a forceful reminder about how frail all of us really are, and how suddenly this life can be snatched at any moment.
    I’m not a believer so I don’t find comfort in the idea of an afterlife, but perhaps strangely after seeing this I am a little more thankful for each day I have with those I love. Sorry for stating the obvious.

  5. Dude, you think this is funny? This man had a family, a mother, a father, probably a wife, maybe kids, friends. They all loved him. Yet you give this video of this poor guy dying on the side of the road yet another spot so people can view it.
    You make me fucking sick. Go ahead, ban me faggot. What kind of densensitized imbecile finds this funny? You’re not witty, you’re not clever, you’re just fucked.
    Poor guy, no one in that crowd of bystanders had the heart to even hold his hand while he was dying on the side of the road. What the hell is wrong with people these days?

  6. lol, Robert Lindsay looks like a legit serial killer… no wonder he’s a douche bag. Banning everyone who has had something more meaningful and intelligent to say than himself too… hilarious.
    But yeah… dude… you seriously do look like a Serial Killer and/or Pedophile… I’d ban myself from life if I were you.

  7. You’ll ban me for this but seriously, you find this funny? Morbidly interesting, I can understand but not funny, there’s nothing humorous about this video.
    But yes, I find you rather immature and if that’s you in your avatar, a grown man would be able to put forward his own point of view and hold a discussion, rather than just banning anyone who says anything bad.

  8. I hope this happens to you, you cockeyed cunt. Fucken American piece of shit and please don’t ban me I will be so upset, fuck off and die you freak

  9. im not going to watch it. but I didn’t because I read about it first. I think your little experiment went some different directions. some expected some unexpected. people are so ripe with emotion that they will have there little say and for what. they think they all have the right to chime in and give you a piece of their mind and from some reponses shouldn’t spare any. any how a good way to cull. Now if you could stop dumbasses from breading.

  10. Haha, i had to laugh, too. Not about the video but when i realized what a loser you are. “Ok banned you silly girl.” and all these comments after you showed these people who’s boss.
    Ahahaha. I bet you live in your mom’s basement and never had sex. You look like a retard.
    Fuck You.

  11. “Do not let the comments policy scare you off. Only a few comments are deleted, it is difficult to get banned from the blog, and you really have to go out of your way to be a jerk to achieve this honor. Don’t let it inhibit you if you feel like making comments.”
    Hahahaha what a hypocritical tool.

  12. “This is translated into a cultural critique of Vietnam being a backwards Third World mess where life is not valued. However, if you translate the soundtrack from Vietnamese to English, a different picture emerges.”
    Yeah, a backwards Third World mess where life is not valued and the crowd complain about the place being a backwards Third World mess where life is not valued. OP is a jerk. The mere fact he’d publicize this crap and try and benefit (and even profit) off this instance of horrific human suffering speaks tomes about the moral fibre of the poster.
    Gore freaks are a disturbing anomaly whom thanks to their own sociopathic lack of empathy and passion for the fucked up ensures they will never procreate, thankfully they are a dying breed, a breed that we are all hoping–at least–will die out without reproduction.

      1. But damn
        I saw the vid somewhere else and thougt like ouch, what a way to die. Then I read that one article which suggested he lived and had this egg-shell on his torso, and suddenly, everything was okay. The gore war totally acceptable cause he lived. Well, he obviously didn’t after all.
        Isn’t it strange how we judge things as good or bad just dependnig on if one lived or died?
        Let him live an everyone says Oh, what a nice clip

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