Is There a New Anti-Semitism? A Conversation with Raul Hilberg

From an issue of Logos Magazine, Winter-Spring 2007, a conversation with Raul Hilberg, the Dean of Holocaust Studies.
Most Jews are pretty nuts about the subject of the Holocaust, I suppose understandably so. They don’t make sense. Their behavior is more one of a crazy and irrational person than someone saying something sensible or meaningful.
But if anyone has a right to be nuts about the subject, it’s Raul Hilberg. After all, he has been doing little us but immersing himself in Holocaust lore for 60 years, almost all of his life. His 1961 book, The Destruction of the European Jews, is considered to be one the best ever written on the subject, though I have not read it. I read a similar book by Martin Gilbert, The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War, and it was excellent, all 976 pages of it.
An interview with Hilberg is always a joy to read.
He has a calmness and reasonableness about him that is very attractive. Almost everything he says about the Holocaust makes sense.
He points out that Jewish ownership over the word Holocaust is ridiculous. Super-Jews always freak out and scream anti-Semite if anyone else grabs their precious little word for any other reason than the approved one.
Probably in rebellion to this idiocy, there are now Holocausts and mini-Holocausts all over the place. There’s a Holocaust in the animal testing labs. There’s one in Palestine. They’re everywhere. The word the Jews wanted to turn into a Judaic religious object, to be touched only by the Jews like the Talmud, is now a degraded and near-meaningless matter of the public domain.
He also derides The New Anti-Semitism, for obvious reasons. Although a Zionist, he says some interesting things about Israel and praises Norman Finkelstein’s anti-Zionism.
Strangely enough, he makes a case that the Nazis were not anti-Semites but something different altogether.
He notes coldly that there are three solutions to the Jewish Problem: conversion, expulsion and extermination. That’s not something you say in polite company, but you just know it’s true.
He also thinks that Holocaust Denial should not be criminalized and doesn’t worry too much about it. He has previously said that Deniers do scholars some favors by raising a lot of important questions about the Holocaust that scholars need to get cracking on.
That the many Jewish expulsions of Europe began to occur not due to bad Jewish behavior as anti-Semites claim but began when all efforts at conversion of the Jews had failed seems to make sense.
All in all, great read. If more Jews acted like Hilberg, people wouldn’t dislike them so much.

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11 thoughts on “Is There a New Anti-Semitism? A Conversation with Raul Hilberg”

  1. Martin Gilbert ? Please! He’s just a shoddy propagandist; nobody, even ardent zionists, takes his work seriously now. Raul Gilberg seems a decent bloke. Finkelstein says in the Holocaust industry that he is the ONLY one worth reading, that (loosely) the others just produce manipulative tearjerkers with no real research. That’s what I’ve found myself, with some exceptions who deal with very limited areas, but for the big picture, there seems to be no-one else worth taking seriously. Lipstadt and the Yad Vashem lot tend to write about Europeans anti-semitism rather than the ‘holocaust’ – it’s just assumed to be all true. But some revisionists claim that there is very little in ‘the Destruction of the European Jews’ that actually deals with the physical process of the alleged extermination i.e. the gas-chambers. It’s a pity the book’s so expensive – I haven’t been able to check it out. I can’t even get it from the library, and my library consortium can get books from most of London – not exactly the sticks. I wonder how many of those that scream ‘Holocaust denier’ have actually read Hilberg? I suspect not many. I’ve actually tested this on a few occasions, arguing with self-righteous jerks on the net, got them to admit that they had never read it, and put it to them that they can’t really be that interested in the holocaust then, and so obviously are just trying to silence critics of Israel or jews.
    I admire Norman Finkelstein, but I think the stress the zionists have given him has taken its toll. I watched an argument between him and some ‘revisionists’ like ‘Lady’ Michelle Renouf (cute) about his refusal to attend the Iran ‘holocaust conference’. He said, absolutely correctly, that it was ‘not serious’ and that they were ‘ an embarrassment to your culture’; he pointed out that the Iranians can build satellites, they can run modern hospitals etc, so they can tell the difference between serious scholarly criticism and ‘sloppy shit’ [my summation]. Dead right. So far, so good! But then he went on to say that (loosely) ” the sun comes up in the morning, the stars are in the sky, 5.5 million jews were systematically exterminated by the nazis – these are just facts!” Now, NO-ONE believes that 5.5 million jews were ‘systematically exterminated’ (though that appalling Nizkor site may claim this) – certainly not Hilberg, but not even the zionut Yad Vashem lot. They claim 5.2 to 5.5 million DIED, and they may be right. Given the general death toll in Poland and Byelorussia, that most of the jews that died did so due to ‘execution’ is as statistically possible as the divergence between the exit polls and the declared results in George Dubya’s second election victory. I think Finkelstein may just have been rattled by the stupidity he was arguing with, but it’s sad to see him give ground like this. But I doubt if he would seriously stick to this statement, on reflection. Fair play to him and Hilberg though; it’s an indication of the seriousness of their scholarship that they welcome criticism rather than call for it to be jailed.

    1. Hey LS — have you ever read the book TWILIGHT OVER ENGLAND by William Joyce? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it — it ought to explain a lot to y’all Englishmen about the reasons why England, and more specifically the Jew-infested English aristocracy, was so fervently against the German National Socialists. That book can be read and/or d-loaded for free @ (look for the ‘PDF with text’ link on the left-hand side of that page)
      Happy reading.

    2. LS and WP:
      Are either one of you familiar with this book –
      ~ by Captain A.H.M. Ramsay, Member of Parliament
      …who, by the the order of ‘Wino Winny’ Churchill and detained and imprisoned without charge for nearly three years by the ‘democratic’ government of ‘Great’ Britain?
      Does a fantastic job of explaining the Judeo-Masonic subterfuge that has infested England since the days of Oliver Cromwell and “the Dutchman” “Menasseh ben Israel” (in reality Portuguese Jew Manoel Dias Soeiro, who merely ‘set up shop’ in Amsterdam).
      Ramsay also describes the intrigues behind setting up Europe’s, and the world’s, first Central Bank, the Bank of ‘England’, in 1694, (their version of the “Federal” Reserve), which enabled the Jews to become the LOANSHARKS OF THE WORLD.
      Here is another patriotic Anglo-Saxon English gentleman who was imprisoned during WW2 for being, well, a (true) British patriot –
      ~ by Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile, Royal Navy
      ~ by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

  2. Raul Hilberg declined to return to Canada and testify in the second Zundel trial because he got caught in a little white lie by Zundel’s competent and very committed lawyer Doug Christie who, it turns out, is also a smart non-practicing Jew.
    After his drubbing Hilberg went home and rewrote The Destruction of European Jewry. He took out the parts about a Hitler order to exterminate European Jewry and replaced it with what revisionists refer to as Hilberg’s “mental telepathy theory” in which the officers in charge communicated the working details this industrialized homicide amongst themselves in coded language, by inference and finally through non-written or verbal groupthink:
    “As the Nazi regime developed over the years, the whole structure of decision-making was changed. At first there were laws. Then there were decrees implementing laws. Then a law was made saying, “There shall be no laws.” Then there were orders and directives that were written down, but still published in ministerial gazettes. Then there was government by announcement; orders appeared in newspapers. Then there were the quiet orders, the orders that were not published, that were within the bureaucracy, that were oral. Finally, there were no orders at all. Everybody knew what he had to do.”
    When Raul Hilberg died revisionists were respectful because he had stated publically that they shouldn’t be punished for their skepticism. That they serve a purpose in keeping scholars on their toes and in some cases helping them understand the true history of events.
    The 4.5 hrs of revisionist videos entitled ” One Third of the Holocaust” made by “denierbud” begin with a trip to a library where Hilberg’s magnum opus is laid out on a table and then meticulously examined for eyewitness inconsistencies and other details in the holocaust story that don’t add up. It can be viewed here:
    How Hilberg and his family arrived in the USA in l939 from Poland via Cuba begs the question did they sneak in? If so, how many other Jewish refugees from National Socialism entered under the radar? President Lyndon Johnson will soon be honored in Israel as a Righteous Gentile Among the Nations for his clandestine work while a young senator facilitating the illegal entry of Jewish refugees into the USA through the port of Galveston. If millions of illiterate Mexicans and South Americans can cross the border and disappear into the general population I suspect many more educated and resourceful Jews than we’ve lead to believe made it out of Europe before, during and after the war.

    1. You are correct. The Nazis knew the world would frown on their extermination scheme, so they tried to keep it all a secret. But we’ve figured out their diabolical plot by now.

    2. RL:”their diabolical plot”
      Aww come on Mr Lindsay! Haven’t you ever heard the classic cliche “All’s fair in love and war”?

    3. whodareswings:”If so, how many other Jewish refugees from National Socialism entered under the radar?”
      A LOT of Jewish refugees made it in to the USA before, during, and after WWII, many more than the bogus numbers let on. Very many European Jews actually managed to make it to various nations in South America and/or some Caribbean islands where they laid-low until WWII ended; after ‘the furor of WWII had died down’ (pun semi-intended) those Jews then immigrated to the USA. Many of those Jews actually chose to immigrate to the USA rather than go to Israel after it was founded in 1948. Other Jews decided to stay down in Latin America and the Caribbean where they are still a major component of the hypercapitalist/plutocratic classes there.
      There are MANY more ethnic Jews living in the USA than the ‘official’ (i.e., FAKE) statistics let on. Over here in the USA we have disgusting seething masses of far-left crypto-kikes (either full-blooded or part-blooded) crawling all over our urban and suburban areas like a bunch of Jew-cockroaches. Now though with contemporary DNA technology we could sort through them all and identify those with Jewish and/or part-Jewish ancestry if we ever needed to in order to identify various ‘troublemakers’ shall we say…so hey Jews: changing your name(s), dyeing your hair, rejecting Judeocommunism for Randian capitalism, and letting the ol’ family lingo of Yiddish go by the wayside still isn’t good enough to blend in with us.

  3. No, I’m saying Hilberg was humiliated by Doug Christy in the witness box at the first Toronto Zundel trial when he couldn’t produce any evidence to verify the Hitler order he’d written about. Zundel was dragged back into court a couple of years later and Hilberg didn’t want to return to face Christy’s cross examination again.
    In the interim, he’s changed his story from a top down Hitler order to his pseudo-scientific “mental telepathy theory.”
    You see, when holocaust witnesses and scholars are cross-examined in a court of law their stories stories start falling apart like a cheap Chinese watch. This is why no cross examinations were allowed at Nuremberg. And also why no cross-examinations are currently allowed in Germany where skeptics of the holocaust story are sent for trial because of their extra Draconian “hate” laws. Sylvia Stoltz, is currently on ice there simply for defending Ernst Zundel.
    If you go back over the IMT Nuremburg trial transcripts you’ll notice hundreds of death sentences passed down by the courts based on evidence that’s since been disproved even by the court historians – steam chambers, electrocution chambers, lye filled cattle cars, the Katyn massacre etc. You haven’t figured out anyone’s “diabolical plot.” You’ve just done some obligatory damage control homework with Jamie McCarthy, Ken McVay and Harry Mazel. C’est tout.
    “Denierbud’s” videos make short schrift of the magisterial Raul Hillberg. Also, check out his clever “Manifestoon” (The Communist Manifesto done Disney style) here:
    The fact this artist must hide behind pseudonyms says everything about who the cultural commissars are now.

  4. The Jewish-Communist partisans, spies, saboteurs, active sympathizers, and so on in Eastern Europe got what they deserved during WWII — in the heat of the life-and-death struggle of wartime anything goes.
    The German National Socialists actually went easier on the Judeocommunists than they should have; very many Jews who strongly sympathized with the Judeocommunists were never harmed at all during the war, even if they lived in various territories occupied by the National Socialists. There were even some Jews still living in Berlin when the Soviets ‘liberated’ that city in 1945: “By the time the Nazi regime was brought to its knees in 1945, there were but a few thousand Jews left in Berlin.” – – also, some partially ethnic Jews actually served in the German Armed Forces during WWII – – but whaaaaaa whaaaa wait a minute! I thought ‘those eeeeeeeevil Naaaaaazziis’ killed EVERY SINGLE JEW they managed to lay their Nazi hands on? Hmmm, something doesn’t add up here…
    However, come 1942-45 the ‘Allies’ showed no similar mercy when they were bombing many German cities back to the Stone Age and indiscriminately killing German civilians (very many women and children), starving civilians, mass-raping German women, poisoning their wells and other water supplies, disrupting German agriculture, etc…all of this AFTER THE WAR remember. Not to mention the many millions of German civilians and POWs who were killed or left permanently maimed AFTER THE WAR via the DELIBERATE STARVATION of them. Those rotten pieces of inhuman garbage, those anti-White/anti-Western ‘Allied’ puppets of the international hypercapitalist Judeoplutocracy starved huge numbers (maybe 6 million or more?) of innocent German civilians AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. The ever-courageous Gen. Patton tried to blow the whistle on it all yet he mysteriously “died in a car crash” in December 1945 – yeah, right: he was obviously offed by the demonic kike mafia because he was interfering too much with their plans to turn Germany in to just another puppet-state of the international Judeoplutocracy –

  5. Yea, the more I delve into the history of that war the more I agree with Fritz Berg who has said,
    “Americans should look at themselves in the mirror. Americans have nothing to be proud of regarding World War 2. It is high time that they cease meddling in foreign affairs which are wholly beyond their moronic comprehension of history, or languages, or foreign cultures.”
    The probable assassination of Patton doesn’t chap my hide as much as the defenestration of ex-Secretary of Defense James A. Forrestal. My dad is a WWII veteran. I downloaded that Forrestal material at DC Dave’s site
    and left it with him to read in his rest home because Forrestal was a Princeton man and
    that’s my father’s alma mater, too. One day he was going on about the USS Forrestal and the new Forrestal science wing at Princeton so I thought I’d get him up to speed on the story. I gave him DC Dave’s dossier and a copy of a 1963 biography of Forrestal by Arnold A. Rogow subtitled “A Study of Personality, Politics and Policy.” When I went to
    see my dad again I asked if he was done with the book. There’s picture of Rogow on the back pensively chewing the ends of his glasses like a doctor. He looks like David Mamet. When dad handed the book back to me he asked, “Is this guy Jewish enough for you?”
    I don’t know what he was implying. I couldn’t tell if he’d come to the same conclusion I had that
    Zionists killed Forrestal and Rogow’s book was a transparent psychiatric smear job, or he thought I was a vile anti-Semite for even bringing the Forrestal mystery up in first place.

  6. “If more Jews acted like Hilberg, people wouldn’t dislike them so much.”
    But they don’t. They act like Rahm ‘Slime’ Emanuel. There is nothing good that be said about these people. They are the scum of the earth and the misfortune of us all. Out, out, out.

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