More On Who Were the Ancient Romans

A new comment on the previous post offers the best explanation yet.

The statues and paintings do not look like Meds or anyone else it seems. Their facial appearance was not as attractive as Meds or modern Italians (who are an extreme mixture of everything).
They were a bit shorter than the German/Celts but were much more muscular. The few bones (ancient original Romans used cremation) showed heavy muscularity, much greater even than Moderns.
My premise is that the Roman style of fighting served the infantry well, and their battles were of brute strength. Their sword the Gladius used was not as good as the Celtic sword in many ways. The Celtic sword has been shown superior in computer tests. However, the Roman style was to fight in a compact manner and use their superior physical strength it seems.
They were even outnumbered by great margins it just about all battles. This fact seems to not to carry much weight, but in hand to hand combat it does. How the Romans won these battles was in part organization, but the endgame was really genetics.
Where they came from is anybody’s guess. They do not appear to be like anyone but Romans.
Of course in the later stages they were just a mix, sort of like modern day Italians.

Well, sure. It’s all starting to make sense now. Along with the earlier post, We Are Not Our Ancestors , it’s all starting to come together. The Romans, like many other ancient peoples of Europe and probably of other places, were part of a race or ethnic group that no longer exists.
This is why the Meds and Nordicists have been fighting so long about whether the statues and paintings are Meds or Nords. The reason it’s controversial and hard to figure out in the first place (hence the debate) is that the Romans were neither!
They were not Nordics or Germans, nor were they Italians or Meds. They were an extinct race, vanished from the Earth. It’s nice the way some unknown commenter comes along and so neatly ties together loose ends.
I found it very interesting that the Romans were outnumbered in almost all their battles but won most of them anyway. The commenters theory sounds better than any others out there. Most combat was indeed hand to hand back in those days. What a terrifying way to fight a war!. Can you imagine having to go hand to hand with a deadly enemy in a kill or be killed battle? I’d rather take my chances in modern way any day.
As a side note, I am really getting tired of all of these races and ethnic groups claiming the achievements of ancient folks as their own. In many cases, the great ancients do not seem like the ancestors of those puffing their chests.

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18 thoughts on “More On Who Were the Ancient Romans”

  1. I’d be curious to know how a race becomes extinct in the absence of genocide, though. One would expect some part of their gene pool to remain in modern populations. It really makes no sense that the Romans and other ancient peoples left virtually *no* trace.

  2. I mean did the ancient Romans just stop breeding? Were the women not hot enough for invading hordes to rape? I just don’t get it.

    1. I think the main point is not that they went extinct, but that they are not around anymore and cannot be connected to any existing populations. IOW, Romans were not Germans, Italians or any existing group. They were a group that doesn’t exist anymore. Sure they left genes, especially in the modern Italians to a lesser extent all over the Roman Empire, but those descendants are not Romans. They are different people, new people, not the same.
      I’m just saying it’s dumb for Italians to say we were Romans or the Romans were us. Same as the Nordics saying that the Romans were Germanics or Nordics, hence the Romans were us, and we were Romans.
      Sure they left genes, but the ethnic group itself dissolved or evolved away into something new. Same way that all of the extinct animals are not around anymore. Sure, they went extinct, but they just evolved into newer models and of course they left genes in the newer models.
      Make sense?

  3. No, it wasn’t brute strength. The Romans short sword was much superior for stabbing in close contact fighting where there’s no room to swing; the legions fought in disciplined, tight-packed phalanxes, not a series of single-combat actions.

  4. the romans began using the celts and germanics as sex slaves and so corrupted their own gene pool.
    I think in small groupings the Romans did survive, a village here or there.
    I think they were a lot shorter then the celts though.
    anyway from the get go they had a thing for the light skinned blondes and redheads of the celts and germans and after 2,000 years of having sex with them, I agree the Italians need to give up the romans as their ancestors.
    it is also true that a lot of Italians and meds are jewish in part at least.
    How many of the dark southren english and welsh are Roman? I heard that after conquering them by rape and murder, they began to marry them.
    sorta like in oregon, where the ugly orc like mexican mulattos, mate with the whitest irish or german american woman.
    doesnt matter how fat or ugly she is, as a matter of fact, the body type that american men find ugly, short squat, broad shouldered big bellied, large head, are very close to the typical indian mexican

    1. Mexicans are mestizos, not mulattos.
      I like Latinas and mestizas. I think they look way better than the average White woman. When they lots of Indian in them or almost pure Indian though, not so much. I like the mix. Problem is around age 30 or so by latest, they start to blow up and get pretty damn fat. They look great from teenage through 25 or so though when they are still thin. Wow! What a handsome race. The mix of White and Indian often looks very nice.
      I think everyone should give up on the Romans as ancestors, especially the Nordicist dumbasses who long to claim them.
      I agree with you that many Meds are part Judaic. Keep in mind that during the Roman Empire, Jews were about 6% of the population of Southern Europe. I assume that the vast majority of them just converted to Christianity.
      It’s clear that many English are part Med or part Roman.

  5. well it turns out that the very racist mexicans, have kept hidden the secret that there were over a million black african slaves who interbred with
    mexican indians and the europeans. its their dirty little secret because they hate blacks. so in certain areas, mulatto is the correct term. This has been supressed by everyone, who overplay the number of spanish who interbred. It should also be noted that it was not the northren celtic spanish who went on the expeditions, but the squat ugly peasants, just like the French fur trappers were not the nordic ruling class French .
    as to the women, most of the ones I see, are not spanish metizo, they are pure indian and the squat fattness begins closer to 19 then 30.
    mexicans have pretty much taken over oregon ,and i would rate them as one of the ugliest mixes of humans I have ever seen.
    I think they should have used mexicans in the Tolkien movies instead of computer icons.
    I hadnt heard that the Nordics were claiming the Romans, but then I spend most of my time keeping track of mexican crime …….I still havent forgiven the real romans for crushing the Celts or the Gauls and what they did to the British Celts.

  6. Nordicists claim Augustus was Nordic.
    Do you think they were a paleo or proto Nordic people?
    The paleo nordoid phenotype is very common among Brahmin people.

  7. It takes few minutes and a little bit of history knowledge about this matter….
    Do you think that the only tribe of romans took whole Italy and that tribe conquered the know world only by itself?
    many of the roman emperors were umbrian,samnite,bruttii, picenes stock,many were from the south and central Italy,many from north Italy with alpine-italic-celt heritage.
    Umbrians in the specific, were related to latins for language, as well as picenes were related to them.
    The romans were all the people of Italy of celt-italic stock and similar each others for phenotype features and a similar language.
    So yes, the romans are still alive in Italians unless you don’t think that a whole population disappeared kidnapped by aliens.
    About the nordicists they are pathetic….
    Italy has blonde,red,dark,brown haired phenotypes.
    Long,short,average skulled people.
    Italy has blue,dark,azel,green eyed people.
    The kind of people you can find all over Europe,so the assumption those emperors were not mediterraneans make no sense.
    Maybe some were not, and some were, just like italians are some mediterraneans, some celtic and some nordic looking.

  8. I look like a pure Roman. Jokingly, but in awe, a couple of nordic men passed by me, and one said to the other “let’s take off our shoes.”
    It astounds me hiw much respect I receive from people who can clearly see the latin in me
    I am also considered a brilliant, and beautiful female.
    I look pure, but I know that I am not pure.
    Anyone who has a latin look (most people know that look), can safely say that their ancestors were Roman: not pure, but who cares! I am happy with the tiniest percentage!
    Even the pure Romans weren’t pure.
    Not all Romans were great, but a person with a small percentage of Roman blood can inherit the best of the original ancients.

    1. I would bet money that if you’re ancestors came from Italy then you are for the most part descended from the Romans. Many conquerors only come as an upper crust, not as a replacement population. North America is one of the few exceptions.

  9. I’ve read that the Romans were primarily of Alpine stock, of the same ethnic group that the Celts of the Black Forest and adjacent areas were descended from. That is, they were stocky, brachycephalic people. Look for the physical type most like the ancient Romans in the modern world, one must first look to the southern regions of south Baden-Wurttemberg, south Bavaria, and Austria. Though the people there speak dialects of high German, their DNA screams largely Celtic.

  10. Have to read Tacitus to understand that blond, tall, and blue eyes were not words used to described romans but barbarians form the north, most romans were mediterranean type with no doubt, the rest were blond or black, may be slaves from germany or africa that became citizens.
    And the culture, if you see roman literature, buildings, law, music, games, streets, and way of life, and you look something similar, you can watch the south of Italy and Spain, and south america, and you will be sure that romans are still living in those places.
    So finishing this matter, we have to accept that modern spaniards, italians and their descendents in the americas (argentina, chile, brazil and others) are the only people that can claim ancient roman heritage

  11. The entire „argumentation“ against the so-called „nordicists“ uses a straw man: In fact, no serious “nordicist” claimed that all Romans were nordic in terms of race, but only the culture-bearing class of the patricians, which account for approximately less then 2% of the entire Roman population but for the majority of Roman cultural output. The majority of the plebeians were predominantly not nordic by race, but either armenids, alpines and mediterraneans. In the “nordicist” view of Roman history, the decline of the Roman empire was linked with the miscegenation of the patricians with the less nordic plebeian class during the late Republican and the Imperial Era.

  12. The debate over who the Italics were is settled by linguistics, more aptly put, has been settled by it.
    They were a mixture of Celts, Mediterranean-Phoenicians, Greeks and Apennines who mixed with a much older race of hominids; Neanderthal.
    The Neanderthal were Etruscans who called themselves, were known as and later said to be, “Rasenna,” or many variants of the name with the key root being, “Rus,” which means, “Red.” Rasenna means, “red-haired,” which is what you find most European peoples being called in antiquity because Europe was first settled by a peoples from whom the red-hair gene comes; Neanderthals. Etruscan and Basque have been found to be wholly unique languages that pre-existed before Indo-European’s entered into Europe circa 5-6,000 B.C.
    Etruscans were much bigger than Roman-Italics. They were fair-skinned, more advanced, stronger and had a mastery of several common languages including Italic, Phoenician and Greek showing they had for a long time interacted with those peoples. The Hispano class of languages, at it’s earliest roots found in Basque, has been determined to be a true Neanderthal tongue, a language pre-existing Celtic and P.I.E. but later found to be mixed within them.
    Everywhere you look you find descriptions of so-called, “barbarians,” that fit, their customs, burial methods, dress, all fit the exact same things found thus far from Neanderthal peoples. The mystery of origins is easily settled by simply seeing that two types of hominid species met and all the anomalies fit this idea; that two distinct cultures co-existed for a time.

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