Liberal Race Realism Starting to Grow

I could not be more happy. This is a movement after all, that I am trying to birth myself. Hell, I may have even founded it. It’s amazing that more people haven’t come around to it, but the PC Police are very threatening, at least here in California. Voicing the tiniest bit of racial heresy can have consequences such as being threatened with being thrown out businesses, threats and menacing looks from Hispanics, being openly shouted down in public by Hispanics and Blacks, loss of employment, loss of friends, and being labeled as a public pariah. As far as being threatened with being thrown out of businesses, this has happened to me twice, both times on the most bizarre and ludicrous grounds. On one occasion, I was accused of “distributing White Supremacist propaganda,” for showing folks a printed out post from this website. On another occasion, once again showing someone a printed out post from this site, I created a strange uproar and was politely told to never utter the word “race” in the place ever again. Such a dirty word! In both cases, the posts were grotesquely misunderstood because the people reading them were too stupid to figure out what I was trying to say. I’ve been told by my friends to never mention anything about this site to anyone around here, ever, other than to close friends. Likewise with printed out posts from the site. The reason given is that most people around here, including the Whites, are too stupid to understand this website, hence they will misunderstand it and get all sorts of weird ideas about it and me. I’ve been stared down, threatened, menaced and spit at by Hispanics for daring to suggest that illegal aliens should take off. I’ve been told to “tone it down” by frightened Whites when discussing the illegal alien problem. Talking shit about illegals is downright dangerous in this town, seeing as they and their Frankenstein anchor baby offspring are probably about 1/2 the population. I’ve been told that most of the Hispanics around my apartment complex regard as some sort of a virulent White Supremacist neo-Nazi skinhead type. I’m not really sure why they think this way, but that’s how these morons judge you if you’re not 10 Given all this PC thuggery, it’s no wonder that White liberals are still drinking the PC Koolaid. Nevertheless, there does appear to be some hope. Check this out: Scroll down to “By elitist on 1/17/09 at 12:33 pm.”

DESPERATELY NEEDED are fora/support groups for progressives/moderates who are waking up to the reality of racial difference, but are not in the least attracted to white supremacy, antisemitism, climate change denial, hatred of Modern Art etc., guns, Neanderthal “barefoot and pregnant” anti-feminism, homophobia, medieval religiosity, etc. Who do sincerely wish blacks, mulattoes and members of all races well, but who want an end to mass immigration, quotas, race blackmail, and speech censorship. Speaking as a lifelong (and still) liberal, I maintain that it is wrong for progressives to cede a monopoly on the science of race to genuine racists and to work to maintain a firewall between science and public domain, all the while isolating themselves from the black community because they are frightened and intimidated, frankly, by the aggression and unthinking, superstitious mentality of most blacks, and by their astoundingly crude and bizarre ideological prejudices, and most of all by their open hostility toward whites and their boundless sense of entitlement. We need an enlightened discourse on race that is free of all the above baggage, and that denigrates no one group but is based on a healthy dose of realism and skepticism, and on a robust pride in the achievements of European civilization. Given the very real dangers to the livelihoods and social statuses of individuals who explore these “dangerous ideas,” we need a “RACE REALISTS ANONYMOUS,” a safe space for people to discuss their fears openly and without risk of exposure. Whites are totally exhausted with being blamed for the seemingly intractable problems of the Black community in the US and elsewhere, and given the widening pathologies of that community, are tired of pretending to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Race difference is indeed the great taboo in our culture, but under the sheer weight of reality, it is starting to break down. Impossible and oxymoronic as it sounds, liberal race realists need to develop a coherent progressive discourse about racial difference – and fast!! This does not mean “making racism respectable,” it means giving the majority of whites a coherent position that is both realistic and respectful of all races.

What’s fascinating is that I have just now started to see some more folks refer to themselves as “liberal race realists.” It’s like a whole new movement coming out of the woodwork. And indeed, the pro-White movement reeks of White Supremacism, anti-Semitism, anti-feminism, gun nuttery, homophobia, lunatic anti-environmentalism to the point of Climate Change Denial and hatred of Modern Art, Modern Music, Modern Literature, Modern Culture and indeed Modernity itself. To this I would add hatred for any kind of Left economics. The whole movement is just reactionary to the core. It ranges from Paleocons to Neocons like Guy White to Libertarians like the “cognitive elite” HBD bloggers like One STDV and Half Sigma. Liberals just want to throw up their arms and run away screaming. More importantly, we leftwing idiots, as the author points out, have effectively ceded this entire issue to the Right. We have no position on race realism, other than liberal thuggery, contempt for and demands for censorship of science (!!), threats, career destruction, and just shouting, “No! No! No!” It’s true that race realism, due to the nature of its facts, tends to feed automatically into conservatism, not to mention reactionary views and out and out fascism. But it need not be this way. If race realism, is, after all, simply the truth, then liberals out to be able to fashion some sort of liberal discourse out of this difficult position. Why not? We can come up with a liberal position on just about anything, why not race? For starters, as the author points out, a position statement could be opposition to: Mass immigration Quotas Race blackmail Speech censorship I’m actually somewhat agnostic on affirmative action, but it sure has lots of problems. The public seems to be against it, and initiatives all over the US are killing it off anyway. It’s sort of a non-issue that seems to be taking care of itself. Race blackmail is something that gets little discussion. I’m not sure what exactly he’s referring to here, but I don’t like the sound of it. I think I’m against it too. Is it something like, “Don’t you dare deport those illegals, or we will riot and burn down L.A. again?” Speech censorship should be the last thing that true liberals are doing, but here we are, wielding the black pen, deleting, shutting down, burying and gagging speech everywhere in sight. Why? We don’t want the truth getting out! How cowardly can you get? Anyway, it’s nice to see that this movement is finally getting some legs. I thought I was alone for a while.

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102 thoughts on “Liberal Race Realism Starting to Grow”

  1. I really , really hope this goes somewhere.
    “Liberal race realism” was America’s dominant political philosophy from the 30s-early 60s, a period conservatives (correctly) use as a paradigm of family values as evidenced by the record marriage rate and baby boom after the Depression and War were over. What they fail to recognize is that the liberal economy of the period provided the kind of security people need to start a family.
    Conservatives have (correctly) faulted race-idealist policies for numerous of today’s social ills; while incorrectly attaching none of the blame to their economic program. A free agent, income disparate economy is not conducive to family formation.
    Remember in the early 90s we used to hear about the “radical center?” I think Mssrs. Bush and Obama might just re-energize it.

    1. If socialism is so great for birth rates, then what’s the deal with Europe?
      And I’d like to see some evidence that there was more security from the 30-60s than today.
      See table two here
      Government spending was 15.6% of the GDP in 1950 and 18.4% by 2000. Where did the past “security” come from?
      Feminism and secularism killed the birth rate, IMO.

    2. RH:”If socialism is so great for birth rates, then what’s the deal with Europe? … Feminism and secularism killed the birth rate, IMO.”
      Much of Europe is already very overcrowded, and thus if they raised their birthrates anymore the European continent would become even more overpopulated. That’s not a good thing — people who are intelligent and forward-looking naturally adjust their population levels according to the available space and resources they have…and because much of Europe is lacking enough living-space, farmland, and other resources to expand their populations they have adjusted their birthrates downward accordingly.
      Germany, for instance, has around 80 million people living in an area the size of the U.S. state of Montana (Montana is actually a bit larger than Germany) — that’s pretty wild if you think about it! Similarly, NWEuropean nations like the Netherlands and Belgium are some of most densely populated countries on Earth. Much of the UK is also extremely crowded. Those places are uncomfortably cramped — thus can you blame Whites there for not having more children if they are already very short on space?
      Simply put, White Europeans have no where else to expand unless they start building everything upwards (which they have actually been doing in many parts of Europe). However, it is my opinion that in order to fully thrive Whites need more physical living space than other racial/ethnic groups, certainly much more than Asians, Arabs, Jews, and so on who seem to tolerate very overcrowded and cramped urban conditions much better than many Northern/Western European Whites.
      Many Whites in Europe would like to have more children I’m sure, but can you blame them for not wanting to live even more like rats who are all stacked on top of each other?
      If I had my way Whites would work cooperatively to slowly take the massive surplus population of Northern/Western Europe and allow many millions of them to immigrate here to North America where they would be allowed to have large families and fill up a lot of the empty space that we have here in the USA and Canada. It would also do wonders for the continued economic growth of North America to have a huge yet slow and manageable infusion of millions more industrious NWEuropean Whites. Though they would have to leave their ancestral homelands, they would likely come to enjoy the wide-open spaces and natural areas here which have been lost (paved over, industrialized) in much of Europe because of rapidly expanding populations there in the last two centuries.
      And most importantly, by bringing many millions of NWEuropeans here to North America we would ensure that the North American continent would forever remain White territory.

    3. Yes, WP, I am an anti-natalist. We have way too many humans on this Earth. The fascist-like pro-natalism of White nationalists makes me want to puke!
      I agree with the major thrust of your post, but the White birthrate in Europe is probably declining due to affluence, education and good health care.
      I disagree with your European-importation project. The US is overcrowded as it is and we don’t need any more humans here.

    4. I’m open to the idea that Denmark or Germany has too many people, but when you’re losing 40% of the population in a generation, something very bad is happening. The relatively uncrowded Poland has a birth rate of 1.26.
      When it comes to population, quality should be more of a concern than quantity. In 1950, whites were 25% of the world’s population and blacks 10%. By 2050 those percentages will be reversed. That’s more important than what the absolute numbers will be.
      Do you really believe the world would be worse off with a billion more white people, say evenly distributed across Africa?

    5. See here for list of countries by population density.
      If “overpopulation” was such a big deal, there would be a negative correlation between it and living standards. But as you can see, there are white countries near the top (Belgium 32, UK 52, Germany 54) and near the bottom (Canada 227, Iceland 230). They’re all nice places to live. Meanwhile, there are black countries near the top (Haiti 33, Jamaica 53, Nigeria 74) and bottom (Niger 214, Chad 220, Namibia 233). They’re all hellholes.
      We’re nowhere near whatever the carrying capacity of the earth is. Wherever the relatively high IQ are found, clumped together or spaced apart, they do fine.

    6. RL:”I disagree with your European-importation project. The US is overcrowded as it is and we don’t need any more humans here.”
      Some parts of the USA and North America in general are overcrowded, but overall we still have PLENTY of space. The vastness and richness of this continent is truly amazing, and large portions of it remain still entirely uninhabited. It is only the existing urban/suburban areas that are overcrowded in North America, and for some reason people continue to pour in to them, thus making overcrowding even worse there. There is no reason for humans to continue clustering in or around cities – just as the USA used to be, we should decentralize ourselves and be more in control of our own destinies away from the bureaucratic Jewish control-freaks who live in the cities.
      As I said above, Montana is the size of Germany, yet Germany has a population of around 80 million whilst Montana only has around 1 million people! Thus there is clearly plenty of room left in areas of the USA or Canada like Montana to comfortably fit MANY more Whites. Think of it like a new form of White ‘Manifest Destiny,’ reclaiming the land for our own freedom.
      Also, many rural and small-town areas of the USA are declining in population as their original inhabitants get old and die and people in general continue to flock to urban/suburban areas as I noted above. I saw this last week when I drove through a part of South Carolina where some of my ancestors were from back in the 1700s when they had a plantation down there…many of the areas were went through were mostly abandoned or semi-blighted small towns, forgotten farms, inactive cow pastures, etc…just tons of good open land for people to settle on, yet for some reason people continue to huddle themselves around urban/suburban areas like their lives depend on it. It’s absurd.
      All of these declining small towns and rural areas in the Midwest, the South, the Rustbelt, etc could easily grow again or be made better use of — this is why I think we should invite many millions of NWEuropeans to settle here and work to start reactivating America’s increasingly abandoned small towns and rural areas, a pro-White ‘back to nature’ movement if you will – this will enable us to get away from the Jew-dominated urban/suburban areas which are mostly filled with a bunch of fat ass liberal ‘anti-racist’ TV zombies anyways.

    7. Richard Hoste – I fully agree with you that liberalism/feminism and large-scale entrance of newly ‘liberated womyn’ in to the workforce has had a negative effect on White birthrates. Similarly, Communism has had a horrible effect too in places like Poland, as decades of Judeocommunism left many Whites in Eastern Europe demoralized and dependent and ‘broken,’ seemingly unwilling to continue propagating their own kind.
      RH:”When it comes to population, quality should be more of a concern than quantity. In 1950, whites were 25% of the world’s population and blacks 10%. By 2050 those percentages will be reversed. That’s more important than what the absolute numbers will be.”
      And I also agree with you that quality means a lot more than quantity; however, non-Whites worldwide are starting to swamp us fewer quality Whites via their sheer non-White quantity – therein is one of the main dilemmas Whites now face. As I recently wrote on my blog: “As Whites are being slowly but surely race-replaced by non-Whites, humankind in general seems to be shifting away from the civilizational positives associated with quality and in to a sickening anti-cultural morass of brutish quantity.’
      Yes, Black countries are generally pretty bad no matter what – but I can guarantee you that a Black nation that is not very crowded is a much nicer place than a very overpopulated Black nation like Haiti.
      “Do you really believe the world would be worse off with a billion more white people, say evenly distributed across Africa?”
      Nope, I wish that at least a billion more Whites were on Earth…though we need to plan it intelligently instead of all-slapdash like the Africans have which has led to a lot of misery in many Black nations. Again, there is no point for Whites in Europe to keep on breeding and breeding if all they can do is build up; thus they should come here to North America where they can breed all they want or else to Russia where there is still a lot of land for White racial expansion too.
      RH:”If “overpopulation” was such a big deal, there would be a negative correlation between it and living standards.”
      Yes, but you must remember that the positive situation in many overpopulated nations in Europe is heavily subsidized by massive importation of food, energy, and other necessary goods from other relatively unpopulated areas of the world. My point is that those places aren’t very independent or even food-secure because they rely so heavily on imports from all around the world just to survive; should there ever be major energy or transportation or food or climate shocks the overcrowded populations in those areas would find themselves very vulnerable to being left high-and-dry there by their lacking the necessary resources for local/regional survival.

    8. I am a Deep Ecologist, so the last thing on Earth I want to do with wide open spaces is fill them up with we horrible humans.
      I don’t think massively increased White breeding is going to save the White race from extinction of any of that, and it ain’t gonna happen anyway. We will breed a lot more Whites, sure, but then these offspring will just go off and miscegenate away with non-Whites, thereby making the whole project useless.
      As horrible as it sounds, a White ethnostate or nation that keeps out non-Whites is probably the best way to save the race.*
      *Saving the White Race is nothing I care about anyway. I’m just speaking hypothetically here.

  2. “It ranges from Paleocons to Neocons like Guy White to Libertarians like the heavily-Jewish “cognitive elite” HBD bloggers like One STD and Half Sigma.”
    I knew that Half Sigma was Jewish, but is OneSTDV Jewish as well?

    1. No, OneSTDV is not Jewish or half-J, he is 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Romanian.
      He is also a very fair-minded blogger — whether or not one agrees or disagrees with him — he is very civil and respectful to all.
      Just like Robert 🙂

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    1. I think I agree with what you’re trying to convey.
      But please try to write properly with good style, correct grammar, and appropriate diction.
      You write and sound like a nigger.

    2. Colin
      August 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm
      I think I agree with what you’re trying to convey.
      But please try to write properly with good style, correct grammar, and appropriate diction.
      You write and sound like a nigger.
      heg: Only idiots get mad at me how l express myself, and l couldn’t care less about idiots. l’m an extremely good writer and l now exactly what dictions l use.
      Grammar? l do my best. Get over it. And for the Nigger sounding part, l’m lazy so i use as few words possible.

    3. He’s a Swede. English is his second language. Be kind to him. -RL-
      heg: l’m still NOT a swed. But thx, l do my best 8o)
      l’m pretty tired of people that complains about my grammar, friend or foe. Anyone above two working brain cells can understand what l’m saying.

  4. I hope you are correct that liberal race-realism is starting to grow, but I am highly skeptical. First off, nearly all liberals either have a ‘color-blind’ view of life or they pity the ‘poor and persecuted’ NAMs; also, one of the main tenets of liberalism is that everyone is ‘equal’ – this is obviously false, and thus many liberals are highly out-of-contact with reality and instead wish to see the world through ridiculous rose-colored glasses which as mostly been forced upon them by the Jew-dominated mass-media and/or Jew-infested academia. Many liberals are also unrealistic ‘kumbayaa’ utopians of some sort or another, and whilst I too personally harbor some highly idealized utopian views I have forced myself to confront the stark reality of racial/ethnic differences (Whites and Asians are smarter and better-behaved than Blacks), there is and always will be brutal neverending Darwinian competition between racial/ethnic groups (Whites are competing with Asians in a macroracial sense worldwide), racial/ethnic parasitism and/or undermining by one ethnoracial group by another (Jews are parasitic subversives who have historically tended to wreak havoc within White nations), and so on.
    I too used to be somewhat liberalish (more like a somewhat leftist-leaning moderate) until I slowly became a race-realist and pro-White activist a few years ago, and since then the scales have fallen from mine eyes — I am still somewhat liberalish, but only in regards to supporting various liberal (actually, common-sense) social policies for Whites (and ONLY Whites). When it comes to other races I take a hard-right Darwinian viewpoint and do not allow liberalism or pity or outright false ideas about supposed ‘equality’ to cloud my mind in regards to them; I very am open toward supporting subsidized healthcare, college loans, government housing, food-stamps, etc for the productive White middle/working-classes should they happen to fall on hard times, but I will NEVER again support such ‘liberal’ social policies for non-Whites. Why would any White person be so idiotic as to subsidize a competing racial/ethnic group? If non-Whites insist on living in White nations they must also live up to our high White standards and cease being parasites and criminals. The only reason the non-White population of China, India, various Latin American countries, etc has ballooned so much in recent decades is because various liberal do-gooder Whites have been sending them massive amounts of WHITE GROWN food aid, WHITE INVENTED technology for water/sewer, WHITE INVENTED medical advances, WHITE INVENTED methods of transport, etc — thus modern liberal Whites are suicidally funding the propagation and ascent of non-White racial/ethnic groups to the detriment of our own White racial group whilst at the same time allowing hordes of them to invade our White nations. Also, as I’ve mentioned before here, socialism can only succeed in nations that are ethnically/racially homogeneous…and liberalism/social democracy is exactly the same way.
    You can take a White liberal and turn him/her in to a race-realist very quickly by either inviting a bunch of NAMs to come live in their neighborhood or else forcing them to live in a wrecked area full of NAMs. Additionally, I think that anyone over the age of about 30 or so who is still far to the left, denies the reality of race/ethnicity, supports mass-immigration of non-Whites in to White nations, etc is straight-up moronic and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously at all and in fact deserves to be ridiculed and shunned as an anti-White subversive — this includes most American Jews of course. Like I mentioned above, if you want to turn a far-left American Jew in to a race-realist all you have to do is remove them from their upper-middle-class suburban Jewish ghetto and force them to live in an area devastated by NAMs…that’ll turn their worldview around real quick, I guaranfuckintee it.

    1. One question how are Asians competing? No other attractive women of any other race wants them and somewhat piss poor genetics.

  5. Great post Robert, people like Peter Singer have at least suggested ways liberals can adopt to Darwinian knowledge:
    “A Darwinian left would not:
    • Deny the existence of a human nature, nor insist that human nature is inherently good, nor that it is infinitely malleable;
    • Expect to end all conflict and strife between human beings, whether by political revolution, social change, or better education;
    • Assume that all inequalities are due to discrimination, prejudice, oppression or social conditioning. Some will be, but this cannot be assumed in every case;
    A Darwinian left would:
    • Accept that there is such a thing as human nature, and seek to find out more about it, so that policies can be grounded on the best available evidence of what human beings are like;
    • Reject any inference from what is ‘natural’ to what is ‘right’;
    • Expect that, under different social and economic systems, many people will act competitively in order to enhance their own status, gain a position of power, and/or advance their interests and those of their kin;
    • Expect that, regardless of the social and economic system in which they live, most people will respond positively to genuine opportunities to enter into mutually beneficial forms of cooperation;
    • Promote structures that foster cooperation rather than competition, and attempt to channel competition into socially desirable ends;
    • Recognise that the way in which we exploit nonhuman animals is a legacy of a pre-Darwinian past that exaggerated the gulf between humans and other animals, and therefore work towards a higher moral status for nonhuman animals, and a less anthropocentric view of our dominance over nature;
    • Stand by the traditional values of the left by being on the side of the weak, poor and oppressed, but think very carefully about what social and economic changes will really work to benefit them.
    In some ways, this is a sharply deflated vision of the left, its Utopian ideas replaced by a coolly realistic view of what can be achieved. That is, I think, the best we can do today — and it is still a much more positive view than that which many on the left have assumed to be implied in a Darwinian understanding of human nature.”—-02.htm

  6. Why would any White person be so idiotic as to subsidize a competing racial/ethnic group? -WP-

    heg: (aka Hoff2 when not logged out) Why white people subsidize the ongoing suicidal mass killing of the white race is because thay are plain fucking stupid.
    But at the core you find the jews that promotes the most stupid white people there are in their propaganda-machine, what you call “media”. What the jews do is that they post up the most braindead, stupid shit for brain white they can find and promotes him or her as the hero for the braindead white people.
    In America that white shit for brain was Ted Kennedy. lt’s the same thing in the whole western world, the jews post up the stupidest white people they can find.
    The major part of the jewish conspiracy is to wipe the white man off the face of the earth. And that is what the jews are doing – and the jews made the stupid white fuck do it to himself.
    Once you understand what the jews are up to it’s amazing how they have turned the white man against himself.
    Why would any White person be so idiotic as to subsidize a competing racial/ethnic group? -WP-
    The white people are doing just that and they do it because the jews tells them to do that. Anyone that obeys jews is a complet idiot and most white people obey jews.

  7. “White race from extinction”
    Presumably future genetic technology will prevent groups going extinct. There would be too much demand for blonde chicks…

  8. “I think this would be cool! I’m so excited about this, if we can ever get it going.”
    Indeed, if ever there was a worthy cause..

  9. Putin is trying to get the white birthrate up in Russia and one way is Nashi campouts encouraging somewhat open mating (but by young folks in love of course.) Bob should know a populace with adequate race consciousness able to deal with some of the problems (opponents) he outlines is necessarily going to be a populace with a drive to procreate.

    1. RL:”I love declining birthrates.”
      That’s a suicidal view when applied to Whites — that’s a major problem amongst very many liberal Whites these days: they are literally suicidal regarding the White race, the race which has given so much to the world. In fact, instead of calling these people “White liberals” I might as well just start calling them “White suicidalists” instead. The fact is that if White Russians stop breeding, the Central Asians amongst other non-White groups will just keep breeding and thus eventually take it over and make the place worse…is that difficult to understand?
      You have to understand that non-Whites will NEVER reduce their birthrates unless they have because of space/resource-related pressures or else Whites encourage and/or force them to. Modern history shows us that non-Whites will breed and breed and breed and then cry to let in to White nations as ‘refugees’ because they have turned their non-White countries in to shitholes due to their own inferior short-sightedness.
      I for one am not going to sit idly by as the White race gets ‘swamped’ by these inferior billions of non-White ‘useless eaters’ who contribute little to the overall social, political, spiritual, scientific, intellectual, and artistic forward-evolution of humankind. That is entirely unacceptable to me, and as I noted above it is downright suicidal for Whites to think like that.

  10. The guys pushing for “white preservation” don’t have the slightest clue about what they’re talking about. In evolutionary biology, two facts have long been recognized:
    1- A species’ survival depends on the diversity of their gene pool. The larger the size, the greater the possibilities of survival.
    2- The variation in a given population (call it race if you want) of a species is valuable as a subset of the total variation in the species.
    So if you uproot the whitest folks from the common tree of humanity, what you will end up with is a reduction in genetic diversity that will endanger that population’s survival in the long term. And if you go all crazy on “eugenics” and kill or neuter the thugs and the mentally impaired, the results will only be worse. The idiots who propose white separatism and supposedly eugenic practices would end up killing off what they intended to “protect”, and reducing the viability of the human species as a whole in the process, were their ideas to be followed.

    1. The comment is silly. There are almost a billion white people in the world. That’s more than the amount of bipedials that existed 500, 10,000, a million or two million years ago. There’s enough “diversity” in the white gene pool to survive forever.
      Once that’s determined, the question becomes one of value judgements. Whites lose in looks and (except for Asians) intelligence by mixing with other races. We should be against it.

      1. Whites do not lose in looks when they mix with other races! Mixed whites -Eurasians, mulattos, mestizos etc – are generally regarded as attractive. Fairer whites in hot climates like the American Southwest or Australia have a tangible genetic incentive to mix with darker races – melanin protection from the sun.

    2. Mr Hoste is right – there are around 1 billion Whites currently on Earth (in macro-racial terms), and many dozens of separate White ethnic groups within the larger White macrorace: thus there is already PLENTY of ethnic diversity within the White gene pool.
      Only very closed-off White ethnics like the Amish and so on are having problems with inbreeding – similar to hardcore religious Ashkenazi Jews, they are a fanatically closed community which does not accept the DNA of ‘outsiders.’ Thus many Amish (just like the Ashkenazim) are afflicted by a host of terrible genetic disorders. However, Whites worldwide have no similar afflictions; inbreeding only causes genetic disorders when the population poll of a group is very small – you aren’t going see many genetic disorders popping up among the Germans, Danes, or even a very small White ethnic group like the Lithuanians because there are a sufficiently large amount of people to prevent that from happening.
      Many non-White racial/ethnic groups all over the world and in various White nations want to mix with us Whites because we are generally better-looking, more intelligent, more creative, and just generally better than they are. Thus they covet our good White genes; however, if enough Whites breed-out that will eventually lead to a dilution of our White gene pool which could spell the end of the White race in due time.

      1. “Many non-White racial/ethnic groups all over the world and in various White nations want to mix with us Whites because we are generally better-looking…”
        You are truly delusional if you believe that.

    3. I think the underlying motive for what artritico says is his wish to rationalize the racial and genetic lalapolooza that is “Latin” (Mestizo) America.

    4. Prole:”I think the underlying motive for what artritico says is his wish to rationalize the racial and genetic lalapolooza that is “Latin” (Mestizo) America.”
      That sounds correct to me.
      Lately an argument I’ve used against the invasion of these hordes of non-White Latin American locusts is…DON’T YOU MESTIZOS ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH GODDAMN LAND FOR YOURSELVES DOWN THERE IN LATIN AMERICA?
      Apparently they don’t, because they keep pouring in to ‘El Norte‘ and stealing OUR White land. Meanwhile these fiends already control ALL of Latin America from Mexico southwards all the way down to the tip of South America (excepting some of the Whiter areas of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, etc). The Mestizos aren’t at all lacking for land or resources aside from some Central America countries where the morons have overbred totally out of control…no, they want to swamp our White nations because WE WHITES ARE BETTER: we Whites are cleaner, better behaved, better looking, and we have better economies and political systems. They are fleeing the hellholes of Latin America because Mestizos (like nearly ALL other very racially mixed groups) cannot build and maintain a decent nation: see – They wreck their own nations…and if we let enough of them live here they will surely wreck our nations as well. Very racially/ethnically mixed populations like Mestizos cannot build or hold together a decent nation because widespread race-mixing causes DEGENERATION, INFERIORITY, and ultimately DECLINE. History has proven that over and over again –
      If and when we White nationalists ever comes to power I plan on proposing that we build a HUGE WHITE STONE WALL (preferably granite) along the border with Mexico – this stone wall would be permanent (it would at least last for many thousands of years with constant upgrades and repairs), even longer than the Great Wall of China. That way there will be a clear and near-permanent boundary between the WHITE North and the MESTIZO South — this would ensure that we could keep the degenerate anti-cultural Mestizos down where they belong, below the clearly demarcated border between WHITE and NON-WHITE.
      Again, modern Whites cannot turn even more ‘soft’ and keep allowing all of these non-White Mestizo devourers and nation-wreckers claim even more land at White expense. They already have ALL of Mexico, ALL of Central America, and nearly ALL of South America too…is that not enough for these land-hungry locusts? Why is that not enough land for them?

    5. “We [White Americans] have in our midst increasing millions of a culturally inferior race, in the presence of which the white man’s civilization has never survived. On our southwestern frontier there are a still larger number of the culturally inferior, wholly alien to our race and institutions, whose presence led the foremost ethnologist of his day (Alexander von Humboldt) to cast the gloomy prophecy, “The United States shall absorb Mexico and crumble to pieces.”
      Amicable relations with Latin America and the West Indies are drawing to our shores an increasing number of the partly Negro, partly Indian, partly white, who, under disguise of national, rather than racial, designations; Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Peruvians, Ecuadoreans, Venezuelans, Jamaicans, etc., rather than Indian-Negro-Caucasian mongrels, arrive in our midst and intermarry with our white inhabitants. Of late years, south and southeastern Europeans; black-white, and even yellow-white mongrels, are deluging our nation. Negroid Sicily is being transplanted to America.”

    6. I’ll just say that I don’t agree with any of the Judeo-Christian trash which that website ‘The Church of True Israel’ espouses – I only link to the website because it contains that book by E. S. Cox entitled WHITE AMERICA; it’s a great and very prescient book, and I heartily recommend it to everyone who cares about the continued survival of the White race in North America — read it @

    7. Europe has never been closed to gene flow, Europeans didn’t evolve in isolation from neighbouring (and not son neighbouring) populations. European ethnic groups are not closed bloodlines, and implying that is a gratuitous display of ignorance. If you want to close the gene flow now the only thing you’ll get is a population with reduced fitness relative to the ones you’re rejecting as racial inferiors. The effect can be not as dramatic as observed in strongly inbreeding groups, but will certainly happen. That’s not silly, is a hard fact. Your ideas have no support in science, which leaves us only with value judgements, which are inherently subjective. That’s all what racists have always had, much as they like to claim scientifical soundness for their claims. You can discuss my motivations, point towards the relative underdevelopment of Latin America, resort to special pleading, but you can’t change the facts.

    8. “If you want to close the gene flow now the only thing you’ll get is a population with reduced fitness relative to the ones you’re rejecting as racial inferiors. The effect can be not as dramatic as observed in strongly inbreeding groups, but will certainly happen. ”
      Have you ever heard of the law of diminishing returns, you idiot? A population of 100 might be inbred and have a better chance of survival with a hundred extra people. When the population is a billion, another billion no longer increases fitness or does so to such a small extent to be pointless to bring up.
      Also, you act as if human beings are cockroaches and technological development can’t contribute to survival. What scientific and medical advancements have come out of your Mestizo population? Would you like to argue that whites mixing with other races, by increasing genetic diversity and chances of survival by 0.00001%, is going to do more for the continuation of life than all technological developments ever made by high IQ populations?

    9. Please artritico, stop the moralizing on how ‘enlightened’ you supposedly are, since what you are saying is indeed lacking in scientific evidence. If not then prove otherwise.
      Realistically, I stand by my original statement that you are primarily rationalizing your country’s and your continent’s racial and genetic hybrid character, so as to not somehow feel inferior.
      I have known many “Latin” Americans, and I also have been there, and ‘LA’s’ are amongst the most racial and color-obsessed people on planet earth, so if gene flow is indeed a good thing, than why do the “White” “Latin” American elites and upper classes avoid anyone darker than themselves like the plague? (And please do not respond that this is just a ‘class’ thing.)
      White Anglo-Celts/Northern Europeans have absolutely no need to justify themselves in their desire to maintain their bloodlines, nations and culture.
      We certainly do not need to explain ourselves to envy-driven Marxist Mestizos and Mulattos (*I am not necessarily singling you out here) who wish to use ‘competitive moralism’ as a psychological weapon against Whites to guilt-trip them into giving away the fruits of their labor and civilization … as well as giving away their genes (so as to give the mestizo’s a chance at “Limpieza de sangre” I guess).
      […] Competitive moralism, of which we see too much, is driven by something amoral and animalistic: it is the age-old struggle for supremacy, the competition of rivals, placed in more respectable terms. The struggle becomes absurd — not in its underlying aims which are ever natural — but in the ever greater distance between high claims and base motives, wherewith the only point is in outdoing one’s rivals in “goodness” whilst not actually caring a damn whether anything good will come of it. Intellectual life — that supposedly higher sphere and haven from beastly struggle — becomes diseased with it, even such that, in terrible and political times, there is a delirium of the senses, and a dulling of the faculties, except for the primitive and still acute instincts for success. […]

    10. artritico is not trying to justify the genetic mystery casserole of Latin America.
      It’s clear that he resents you guys because you all think you’re superior to his kind, and you make no bones about saying so.
      I really do not think that Latin Americans are among the most color-obsessed (read: racist) people on Earth. This is just a lie that WN’s tell themselves. WN’s are always saying that all the other races are incredibly racist. The reason they say this is projection – they are projecting their racism onto others. Also they are attempting to justify their racist crap along the lines of “everyone else does it.”
      I now live in an Hispanic town and ever since I came here, I have been searching for this horrible racism that the Hispanics have. Basically, it barely even exists. You might find some of it among the really White rich types, maybe. The White ones hang out with the mestizos of all shades and the Indians like they are all good buddies. In the class structure, there are lots of White types in all classes, including the bottom. In the middle and towards the top there are quite a few mestizos, including some pretty dark ones. These are the upwardly mobile yuppie types.
      Colombia is one of the least racist places in Latin America. It’s true that if you have money in Colombia, Brazil or Venezuela, no one cares what race you are.
      You can’t really view race relations and racism in Latin America through American lenses because it’s of a totally different character. Search on this site for my previous article, “Whites in Latin America” for more.
      In conservation biology, populations with low genetic diversity tend to be severely declining populations with low numbers in danger of extinction. I’ve never heard of a large population of life forms with low genetic diversity.
      In the world of biology, there are plenty of plant and animal subspecies that have walled themselves off from the other subspecies in their species and are just breeding among themselves. That’s practically the definition of a subspecies right there.
      I think that the notion that mixed races of humans invariably produce ruined societies is completely insane. Anyway, Whites, even those super Aryan types, have pretty much been through the genetic witches’ brew themselves for a long time now. The whole idea of “pure races” and “mongrel races” is seriously insane and any biologist would laugh in your face if you brought it up.
      I think also that artritico is very much an anti-racist person, much more so than I am. My anti-racism gets attacked by other antis all the time as being fraudulent or insufficient.

    11. “It’s clear that he resents you guys because you all think you’re superior to his kind, and you make no bones about saying so.”
      My original point exactly, he is motivated by threats to his feelings and self-image, not so much by ‘anti-racialism’ or ‘science’ per se, and some of us have make no bones about saying so also.
      … “The reason they say this is projection – they are projecting their racism onto others.” …
      Nah, the projection is mostly on the part of the non-whites and their White cultural marxist leaders, who, in their envy-induced ‘religion of equality’, are the one’s primarily casting aspersions on Whites.
      Anyway, the argument that it’s about ‘class’ rather than ‘race’ in Mestizo America I think has largely discredited, even among Leftist scholars. My goodness, just take a look at “Latino” programs, here, or even worse, down there, where to the casual observer one would think they are watching Swedish television.
      After all, in “Latin” America you have a color-continuum that is socially very hierarchal in its set-up, certainly de facto if not de jure, so of course the racial oppression will take the shape of a hierarchy, and its outward form will provide to camouflage it’s appearance as an economic, rather than a color-caste system.
      I can’t speak for others here, but I am not motivated by WN to say what I say or in feeling what I feel, and I do not necessarily look down on artritico or anyone else, for I have Mestizo friends and in fact one of them took me to Latin America on a trip.
      I am just against the moralistic aggression leveled against Whites, motivated by envy and resentment, that is often surreptitiously disguised as ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘fair play’.

    12. The all-White TV is Mexico and Brazil. I don’t know about the rest of the place. You are just wrong that there is a caste system in Latin America. If you have money, you have an open invite into the upper classes. Further, mestizos are widely accepted as long as they look and act White and want to fit into White society.
      Latin American society differs in the degree of the racism. Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and the White parts of Brazil are some of the worst. The Whites in Cuba and Puerto Rico can be pretty racist towards Blacks, much less towards mulattos.
      Many of the White upper class guys in Mexico now are dating mestizos, especially light mestizos. A similar thing is going on in Costa Rica. Mexican Whites are notorious these days for having poor White self-consciousness.
      Your average Mexican, and I’ve been hanging around with these people my whole life, doesn’t really give a flying fuck about race. When you start getting into the upper classes, maybe it matters a bit more.
      And the younger upper class and upper middle class Whites in a lot of these countries are starting to date mestizos, mulattos and even Blacks recently, even in places like Peru. If the non-Whites look and act like they have money, they can make it into White society. Things are really changing down there.
      The caste system is part of the Spanish colonial past.
      You really should not pontificate on this anymore until you read my article on this blog on The Whites of Latin America, because you are making a lot of ignorant statements.
      One thing though: There IS a lot of racism towards *Indians* and *Blacks* down there, or to a lesser extent, towards folks who are *heavily Indian* or *heavily Black*. There’s more of a color continuum down there, and yeah, Whiter is pretty much better, but it’s nothing like this country at all. It’s completely different.
      Costa Rican Whites and even Argentine Whites have been breeding pretty heavily with mestizos for a few decades now. The old system is breaking down bigtime.

    13. It’s funny how I’m accused of moralizing on how enlightened I am and making claims without evidence when that is precisely the racists’ favorite passtime, white racists in this case. No matter how many well behaved, educated, hard working blacks and mestizos they find around them, they will always point towards the bad individuals and erect them as the uttermost portrayal of the race. And they have the face to call base motives on the people who oppose racism.

    14. “–Further, mestizos are widely accepted as long as they look and act White and want to fit into White society.–”
      Exactly, this is the whole point of “Latin” American racial hypocrisy, that “White” is indeed better than Brown and Black, and hence the desire for many Mestizo’s wishing to “marry up” with Whites, since they feel and desire themselves to be White. (And for that matter, just how ‘mestizo’ are they really if they indeed *look* ‘White’?)
      Also being that Latin America is relatively so economically ‘underdeveloped’ and socially stratified, there are so few reasonable chances anyway for most of the population to even have access to money and status in order for them to ‘buy’ their [sic] ‘Whiteness’.

      “–It’s funny how I’m accused of moralizing on how enlightened I am and making claims without evidence when that is precisely the racists’ favorite passtime, white racists in this case.–”
      Unless you provide some real evidence for your claims, which you have not done, then all you are engaging in is racist-based moralistic aggression against Whites.
      So please artritico, with all respect, just provide some tangible sources and evidence for your beliefs in genetic and racial equality.

    15. What I meant was “if you have money”, not “if you look White.” It’s more like if you have some money or act or dress like you have some money, then Latin Americans will accept mestizos. There is racism against mestizos in Latin America, especially in places like Chile, Argentina and Peru (mostly against darker mestizos in Chile), but it’s not as much as you think. The real racism is against INDIANS.
      If you are looking for a place that is racist against mestizos though, look to Argentina. They see themselves as White down there and they don’t really dig obvious mestizos. Nevertheless, a majority of Argentines have some Indian blood in them the same way a lot of White looking Americans like Chuck Norris have some Indian blood.
      Once you get down into the more middle class, there is not much racism. Example, I know some Peruvians. They are basically mestizos. That’s what they call themselves. They are more or less middle class or working class.
      Their friends range from very Indian looking people to very White looking people, but since they are all working class to middle class, none of this really matters. Race is a big zero to them. Still, a think a lot of those mestizas would like to marry a White guy…
      But I mean they don’t discriminate against each other based on looks. In Peru, you take off your Indian clothes, move to the city and quit speaking Indian and start speaking Spanish and wa-la! You are now a mestizo!
      You can’t understand Latin America until you understand the phenomenon of social race. Some of the recent Peruvian presidents look mestizo to me – they have Indian features.
      Sure, the upper class is pretty White, but don’t let that fool you. There are White looking folks at all levels in Latin America. A lot of the poor look awful White. Just cuz you’re White you don’t get some ticket to the elite. In the South of Brazil, there are horrible favelas, the most horrible slums you can imagine – they are full of White people.
      There are beggars all over the streets – all White. The elite down there hog all the money and don’t let anyone else have any, so no way are they going to let, say, even all the Whites in due to their race so they can split up the loot with them. Forget it.
      Even in the horrible favelas of Sao Paolo and Rio, sure, most people there are mulattos, mestizos, Blacks or Zambos, but you would be surprised how many White people are in these slums too.

    16. RL:”It’s clear that he resents you guys because you all think you’re superior to his kind, and you make no bones about saying so…”
      Mr Lindsay — speaking solely for myself…I don’t just “think” that Whites are superior, I know that we are superior. History proves that Whites are indeed superior, as do simple common-sense comparisons between Whites and non-Whites.
      As Mr Hoste wrote: “What scientific and medical advancements have come out of your Mestizo population?” The answer is, of course, very little…also add general sociocultural and artistic advances to that…Latin America is a racially-mixed mass-cesspool of human mediocrities ruled over by despots and plutocrats. Some continent — mongrelized Latin America is second only to Africa in its widespread human misery and backwardness, and it can all be traced back to the racial factors which are in evidence there.
      History proves that widespread racial/ethnic mixing leads to DECLINE — look at Latin America, look at Central Asia, look at North Africa, look at India, etc etc. In comparison, look at the best and most successful parts of the world — Northern Europe, White North America, Australia/NZ, East Asia, and so on…what do they all have in common? Answer: all of those successful areas are composed of racial/ethnic groups which are almost entirely UNMIXED in a macro-racial sense. These are indisputable truths of history. Even the best nations of Latin America are the ones which contain the most White DNA…again, indisputable.
      Anyone who denies these obvious sociohistorical facts are either clueless idiots (likely NAMs) and/or deliberate liars (more likely to be Jews).

    17. “It’s funny how I’m accused of moralizing on how enlightened I am and making claims without evidence when that is precisely the racists’ favorite passtime, white racists in this case. No matter how many well behaved, educated, hard working blacks and mestizos they find around them, they will always point towards the bad individuals and erect them as the uttermost portrayal of the race. And they have the face to call base motives on the people who oppose racism.”
      Are you supposed to be one of these well behaved Mestizos that are going to convince us that whites need your genes to survive?
      Maybe when arguing with those cultured Mestizos their IQs are too low to notice when you give up on your indefensible point and change your argument to a strawman (“you’re saying there are no good nonwhites”), but whites will.

    18. This post will make a few important points, so if you are a WNist or race-realist please read closely.
      Notice exactly what commenter ‘artritico’ wrote in his August 29, 2009 at 11:45 pm comment and what Mr Lindsay wrote in the replying comments — notice how (in typical JudeoMarxist fashion) they derailed the current discussion [which is about race/ethnicity] and turned it in to a discussion about issues related to socioeconomic class. Luckily commenter ‘Prole’ picked up on their dissimulation and called them out on their sneaky attempt to change the subject (see commenter Prole’s comment @ August 29, 2009 at 10:16 pm) — bravo to commenter Prole for calling out their attempt to turn a racial/ethnic discussion in to a class-based one. The subject of this blog post is clearly about RACE/ETHNICITY (“liberal race-realism”) and not SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS — despite that the JudeoMarxist Mestizo ‘artritico’ tried to deceitfully switch the subject.
      This issue is very important to note: the Marxists/Communists, the standard leftists and liberals, and especially the Marxist Jews are ALWAYS trying to turn discussions about race/ethnicity in to ones based on SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS. As JudeoMarxists, they deny that race/ethnicity is more important and primal/biological than class — again, this is a very common tactic that they use in debate, and they use it all the damn time, almost instinctively even.
      What I call something like the ‘biosocial hierarchy of human identification’ goes like this:
      1 – Gender — there are only two main options, aside from a few freak-of-nature hermaphrodites
      2 – Race/ethnicity — only 3 macro-racial options [Caucasoid, Mongoloid, or Negroid] though there are of course hundreds of sub-racial or ethnic options
      3 – Class — more complex, but still generally only 3 options: lower class, middle class, and upper class; still, there are MANY sub-classes within each major class

      That is the top of the hierarchy which are the most important, with the #3 class identification coming in a very distant 3rd place far behind #1 gender and #2 race/ethnicity. If you continue to build up the hierarchy it might be something like:
      4 – Nationality/region and language
      5 – Education level
      6 – Occupation
      7 – Urban vs. rural
      8 – etc, etc
      Notice though that the JudeoMarxists deceivers are always trying to move Class in to the #2 spot above Race/ethnicity even though race/ethnicity is deeply primal and biological whilst class is, to use some JudeoMarxist lingo, but a mere “social construct” (though race/ethnicity often correlates with class, of course). These deceivers are constantly trying to place the “social construct” of socioeconomic class ABOVE the ancient biological realities of race/ethnicity — it’s the height of JudeoMarxist deception and absurdity; it’s like trying to say that leftist-slanted sociology is more ‘correct’ than unbiased biology…they rattle on about mere sociology even when we are clearly talking about the hard-science of biology!
      When you see, read, or hear the JudeoMarxist liars do this call them out on it ceaselessly — try to pound in to their mushy leftist Jew-addled brains that RACE/ETHNICITY WILL ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS TRUMP SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS. We are biologically-driven “racialists,” meaning we have a mostly race-based view of the world; they are social-constructionist “classists” who have a mostly class-based view of the world; some people are “genderists” [i.e., masculinists or feminists] who have a gender-based view of the world, etc.
      Again, these facts are supremely important to understand: NEVER let the JudeoMarxists, or liberals, or leftists, or whatever (or even the rightist ‘fiscal conservatives’) try to make you think that a person and/or group’s socioeconomic class trumps race/ethnicity — because it never has, and it never will.
      Those of us who are true thinkers which are not motivated by petty class-envy but rather by the ancient biological realities of race/ethnicity, human evolution, and so on realize that blood (race/ethnicity) is MUCH deeper and more important than the “social construct” currently referred to as money (socioeconomic class).

    19. TYPO — Me:”What I call something like the ‘biosocial hierarchy or human identification’ goes like this…”
      Should read “biosocial hierarchy oF human identification”

    20. First of all, race mixing did not cause decline in North Africa. Egypt was 91% Caucasian and 9% Black when they built the pyramids, same now. There is no evidence that mixing in Central Asia led to decline. I mean, it’s the same now as it was a long time ago. They’ve been White-Asian mixed for ages now. India is the same race – they are all Indians – it’s just one race of people, that’s all. It’s absurd to say that mixing caused decline in Latin America. What were they before? A bunch of Indians living often a Paleolithic lifestyle. After mixing with Whites, they now have modern societies for the most part, with highways, skyscrapers and whatever you want.
      Much of Africa is unmixed too. How successful are they? SE Asia is unmixed, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, we could go on and on here. Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, all unmixed places.
      Anyway, Japan is a mix between two major macro races – Australoid (Ainu) and Korean (Mongoloid).
      Most of Polynesia is unmixed, lot of good it’s done them. Melanesia is unmixed, how advanced is it?
      Mixing humans is the same as breeding cats, dogs or potatoes. What matters is the quality of the stocks you are breeding. The only way superior strains of dogs, cats, carrots and tomatoes are ever produced is by endless “race-mixing.”

    21. RL,
      Who is arguing that racial purity, regardless of race, is key to success? Do you think I, or WP, or Prole scratch our heads wondering why the pure Australian aboriginals aren’t doing better?
      As far as Latin America, it does better than a pure Indian society but not as well as a white one. That’s a good reason why Indians should mix, and at the same time one why whites shouldn’t.
      Why not argue against what we’re actually saying instead of making stuff up?
      I suspect that it’s because as a race realist you see the correctness of our position but don’t want to let yourself get pushed into the direction of anti-miscegenation or eugenics.

    22. I was arguing against WP’s argument that race mixing destroys societies and his implication that the only societies that succeed are the racially pure ones.
      I’m in agreement with your comments. Obviously, the mixing that went on in Latin America in general elevated those societies from primitive agricultural ones to modern type societies. You can argue in Latin America that race mixing caused an improvement over the status quo in many places.

    23. I will refrain from polemizing anymore with people who have obviously decided they are so white and beautiful and smart and superior that any drop of “dirty” blood will lower their status. I will just make some remarks:
      – I admit to possibly having exaggerated with the whole “white extinction by isolation induced reduced fitness” thing. But the fact remains that even the “purest” white in the world (if it makes any sense to talk of racial purity) has some sub-saharan and east asian ancestors possibly in the last 20 generations, without a single of those ancestors needing to step directly onto European soil. In other words, humanity has always been one, despite superficial differences, and your racial purity programs will get screwed by people who just don’t feel like it.
      – WP, your “macro-racial” model is based in outdated typological methodology. NE Asians and Amerindians are genetically closer to Caucasians than to SE Asians or Polynesians. The “mongoloid” look is a superficial trait that possibly spread by sexual selection among SE Asians and Polynesians. And I doubt the different nationalities in East Asia see themselves as part of a single “macro-race”, despite the obvious similarities in appearance.
      – Mr. Lindsay, Pre-Columbian America wasn’t on the Paleolithic when the Spaniards arrived. Most of it was actually either Mesolithic (horticulture, transhumating pastoralism) or Neolithic (farming and herding proper), with the most advanced cultures being Chalcolithic (copper work, monumental architecture, cities, statehood). The Injun were not the bunch of backwards losers you are implying they were, rather they had their cultures destroyed.

    24. But the fact remains that even the “purest” white in the world (if it makes any sense to talk of racial purity) has some sub-saharan and east asian ancestors possibly in the last 20 generations, without a single of those ancestors needing to step directly onto European soil.
      I seriously doubt if that is true. Maybe here in the US. For instance, I am related to Pocohontas. I tried to do some calculating and it came out that I am 1/3000th Amerindian. I guess some of these Nordicist guys like WP think that’s significant, but to me, that’s just meaningless.
      Studies of White Europeans have shown that most of them, especially the ones in the North, don’t have any discernible Black DNA at all. There is some in the population as whole, but not in the average person. For instance, in the US, the average White has 1.7% Black in them, but only 30% of Whites have Black.
      Studies in the Caucasus and in Jews found 0% Black blood in this group even as a group. There’s just no Black in them.
      Asian blood is a lot trickier, but I doubt if there is much in most Europeans. It’s true that Swedes, Finns, Estonians, Czechs, Russians, etc. have some Asian in them.
      I don’t believe your statement is correct.
      Regarding the Amerindians, most of the ones in the US were Paleolithic peoples, certain the California Indians that I am most familiar with. I think in Latin America they had developed a lot more agriculture.
      I was specifically responding to WP’s notion that race-mixing destroyed nations. The mestizo race, such as it is, seems to be accomplishing a lot more civilization-wise than the Amerindians did, and the most screwed up and backwards South American countries are the most Indian ones (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia).
      I don’t think the mestizo stock in degenerated at all. One could even argue it’s an improvement over the pre-conquest stock. Studies in Mexico show that mestizos have IQ’s quite a bit higher than Indians.
      This whole race-mixing destroys nations bit is just nuts.
      On line with what you are saying, artritico, let us look at the famed genetic diversity of the Africans. Genetic diversity in Africa is truly incredible. OTOH, Sub Saharan Blacks have not been breeding with other stocks since they were created (until recent days). They are still very diverse.
      Nevertheless, let us note that some of the few folks who seem to be actually immune to HIV seem to be showing up among Blacks in Africa, especially Kenya. This is an example of the benefits of a highly diverse gene pool, as Whites don’t seem to be immune to HIV. Were HIV more deadly, Whites could be cleaned out badly by it and Africans would still have a few left standing.

    25. North America was transitioning from a Mesolithic to a Neolithic lifestyle in places, I’m thinking specifically of the Mississipian complex and the Navajo pueblos. The key factor in the collapse of Pre-Columbian civilizations was smallpox, which the Indians were vulnerable to, an example of how you can make yourself unfit by isolation. As for the Indians scoring less than Mestizos in IQ tests, I wouldn’t discount: first, cultural factors; second, the fact that the Spanish used to assimilate or exterminate the elites in order to establish their rule more easily, rather than pointing towards a supposed inherent biological inferiority of Indians. Race hierarchies are by their very nature, self-reinforcing.
      As for Sub-Saharans being genetically isolated from Eurasian populations, I’m not convinced. The Nile was a route for human migrations back and forth into the heart of Africa, even after the Sahara dried 5,000 years ago. And while the Sahara was in its wet phase, Sub-Saharans certainly impacted the makeup of Middle Eastern populations, as in the Natufian culture. Maybe isolation happened, but I would rather regard it as relative rather than absolute. The bit about the HIV was an interesting information.

    26. The IQ scores of Amerindians are about the same all over the Americans I think. I believe that they are around 90 if you set White American IQ at 103. With the same matrix, mestizo IQ in the US is ~93, but it might be going up lately.
      The Spanish never came to the US and Canada, and the scores are pretty much the same there.
      Indians aren’t exactly stupid, but they are definitely not as smart as US Whites at least at the moment.
      I usually don’t get into terms like biological inferiority on this blog. I’ll leave that for guys like WP. I just point out that the scores at the moment are this or that, and that, at the moment, according to our tests, Race X is more intelligent than Race Y which is more intelligent than Race Z. My goal on this blog is just to note the scores and to state that the tests are quite good and there is no inherent bias in them or any of that crap.
      As far as whether the differentials are due to genes or culture, I usually do not get into that. I’ll leave that for others. I usually say that the lower scorers may be able to even the scores in the future, but they have not done so yet.
      Anyhow, just pointing out that the scores are different and that, at the moment, ethnic groups are differing in intelligence (leaving the causes aside) I think we can use that to explain a lot behavioral differentials among groups and maybe even developmental levels in societies. For instance, I’m convinced that the African IQ of 67 plays a huge role in their underdevelopment.
      But just to let you know, I usually don’t take a position on whether various groups are biologically superior or biologically inferior on intelligence, so please don’t put those words into my mouth, artritico my friend.
      Here in California, I assure you the Indians were Paleolithic. They had stone tools and practiced no agriculture. That was pretty much the case in most of the West, although I think the SW Indians had agriculture? As far as Eastern Indians, I’m not sure if they had agriculture or not?
      PS my position on mestizos is that they are not exactly stupid either and they are a lot smarter than you might think. This after a lifetime’s of interaction with them. I also think mestizo chicks are way better looking than most White chicks.

    27. As far as Sub Saharan Africans, studies have shown that there is no Caucasian blood in them for the most part. It’s simply not there. Now if you want to argue that they bred at some point so far in the past that we can’t see it anymore, ok, but I’m not sure how important that is. It’s kind of like my Amerindian genes. Ok, I’m 1/3000th Amerindian. Big deal.

  11. No, OneSTDV is not Jewish or half-J, he is 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Romanian
    That’s interesting, especially considering there was a big long thread about whether Greeks are white on his blog recently. (Note: I post there as Stopped Clock; I never really fully standardized all my blog names)

  12. You might like declining birthrates, but if you were a White Russian who cared about protecting Russia’s flanks against encroachment (read surrendering large land mass ) by Chinese and non-white Islamics, you would realize the necessity of increasing the Russ birthrate pronto.

    1. Yes Ken. The billions of non-Whites slowly taking over Russia, the USA, Argentina, Western Europe, etc are like hordes of hungry locusts coming in to our White territories and devouring our White lands.
      For the sake of the permanent preservation of the White race, they must be stopped using any means necessary. If we do not stop them within the next 50 years or so, we can probably kiss the White race goodbye as the inferior hordes of devouring non-Whites takes over our territories and turn them in to Brazil or India-esque hellholes.

  13. that was a great post. My problems with mexicans invaders and being threatened have been so similar.
    I was evicted for having a No Amnesty sign on my car in Oregon . Yep thats right. then the mexi trash that had moved in from Arizona, began threatening me , culminating in calling the police on me. It is really scary living in rentals in Oregon these days. So its 20 mexicans to me and the cop believes them.
    I mentioned that it might have been mexicans that refused to get out of the way of the fire truck and I am called a bigot and people start screeching. I mean , its an area known as Hillsburrito and so full of illegals that the cops just bow down before them, so it was realistic. They dont follow rules.
    dont even say Mexican in Oregon or Illegal alien. It is just like Ca .
    I get death threats on my blog often from mexicans. they are so cute, so Aztec, so cannibalistic and primitive. Such as Kill your mama with a rusty screwdriver fuck you … then they offer to pray for me.. bizarre.
    remember Smile at every mexican because they are hypervigilant. If they guess you are on of those native english speaking Americans who wants them to go home or be sterilized, they will go after you and the cops will help them

    1. Yeah I can somewhat agree with your post here. I definitely keep my mouth shut about the illegals when I’m in my town. However, I even know some Mexicans (real Americans – Mexican-AMERICAN citizens, not invader criminals) who told me that they don’t like the illegals. A lot of people around here hate them, but they are afraid to say anything.
      My young White friends around here can’t even get a job because all the jobs say bilingual preferred. This is America, and it’s bilingual preferred.
      The young Hispanic citizens (apparently mostly anchor babies I guess) are 100% for the illegals. I guess it makes sense if your Mom was one. But the unemployment rate for these idiots is very high, mostly because the illegals have taken all the jobs.
      So these morons can’t see that their support of this lunatic invasion has basically thrown them out of a job most of the time. I swear if a lot of these illegals would take off, there would be so many jobs open for our unemployed and underemployed White AND Hispanic Americans.
      I’m serious, I would say 50% of my town is illegal aliens. In my neighborhood, it must be a majority, like 75%. In my complex, on the street, at the store, all you hear is the Spanish language most of the time. People will come up to you and ask you something, but you need to answer in Spanish if you want to communicate.
      Are you a native Oregonian?
      See, I’m a native Californian. We grew up with Mexican-Americans. To us, Hispanics are just normal. I was taking Spanish classes at age 6. Our friends, best friends, girlfriends were Mexicans. We vacationed in Mexico frequently. So we’re totally used to Mexicans and Hispanics. They’re part of the founding stock of California. But that doesn’t mean all these damned invaders have a right to be here. I grew up in the United States. Now I feel like I’m living in Tijuana. It sucks.
      You need to be careful with the political signs and talk around all those illegals and their traitor legal and citizen Hispanic buddies though. They’re extremely uppity and in your face and they act like they own this place. They’re arrogant as Hell and they have no right to me.

  14. oh yes, and I agree with you about over-population . I got into anti immigration because Oregon went from pleasantly underpopulated to being full of mexicans rag heads , Hindus and Asians and Africans, not to mention Californians.
    I think the US should have sterilized most of the third world countries right after wwII before PC came into fashion.
    I know self hating white people cant get this , but non whites are very racist. White people didnt invent racism, we just get blamed for it

  15. I am a native of Washington, seattle area and Mexicans and mexican food was totally alien to me, and I really didnt notice we were being invaded( as I was a super liberal at the time) until the late 90s. So I have no experience with Hispanic culture except for the two years I lived in SF in the Mission district. I didnt think they were a problem then, its just how they took over. I grew up with Asian culture and scandinavian along with englishIrish culture.
    what has happened in Oregon is an invasion , not a settlement of a few mexicans. And they are not kind, they are selfish and grasping and out for themselves and Americans have been cruelly displaced. The upper classes use them to displace the lower classes. Every restaurant is Mexican. Like I dont even like Mexican food. The jails are full of mexicans . Apartment buildings have been taken over, entire communities have become Mexican.
    and If I say one word, I am told I am racist. and yes they do breed like cockroaches . If I have come to hate them it is because of how they have treated their host state.

  16. about mexicans, latinos hispanics etc not being racist.
    explain then, why all latinas die their hair blonde and red ,even though it looks like crap, or why mexican males, of the swarthy, short, mulatto indian type we have in Oregon, mate only with the whitest irish or germanic american women, but never with black women.
    they are very concious of race, and hate the gringos. I also think the despised Indians of Mexico are largely the ones coming here illegally, the light skinned mexicans dont seem to be showing up
    this could be due to racism in Mexico.

    1. Around here all the Latinas don’t die their hair blond or red. Some do. They don’t hate themselves at all, but you must understand, that Whiteness is in a way valued. So if you are White, to a lot of Latinas, you are pretty much hot property. They want to have your kids. Blue and green eyes, blond or light brown hair are all valued. They all have dark hair and dark eyes. But they don’t hate themselves at all. They like themselves just fine.
      The mestizo guys around here are not with White chicks because they can’t get them. So they are not with Blonds, or any White chicks for that matter. Mestizo guys like mestizas just fine. It’s what they are used to. Sure, mestizos like blonds, some of them, but everyone wants a blond chick.
      The Whiter ones don’t come here because they have it good in Mexico, so why come to the US. It’s true that the lower classes are coming here and lately that is a heavily Indian to dark Mestizo group. There is racism in Mexico against Indians. But to change from Indian to mestizo is not a racial change. You quit speaking Indian, start speaking Spanish, take off Indian clothes, put on mestizo clothes, move to the city, wa-la! You’re a mestizo.
      It’s not so much racism in Mexico as it is poverty. You have an elite there that hogs almost every other nickel in the whole place and they won’t share with anyone else. So you have vast numbers of horribly poor people teeming all over the whole country.
      The light elite is exporting these people so they don’t have to share their money and create a halfway decent society instead of a fucking shithole called Mexico. Mexico is a rich country – it’s one of the richest countries in Latin America, but the inequality is absolutely insane. Where I live, there’s not much racism between Indians and mestizos from what I can tell.
      I am starting to see some of these 2nd generation gangbanger type Hispanic dudes with ghettoish Black chicks around my hood, so there is some of that going on.
      These people are not as conscious of race as you think, and they don’t really hate gringos or Whites at all. Gringo meaning North American (USA White), yeah, sort of. But again, a lot of Mexicans are White or light skinned or heavily White themselves. Hating Whites means hating yourself. As I said, White skin is a value in that culture.

    2. RL:”They all have dark hair and dark eyes.”
      AH YES, the wonders of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ (actually, multiracialism). In the future, if and when the NWEuropean White race goes extinct in North America, we can all look forward to a much blander human race composed of a bunch of coffee-colored anti-cultural morons who ALL look eerily similar with their dark hair and brown eyes. But hey, wait a minute…wouldn’t that be like less diverse than already exists or something?

  17. I think there is substantial merit in what Lindsay is saying here. It’s true that the race realist movement has not paid adequate respect to liberal ideas. I am a race realist and pro-white writer who has recently been seriously grappling with liberalism and doing his best to understand the strengths of this outlook. A mature pro-white political philosophy must recognize and incorporate the strengths of liberalism even as it rejects its errors. See:

  18. most of the whites who are having babies, are mating with non-whites, ie mexicans or whatever comes along, so their having babies at the same rate as third worlders isnt much help.
    the rich whites think it’s really cool to adopt a non-white child.
    In oregon there were and are many poor whites who were shoved aside by the invasion of third worlders who are almost always swarthy .
    Yet, they have no sense of political identity and mate up with the mexicans.
    For obese ,ugly, white women , the mexicans were a boon, because they could get a mate easily, and the mexican could get a green card.
    I call it the reverse racism of non-whites, who carefully gauge who is the whitest( Irish and Germanics) and go after them.
    A woman I knew once left her husband, a white college professor behind in the middle-east, so she could take up with an illiterate Palestinian who spoke no english , a dull peasant.
    By the time, he learned English she had had his child. He told her that if he had more money he would get a better looking white woman.
    I say white women beware… of third worlders.
    sexual opportunity and status always win out over tribal identities and race loyalties.

  19. WP says that history shows that Whites are superior. But some of the facts he cites about the problems Whites are facing make this assertion debatable.

  20. “A mature pro-white political philosophy must recognize and incorporate the strengths of liberalism even as it rejects its errors.”
    Actually, what you are advocating here is a return to the past; to an antiquated version of racialism that was discredited in the Second World War. My response is that “liberal race realism” has already been tried. It collapsed due to its own internal schizophrenia on the race question.
    A mature pro-White movement has no use for liberalism. History has proven that liberalism is corrosive of White racial consciousness. Anyone can see how Lindsay wrestles with the issue here. White masochism now reigns in every Western country where liberalism has triumphed. Why preserve such a sick, disgusting anti-White ideology when more palatable alternatives are available?

    1. Anyone can see how Lindsay wrestles with the issue here.
      Yes, good point. Liberal race realism is a very tough one. I’m not sure I would wish this on anyone. I’m afraid to even discuss the biology of race or racial differences most of the time because people get so upset about it and it’s so hard to find something liberal to articulate out of those facts. I can understand why most liberals don’t want to bother with race realism. In a lot of ways, it sort of contradicts what we liberals are all about.

  21. I’m reading “White Europe Slept” by Bruce Bawer, about Islamic immigration. The author says that the northern European countries have traditionally offered generous welfare benefits because the premise of the offer — that people would only take them when necessary — was largely true among the indigenous ethnic population; and that the willingness of Muslim immigrants to turn those benefits into a lifestyle was never considered.
    This is pretty much the core issue of liberalism and race — how much of a dis-incentive is liberal welfare; and most ominously, are the dis-incentives differential by race. Almost every racist, and perhaps most race realists, believe (and I’m not arguing that they’re wrong) that American blacks are more willing than whites to accept benefits they could do without. The issue then becomes:
    1) what motivates differential welfare participation by race;
    2) what could be done about it by people who would support liberal welfare if an honor system was sufficient to avoid abuse?
    Obviously, America can’t have different welfare laws for blacks and whites. Europe possibly could justify different laws by immigration status. As to what causes differential welfare participation, is it something in the foreign cultures that is more accepting of charity? Or do the impoverished minority cultures think welfare is something the prosperous, white majorities owe them?
    These are questions we have to deal with when advocating realism as regards liberalism and race.

  22. In response to some of the comments. Adding billions of more whites to world’s population would be an ecological disaster. The planet simply could not take it. It would probably take about 100 Africans or Indians to have the same environmental footprint that one western person does(and notice I say “western” and not white because a black living in the west has as much environmental impact as a white). The vast majority of pollution and environmental impact is coming from western economies. The Masai tribe has zero environmental impact, their way of life is sustainable. So it really doesn’t matter how many of them there are. If the number of whites in Europe and N. America doubled tomorrow, you can expect climate change to accelerate, oil prices and commodities to shoot through the stratosphere, more loss of forests for materials, etc.
    So that’s another dimension to consider. I have nothing against white people, but the planet could probably not take anymore of them.

  23. As what passes for a conservative in Massachusetts, I have to find this article amusing. You think that now that you’ve applied rational thought to one issue, you know it all? There’s a lot more coming.
    The fact is, the whole mess was made by liberals, starting with Kennedy and LBJ. Liberals were the ones that concluded that blacks weren’t smart enough to be helped to stand on their own two feet, and so created affirmative action to get them results without effort. When blacks took the philosophy behind affirmative action to heart, and themselves concluded they couldn’t make it on their own, liberals were the ones who set up a welfare system that perpetuated the black cycle of poverty. And it’s liberals who set up a taxation system that provides major disincentives to work harder for blacks who manage to break that cycle, just as it does for whites and everyone else.
    Don’t blame the blacks, blame yourself. If you ever understand what’s really going on, you’ll finally understand why the conservative agenda – the tough love of workfare and further limitations on welfare, lower taxation and uncapped child care deductions to let actual working people keep what they earn and have kids as easily as welfare families, and elimination of affirmative action and the racist prejudice that underlies it – is necessary if the problems of race in the U.S. are ever to be solved.
    But you’ll never be able to do anything about it by voting for Democrats. We’ll see if you are smart enough to allow your brain to vote, instead of your liberal reactions.

  24. Nice to see my comments quoted (8 months later) as harbingers of liberal (I prefer progressive) race realism.
    At this point, the primary issue remains CENSORSHIP. As
    Given recent developments both in the United States and Europe concerning “hate speech” legislation, my suggestion for a “Race Realists Anonymous” to movement online is more timely than ever.
    There remains a impregnable firewall between the scientific study of racial difference and the public discourse on the issue, and it is there for a very simple reason:
    the science shows profound and important differences between the human races – which once recognized will render many laws and policies obsolete (in particular race quotas and open immigration from countries with low average IQs).
    The fact that we managed to go through Darwin’s bicentennial without mentioning his views on racial difference is a stunning indication of how far we have drifted toward totalitarianism.
    Concerning race quotas:
    I am against them for 2 reasons:
    1) we were promised by the proponents of affirmative action quotas that they would last for 10 or 15 years or so, and under no circumstances 50 years (or indefinitely). (Originally, the proponents of affirmative action promised that they would not involve race quotas at all, but only aggressive outreach to talented minority students)
    2) It is one thing (and valid if handled intelligently) to establish temporary quotas for the descendents of former slaves, and quite another to invite tens of millions of Amerindians and various other mixed race populations into United States and apply race quotas to them: this is flatly insane from any conceivable point of view.
    On a personal note: I earned a Ph.D. from an Ivy League university where I held a coveted and prestigious fellowship. I was far more socially and economically disadvantaged than most of the black beneficiaries who arrive at places like Harvard every autumn – almost none of them underclass blacks, & with no requirement that they be descendents of former slaves. Most come from privileged backgrounds (many are affluent mixed-race individuals from the Caribbean or affluent African blacks – both as likely to be the descendents of former slave owners and traders that of slaves).
    Which brings me back to the main question:
    Race is a political issue NOT because of skin color or any other physical trait (and certainly not because white people have some sort of “pigmentation phobia”), but instead because the races have very different sets of cognitive abilities and capacities for certain social behaviors (Europeans and Asians are very different, but they share a generalized capacity to flourish in advanced technological societies, which is why the differences between them are not a political issue of any great import).
    As for progressives/liberals:
    the main reason why it is stupid for us to cede a total monopoly on discussions of race to conservatives is that they are correct in most of their factual assertions (despite their ill will), so we are doomed to lose the debate on its merits even if we win the censorship battle.
    To clarify:
    the body of scientific reality of racial difference/human biodiversity is NOT!!!! “political” – any more than the body of scientific knowledge concerning climate change, nutrition, the side effects of certain medications, the age of universe, or any other matter of FACT is “political” (except in its implications – its policy implications).
    Race becomes a political issue when policy decisions are made.
    In a less partisan and ideologically charged atmosphere (and this is extremely important!!!!), progressives and conservatives (and apolitical or difficult to classify individuals like me) would FULLY AGREE concerning the facts about racial difference, including racial differences in cognitive ability.
    There would DISAGREE ONLY re policy decisions designed to address for example the severe cognitive deficits suffered by the majority of Americans of African descent (e.g. highly tailored skills training by aptitude; income support; intensive remedial education; targeted nutritional, medical, social support services; an artificially inflated minimum wage, etc.).
    The recent British channel 4 feature “Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo” serves as a good index for how far we have to go.
    The question addressed was NOT:
    are there significant differences in average intelligence between the races?, but instead:
    what sort of horrible, sick, disturbed monster would even ask the question the first place?
    This sloppy, chaotic, emotionally manipulative, disingenuous, profoundly incoherent presentation deliberately threw up a cloud of confusion around the issue.
    The point to remember at all times is very simple:
    A) the notion that the different human races have the same cognitive abilities and psychological profiles is so grotesquely, hideously, factually wrong that
    B) it inevitably leads to Stalinist policies of censorship and the suppression of science which are profoundly antithetical to any conceivable version of democracy.
    For so-called liberals or progressives to support such Stalinist repression is grotesque enough to call into question the validity of every other position they take.
    The fact that I’m posting this anonymously because I’m concerned for my professional advancement in American academia is that we are not living in a democracy, but in a system that has slipped gradually toward totalitarianism on the issue of race.
    Abolishing the by now almost global censorship regime on racial difference must be the first priority.
    The second must be establishing a worldwide Internet forum where people can
    share experiences and ideas anonymously until freedom of speech has been secured.
    Ps. I am still searching for an appropriate forum to publish my manifesto (posted randomly and anonymously on the Internet):
    “Rediscovering Human Biodiversity – And Completing Darwin’s Revolution
    A Call for a Progressive Discourse on Racial Difference”

  25. my mulatto mother raised more capital and growth for this country then the whole swarm of 15 year old pregnant anglo hillbillies which surround her.The richest man in oz is the son of lebanese fruit grocers .In OZ the quota need not apply we raised the nation beyond a game of two up and catching flies out in the bush.

  26. Could someone help with a citation I need for another site where I’m reading/discussing similar issues?
    Someone once posted here to the effect that, among whites, the ones with the least contact with Jews or Asians are the ones with the most negative attitudes about them, as that as familiarity goes up, negative attitudes go down. But attitudes toward blacks shows the opposite pattern — as contact goes up, so do negative attitudes. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  27. WP: And most importantly, by bringing many millions of NWEuropeans here to North America we would ensure that the North American continent would forever remain White territory.
    Why just NWEuropeans? How are they better than other Europeans? And please don’t start babbling about Southern Europeans being mixed because that’s bullshit and you know it.

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