Comments Deleted on Great Article on Black Crime

Black Crimes are Foundation of Whites’ Fears. This fascinating article by an apparently non-racist Yale English professor which ran recently in the New Haven Register generated an incredible number of comments. It included the usual crap from PC anti-racists. One Jewish guy demanded that the article be censored and removed, and then demanded a law forbidding all publication of “hate speech”, which presumably this article would fall foul of. Of course the usual crap from Black commenters was also on display. And sadly the piece did generate some racist comments, probably due to it being widely posted to White nationalist fora. However, many of the comments were very reasonable and spot on, in line with the article. They simply stated the obvious. Whites flee as areas become too Black not because they hate the way Blacks look, or they hate the color of their skin (This is the typical conceit of Blacks – you hate us because of the color of our skin!), or they just hate Blacks for no good reason at all, apparently just because they are different or because they are just not White folks. Sure, some Whites hate Blacks for these reasons, but most do not. How do I know this? I’ve lived around White people my whole life, and I know my people very well. I have heard Whites expressing negative comments, including racist ones, about Blacks more times than I can count. I’m convinced that if Blacks acted more like Whites or Asians and less like Blacks that not too many folks would have issues with their skin color or their facial structure or what not. A few would, but not most. The truth is that what Whites really hate about Blacks is crime. As the We can go on and on about how Black criminals target mostly Blacks, but that’s not what matters. They target Whites too, and White towns and cities tend to be fairly low crime (I’ve lived in several, and that’s been the case every time). In addition, it really doesn’t matter what’s causing Black crime. If they’re just born that way, or if poverty does it, if Black culture does it, or if racism does it, none of this matters. This is why the usual liberal-Left screeching about how all Black crime is caused by poverty or crime is irrelevant. One brings up Black crime and the Leftie starts screaming that it’s all caused by poverty or racism or whatever, as if this is supposed to end the discussion and negate the reality of the subject. Suppose Black crime is all caused by mean Whites (racist theory) or poverty? What relevance does that have to Whites deciding on which town to move to, or watching nervously as their town slowly darkens? None whatsoever. The damned crime rate is going to go up come Hell or high water no matter what’s causing it, and that’s all that’s important to the Whites living there. All that matters to White crime victims is that they got victimized. Let’s ask the victims. So racism made the mugger do it. So what? They still got mugged, dammit, the victims think. Assuming racism really did do it, then they should stay in this town to get mugged again then? As the White person is getting mugged, they are supposed to think, “Wow, this guy is mugging me due to racism. That means I’m going to stay here and maybe get mugged again. But if he doing it because he’s an evil criminal instead, I would fly out of here tomorrow!” This is why the liberal/Left derailing of all of these conversations into irrelevancies like, “Whites are twice as likely to molest kids,” “Whites commit the majority of crime in the US,” and other Tim White-isms is ridiculous. Have you ever heard of a White person, or any person for that matter, say, “No way am I moving to that White town! Whites commit most of the crime in the US!” Or, “No way! I will never live in a White area! Whites molest children!” Just to show you the power that PC still holds over us, the 100’s of comments that this article quickly generated have now all been deleted, and are not even available on cache. That’s typical, but do you think this PC censorship is going to be able to go on forever? How long before people have had enough of it? That’s right, Lefties. Censor all talk of Black crime. That’ll make it go away. Not.

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11 thoughts on “Comments Deleted on Great Article on Black Crime”

  1. I’m convinced that if Blacks acted more like Whites or Asians and less like Blacks..
    Or like Dr. Achube from Ghana. Hate to say it, but I am generally much more relaxed around Black Africans than Black Americans. This is coming from someone whose mother taught at a traditionally Black private college and whose aunt during her days with SDS met Malcolm X.
    After I was attacked in Oakland… my world view started changing rapidly. It wasn’t the media, Fox News, TV, etc..that did it…. it was direct contact with people who hated me for my skin color: Off white or saltine cracker.

    1. A masterpiece Robert, an absolute masterpiece of an article here.
      Gee, wonder where all the ‘Leftie’ commenters on this site are now, Robert??
      C’mon gang, don’t punk out, step up to the plate, if you have something to genuinely challenge what the host has to say!

  2. Let’s see … Karl MARX … Ring a bell? Show me one goyim, a non-jew who say his name is Marx?
    Now we spotted the jew. What is so great about this so called “article” ?
    “Black intellectuals”? That will be a short list. Tony Martin,
    And …? – three-five-zero-zero-zero WHITE women are raped and gang-raped by black niggers EVERY year in America. Zero to top ten black women are raped by white males every year

  3. Living in a diverse California school, made me start believing in these racial differences. So I looked it up, and lo and behold, so much info.
    I just wonder why the other students are no convinced/get pissed at this info.
    I kinda already know the answer. Im a bit of a lone wolf, so im more immune to indoctrination.
    Theres always this sense of
    “you idiots, this shit is obvious”

    1. Well, it does tend to lead to racism. Plus it’s totally verboten to bring this shit up in our society. In our society, it is seen as racist per se to believe these things. Also, I think a lot of people just want to get along with other races and ethnic groups and not think weird stuff about them like, “These people are dumb – violent – irresponsible, etc.” If you want to be nice and get along, you don’t want to think messed up stuff about other ethnic groups.
      And a lot of people who are in groups that say have lower IQ’s than the average American, well, they do not wish to see themselves as not measuring up compared to other groups.
      I also know folks who believe in this stuff but they don’t like to talk about it because they are White liberals and they think it is basically “in poor taste.” That’s what I mean when I say people want to get along. These are Whites who want to get along with non-Whites and they don’t want to think messed up, negative stuff about them. It’s easier to get along with someone when you think positive thoughts about them than when you think negative thoughts about them.

  4. To Rob:
    Abagond has another post on Black crime statistics:
    I think you and I can agree that Black on White rape statistics are exaggerated by WNs but some of Abagond’s data (at least from the sources that I am aware of…) are wrong.
    Here are two more of the series:
    FWIW I found this PDF from the FBI which shows arrest rates by race. (and not the highly variable DOJ survey which has wide fluctuations from year to year…)

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