Why Do Women Orgasm?

Here. Along with lots of other questions. Evolutionary biologists are looking into these matters, which all evolved in Africa, so we get to blame or praise Blacks for all the stuff below. For big tits on women, I say thank YOU Blacks! For female orgasms, women the world over, even Aryan women I suppose, stand up and throw a deafening shout out to Black folks. Who says Blacks never gave us anything? For prolonged periods, many women will find one more thing to curse those darn Negroes about Such as, why are females’ boobs so huge? No other mammal has such huge and basically useless boobs. There’s no reason for them to be so massive, and most of the tissue is just fat that serves no purpose. Many explanations are offered for huge tits, but none of them seem to make much sense. Why do women bleed so much when they menstruate? Only a few other mammals bleed much. A few bleed a bit midcycle, but none do like human women. What’s the purpose of sloughing off the entire uterine lining every month? To me, the best explanation offered was that females that sloughed off the entire lining and grew a fresh new one every month had the best chances of implanting an egg. Many would-be pregnancies fail due to failure of the sperm to implant in the embryo. Nothing is noticeable, it just looks like another period at the end of the month. But conceivably an older lining is more likely to fail. In our nearest relatives, the Great Apes, it is quite clear when the female is ovulating and available for pregnancy – her backside swells up like a balloon basically saying, “Come fuck me guys! All the fucks you want, no charge until the sale ends!” In contrast, it is either impossible or nearly impossible for others to know when a woman is ovulating. I assume it’s totally impossible for a male to figure this out. Even more bizarre is that the time of fertility is hidden even to the woman. Women have no idea when they can get knocked or not, really, despite what the Catholics say. It’s a mystery hidden even to the woman herself. Why? Many explanations are offered for concealed ovulation, but none of them seemed to make much sense to me. Same thing with female orgasm. Guys need to come. If we don’t, no babies get made. But female orgasm does not seem to serve any purpose. Orgasm serves no fitness purpose in females and other a few other female mammals do it too. There is another issue, and that is that female orgasm has unfortunate tendency in quite a few women to be notoriously unreliable – a 44 year old girlfriend of mine, who loved sex, by the way, despite the fact that she never got off – told me that she had had one orgasm in her life, at age 15. She ain’t the only one. Then we come to menopause. Women can no longer have kids past age 50, but most other female mammals can bear kids far into old age. No other mammals have menopause except for the short-finned pilot whale. I did not find any of the explanations for menopause very satisfactory either.

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11 thoughts on “Why Do Women Orgasm?”

  1. Maybe somewhere back in time, women who recognized when they could conceive were more likely to avoid sex–and pregnancy. Maybe those who weren’t obviously ovulating were more receptive, and therefore preferred by males.
    Could this be it?

  2. Horny chicks are a lot of fun to be around. So when a guy finds a hole he likes, he is gonna wanna keep tapping it. Chicks that are able to keep a man around are more likely to be able to sucsessfully raise thier childeren to adult hood.

    1. Some guys find a lot of holes they like, and they want to keep tapping all of ’em.
      Maybe marriage was invented to make sure that guy stays around.

  3. “I assume it’s totally impossible for a male to figure this out.”
    Well, only by knowledge of the symptoms of fertility. The day after my girlfriend was more flirty then she had ever been, I asked her if she had her period two weeks ago(which would indicate shes ovulating now)
    I was right, and she was shocked. I didnt explain how I knew.

  4. “who loved sex, by the way, despite the fact that she never got off”
    this indicates that for us guys, the existence of female orgasm is more of a curse than a blessing. Who wants those high expectations

    1. 30% seems awfully high. Is this due to physical causes?
      IMO, some of the problems in this area can be emotionally-based.

    2. I’m sure a lot of these women are frigid, or have issues and hangups. Psychology plays a much bigger role in female sexual enjoyment than it does for men.

    3. You know another big one? Resentment. If a woman is harboring resentment toward you, she will hold back in this way.

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