How To Deal With the "Bleeding Menus" Problem in WordPress

If you use WordPress, you may have to deal with the “bleeding menus” issue. When you write a post, by default, the menus on the left hand side of the screen bleed over into the post, obstructing your view. In addition, on the Edit Posts page, they also bleed over into your post edit menu, obscuring stuff.
For 8 months, I just put up with it like a dumbass. Finally, one time I accidentally did something weird while writing a post and the menus folded back into a minimized position on the left hand side of the screen. It took me a bit of intrigued dumbassedness before I figured out how to unfold the menus.
When the menus are expanded, there will be a tiny arrow right above the Posts menu on the left. It looks like a tiny triple arrow pointing to the left at far left edge of the screen. Hover your mouse over that thing and watch the cursor turn into a horizontal arrow. Click on it and the menus fold back and don’t hang over the screen anymore.
Now that the menus are folded back, the arrow reappears, this time pointing to the right between the Polls and Appearance menus. Hover once again, watch the cursor turn into the arrow again, and click. Now the menus re-expand.

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6 thoughts on “How To Deal With the "Bleeding Menus" Problem in WordPress”

    1. You are not correct. The menus expand both vertically and horizontally, and with 8 months, they were bleeding into my posts and edit pages menus when expanded outwards horizontally. I can make them bleed again right now just by clicking on the arrow.

  1. It must be your ‘theme.’ Mine only expand vertically.
    Also, I was asked to inquire: some of the children are getting restless and wondering when band camp will be over?

  2. Think, Lindsay, think. Band is homophonous with which policy you have instituted to prevent or deter certain kinds of remarks?

    1. Answer? Never.
      There are many long-term commenters on here who have never been banned. The one thing that they all have in common is a spirit of friendliness in commenting about me and my posts on the blog, even when they are being quite critical.
      If that’s too hard for people to manage, then there’s always the door.

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