Geographic Spread and Ethnic Origins of European Haplogroups

Geographic Spread and Ethnic Origins of European Haplogroups, on the very interesting Eupedia page. From the About: was founded in December 2004.Our aim is to create a detailed and informative guide for countries of the European Union for travellers, expats and locals alike, with an emphasis on sightseeing, history, culture, economy, and life in Europe.

I figure that this page tells us something about the origins of the Caucasians, not to mention the origins of the Europeans. One thing that is incontrovertibly clear is that the Caucasian Race did not arise in Europe. Instead, it appears to have arisen in Southern Iran, the Caucasus and the Middle East, as I have speculated. So the Grandaddy of all the great European White Men was some towelheaded wog. Figures. Choke on that, White nationalists. Going back even further, the Caucasians appear to have origins in Haplogroup N, which, a commenter on this blog has noted, seems to originate in Eastern Africa, especially around the area of the Masai in Kenya. This is also as I suspected, as I assume that the proto-Caucasians may have roots in the Masai, the Tutsi, the Southern Sudanese and other Desert Adopted Elongated African types. The Tutsi even have an uncanny, almost Caucasian appearance about them, despite their African purity (no Caucasian blood). It also looks like any European clades go back no further than 13,000 years in Europe, and even at that time, I am told that Europeans looked more like Arabs than present day Aryan Supermen. This means that the vaunted White Race, like most exact races on Earth, is a relatively new creation, the latest model, as it were. Attempts to link present day Europeans to Paleolithic Europeans would appear to be absurd on their face. If anyone other than White nationalist boneheads can make more sense of that page than this, go to it. It’s looks kind of mind-boggling from here.

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5 thoughts on “Geographic Spread and Ethnic Origins of European Haplogroups”

  1. Lindsay, those white nationalists who are of a spiritual bent subscribe one and all to ‘Christian Identity’, or what was formerly known as British Israelism’.
    Central to these belief systems is the myth of white tribal migration – from the Middle East.
    From the former lands of Israel, to Babylonian territory, up thru southern Russia and the Caucasus, ending finally in Western Europe.
    Whites weren’t descended from ‘towel-head wogs’ if you ask a Christian Identist. Towel-head wogs are who moved in (or evolved) post white-flight.
    Sorta like what happened to your neighborhood.

  2. “Autochtonous (Cro-Magnoid) Europeans must have therefore belonged at least to haplogroups HV (and its offspring H and V) as well as U5a, which also happen to be the most common mitochndrial haplogroup everywhere in Europe. It has been speculated that over half of the matrilineal lineages in Europe descend directly from Paleolithic Europeans. Their male counterpart are Y-DNA haplogroup I.”
    That is from the eupedia article so clearly a large portion of Europeans ancestry is to original, indigenous (Upper Paleolithic) Europeans who first inhabited Europe 45,000-50,000 years ago and who also “interacted” with European Neanderthals.

  3. According to the article as well, the oldest MtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroup is U5 and I respectively and are both most associated with northern Europeans who have the lightest complexions. Clearly Upper Paleolithic heritage mixed with Indo-European heritage created the populations with the lightest complexions:
    U5 – 55,000 years ago – Northern & Eastern Europe
    Haplogroup I (Y-DNA)
    I is the oldest haplogroup in Europe and in all probability the only one that originated there (apart from deep subclades of other haplogroups). It is thought to have arrived from the Middle East as haplogroup IJ around 35,000 years ago, and developed into haplogroup I approximately 25,000 years ago. This means that Cro-Magnons most probably belonged (exclusively ?) to IJ or I. Nowadays haplogroup I accounts for 10 to 45% of the population in most of Europe. It is divided in four main subclades.
    The megalithic structures (5000-1200 BCE) of Europe were built by I people.
    Haplogroup I1 (formerly I1a, distribution map) is the most common I subclade. It is found mostly in Scandinavia and Northern Germany, where it can represent over 35% of the population. Associated with the Norse ethnicity, it is found in all places invaded by the ancient Germanic tribes and the Vikings.
    I2b (formerly I1c, distribution map) is associated with the pre Celto-Germanic people of North-Western Europe, such as the megaliths builders (5000-1200 BCE). The wide variety of STR markers within I2b could make it as much as 13,000 years old.
    I2b is found in all Western Europe, but apparently survived better the Indo-European invasions (=> see R1b above) in northern Germany, and was reintroduced by the Germanic invasions during the late Roman period. Nowadays, I2b peaks in central and northern Germany (10-20%), the Benelux (10-15%) as well as in northern Sweden. It is also found in 3 to 10% of the inhabitants of Denmark, East England, and Northern France.
    The subclade I2b1a (M284+) occurs almost exclusively in Britain, where it seemingly developed about 3,000 years ago.
    Therefore Robert, several European clades and ancestry (the bulk of it) goes back FURTHER than “13,000 years” to indigenous Upper Paleolithic European settlers who inhabited Europe since 50,000 years ago.

    1. Present descendants of I are not related to Cro-Magnon I1. Present descendants of I1 are all related to one man who lived 5000 years ago and is thought to be an Indo-European invader from Southern Russia. The Paleolithic I lines were all replaced.
      I2a goes back 8000 years to the Sardinians.
      12b goes back 13,000 years to Northern Germany.
      U5 goes back 55,000 years to Western Asia.

  4. “europeans looked like more arabs” !!no sense like
    europeans looked like americans!!!!the arabs nowadys looks like americans (whites metis negers)
    and the pure arabs are white caucasoid unless you consider negers and metis in sudan somalia saudia as “arabs” which absolutely false.

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