PC Lunacy on Immigration and Other Things

The quote at the end of the post is from a middle class Black commenter who took tremendous offense at this rather moderate post, accusing it of sounding like the neo-Nazis on Stormfront. He also took issue with my description of this site as anti-racist (In my opinion, it is, and that is one of the foundational themes of this site), and said instead it was a racist site. He has now been banned because you don’t get to call this a racist site, and if you come here and spout PC anti-racism at me, I will soon tire of you and ban you. So this fellow was banned. He objected to many things in the post. One objection is that a Black state in the US would not be a miserable failure. I’m quite sure it would be a disaster, and that is why you hardly see any Blacks crazy enough to advocate for this. In particular, he objected to my saying that all of the Blacks in the US could take off tomorrow, while it would be painful in some respects in that we would lose a lot of quality workers and citizens, I’m confident that on balance, Whites would be better off. Obviously, professional sports would be hit very hard, but White men have been shooting hoops, throwing footballs and catching fly balls for a long time now, and I’m sure they could go back to it. Baseball’s practically a Caribbean Latino sport now anyway. We no longer need Blacks for cheap labor, as we’ve imported millions of illegals to do that. The crime rate would obviously plummet, many of our ruined cities would become quite a bit more livable again, music and other entertainment would become less obviously sociopathic, many of our social pathologies would ameliorate, and perhaps most significantly, we would be free of a lot of racial friction generated by a perpetually grievanced group (Blacks) that many Whites are getting increasingly tired of. Granted, since the 1960’s, Blacks have resembled a bunch of angry people locked out of a really cool party hanging out on the sidewalk and yelling that they want in. Inside, we Whites are partying it up. Whenever you see a scene like that, you know how painful and ugly it is. Well, Obama got elected, and to me that meant that Blacks finally got invited into the party after all this time. Instead of being grateful or happy, they seem just as pissed off as ever. They’re inside the party now, and everyone is having fun, but they still act like they are out on the sidewalk. Many Whites, including me, are exasperated. There is a sense of, “What more do we need to do, anyway, before you all settle down, relax and try to be happy?” What I am saying is that the culture of grievance gets old. US Blacks are the richest, the best educated, the most politically powerful, the most intelligent and the most cultured Blacks on Earth. Despite the ghettos and all, they live quite well here compared to just about any Black or heavily-Black country. Sure, you can find some other White countries that are maybe better for Blacks, but once again, you come back around to the original argument that White cities, regions and states are great places for Blacks to live in. Blacks agree. They vote with their feet. Once a city gets too Black, the most functional Blacks start taking off too, usually to a Whiter area. I’m not a White nationalist or a Back to Africa idiot or any of that. I just note that Whites do not particularly need Blacks in the US, while the converse does not seem to be true. Blacks need Whites. If all the Whites left tomorrow, this country would rapidly turn into the usual Black and mestizo Latin American type country. It would not be a better place for Blacks. So I’m not making any argument for ethnic cleansing or saying Blacks don’t have a right to be here. But this is why quite a few Whites are enthusiastic about a White ethnostate in the US, while almost no Blacks are keen on the idea of a Black ethnostate. Whites look at the White ethnostate with no Blacks and ask, “OK, why is this a problem?” Blacks look at a Black state with no Whites and probably think, “Uh-oh. Detroit. Black Belt. Count me out.” Blacks benefit in the present integrated system to some extent in that Blacks in the US are fairly spread out and diluted and further that many of the victims of Black criminals are non-Blacks. In a Black ethnostate, all of the Black criminals would be concentrated together, and there would be no non-Black victims to dilute the victimhood. Blacks would be seriously hammered by Black criminals in a Black ethnostate as Black criminals turned all of their antisocial fury on the only victims available, other Blacks. Anyway, all the above is surely insulting for a lot of Blacks to think about, so they are going to be pretty defensive about it. On immigration, this guy spouted the standard PC line, which is quite common nowadays. You hear it across the board by the entire US elite. Immigrant advocates are also parroting this nonsense. It’s interesting that the modern version of Political Correctness is really Marxism stripped of class analysis and focusing solely on race, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other nonsense. Many of the folks pushing this Leftist line on race are in fact marrying it to explicitly free market economics and reject anything smacking of a Left view of economics, at least according to a friend of mine who is currently taking a syllabus called “Multiculturalism” – mandatory at California state universities now! He calls it “Anti-White Studies.” Considering the Cultural Leftism these folks were pushing, I assumed that they were liberals or even Leftists. But this Cultural Marxism, according to my friend, is married to an embrace of “the free market” and a rejection of most to all government intervention and regulation of economies. This really is the same pro-corporate globalism that is being pushed by the corporations. Our modern corporations feature, along with diversity advisers, multicultural seminars and crazy hate speech and anti-harassment codes, the standard conservative pro-corporate economics. So Political Correctness often nowadays is a bizarre mix of the worst – Right neoliberal madness of the kind that is blowing up our economy mixed with brain-dead stupid and White-toxic Leftist Cultural Marxism. There’s nothing in this for any principled progressive White person. Economically, it’s just conservative gunpowder and matches. The only Left part of it is objectively hostile to Whites and frankly working class folks of all races, as it demands that White nations be flooded with the entirety of the Third World in the name of redress for supposed White crimes and evils. So working Whites get the double-whammy. First we get hit by the Rightist Hurricane Neoliberal side of this template. Next we get hit by Leftist toxic anti-White hate propaganda combined with a tsunami of Third World non-White immigrants driving wages into the gutter and turning once-livable cities into Third World hellholes. There’s nothing here for us. Check out this standard PC line on why mass Third World immigration is necessary for all White countries:

Some Whites will always talk about how we don’t “need” these non-Whites and such and such, but the fact is, if they weren’t needed, they wouldn’t be there in the first place. First off, White countries don’t even reproduce at replacement level, thereby making it imperative to have to bring in non-White immigrants just to keep their rapidly-aging societies from having a labor shortage and to be able to support the social security benefits of Whites retired and soon to be retired. The situation is even more accelerated in Europe with it’s even lower white birthrate than in America. So go ahead and cut off the spigot of non-White immigration, and the White countries will eventually vanish off the face the planet based on their low birthrates alone. You ought to be thankful there are non-White workers coming in to make up the slack for your low-fertility rates. I guess next someone will be blaming Blacks for white low fertility rate since you know, Blacks are responsible for everything bad in the universe.

Does anyone reading this blog actually believe this tripe? Yet this is what passes for standard and unquestioned wisdom by the PC Mafia and entire right to left political spectrum of US elites.

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24 thoughts on “PC Lunacy on Immigration and Other Things”

  1. “Many of the folks pushing this Leftist line on race are in fact marrying it to explicitly free market economics and reject anything smacking of a Left view of economics. So Political Correctness is a bizarre mix of the worst – Right neoliberal madness of the kind that is blowing up our economy mixed with brain-dead stupid and White-toxic Leftist Cultural Marxism.”
    So well put Robert that I think I am going to frame this quote and pass it along [giving the proper credit and source, of course ;)].
    *You may remember a book by David Brooks written about a decade ago or so where he laid out and explained this paradoxical conundrum in his book “BoBos in Paradise”, with the acronym ‘bobo’ standing for ‘BOurgeois BOhemian’.

  2. I had kind of assumed everyone on the language guessing posts was playing the honor system and not using any external tools. Otherwise, we could just pick two or three words from each one and Google them and have the correct answers.

  3. The point about whether or not an independent black state in the South would be a success can be resolved quite easily. Just drive from Greene County, AL to Macon County, AL. Take a route through all the red counties on this map:
    Visit all the crime ridden, decaying towns that have been ruined by “progressive” decisionmakers in DC and inept negro rule. The Voting Rights Act and the Brown decision forced the Whites in these counties to either withdraw from public life, send their kids to private schools or abandon the area altogether.
    For the record, I grew up in this area, still have family there, and live close by on the Georgia side of the Alabama border.

  4. On the issue of (some team) pro sports, have you ever heard the argument that some good part of disproportionate Negro representation, not all, is due to overt marginalizing of Whites by, shall we say, collective minority behavior favoring their own-coddled or not opposed by nominal White coaches, and this starting as early as high school?
    And another somewhat indirectly related argument involving White aversion to locker-room, etc.
    negro behavior?

    1. I don’t think I agree with that. Were Blacks not kept out of pro sports for a long time? When they were finally let in, did they not overwhelm it? Seems reasonable to me. That sounds like a crazy White conspiracy theory.

  5. So Political Correctness often nowadays is a bizarre mix of the worst – Right neoliberal madness of the kind that is blowing up our economy mixed with brain-dead stupid and White-toxic Leftist Cultural Marxism.

    Why do you refer to Cultural Marxism as “poison” and “toxic” yet refer to yourself as a Cultural Marxist in your profile? PC and CM are closely related. This should help explain:

  6. BoBo’s in paradise sounded good, but I never read it. I should look into it. I remember hearing David Brooks saying something about the BoBo’s being the people who put their wedding announcements in the Sunday NYT. The wedding announcements used to take the form of resume’s, basically. It’s not the type of thing that really belongs in a wedding announcement.

  7. I had to deal with multiculturalism at its peak, in the early 1990’s, and there are a lot of people who just hold onto it and still totally buy into it. It’s alive and well in a lot of areas, and it never goes anywhere. No one ever develops the philosophy of it.

  8. Economic migration exists before cultural marxism even was conceived. The Americas received a lot of migrants from Europe, East Asia and the Levant, whose descendants are today reasonably assimilated into general society, despite initial tensions (“no irish required” anyone?). So there’s no point in acting like a late 19th century nativist and crying cultural marxism because of more recent migrants. The actual cultural marxism comes in the form of more recent policies disencouraging the integration of migrants. That’s really toxic, not for whites (scrap that racially minded thinking) but for American society as a whole.

    1. Look artrico, you’re going to have to change your tone or else I’m going to ban you. I’ve been noticing this for some time now. Most of your posts are cynical, complaining and sort of carping. It’s not that pleasant to read. That alone is tolerable, but lately, I just don’t appreciate this tone. Anyway, you don’t get to call me racist on here, and if you think I’m racist, maybe you just should not even comment.
      This blog is really against mass legal immigration and illegal immigration to the US and rejects the PC version of anti-racism in favor of an anti-racism that is halfway reasonable.
      Also, it says in the About Section that I am a White advocate, so it’s naturally that I will write in the racially minded way you discuss.

    2. Ok, i’ll try to be less cynical in the future, since this is not a public forum. I understand you are a white advocate, but couldn’t help pointing out the reason why I deplore anti-white racism (or racism in general): It harms not only the targeted group, but everyone else as well. As for yourself being racist, is just fitting you strike me as one. Americans use to strike to us Colombians as such since our society is not split along racial lines. Don’t take it as if i’m implying you’re a nasty white supremacist.

    3. Ok that’s fine.
      I wonder why you come across so cynical. Either that’s your basic personality coming through, or else you don’t like me and the site and this is how you express it. If that’s your basic personality, let me state as someone who was cynical for many years that I’m glad I’m over that. I’m into having fun now.
      It’s ok if you think I’m a racist, and that’s normal for a Colombian to view an American this way. I think some of my regular commenters think that way too, but they just know not to bring it up. For one thing, it’s hopeless.
      For instance, about the White Man’s Burden or liberal racism thing. I get called a “liberal racist” a lot. Definition here. Anyway, I guess by that definition, ok, I agree that I fit their definition of a liberal racist. Also I am a “White man’s burden” racist too. More or less the same thing I guess.

  9. To state the obvious, if you take the class out of Marxism, then it’s nothing to do with Marxism. A lot of those people just call themselves that because they’re paid by the CIA to give Marxism a bad name. The rest do it because they’re jews, and all they want to do is doodle a Christian girl, as William Burroughs put it – someday we’ll cut the rest of it off. Seriously though, we have a bad case of something that should be a part of socialist class politics instead being substituted for it. I read a great piece the other day – I wanted to link to it because the author put it so much better than I ever could, but I can’t remember where I read it – which made the obvious but little discussed observation that if for instance blacks get to occupy their 30% of the elite, that doesn’t change the fact that 10% own 80% of everything or whatever the figure – can’t be bothered looking it up, you know what I mean anyway. Greater diversity in the elite isn’t much of an ambition, but it seems to be the limit of the aspiration of much of what describes itself as ‘left’ these days. Even if they claim more grandiose ambitions, somehow practical class warfare is trumped by the need to ensure that foreigners (either legal or not immigrant scab labour or foreign sweatshops) are first in line for employment with US (or UK where I am) companies. There’s a perfect example in the most recent post on the site of Louis Proyect (Lou the jew), the ‘Unrepentant Marxist’ ; he’s haranguing Counterpunch for allowing Paul Craig Roberts to write there about the outsourcing of American jobs and the influx of for instance Indian computer operators ( I think Robert Lindsay has written about this). Proyect seems to feel Roberts should be sent to the gulags for this, and that Counterpunch should be boycotted. Does he think it’s a good thing that Americans should lose their jobs? No, but of course he will pretend that PC Roberts hasn’t noticed that it’s the fault of the elites rather than the foreigners – can’t pass up an opportunity to call someone a racist – and of course any notion of a ‘national interest’ will inevitably lead to WWIII, so of course the only thing to do is wait for a simultaneous world-wide workers revolution, which is of course impossible in case anyone thinks I believe that. What’s up with these people?

    1. Proyect is a real asshole! So Proyect thinks that Marxists should support the importation of Hindu 1-B (H-1-B) guest workers (not even immigrants at that) to the US, the result of which is the devastation of computer jobs for US natives? And he thinks that Marxists should support the mass outsourcing of good US jobs to India and whatnot? Why? Why should Marxists support that?
      It’s objectively devastating to the US working class. What in God’s name is the matter with these idiots?
      WTF man? What an asshole!

      1. Computer jobs are lost without importing any Indians. You don’t have to live in America to do most computer jobs, other than physical repair.

    1. Marx was an idiot!
      That’s called “heightening the contradictions.” Screw that. It’s crazy. The people who do that nowadays are mostly super-Ultras like the Sendero Luminoso. The attacked the glass of milk committees, saying that they “sapped the revolutionary will of the people.”

      1. Well, you gotta admit, free trade is the catalyst for revolution. In fact, free trade is the main thing ruining capitalism.

  10. There is a logic in it from the point of view of the jew-firsters. It de-skills America, especially in programming. Even now the US uses Israeli computer firms extensively in areas which should be totally out of bounds to foreigners; it’s well known that Israelis can listen in on ANY phone call made in the US, and I’d be surprised if there are any government or military computers that are safe from intrusion. Without programming skills the US is defenceless, and totally dependent on, and at the mercy of, its new overlords. The hour is very late.

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