Spot the Language 21

Here we go again for another round of Spot the Language! Yay!
Identify the language by its English name. Some of my readers are quite slow, I am very sympathetic to slow people, so I decided to put them in alphabetical order to make things more fair for those who tend to plod a bit mentally.
All languages but three are Indo-European. The other three are Afro-Asiatic, Kartvelian and Eskimo-Aleut. All are spoken in the general area of Europe and its nearby environs. At the very least, all languages but one are spoken in Europe, or at least the area bordered by the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Two others are spoken in the Americas. These two are spoken in either former or current European colonies. Five of the languages are spoken in the UK alone.
Some of these are small languages, but they are all pretty well-known.
1. Հայերեն
2. Euskara
3. Tamazight
4. Brezhoneg
5. Føroyskt
6. Frysk
7. Furlan
8. Gàidhlig
9. ქართული
10. Kalaallisut
11. Kreyòl Ayisyen
12. Magyar
13. Gaeilge
14. كوردي
15. Gaelg
16. Româneşte
17. Scoats
18. Cymraeg

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14 thoughts on “Spot the Language 21”

  1. Dear Robert
    I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, but here is mu take.
    1 – didn’t come on
    2 – Basque
    3 – ?
    4 – Breton
    5 – Faroese
    6 – Friesian
    7 – Gaelic
    8 – Irish
    9 – didn’t come on
    10 – Inuit
    11 – Haitian Creole
    12 – Hungarian
    13 – ?
    14 – ?
    15 – ?
    16 – Swiss Romanish
    17 – Scottish
    18 – Welsh
    Cheers. James
    11 –

    1. 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 17 and 18 are all correct. Good job!
      16 is not Romansch.
      10 is partly correct, but not really. You really need to get the specific Inuit language that is being referred to here, because Kalaallisut is the name for a type of Inuit, not Inuit in general. Inuit in general has a different term.
      7 is not correct. Furlan is not Gaelic.
      8 is not correct. The language referred to here is not Irish, although you are close.

  2. 1 is armenian
    3 is moroccan berber
    7 is friulian
    8 is Scottish Gaelic
    9 is Georgian
    10 is Greenland Inuit
    13 is Irish
    14 is Kurdish
    15 is Manx?
    16 is Vlach?

    1. Yes! Excellent! You got all of them right except for 16. Vlach is not the correct answer for 16. Actually, 16 should be really easy. You guys are making it too hard choosing obscure languages when the answer is frankly right in front of your face.

    2. is it Romanian? iI have always known Romanian as Romana. Know that i remember Vlachs call themselves aruman or something like that

    3. Yes it is Romanian. Maybe they call themselves Romana, but apparently this is at least one of the names that they give to their language.
      I believe that the languages of the Vlachs is called Arumanian.
      Congrats on getting the rest. Damn, you’re smart. Ever taken an IQ test?

    4. Those online tests are crap.
      You need to take a real test administered by a psychologist. Unfortunately, that costs $.
      You’re not only good at languages, you know a tremendous amount about all kinds of things. You’re one of my smartest commenters actually.

  3. 8. Scottish Gaelic
    13. Irish Gaelic
    15. Manx Gaelic
    17. Lowland Scots
    18. Welsh
    I am clueless to all the others though.

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