"The Selfishness of Jews," by Alpha Unit

New post by guest poster Alpha Unit. Great stuff! In 1919 a group of Black and White business and academic leaders created a very special Commission on Interracial Cooperation, designed in response to what was happening in the South after the First World War. Black war veterans returning to the South were being told to resume their “place.” The tension created by this demand was leading to violence, and the Commission was formed to quell this violence. There is no evidence of widespread White hostility to this Commission. Perhaps it’s because there were well-respected Southern White men at the helm. “You see?” someone might be tempted to say. “There was a proper way to approach these problems in the South. Things that go through the proper channels have a greater chance of success.” This seems agreeable enough. Lowering the number of lynchings that Whites carried out seemed like a decent goal. How threatening could this really be? What was far more threatening to Southern Whites was the radical notion that a Black man should be treated as the equal of a White man. That a Black man was entitled to the same Constitutional rights as any White man. This was no mere appeal to decency; this meant changing the law. Anyone pushing this idea was a bona fide enemy. That meant Jews. Jewish-led organizations, represented by Jewish attorneys and activists, got right in the face of White Southerners and said, in effect, “What you’re doing is wrong. And we’re going to do everything in our power to stop you.” Such loving kindness and selflessness for their fellow human beings, right? I’m familiar with the accusations made against Jewish civil rights activists. The gist of these accusations is that Jews only involved themselves in Black civil rights for Jewish benefit. That it was self-interest that motivated them, not any genuine concern for the plight of Blacks. Well, so be it. Jewish self-interest it is. During the height of the Jim Crow era in the South, it was Jewish self-interest that brought about Powell v. Alabama, a Supreme Court decision establishing that it wasn’t enough in this country that a defendant be represented by counsel; he had to be represented by competent counsel. It was Jewish self-interest that brought about Norris v. Alabama, which decreed that a state could not exclude a person from a jury solely because of his race. Jewish self-interest resulted in Herndon v. Lowry, wherein the Supreme Court ruled that a state cannot suppress so-called “revolutionary” speech in and of itself; it had to prove a direct connection between such speech and an actual attempt to overthrow the government. I could go on and on citing cases involving Jewish self-interest. I know that Jewish participation in the Civil Rights Movement incenses some people. But the same people who cannot stomach Jewish involvement in civil rights aren’t able to muster the slightest disquiet about some of the abuses these Jews were addressing. They don’t seem to express much concern over the fact that there were Americans in the South who were being denied their rights. These weren’t foreigners or illegal immigrants. They were natural born citizens, and one Southern state after another had decided that these people didn’t really need the protections the Constitution had guaranteed them. It was White self-interest at its best. Why doesn’t that bother these people?

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47 thoughts on “"The Selfishness of Jews," by Alpha Unit”

  1. It was the self interest of Portuguese Jews who brought slavery to the new world in the first place.
    Brazilian and Carribian slave auctions were suspended on Jewish holidays.
    Jewish finaciers loaned money to plantation owners in order that they might buy african slave
    Jewish theologians taught that blacks were the desendents of Canaan, and thus cursed by God to be slaves.
    Jewish treatment of the Palistianians makes a mockery of the claims of Jewish civil right champions that what was taking place in the South affronted there well developed sensitivities.
    Israeli support for aparthied government of South Africa in the past as well as there current support of Robert Mugabe gives additional evidence that Jews don’t give a rats ass about anybody but themselves.

    1. There is plenty of guilt to go around for the African slave trade.
      What is your view of race relations in the South prior to the Civil Rights movement?

  2. “Lowering the number of lynchings that Whites carried out …”
    heg: How many niggers was hanged hundred years prior to 1919?
    How many WHITE horse thieves was hung hundred years prior to 1919?
    They only hung blacks prior to 1919?
    This is sooooooo braindead jew propaganda. Self victimiasion. How many jews did white hung prior to 1919? As far as l know ONE jew was hung. Why? Because he was a jew? lt had nothing to do with that this ONE jew was a lowlife jewish scumbag that got what he deserved?
    Ohhh No … It was all about him being a jew. One hung jew = White people persecution of all the jews.
    Ten hung niggers in one hundred years = White people persecuting all blacks.
    “There is plenty of guilt to go around for the African slave trade.” – AU-

    “Professor Tony Martin: The Jewish Onslaught pt 1 of 4”

    1. This post is not about lynching, okay? It’s about the Civil Rights Movement, and the role of Jews in that movement.

  3. This post is mainly about the the way some of these anti-black, anti-Jewish types can see everyone’s wrongdoing except their own.

    1. This post is mainly about the the way some of these anti-black, anti-Jewish types can see everyone’s wrongdoing except their own. -AU-
      heg: @ Robert, AU is a jew posing as a black woman. Just another day in the LYING Jew Scumbag bullshit propaganda-machine.
      AU is a lying jewish scumbag. Period

  4. Oh, the slave trade was exclusive fault of the Jews. There were never Christian slave traders, and of course the European monarchies and the American landlords were poor victims fooled by the evil Jew. World history is no more than a huge conspiracy led by those wicked Jews in their quest for supremacy. How didn’t I see it before?

    1. Isn’t it the truth? The “Negro Problem” the South was left dealing with after the Civil War was entirely the fault of Jews.
      Two of the legal cases I mentioned in the post, Powell v. Alabama and Norris v. Alabama, arose from the Scottsboro trials that took place during the 1930s, in which 9 black youths were falsely accused of rape by two trifling white women.
      White self-interest demanded that they be lynched as soon as they got into custody. That didn’t happen, so then White self-interest demanded they be given some sham trials and then sentenced to death.
      That horrible Jewish self-interest demanded actual justice for them and saved their lives.
      I think if given a choice, the average disenfranchised Black Southerner of the 1930s would have preferred to be subject to Jewish self-interest.

  5. To answer your question, Southerners explicitly believed that America was a “white man’s country.” The law reflected that belief. We had our own institutions: public schools, universities, restaurants, recreation areas.
    In hindsight, the wildest claims of the segregationists turned out to be true: in the Black Belt, black voting rights translated into black rule and all its associated problems; an epidemic of black-on-white rape beyond the most lurid warnings of Bilbo; integration failed to erase the racial gap in test scores; miscegenation skyrocketed; blacks brought their sordid underclass culture into our public schools and neighborhoods where it rubbed off on white students; public housing and welfare utterly failed to uplift ghetto blacks to the white level.
    Blacks are 14th Amendment citizens. The Reconstruction amendments and federal civil rights laws of that era were imposed on the Southern states at gunpoint by a military dictatorship. We didn’t create our society with black citizenship or equal rights in mind. This was wholly the work of outsiders.

    1. What, then, did white Southerners have in mind for the Black people in their midst? To keep them “in their place” forever?

    2. The intent was to make conditions so miserable for the blacks that they would leave the south or even the country altogether.

    3. I believe this is how the southern mindset worked — “If I cannot hold them as slaves then lets get rid of them altogether. There is no way I will ever consider a ‘nigger’ my equal.” At that time blacks were considered only 3/5th human. They could not carry out ethnic cleansing as they feared that the north would intervene again. So the best solution was to create conditions that blacks would leave on their own. And a lot of them did leave for the north in what is called the great migration.

      1. “At that time blacks were considered only 3/5th human”
        Oh god, not this tired old crap again. The compromise said that only 3/5 of the slave population would be counted for the purpose of determining congress seats and other government functions. It did not say that slaves only counted as 3/5 of a person. The funny things is that the people who wanted the slaves to be counted in their entirety were slave owners. If slaves were counted in their entirety then the slave owning southern states would have more power in the House of Representatives and other government bodies. So cheers to the “blacks were only seen as being 3/5 human and other modern idiocy” crowd. Cheers for trying to help slave owners…morons.

    4. So much for all that bullshit about how happy black people were then.
      It wouldn’t have come as a surprise to Southern blacks that white people were trying to make them miserable.

    5. deadcult:”If I cannot hold them as slaves then lets get rid of them altogether. There is no way I will ever consider a ‘nigger’ my equal.”
      Most Southern Whites never owned any slaves, so your example is a very bad one. Also, there is no such thing as “equality” – so you ought to go ahead and put such nonsense out of your head. Humans (both individually and collectively) are not equal and they never will be.
      Not only do individual people differ in various abilities, capabilities, intelligence, beauty, artistic creativity, business acumen, sociability, introversion/extroversion, and so on, so too do all of the various racial/ethnic groups found worldwide have very deep and primal innate/inborn differences (biological AND social) which render them unequal to one another.
      In reality, Blacks are not at all equal to Whites and they likely never will be barring some kind of hugely unlikely leap forward in their mental and social evolution — they are less intelligent, more prone to crime/violence and other crippling social problems (broken families, ‘ghetto’ culture, etc), they have done little to advance science and the arts, and they do not build nations or civilizations that are even remotely comparable to Whites (see the pitiful state which much of Africa is currently in). This does not apply to ALL Blacks in an individual sense, but is rather a statistical norm that is generally accurate about Blacks taken as a whole.
      That is not to say that individual Blacks cannot progress and better themselves – they certainly can. The USA has a large Black middle-class that has left many White Americans commonly known as ‘White trash’ back in the dust. However, you will notice that the affluent and well-educated ‘Black’ middle-class in the USA tends to be quite a few shades Whiter than the darker Black ghetto class. Is this a mere coincidence or indicative of something more?
      Just as a dachshund will never be able to run as fast as a greyhound, humans are not equal in many other respects either. Read about “The Iron Law of Inequality” sometime and start facing reality if your mind is strong enough to take it – http://books.google.com/books?vid=OCLC01027004&id=sG8AAAAAMAAJ&pg=PP7#v=onepage&q=&f=false – “The idea of ‘Natural Equality’ is one of the most pernicious delusions that has ever afflicted mankind. It is a figment of the human imagination. Nature knows no equality.”

    6. Me:”Read about “The Iron Law of Inequality” sometime and start facing reality if your mind is strong enough to take it – http://books.google.com/books?vid=OCLC01027004&id=sG8AAAAAMAAJ&pg=PP7#v=onepage&q=&f=false – “The idea of ‘Natural Equality’ is one of the most pernicious delusions that has ever afflicted mankind. It is a figment of the human imagination. Nature knows no equality.”
      That link is incorrect – the correct chapter I was trying to link to can be found @ http://books.google.com/books?id=sG8AAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA30#v=onepage&q=&f=false

  6. One of the main reasons the Communist Jews of the 1950s/60s ‘helped’ Southern Blacks is to strike a blow at the Whites, which Jews of course have an instinctive hatred for. Just look at all the Yankee Jews (many of them Communists) who egged on Southern Blacks – http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2007/12/24/arts/24conn.jpg
    Southern Blacks are in many ways worse off nowadays than they were in the pre-‘Civil Rights’ Era – back then many Black communities in The South (and elsewhere) were very self/communally-sufficient…they had numerous farms/ranches owned by Blacks, not to mention a lot of small Black-owned businesses, a decent and growing Black middle-class (teachers, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers, etc), and so on.
    Nowadays though many American Blacks have become urbanized/ghettoized and thus they are hyperdependent on big-government handouts and the like.
    Blacks of America unite! You must at least partially re-ruralize yourselves in order to become self/communally-sufficient again so that you’ll cease being big-government dependent parasites used as a pawn by Commie kikes to strike back at the hated White man.

  7. Jews help minorities (sometimes at the expense of whites) not out of hatred of Whites or love for Blacks or Mexicans but to ensure their own well being. Once the ‘black problem’ and the ‘mexican problem’ get solved, who might the Gentiles come after next? The Jews! The Jews fear this and will ensure that there is always a balance of power and no single ethnic group amasses absolute authority. They want to prevent another holocaust at any cost.

    1. deadcult – Jews have been subversives, parasites, usurocratic exploiters, sociopolitical rabble-rousers, and so on within many White nations (White countries which had zero to very few non-White ethnic minorities) long before The Hollyco$t (TM) ever occurred.

    2. I know of Jews being engaged in the practice of usurious lending in medieval Europe (that Gentiles disliked). Jews are too smart (in terms of average IQ) that they will be parasites. I am not aware of any Jew living on welfare. As for Jews being involved in subversion or sociopolitical upheaval, please provide historical instances (that are somewhat documented).

    3. Most European Jews were just normal people who lived normal lifes, appart from having to support the Church bloodlibeling and inciting hatred against them. And still some wonder why a high proportion of revolutionaries were Jews….
      Samely, Jews were overrepresented on the moneylending and commerce fields because the exercise of such professions was discouraged or explicitly forbidden by the Church. The high literacy of Jews since ancient times has as well an influence on this. But if some wants to see a great Jewish conspiracy behind every event in history, he is welcome.

    4. *’deadcult’ surely sounds like a Jew to me. Does a masterful job pointing out what useless hypocrites the overwhelming majority of them are in respect to ANYTHING dealing with their relations with ‘der goyim’ — whether the ‘goy’ is Black, White, Arab, or any other given sucker of the moment.
      How can ANYONE here look at Jews as some kind of moral exemplars, ESPECIALLY given their sadistic record in Palestine, is utterly beyond me.
      No, let’s face it, Prozium (and, indirectly, deadcult) is right on the role ‘outsiders’ played in stoking trouble in the South and elsewhere (anywhere they would benefit from it, ‘Schwartzes’ be damned)
      As to why the Negros would be ‘happier’ in the pre-civil rights post-bellum South was because they at least had their own parallel society, and institutions (and no, these were not ‘equal’ to the White man’s society, cause that was racially and genetically out of the cards).
      In these parallel societies, Blacks at least did not have to compete with, and compare themselves to, the White Anglo-Celts, so there was a lot less interpersonal friction, ON AVERAGE, of course.
      Was this perfect? Hardly. Was it based on the fact that many southern states had large Black populations that would have been extremely challenging to integrate? More realistic scenario.

    5. “One has to be careful looking up to ANY group as moral exemplars.”
      Completely agree with you there, Alpha Unit.

  8. “I am not aware of any Jew living on welfare.”
    oh yeah? How about the 5-6 million in Israel, who get more per head from the US gov than even US citizens.

    1. That is not exactly parasitic. A lot of that money comes out of the pockets of US Jews (the richest ethnic group) in form of taxes. And Jews in general (both here is US as well as Israel) are the most productive of all ethnic groups (a consequence of their high collective IQ). They create a lot of intellectual wealth (check out their over-representation amongst Nobel prize winners) which eventually grows the economy. The Computer is a Jewish invention and the IT industry now forms a good share of the global economy. So, giving out a little money to Israel in return for scientific inventions is not a bad idea at all.
      Welfare, on the other hand is entirely a one way street (at least the way it works here). It is supposed to give you temporary financial support while you can look for a new job (or upgrade your skills) and eventually join the workforce and contribute to the economy. But unfortunately, very few of the welfare recipients reciprocate.

      1. ” The Computer is a Jewish invention ”
        Alan Turing was a homo, but he wasn’t jewish. We shouldn’t hurl insults around like that.

    2. After reading some of the comments a bit further, it looks like some of the posters here are deliberately engaging in justifications for bad Jewish behavior.
      Gee, for such a ‘moral’, (self) righteous tribe, do they even need your ‘help’ defending them, if they are so virtuous??
      Anyway, enough of the nonsense that the poor Khazars were ‘forced’ into being the noxious users, and USURERS, they have always been fondly known for.
      I mean, how utterly stupid a claim that ‘antisemitic’ Europe would ‘force’ Jews into such powerful and influential positions, such as banking and tax farming, when all they really wanted was an apprentice-ship with the local cobbler or horse-dung collecter. Yeaaaaah!

    3. “… A lot of that money comes out of the pockets of US Jews (the richest ethnic group) in form of taxes. And Jews in general (both here is US as well as Israel) are the most productive of all ethnic groups …”
      “Alleged Kidney Dealer Described As “Thug”
      (CBS/AP) “The Brooklyn man arrested for organ trafficking in connection with a massive federal corruption and money laundering sting is described a “thug” who reportedly pulled a gun on kidney “donors” who were getting cold feet, according to a Daily News report Friday.
      “Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum allegedly bought kidneys from impoverished people overseas for $10,000 and turned them around for $160,000 in the U.S., according to the newspaper. His operation was first brought to the attention of the FBI seven years ago by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, a University of California, Berkeley anthropologist who studied human organ trafficking.
      “She described Rosenbaum to the Daily News as “the main U.S. broker for an international trafficking network.” One of her sources, a man who worked with Rosenbaum, said he would pull a pistol on nervous kidney sellers, telling them “You’re here. A deal is a deal. Now, you’ll give us a kidney or you’ll never go home.”
      “Rosenbaum became part of the federal corruption probe, which netted more than 40 people, including rabbis and elected officeholders from New Jersey and New York, after an FBI informant crossed paths with him and learned of his organ trafficking operation.” …
      … “As Sunic points out, in both Europe and America, White attitudes towards Jews have come to be defined in modern times by mendacity and intellectual servility. Faced with a political, academic, and media establishment — the current masters of discourse — configured around a colossal concentration of Jewish power, Whites have not only trained themselves to avoid Jewish wrath by keeping any critical opinions about Jews to themselves, but they have also learnt to curry Jewish favor by flaunting their admiration for Jewish superiority and achievement, by piously demonstrating their conformity to Semitically-correct cognitive structures, and by loudly championing Jewish causes — even when these run directly counter to White interests. Sunic correctly suggests that, in as much as this fuels Jewish hubris, such an unhealthy relationship approaches a limit where it exists one crisis away from detonating into violent anti-Semitism.” …
      *Wow, and I only thought White honkeys were such groveling, supplicating fools to the Jews.
      Since, in your commentary, you do not miss a SINGLE pro-semite talking point, I think you got ’em beat by a long shot, ‘deadcult’.

  9. As for the post’s subject – why do Jews get billions in reparations, while US blacks don’t get anything after slavery? 150 years of interest on that 40 acres and a mule. US blacks are so thoroughly emasculated that they don’t dare demand what they are owed. “thanks Massa fo’ freeing us and letting us live in the ghetto. Jus’ give us entertainment and we be happy”. Slave-mentality isn’t far away from dependance on gov handouts. When are these lazy fuckers gonna to stand up?

    1. You and I both know that there is ZERO chance of black people getting any reparations.
      I have no interest in reparations, myself. All those who are owed reparations are now dead.

    2. I actually support reparations for Blacks. But I would put it into some kind of fund. For those who had proven that they had been living responsibly, we could just dish it out. But for those with criminal records or histories of irresponsible behavior, we would have to figure out a way to give it to them only in the form of something tangible and responsible, like rent payments, house payments, existing car payments, school tuition. I’m afraid a lot of them would just blow it on crack and bling, and I don’t want that. Then again, a lot of Blacks might find my plan so patronizing, they would want no part of it.

    3. Forget “40 acres and a mule” – that’s hopelessly outdated, and laughably 19th Century.
      These days, a large family with 5-7 kids (or even more) down here in Dixie who are located on an arable plot of land with some decent native soil and a standard Southern USA climate could grow nearly all the food they need (excluding big animals for meat like cows, pigs, etc) on as little as 5-10 acres. I actually know of some Southern families (both White and Black) who still do just that on the land that has been in their family for many generations. However, instead of a donkey all they would need is a cheapish small tractor or even just a decent hand-operated rototiller.
      Big animals like donkeys, cows, horses, pigs, and so on are still good to have around though if you have a lot of acreage because you can of course take their dung and add to the land where it works as a fertilizer and general soil conditioner.

  10. Jews help minorities (sometimes at the expense of whites) not out of hatred of Whites or love for Blacks or Mexicans but to ensure their own well being. Once the ‘black problem’ and the ‘mexican problem’ get solved, who might the Gentiles come after next? The Jews! The Jews fear this and will ensure that there is always a balance of power and no single ethnic group amasses absolute authority. They want to prevent another holocaust at any cost.
    This is the way that I see it exactly.

    1. Maybe this is the penultimate reason why the J’s have historically been so hated: Cause they promote SO MUCH HATRED (and ENVY) BETWEEN EVERY ONE ELSE, just so they can maintain their ‘supremacy’ over the ‘goyim’.
      If this is not the utter essence of RACISM, then I don’t know what is.

    2. No use over-rationalizing things, guys…Jews were and still are hated because they are quite simply anti-cultural, parasitic, and subversive scum within White nations; the history of repeated persecutions of Jews, and pogrom after pogrom, followed eventually by expulsion after expulsion, speaks for itself, obviously —> http://judenfrei.org/why-dislike-of-jews

  11. Yes, that’s about the size of it, Noster. I believe the bill is over £100 billion by now, and that’s just in direct grants. Not to mention the trillions in the ‘bail-out’ package – we don’t know where that’s gone because there’s no oversight, but our first guess is probably right.

  12. To become disabused of the idea that Jews have been generous to Blacks AU ought to read E. Michael Jones on a. Marcus Garvey b. The Scottsboro Boys c. The history of the Chess Records company. I think all of these past feature articles in Culture Wars are included as chapters in his new book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. His book The Slaughter of the Cities, essentially an indictment of Rockefeller Foundation social engineering in the cities of the North, has got some good information in it about collaboration among Jewish social scientists and suburbs planners who colluded with the then WASP elite to break up America’s ethnic parish-neighborhoods. Go here http://www.culturewars.com/ and hit the podcasts icon and listen to him break the shit down in some compelling interviews and lectures. Another voice in the wilderness on the toxic relationship of Blacks and Jews is Cynthia McKinney who is more circumspect and less expansive, but awake to the history of the hustle. Anything by ex-radical David Horowitz on his disillusionment with Huey Newton and all practicing ’60s era Black community poverty pimps is a must for anyone ready for Cultural Marxist deprogramming.

    1. There are people who say that Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement was self-serving and that blacks were hence used.
      What I say in the post is, “Okay, fine–it was Jewish self-interest. But black people benefited from Jewish self-interest when it came to their civil rights.”
      People are responding by telling me all kinds of horrible things that Jews have done throughout history, or pointing out ways Jews have exploited people in other contexts.
      I’m not sure what the point is. That somehow Jews are the worst human beings on earth? That no one matches Jews in the exploitation of other groups?

  13. That’s right, AU. Jews are “the man” now (not whitey anymore) so get with the program and start educating your post racial self on their trickulations.

    1. What program would that be?
      I never believed in the saintliness of Jews to begin with. Or the saintliness of any other group. There isn’t a group on earth that hasn’t exploited, used, or subjugated other groups.
      What’s ridiculous is to assume that one’s own group is beyond reproach.

  14. “We must settle the Negro problem once for all, and to do this we have no recourse other than to return the Negro to his homeland. We of this generation have thought but little upon this, the sole possibility of solving the Negro problem. But we shall see that the removal of the American Negro to the home of his ancestors will work to the advantage of the Negro as well as be in keeping with the necessity of the Caucasian. By this process of removing the burden from ourselves and our posterity we shall have served Negro posterity, in a manner and measure highly satisfactory to every well-wisher of the Negro race.” – http://www.churchoftrueisrael.com/cox/wa-14.html

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