Chechclear Vidéo: Décapitation – La Pire de Toutes!

The video has been removed following discussions with WordPress staff. Try here instead. This is a French translation of the Chechclear post. The translator is Natalie From France. This post has also been translated into Italian. Italian version (traduzione in italiano). Regular readers, you don’t really want to download this file or view this video at all. This is one of most evil videos ever made. Chechclear est l’une des vidéos les plus horribles, disponibles sur le Net. Elle montre l’exécution barbare d’un soldat russe durant la guerre de Tchétchénie. Les avis sont divergents à propos de cette vidéo. Les Tchétchènes affirment que c’était un mercenaire et que c’est pour cette raison qu’il a été tué, d’autres versions disent que c’était un soldat appelé. Cela s’est passé soit en 1996 en Tchétchénie ou en 1999 au Daguestan. Tout n’est pas clair concernant cette vidéo. Il s’agit d’un horrible chapitre de plus dans cette guerre en Tchétchénie. Le fait est que la gorge de l’homme a été tranchée par Khattab, le renommé combattant saoudien, qui s’est battu aux cotés des Tchétchènes jusqu’à ce qu’il soit tué par une lettre empoisonnée. Ici vous pouvez télécharger la vidéo. Plusieurs personnes m’ont écrit pour m’informer que cette vidéo est vraiment très difficile à trouver. C’est la toute dernière version, qui dure seulement 16 secondes. Il existe une version plus longue, atroce, non publiée, qui dure cinq minutes. Elle est actuellement impossible à trouver. Dans ces images, les bourreaux battent le soldat et l’humilient durant plusieurs minutes avant de le décapiter.

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3 thoughts on “Chechclear Vidéo: Décapitation – La Pire de Toutes!”

  1. I saw this video some years ago and thought it was a Russian soldier during the Afghan occupation. It’d be interesting to know what language is being spoken in the background (with a chilling, sociopathic detachment)
    Seeing it once was enuf for me.
    It’s really not helpful in any way to the cause of whoever made it. In fact my reaction is to want to track the fuckers down and give them a taste of their own shit.
    The text says i’ts not clear whether this is a mercenary or a common soldier…it doesn’t matter really. It’s someones son, brother or grandchild. He was a carefree kid once, savoring ice cream, going to the movies, playing schoolyard games, falling in love.
    The text also says there’s a five minute version that’s “impossible to find” showing the poor wretch being humiliated before he’s killed.
    Not a good PR move for whoever did this.

    1. It’s interesting, you say it’s not helpful to their cause, but these idiot Muslims keep releasing these videos anyway.
      One of the stories behind this is that they gave this guy a chance to convert to Islam or be killed and he refused to convert. He was a Russian Orthodox and he demanded to wear his Orthodox cross when he was executed.
      The only thing this stupid video did was really infuriate the whole Russian nation against these idiots.
      Way to go. They might have been independent now but for this.
      You say you wanted to track these fuckers down and kill them yourself. That’s a typical reaction that people have watching any of these videos where these guys kill people. Instead of rousing people to their cause, it rouses people to go out and kill the killers.
      You can read French? Good for you! I am trying to learn it myself, sort of, but I find it very difficult. I had a semester in college. I don’t think it’s as easy to learn as people think.

  2. Maybe this is why Putin hates the Chechens so virulently.
    That said, i do recognize that i don’t necessarily know all of what’s going on between the Russians and Chechens, there may be a level of barbarity
    in the treatment afforded to the Chechens at the hands of the Russians that’s unknown outside of the region in any form other than anecdotal.
    Doesn’t excuse the kind of savagery in this video of course, but it may be a factor in the genesis.
    If these retards really tried to induce the guy to convert, then they’re not well versed in their own religion. The Qur’an clearly teaches that conversion cannot be coerced. It must be freely embraced.
    I’m not sure that religion or even nationalism plays a major part in the conflict. It’s possible that it’s just money…i saw a report once on Chechnya that showed local residents selling oil roadside from big drums..they’d simply scooped it up from puddles where it apparently bubbles up from the ground like little springs.
    I sometimes wonder if, 5000 yrs from now.. if humans are still alive.. we won’t look back at the discovery of oil in the early 1900’s as the single event that caused the most strife and bloodshed in human history.
    I read French cuz my Mom was French and i spent many summers there, and one winter going to their equivalent of the 10th grade. It’s really not hard once you get started..French is latin-based.

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