New Weekly Traffic Record on Robert Lindsay

A new record for 4th highest traffic in a week was set on Robert Lindsay last week, August 10-16 of 19,051 hits/week, breaking the record set of 19,001 hits/week set the previous week. In addition, there were 1,005 visitors to the old site for a total of  20,056 hits/week. As traffic seems to be declining somewhat from the peak, it’s interesting that we are still setting records here on Robert Lindsay.

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15 thoughts on “New Weekly Traffic Record on Robert Lindsay”

    1. They are not making food out of it, actually. Those are animals that died and that is how they dispose of them. Otherwise, how do you bury them? Animals get sick and die all the time on farms and there is no way to get rid of them. This way they grind them up and make fertilizer out of them.
      Damn that is one nasty job man! Imagine what it must be like to clean that thing out. I heard that those plants really, really stink bad too!
      Can you imagine a job like that? What a fucked up job man. They better pay that tractor guy good.

  1. Oh and that goodness for the internet. Before the internet days, where could we get all this wild stuff on-demand?

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