Henry Louis Wallace, Serial Killer

I love* serial killers, but especially I loves me some Black serial killers! This guy, Henry Louis Wallace, was one really evil dude. He terrorized young Black women around Charlotte, North Carolina during the early 1990’s. The victims were young Black women, mostly working women, good people doing well in life, often quite attractive. He knew most of these women, and like most killers, was quite popular with the ladies. They don’t call em lady killers for nothing! All of his victims let him in the door. Then he killed them, usually quickly, by strangulation. He usually raped them too. The crimes started in 1992 and ended in 1994.

He was ex-Navy, with an ex-wife and a kid. No one really knows how he went wrong, but it seems that got mad at women somewhere along the line. He also had an abusive and hateful mother, this one both verbally and physically violent. She ordered Wallace and his sister to whip each other. This is common in guys who kill women. They usually hate their Moms.

In the 6th grade, his father, whom Wallace had never met, called Wallace and said he wanted to meet him. They set up a time. Wallace waited for him all day and he never showed up. Wallace never forgot that. He was popular in high school and college, cheerful, polite, and gregarious. He joined the Navy in 1984 at age 19. He served eight years and married in the Navy. The marriage broke up and he was left with an adopted kid. He was bitter about the breakup.

The case was famous because it seemed that the cops were not investigating it as diligently as they might if it were White women ending up raped and killed.

After his arrest in 1994, he also confessed to killing a prostitute in Charlotte. In addition, in the Navy, he had killed a woman named Tashanda Bethea in South Carolina. And there were other confessions.  He may have killed up to 20 additional women while in the Navy, as his ships docked in various ports of call.

He has gained weight in prison and now weighs 400 pounds, and as usual has married, this time to a prison nurse, Rebecca Torrijos. He is on death row awaiting execution.

*I mean I am fascinated by them.

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19 thoughts on “Henry Louis Wallace, Serial Killer”

  1. Hi, interesting post, thank you. However, please don’t say you ‘love’ serial killers – I hope you mean you find them interesting.

    1. Hey La Reyna. I was hoping you would do a story on that guy. On a related issue, are you familiar with the sad story of the 7 year old White girl murdered in Florida? It’s all over the media. But at the same time apparently, a young Black child has also disappeared and apparently been molested, murdered or both. Not sure if they have found the body or not, but the case is very similar. Except no one has heard of the Black kid, and the White girl is all over the news.
      Right up your alley.

  2. Robert Lindsay,
    I’ll come around doing an essay on Anthony Sowell and the Cleveland Murders. Right now, I’m just linking articles and videos concerning the Cleveland Horror Murders on my blog. I have so much information that I have to sort them out in order to write my upcoming essay this weekend.
    Thanks for asking.
    La Reyna

  3. HLW is and will always have the demons inside to be what he is…a serial killer. There are a constellations of facotrs but, he was not restrained by the taboo against killing. I believe that he went to the funerals of his victims, sent symapthey carsds and followed he case with the police. He was always idden in plain sight.There are a number of contributory factors but basically it is a mixture of sexual pleasure and fatal violence …the motive. HLW is no different than other more notorious serial killers. He has an impulse to kill as is described first in the DSM3…the serial killer syndrome where his urges are just as addictive as a herion addict…The constellation of factors includes bed wetting, firestarting, animal cruelty, head trauma, sexual and phyiscal abuse, to name a few . He went from the fantasy of killing to finding a live victim. In his history one would find masturbation to detective magazines and slasher films. The only difference is that he chose 99% of his victims from women he knew which caused the FBI not to notice a serial killer in the evidence. As we gain more knowledge in a variety of fields hopefully we can alert to these potential problems before the fantasty becomes a reality…I am so sorry for those who were unfortunate to be his targets. Jeez!:(
    chi chi

  4. M colleauge and I published an article about Henry Louis Wallace titled “Lives Interupted…” in the Journal of Creative Sociology. There is a copy under
    under website and the course Serial Murder. The lead detectives and defense attorney come to class and provide a fantastic description of the case (a 4 hour power point presentation).
    BTW: sorry about the typos in the last email.

  5. Amazing how anyone can find a serial killer fascinating. Thanks to Mr. Wallace I had the displeasure of explaining to my 6 year old daughter her mother (Vanessa Mackey) would not be returning home. I could care less what type of life he had that lead him down his murderous path and am nauseated that he is allowed to breath still. My daughter has never recovered from the loss of her mother to date. Then I hear that some sick woman had the audacity to marry him. What is wrong with us as human beings? I will hope Mr. Wallace has a slow painfull death as well as his supporters and fans.

    1. Through my research on serial killers, I have interacted with him on death row. Other death row inmates treat him like he is a celebrity. It is sad. He just laughs and thinks it is all a joke…I guess he is in good company with admirers on death row. He is an evil diabolical misfit of society who tricked those who were unlucky enough to cross his path. He has a wife who can visit once a year and take his phone calls when he asks for money. He has admitted to killing 40 others some inFrance, South Africa and in the USA. He even fooled his girlfriend at the time. Sorry about all of the victims…she might want to ask for a special visit and/or be there when he is executed.

    2. Hello Mr. Briggs,
      I’m so glad that you wrote this comment. Glorifying serial killers are disgusting. Wallace was pure evil and he should have been executed awhile back. The criminal justice system is a trip now that thing wants a new trial that would sentence him to life instead of the death penalty.
      May Ms. Vanessa Mack rests in peace and may God watch over you and your family.
      La Reyna

  6. If my memory serves me right Henry Wallace was having sex with the Jail Nurse (The one he later married) in the Mecklenburg Country Jail in Charlotte NC.

  7. HLW set up the arrangement with this woman (his wife) in order to get money and essentials while he waits for death…he continues to manipulate doesn’t he.

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