One More Reason White Nationalists Are All Insane

They are wrong, wrong, wrong on this, “Race-mixing is evolutionarily abnormal and nonadaptive” crap. I have no idea whether it’s non-adaptive or not, as opposition to race mixing has hardly been tried by humans. The whole history of man is one of the endless Race Cuisinart. WN’s argue that this history of man is bad, and that we all should have been breeding ourselves as completely pure lines all this time. But why? Looking at evolutionary biology, there is no benefit whatsoever to any species that propagates a pure line and refuses to race-mix. Evolutionary biology and in particular conservation biology is adamant that it is necessary for species to race mix, at least within the species. Subspecies are valuable due to their contribution to the species. Evolutionarily significant geographical units are once again good for the species due to their particular genetic adaptations. The more genetic diversity, the more healthy the species. The less, the more islandization, etc. as the genetic diversity gets low. A species with low genetic diversity is considered to be on its way out. Now, WN’s argue that this hold true for every species but man, I guess because they are quoting the Bible now, or as eugenicists, they figure that evolution is over anyway. But if, as the eugenicists insist, evolution is really over, then why fret over race-mixing and differential breeding rates between rich and poor? All animal and plant breeders operate on the principle of endless race mixing. They breed strains forever and ever to come up with very excellent strains, the most perfect, the best strains, through this evil mechanism known as race-mixing. If race-mixing doesn’t work, why does every plant and animal breeder on Earth swear by it? It works great in all animals, except for humans? Why would that be anyway? Race mixing is the way of man. It’s basic tribal behavior, and it’s been quite adaptive for thousands of years. See here.

A tribe which celebrates its male conquests of alien women but closely and jealously protects its own women from alien men is going to spread its genes much more successfully than a neighboring tribe which is indifferent about who impregnates its women.

In fact the latter tribe will over the course of time carry more and more of the former tribe’s genes as its wombs are colonized and its resources and fitness are used to care for the former tribe’s offspring.

After a while there would be no tribes left that are indifferent and it becomes a race to see who has the stronger double standard. We are all descendants of this process.

We are out of the jungle now and living in the urban jungle instead. You think we are all that different? Forget it. We are mammals, like cats and dogs. Does your house cat act all that different from an alley cat? Not so much.

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107 thoughts on “One More Reason White Nationalists Are All Insane”

    1. A multicultural state need not look like Brazil. The problem is that we are importing too many low quality immigrants. It’s not the fact that they are non-Whites that is the issue, it is the fact that they are low quality. Singapore is multi-culti. So is Cuba, and Cuba has the lowest crime rate in the Hemisphere. Yemen is multi-culti (so is all the Gulf really) and there is almost no crime at all.
      BTW, Chile is multi-culti too.

    2. Interesting Robert, since Brasil has ALWAYS been held up as THE role model par excellance for a multiracial, and/or, mulatto state.
      Even Franz Boas and one of his lieutenants, Carl Deglar, had much to do in propagating this myth, that of backward Brasil being the world’s “racial democ(k)racy” (emphasis mine).

    3. What makes you think that a multiracial USA will be a mulatto country?
      Plenty of places are mixed race. Northern India is 15% Asian. Most of the Stans are around 30-40% Asian and the rest Caucasian. Turks are 15% Asian. Mongolians are 14% Caucasian. Russia contains many Caucasian-Asian mixed populations. It’s not the end of the world, you know.

    4. Cuba, Yemen, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and the Caucasus: even with your generous definition of ethnic mixing–ancient and thoroughly complete in various Indian castes, or still in progress as is the case for Afro-Cubans–these are all places few whites want to live. I cannot help but wonder if the remnant Jewish population in Yemen, Hindus and Muslims on the wrong sides of the India-Pakistan border, and the often belligerent people of the Caucasus might all disagree with your joyous assessment of multiculturalism.
      Singapore is the your lone shining star. Still, even Singapore’s ethnic and religious mix requires an authoritarian government to keep diversity-related conflicts in check. I guess multiculturalism isn’t the end of the world, just the end of a prosperous and free world. Hasta la vista, Western Civilization!
      But maybe I’ve got your argument entirely wrong. It’s hard to understand exactly what you’re saying, Mr. Lindsay, when you complain that our problems are exclusively the result of low quality immigrants and then immediately go on to recommend shacking up with Latinas. Last I checked, no Latin American country was a particularly desirable place to live for a white educated Westerner who doesn’t desire to withdraw behind the gates and walls of an exclusive community. If insanity is not drooling over a dimmer and more alien future, count me among the crazy.
      One negative consequence of race mixing might be the presence of incompatible gene combinations that natural selection would have weeded out of a genetically isolated population over a long period of time. I recall reading something about higher than expected premature birth rates among children born to mixed race couples at some point in the last year and this was raised as a possible explanation. Unfortunately, in our PC culture, we haven’t been able to look at this very politically incorrect theory even as we jump headlong into the racial mix.
      Also, to the extent that any phenotypical trait is the sum of a large number of genes (as many in the HBD crowd expect of intelligence), the infant of any racially mixed couple is likely to lie between both parents. With the exception of NE Asians, there is no group other than whites that consistently has high average intelligence. It also isn’t clear if intelligence and purely environmental cultural differences are the only things separating whites and Asians.
      Taking into account regression to mean, even procreating with an exceptional member of a low IQ population is inadvisable if one wants to maintain a high mean IQ among one’s descendants.

  1. You could do with some multi-culturalism in the Federal Reserve.
    You describe some bad reasons for white nationalism, but there is at least one good reason: jewish nationalism. I recall reading somewhere recently an opinion that the object of the elites is to turn the clock back to the sort of culture preceding the rise of the absolutist state, like in the time of Machiavelli, as described in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, a time of city states and private armies owned by the powerful – witness the role of the ‘private contractors’ in Iraq, the growing proliferation of companies like Blackwater. But not exactly of course, because that has to be combined with the ability to tax and exploit a large population like the USA to fund high-tech military research and development; and there is the parallel tendency to world government. But this isn’t necessarily a contradiction. Look at the EU; the tendency is to remove power from states towards the undemocratic centre which divides states into regions and starts to deal with them on that basis, so that the nation state is weakened and the centre is strengthened. And this will be a further development of what we already have, the tendency to cities whose hinterland has become international, and the rest of whose nation is part of the international ‘third world’ – the powerless and exploited. Big city centres of power dealing with each other through a world government,with an international army to enforce their investors’ contracts, and everywhere else including the rest of the USA just part of the pool of exploited labour and recruits for the international army or the local private armies.
    And what if it turns out that the regional divisions in the USA result in the only large majority white regions being relatively poor ones – like Idaho. And we now have TWO jewish states – Israel and New York, or more, with the other economic powerhouse regions under their thumb one way or another.
    Of course, that’s all a bit garbled, as any attempt to predict the future must inevitably be – point is that that is a future that looks all too possible, and it’s one most readers here DON’T want. And that leads me back to the good argument for white nationalism, which is that another group’s ‘ethnic nationalism’ is also inevitably anti-white, and we don’t want to see them taking over the civilisation we built in Europe and North America and leaving us the scraps from their table.

    1. Oh, I understand the motivations behind White nationalism all right! Oh yeah. But before you go cheering it on, consider that they won’t allow you and you’re gf to go move to their state.

  2. Although racists and “white nationalists” do border on insanity, it appears Robert Lindsay knows little about evolutionary biology. His views on “race mixing” are ridiculous. For one thing, if there was TOO MUCH mixing between various populations then the various species and subspecies on earth that have evolved over time would not exist (i.e. there would be less overall diversity). A degree of separation and isolation is required for significant biological diversity to develop. Most biologists, zoologists, biogeographers, etc. are advocating to protect the relative genetic purity of various species and subspecies in habitats around the globe (trying to prevent too much mixing with other species or subspecies).
    Some mixing may be ok for man but too much may not be as it would lead to less diversity. This is true in both a biological and cultural sense.

    1. His views on “race mixing” are ridiculous.
      Not at all.
      For one thing, if there was TOO MUCH mixing between various populations then the various species and subspecies on earth that have evolved over time would not exist (i.e. there would be less overall diversity).
      But this is not a worrisome matter. Subspecies as a general rule are isolated from each other. If and when those isolation barriers break down, they can and do mix.
      Species can also mix. This happens continuously with birds. There are varieties that seem like separate species who are geographically separated, however, at some point, they start meeting up and interbreeding. Then you start seeing mixes between the two species. Once this occurs, usually the two species are downgraded to subspecies of one species.
      Most biologists, zoologists, biogeographers, etc. are advocating to protect the relative genetic purity of various species and subspecies in habitats around the globe (trying to prevent too much mixing with other species or subspecies).
      This is not really true, because there is little or no mixing going on! The subspecies are separated geographically, and honestly, due to geographic separation, subspecies do not tend to interbreed.
      In general, species are too far apart to interbreed, but in some cases they are interbreeding. Mostly, biologists could care less about new cases where species are interbreeding with each other. However, in a few cases of endangered species, they are worried. The reason the barred owl and the northern spotted owl are now interbreeding is because the habitat separation is breaking down. The barred owl liked open forests and the NSO liked closed forests. Now with all the logging, the barred owl is moving in and interbreeding with the NSO.
      Biologists are concerned, but I’m not sure there is a whole lot they can do about it.
      It’s not true at all that biologists are trying to preserve pure species and subspecies, because in most cases, what little interbreeding that does occur is no big deal.
      I can’t think of one biologist on the face of the Earth who is concerned that race-mixing will lead to a decline in human biodiversity, such as it exists. They laugh if you bring up such a notion. The only people who ever discuss this stuff are White nationalist crazies, particularly Nordicists.

      1. ROBERT Like a great many people who have French-Canadian ancestors, you yourself are mixed with Native American.
        French males in Canada like the Spanish in Mexico really began intermarrying early with Indians.
        Later on, to discourage this practice France began deporting undesirable females-Paris beggar gangs, street prostitutes, female riff-raff-to New France.
        But these women went to French officers.

        1. Yes I have French Canadian ancestors on my father’s side. My paternal grandmother had roots there. There is a 50% chance that I am related to Pocohontas. I go back to the First Families of Virginia and that’s the case with all of them. There were hardly any Whites in Virginia before 1700, but we were there.
          They always said that the Browns had Indian blood. That would be on my Mom’s side. My mother said she has seen old pictures of them and some of them do have fairly dark skin. No one seemed to know where the Indian blood came from.
          My family goes all the way back to the 2nd Mayflower boat. We came over with the first invaders. Most Americans who can trace their roots back before 1700 usually have some Indian blood. After you family has been in America for that long, it is almost inevitable that you will acquire some Indian blood along the way.

    2. If you mix different populations and selective pressures are not significant, the resulting population will carry ALL the diversitiy from the parent populations. Recesive traits may be less conspicuous in the new mixed population, but will resurface eventually from time in time. So the notion of mixing reducing diversity is a lie as big as a house.

  3. I so can’t get laid anymore that I’m prepared to mix it up with any race that will do me. Just don’t ask me to put on a Pan African colored knitted hair bag afterwards and get all giddy about Haile Selassie or Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I don’t want any niglets near my telescope while I’m in the bedroom with their mother, either.

  4. I so can’t get laid anymore that I’m prepared to mix it up with any race that will do me.
    I have experienced the sentiment here.
    I strongly recommend Latinas. Light, tender, flesh, low calorie but filling, they definitely hit the spot. Warm them slowly on simmer and then bring to a rising boil when they scream “Daddy, Daddy Daddy!” and “I want papi!!!”
    Thai women are also great. I recommend stir frying them in your bed. Oil them up well first and then heat the oil. Bring them to hot boil and then cook very rapidly to bring them over the edge.

    1. ROBERT Does the oil thing work?
      Even a veteran whore-monger/stiff-rail like myself can learn new tricks from another old horn-dog, no?
      White women PROBABLY became more frigid through evolutionary pressure, by the way. If you get pregnant in a cold climate where no males will provide for you then you are screwed.

    2. ROBERT
      On some level Mexicans who molest/break-in female juveniles probably do so because early genital stimulation ensures over-sexualization of the female child which ensures that procreation.
      Groups with high rates of female sexual molestation are “fecund” with lot’s of child fertility.
      Your race will not die out if you molest young girls and they learn young that it feels good. Let’s face it.
      In order for a race to survive the females have to be sexualized.

  5. “Subspecies are valuable due to their contribution to the species.”
    True, but there are no subspecies within the Human Race. The Human Genome Project has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are no genetic markers or alleles for “race” and that all humans are the same species and the same RACE. The generally thought of separations are only a social construct having no basis in genetic or biological fact:
    “DNA studies do not indicate that separate classifiable subspecies (races) exist within modern humans. While different genes for physical traits such as skin and hair color can be identified between individuals, no consistent patterns of genes across the human genome exist to distinguish one race from another.”
    White Nationalists are not intellectuals, and their understanding of “race” borders on retardation.

    1. HGP doesn’t prove the nonexistence of race. Get a clue. HGP was a project to map out the genome using a very small number of samples, not to determine genetic diversity among humans.
      “DNA studies do not indicate that separate classifiable subspecies (races) exist within modern humans. While different genes for physical traits such as skin and hair color can be identified between individuals, no consistent patterns of genes across the human genome exist to distinguish one race from another.”
      Yet it is equally clear that some genes that are common in one population are nonexistent or almost nonexistent in other populations. You won’t find many genes for blue eyes in people whose entire ancestry can be traced back to Nigeria three hundred years ago. You also won’t find many people whose ancestry is entirely Scandinavian with skin as dark as your average sub-Saharan African. There is no reason to think less visible genes influencing cognition and personality don’t obey similar distributions. This is what really matters to the HBD and WN crowds, but this isn’t what the HGP addresses.
      “White Nationalists are not intellectuals, and their understanding of “race” borders on retardation.”
      The retardation lies in denying the existence of race. We can draw an analogy from linguistics: In Arabic there is a dialect continuum stretching from the Middle East to the far end of North Africa such that a person who speaks North Mesopotamian or Omani Arabic won’t be able to understand the spoken Arabic of an Arab in Morocco. There are no clear lines that delineate where one dialect ends and next begins, but no linguist would deny the existence of Moroccan or North Mesopotamian versions of Arabic. Linguists would admit that speaking of such dialects may be, to some extent, arbitrary, but they would also argue that making distinctions has functional and descriptive value based on real distinctions. Racial flat-earthers like you argue that similar distinctions in the distribution of genes prove that race itself doesn’t exist. It would be like a linguist denying the very existence of Arabic or maybe even differences between almost any language. That certainly would be non-functional. In fact, it would be retarded. Arbitrary distinctions in zoological and botanical classification are made all the time and are justified on the basis of functionality. Likewise, simplified models that don’t reflect the fuzziness of real world conditions are used frequently in every branch of science because they are functional and provide useful information. Throw these models out the window if you wish; I would expect no more, since multiculturalists aren’t much more rational in their thinking about human races than creationists are about evolution.

  6. It truly makes no sense to speak of human “subspecies.”
    A lot of people think of a “race” as a kind of extended family. I wonder if this makes any more sense.

  7. Also, race classification are often simplistic and very irrationally made. Luckily even that is fading thanks to the discovery of DNA (even talking about racial differences is becoming less and less taboo in Europe, where is very much is compared to the US).
    Personally I understand why certain people prefer certain alleles and want to preserve them (like keeping the redhair-gene alive for instance). I also understand that people seek mates of other ‘races’ (to which are too often sociologically stigmas attached).
    Even that is dangerous stuff to think about, because beauty ideals are often blindly swallowed thanks to the powerful marketing campaigns and mass media. If for instance cosmetic eugenetics becomes accepted in the future, think about the people who’d fall outside the beauty ideal. I think that a beauty ideal need to be liberalized ASAP, more non-conformism is needed in our society IMO.

  8. DIRECT QUESTION: How much education do you have in this area or in general? Only people who know nothing of advanced molecular biology or genetics would spout the nonsense you just did. Take this silly statement for example:
    “Yet it is equally clear that some genes that are common in one population are nonexistent or almost nonexistent in other populations. You won’t find many genes for blue eyes in people whose entire ancestry can be traced back to Nigeria three hundred years ago.”
    Sorry, but NO. There are NO genes present in one group which are not present in another. And in particular the African population, which contains ALL genes available to human beings. Blue eyes and blonde hair is not a genetic trait, its the result of certain genes being turned OFF. Blonde hair is the color of follicular protein without pigment, as are blue eyes. When blacks have blue eyes, it is called ocular albinism. This black baby’s ice blue eyes are 100% natural: NO WHITE MIXING here:
    Here is an adult black guy with naturally blue eyes:
    And about that blonde hair…it was a black trait long before “white” people ever existed. Aborigines in Australia are born blonde, and then the hair gets darker when they get older, but sometimes it stays for life. Proof here:
    An unfortunate fact of reality is that genetics do not lie. Genes cannot be racist, only people can. There is no greater power than knowledge, and you sir do not have enough to discuss this subject with any authority.
    The unspoken goal of the HGP (specifically the genome mapping project conducted by Celera Genomics owned by J. Craig Venter) was to identify markers which correlated with what we know of as “race”. They wanted to develop “race based medicines” which could then be marketed to specific “race groups”. What they found, and what the HGP found is that there are no such markers. Most of the traits which result in the phenotypes we visually separate into “races” is transient and can change completely inside of two generations. For a brief time, a medicine calle Bidil was marketed as a “race based” medicine, and was approved by the FDA, but later it was found to be affective on north African and southern European populations and it lost relevance as a drug at all because other drugs proved more effective.
    In western European populations which look “white”, we see that genes have been turned OFF to result in skin with little or no pigment, resulting in the translucent skin of “whites” and is the reason for a pink appearance due to capillaries in the skin. The blonde hair and blue eyes are all a result of a lack of cutaneous melanin production in sufficient amounts to color (or protect) the skin. Nothing more. All humans belong to the same species and the same “race”. Your post is pure ignorance.
    Curiously, that population is the only human population known to have primarily lived in caves for most of its existence (about 20,000 years). Cave dwelling animals also show these traits, as do albinos. Black African albinos have blonde hair and blue eyes:
    I used to think there was such thing as race, but it is really nothing but a social construct created by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in 1785, and there is no mention of “race” any time before that. People were identified by language and culture, not by appearance. White people invented the concept of race. It doesnt really exist, sorry.

  9. TRASH and JASON
    I basically see trump as the LBJ of Whites. Not in civil rights per se but in a war on poverty. The inverse of LBJ’s actions are the case here with the rural poor first then the urban poor although both are helped. It will do a ton of good but no where near as much as trump’s die hard fans believe m.
    Does this sound accurate?

    1. That’s assuming his tough stand at moving jobs back into the US will actually keep going into the future, and of course, doing this makes him the enemy of big players, and we know what that means.

      1. Robert Lindsay is pretty much convinced Trump is a fascist, so he doesn’t think as a whole he will help out the poor whites, and of course not the poor anyone else either.

      I’d compare Trump to Ronald Reagan.
      The nation wants to feel good about itself after another long and pointless war, a Great Recession, racial divide, general malaise.
      Like the 70’s hippies, the silent majority is tired of freaks protesting.
      Reagan had Morning in America and today it is Make America Great Again.
      We will also be overcome with a great deal of 90’s nostalgia.

      1. How about a provoking of a race war which would cause martial law? Very well could happen with Trump’s wall. A lot of Hispanics won’t go kindly into that good night, so to speak.

        1. Hispanic Americans have been in the Southwest since Christopher Columbus and the great majority are 4th and 5th generation Americans.
          The son of a German immigrant like Trump whose mother NEVER HAD U.S. Citizenship IS GOING TO KICK THEM OUT?
          They been U.S. citizens 10 x as long as his family.
          As for illegal aliens, I do not think long-settled Hispanics will actually object.

        2. JASON Y Being from the South you do not realize HOW LONG Asians and Hispanics have lived in California compared to Yankee Whites.
          Watch KUNG FU, bro. They were in California BEFORE the Irish arrived-it was the Chinese that COMPLAINED about Irish immigration in the early 20th century.
          Trump, the son of immigrants, is going to deport them.
          Illegals. Sure. But many Filipinos, Russians and some Italians on the East Coast will also get deported. A few Quebecois too.
          Being from the South you do not know who the illegals in New England are. They are Canadians and Italians bro.

        3. Sorry, I think the hispanics will take the wall personally. Note, we now live in this politically correct age where people are very uptight about race so you can expect that moves against Hispanics will make big news, ESPECIALLY with NBC and CNN as hostile liberal forces.

        4. In reality, 58 percent of Mexicans from Mexico think the southwest belongs to them anyway so there’s a major problem. So the Mexican government will side with their own people and they would possibly do what they can to encourage a race war, just as Trump will. because the Mexicans, due to economic reasons, want Trump to fall, and Trump wants to declare martial law to make him king.

        5. It reminds me of this bullshit myth that Mexican-Americans and Black Americans etc.. are really loyal to America above their race, and really they are not. I mean, we have seen tons of race riots and the like, and I’ve seen on Asian Forums how Asian Americans are incredibly racist and their loyalty to America is 2nd place.

      2. Yes Trump is the new Reagan. He is actually worse. He is the logical progression of the whole Republican rightwing nightmare that Reagan started. This is where it has ended up. With a terrifying rightwing populist with some fascist tendencies.
        Rightwing populism is not fascism, but it is a second cousin to it. Rightwing populism is the step down from fascism. You keep going rightwing from rightwing populism and you end up with fascism. It’s a continuum, like everything in life.

    3. LOL Trump is not going to do jack fucking shit for poor Whites. He will be one of the worst enemies they ever had. You fell for the Trump con.
      Also you cannot support Trump on here. You can support some of his policies, but you can’t be pro-Trump in general. I ban on that.

      1. Yeah, Robert sounds about right. Plus, and Robert may not agree, the whole wall thing is set to throw things into hyper-drive as far as Trump becoming a Roman emperor. Anyone with wisdom and foresight might want to consider getting out of the country.
        Race is a big deal nowadays. People get MAD about it. Blacks and Latinos already hate Trump. All it takes is more riots and the wall to cause Trump to clamp down. First, there should be violence and next stuff that we’ve not seen in the US, mainly a police state that dwarfs The Patriot Act.
        Finally, there could always be some stuff with Muslim terrorism over the horizon.

        1. It’s all sensitive city and CNN and NBC will gladly broadcast biased views of rioting nationwide making Latinos and blacks more angry. Plus, you got social media feeding the whole hateful scene. There will be post after post on black facebook pages talking about police brutality, just as on white ones will be the old “law and order” line. It’s all dynamite set to go off soon.

        2. JASON Y Arabs with Scimitars are not going to leap off Arab dhows to mass-invade North Carolina.
          A few American-born Arab losers like the Boston brothers whose lives collapsed into drugs and welfare in bleak working-class neighborhoods will shoot up kindergarten classrooms but Muslims lack the numbers to actually defeat whites on American soil. Some “Pris-lam” converts, mostly black.
          ISIS and the rest DON’T HAVE A NAVY. Supply chains and the like are impossible.
          They cannot even get across the Mediterranean.
          Arab-Americans and particularly Iranians are prosperous in general and as a group have no desire to wage a war on Sunset Boulevard.

        3. If Trump had a second-term, it would be a miracle. I don’t see him being a dictator for 1,000 years. He does not seem to know what the hell he is doing and will likely go down like Arnold as governor. A celebrity who got into politics and looked like an idiot.
          Since blacks live in ghettos and their riots do not affect the centers of wealth or power in Manhattan or on the West Coast at the given time they lack the numbers for a successful revolution.

      2. Case in point, on NBC news tonight, they had a story about a little girl reciting Martin Luther King’s speeches. OK, now tell me if they don’t hate Trump? Not saying that’s bad, though. NBC, CNN etc.. will try to do their best to make Trump look bad cause they hate him.

        1. Jews actually organized and became educated and wise enough to the political system to be a fair adversary to the GOP and Republicans or Anglo elite.
          But blacks are mired in poverty and cannot get their hands on the media and when they do get air-time people just snigger.
          Lot’s of luck.

        2. JASON Y
          Hillbillies hate elitists but when you are in plane flying over it is hard to shoot it down with a shotgun.
          Blacks can drive police out of Baltimore or South Chicago but then their own neighborhoods worsen.
          Until ghetto blacks lay hands on a nuclear weapon (Which is the real threat Arab invaders pose: passing one off to a Pris-lam convert) or an F-15 they can only burn down their tenements or lynch the odd truck driver.

      3. I think we have another Reagan here. Except you could not possibly de-regulate the market anymore.
        70’s quasi-Marxism and sympathy for minorities vaporized in 1980 (I was 6 years old but I remember the Carter era as being more sensitive to minorities while Reagan ignored them).
        It required 12 years of a Reagan Revolution to foment the backlash of early 90’s political correctness that appeared in the Clinton era.

  10. I don’t think race mixing is a big deal among people who are used to it, so why not leave them alone? As far as I know, whites who cannot stand race mixing purposely move away from blacks and Latinos anyhow, even though it may be hard to financially sometimes. Where I live, if you want to be away from blacks, you simply move into the country.

    1. JASON Y
      You could feed every “White Nationalist” without a single squaw ancestor in Flyover Land with 3 TV dinners.
      98% of them are part Native American.

      1. 98 percent of them might have 5 percent or less, but that doesn’t qualify for bragging rights. And of they are so open to other races and think it’s so cool, then why do these same people hate blacks and race mixing with blacks?

        1. Because they find black women to be so unattractive they’d rather masturbate while a squaw looks like an Asian.
          This is the history of race mixing in the South and Flyoverland bro.
          NB They married the squaw and raised kids who married whites until the percentage of Amerindian dropped down to 5%.
          Not so with African female slaves.

        2. Because a Squaw looks like J-Lo and an African female looks like Queen Latifa. If you had to procreate with one which would you choose?
          Rude Scots and Cornish males of the Colonial period whom no British female was going to marry having their “pick of dick” in the New World had a choice: marry J-LO or rape Queen Latifia.

        3. I don’t know. You might say that but if you’re at a strip club and some 20 something black woman is lap dancing there with big tits glaring right at you, then your opinion might change. And the woman doesn’t necessarily have to be a lighter skinned one.

        4. The skin tone doesn’t really mean anything. That’s a big lie many believe. It’s more about face structure or something. Also, other things come into play like the breasts etc.. However, some mulatto women actually believe they are superior to darker skinned blacks.

        5. TRASH
          there is a saying “a little bit of n*gger brings out the best”….
          now the Plantation owners may have left the pure Black women alone. BUT the Mulatta who was the product of a Transatlantic sea captain with Blue Balls raping her mother is very alluring to him.
          Sally Hemings was a Quadroon, and some men think they are better than White women.

        6. Again, whoever said Sally Hemmings is hotter than some dark Zulu at the topless Virgin ceremony in Swaziland (Look it up on Google pictures, lol)?

        7. JASON
          I assume dark Black women are rejected partially because it was a societal norm to consider them unattractive.
          I have heard arguments that they have abnormally high testosterone levels as a “nature” position.
          But ideally 25%-50% “non-White” in a woman adds just enough exotic while still keeping the White look, which is comforting or whatever.
          I did know a girl with an average darkness AA father and an Ethiopian immigrant mother, she was pretty hot at about 65% Black (Ethiopians= 60%, AAs= 75%)

        8. The society has brainwashed people into thinking dark is bad, just like they think a woman even slightly fat is ugly.

      2. TRASH the average for Whites having Native ancestry seems to be about the same as the average of AAs having Native ancestry.
        1-2% total, but that translates to 1 in 5 having 5%-10%.
        Think of every “high yellow” Black who claims to have an Indian great-grandmother. Now consider the Florida hick who frequents AmRen has the same but won’t admit it.
        It obviously is at higher proportions in the “boonies”….1-2% overall but consider basically anybody North of the Mason-Dixon doesn’t have a drop.

        1. JUANNA BOY
          Not in Yankee land: I assume you are talking about below New Jersey.
          Remember that like Cubanos, we have our German-Speaking and Polish and Russian and Jewish neighborhoods and of course that group that you Cubanos are mistaken for the Sicilians.
          The tiny amount of Indian blood in upstate New York or Maine will be in the immigrant French-Canadian communities because like New Spain, France could not induce women to immigrate in Colonial times as easily.
          Yankees have no Indian or Black blood because most arrived from 1880-1830 and many were women as oppose to men seeking to find work in sweatshops or garment factories because male peasants are more valuable for farm labor in Ireland or Sweden.
          Ellis Island began to screen for prostitutes because these flooded to New York to work in the huge sex industry.

    2. Which strips away your sources of earning power to one fast-food restaurant or a bar or the Glass Slipper exotic dancers club IF you are a woman.

      1. I don’t think strip clubs are on every corner, even in Chicago. Definitely, in Tennessee, they’ve driven most of them into Knoxville, Nashville etc.. and there are only so many. There isn’t enough work to view it as another McDonalds.

  11. TRASH I hate to defend White Nationalists but you would not bat an eye if some 19% Indian Argentine frequents VDARE.
    But when a 12% Seminole Floridan frequents AmRen he is a “95 IQ redneck”..
    the irony is that the Argentine would not obsess over the one drop rule while the psychotic seminole would have non-stop chimp outs over it.
    THAT is the problem,

    1. Some of the most racist assholes (for the white cause) are not only somewhat of a non-white race, but some look totally like a non-white race. See, a lot of this stuff is self-hate, projecting insecurity as bullies usually do.

      The PUREST Europeans in South Florida are Gallegos Cubans descended from Batista-era exiles. Plain and simple. A 12% Seminole-blooded redneck will say “they aren’t white” because he is a fool but in Europe or up North most whites notice the subtle characteristics of Indian blood in the redneck white Floridian: straight hair that is rather course, high flat cheek bones and rather bow-shaped eyes, wide-spaced eyes, stupidity.
      The whites that settled Florida were a wretched cast of characters, Indian-blooded or no: Loyalist dregs deported from the New England colonies, Welsh vagrants and dregs press-ganged into sailing to be dumped in the Bahamas, more recent criminals on the run from the Northern states.
      Generations of cultural estupidation has ensued in the pine barrens and everglades since then.
      Gallegos Cubans dislike being lumped in with Mexicans or called “Chicano or Latino” because it is code for “dumb, primitive Amerindian”. They won’t come out and say that but Central Americans understand it.
      PURE-WHITE Argentinians and Andalusian Mexicans WILL CLAIM to be MESTIZOS if they are in politics: Che tried this (His family however angrily pointed out that they were Gallegos and Irish, of all things) and Castro attempted it with his parents both immigrants.
      My point? Hispanic whites are assimilated into a Mestizo identity even though the Criollo status of the grand-parents places them where they are in the class system (Spanish in Latin America were good at this).
      They WANT Indians and Mestizos to believe they are a single race from the Rio Grande to the Falklands: this way Amerindians will not revolt but instead will continue illegally immigrating to the Southwest of the U.S.
      Pure white Andalusian Mexicans do not give a shit about “Atzlan”. They only go to Texas to shop in a mall.

      1. “They WANT Indians and Mestizos to believe they are a single race from the Rio Grande to the Falklands: this way Amerindians will not revolt but instead will continue illegally immigrating to the Southwest of the U.S.”
        Yes, you are absolutely correct here.
        I took an autosomal DNA test anticipating to come back about 20% non-European. I came back 5%.

        1. I get called names by WN retards all the time, but typically “ur a dumb sheeple who sux JOOO Cock” really doesn’t bother me….but I do feel silly that I didn’t really comprehend that until recently.

  12. If you are poor, white and urban the following walls are build around you:
    When you are in your 40’s and adolescents of 19 in a community college or grown adults have time to hassle you about a stint in Korea or your political views this is a sad place you live.
    Which white wants to live there after the anonymity of the city where nobody gives a shit about anybody’s business.
    A) Different ethnic background. Italian-Americans and poor Jews have a culture and a food and community in the city. They are not Scots.
    B) In a tight small-town job market nobody will hire 30 year old Tony Scarfollini who is a fast-talking, rude city boy.
    C) Some hicks might leap out of the woods with chainsaws and a leather mask.

  13. JUANNA BOY Testosterone and Race-Mixing
    Black women seem to get massively horny more frequently than white women.
    Despite their cruel oppression and hatred for the whites responsible the physical need to have a Heatcliffe-type white English rogue driving a penis deep into their vagina might have overruled these intellectual over emotional feelings.
    This I believe was the reason so many African-Americans have white ancestry. It might have been rape but also black women enjoy be shafted by males of all colors.
    Prostitution is partly economic desperation but it is also an occupation for women who like sex enough to participate in it 5 times a night. Black women are more often prostitutes. They might claim not to like men but the physical sensation of an orgasm overrides this and they might even get excitement when a white man is ejaculating inside their mouth.

    1. TRASH there is a seen in Roots where the “good ole’ boy” crew brings up a Ca. 15 year old Madinka slave for the Captain to have sex with.
      These were Sally Hemmings grandparents. But their daughter was half and half, which probably was more of a thrill for a Plantation owning Widower as opposed to carnal desire. Otherwise he could’ve just remarried.

      1. What? That’s just Joo propoganda. It was a Jewish sea captain raping the African girl. (sarcasm ??)
        No, Sally Hemmings couldn’t have been raped by a plantation owner or overseer. Some Jew must have possessed Thomas Jefferson or someone similar’s body making them rape her. Did you know scientists are beginning to prove that’s possible ? (Front page news on Stromfront) 😆

        1. How many Jews are arrested in the U.S. for casual on-the-floor hit-and-run rape.
          Sadly those like Joel Rifkin who do get arrested for sex crimes have killed 17 women by the time they are apprehended because they are intelligent and have OCD.

        2. Some on. We’ve been to southeast Asia, how can we really buy this bullshit that southern white men practiced nobility and didn’t fuck their niggers? Get real. 😆 And there wasn’t enough Jews down there to account for the numerous mulattoes, so it most of them came from traditional white southern stock.

        1. JASON Y
          A Jewish man once told me that porn was filled with Jewish women because they had a high sex drive.
          Not many black women pull the Linda Lovelace syndrome about porn and complain after they retired. They seem quite eager to be paid to have a John Holmes-sized penis in their vagina and more black women are genuinely have orgasms on-camera.
          I’d extend this to black and Amerindian prostitutes.
          Sucking the penises of rough Charles Bronson type big-dicked, barrel-chested Polish-American men who then ram their penises into them in the cab of their trucks probably arouses many black women who hate whites.
          Some dormant but present K-strategy submissive-sexual excitement gene exists when his calloused hand is pressing her head into his lap as his big uncut Slavic or Italian beef is in her mouth.
          Sheer primordial instinct takes over as Archie Bunker’s penis is roughly ramming their vagina to orgasm.
          Then they get paid.
          White female prostitutes are more likely to talk about how awful it is and how they do it only for drugs because their own ancestors evolved from R-strategy reproduction which evolved in a frigid climate to produce frigid women.
          It was explained to me by one Italian man that all women from temperate-to-tropic zones (Italy to South Africa) are latitude horny.

      1. I have lived overseas for 20 years and watched the U.S. sink into poverty from the envy of the world that it still was in the final decade of the 20th century.
        BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD depicted 15 year olds working part-time at a drive-thru. Can you imagine that now?
        It has gone downhill FAST. As soon as “Dubya” was elected. Americans themselves do not notice this because their tablets or smartphones keep them busy but the actual standard of living has crashed.

        1. I have no idea why there hasn’t been a revolution, but with this wall and Trump you can expect things to get really violent quickly.

        2. A lot Republicans like my parents voted in Dubya cause they just won’t vote in Democrats, seeing them as anti-white (Note my parents are not WNs but are just conservative rural whites.) I guess it’s mostly a matter of pride. So pride did the US in as most people could not see the evil in Bush.

        3. How exactly, in more detail, didW. Bush sink the nation? Note, some claim Clinton started the foundation of the US fall. Do you agree?

      2. Why do you refer to Mulatto as N***ers? Why not call them African hybrids.
        What’s the gutter slang for, Jason?
        That is WHY you Southern Whites always will be in conflict with blacks. You do not see them as African immigrants as we Yankee children of Europeans so.
        You see them as slaves.

        1. Words were for sarcasm. No, I don’t like degrading human beings. Myself, I was called Afro and Afro-American quite a bit growing up, along with the other vile insults boys throw out.

  14. JUANNA As ROOTS pointed out she later came to accept what small privileges she could gain from being an African slave with a vagina and rebuffed proud Kunta’s attempts to persuade her to flee.
    Kunta’s butthole was of no value just as the anus of a proud Aztec warrior was of no value to the Spanish conquistador.
    A few of the lesser-attractive or socialized women will reproduce with the males which produces the permanent underclass minority of Mayans in Mexico for example but the vast majority give up the pussy to the conqueror.

  15. JASON Y
    Watch BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD as a 90’s satire.
    At 15, BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD both have part-time jobs which are depicted as in no way POSSIBLY SUPPORTING AN ADULT. This is why TEENAGERS are supposed to hold those jobs part-time.
    20 years later: Drive-thru positions are held by 40 year old high school and college graduates while the manager has an MBA.
    Convenience store and Mall jokes: BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD buy porn mags ets.
    20 years later the Malls and Convenience Stores are gone. Empty parking lots choked with weeds and “corner” drug deals and a crack house or two. China-mart remains and the owners of these stores now work there or retired in time to make their money.
    BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD’S strip now looks like a Mad Max film after the neutron bomb killed everyone but left the buildings intact.
    Media and the internet: aged 15 the boys manage to buy some porn mags and they watch PG-rated MTV.
    20 years later they have smart phones and watch “FACIAL ABUSE” or “SNUFF” at age 9. There childhoods are filled with exposure to uploaded images of sadism and aggression, instead of soft-core porn.
    CRIME. BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD admire Todd, a local punk headbanger.
    Today, white teens call themselves OC Crips and roam the streets acting like Superfly. Gone are the rogue whites they once admired. Gone is their music, they listen to R&B or Rap.
    HIPPY TEACHER. Today politically-correct hippies are hated in Flyover-Land.
    The nineties were a great time weren’t they?

    1. I think hippies were always hated in flyover land.
      The MBA remark was interesting. MBAs have become useless. Now where you got the MBA is starting to matter.

  16. If the lower-class actually did do well in school and was college educated and every Clint had an MBA or degree from the London School of Economics then there would be revolt.

    1. “Well guess what? It was me writing the paper on Adam Smith, motherfucker. Got a problem with it? Any more observations? Why don’t you observe me smashing in your teeth? 😆 ”
      “Don’t be writing checks your ass can’t cash”
      “I only came here to do two things. Kick some ass and drink some beer. Looks like we’re out of beer.”

      1. Here’s the first lesson: Cost of Living is intended as a moat between the riff-raff and the urban island chain from New York to LA.
        If you revolt in your own backyard and it looks like shit anyhow and nobody with an MBA wants to even stop there, why would they care if you burn your own Mayor’s office?
        Now if poor whites threatened to cut off the food supply which is the last raw material resource then they would have some leverage.

        1. Who said poor whites controlled the food supply? Huge mega-farms are the norm, and I am sure the organic farmers are not poor, though definitely smaller.

        2. Poor whites are not farmers nowadays. They do other things. They are on hard times, but they aren’t farming. That was something of the past.

      2. One got the feeling that high school students going on to college were NEVER coming back to that DAZED city and that Clint and the stoner WERE NEVER LEAVING.

      3. Clint’s tend to reproduce young/get into hard drugs or alcoholism and cannot ever leave their town limits.
        So no matter how they feel, the only thing they can do is sell the Elite blue states their crops as modern-day feudal peasants.

        1. Well even assuming they work on farms, which most red state townies don’t, they wouldn’t own the land so how could they use it as a weapon?

  17. Until ghetto blacks lay hands on a nuclear weapon (Which is the real threat Arab invaders pose: passing one off to a Pris-lam convert) or an F-15 they can only burn down their tenements or lynch the odd truck driver.

    That would turn Trump from bag of wind World War II Mussolini to Nero overnight.

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