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Wow, I had no idea this guy left videos, oh my God. Here is his Youtube page. His name is MOSB46PBH, whatever the Hell that means. I subscribed to his page. Congratulations, George, you just hit 100 subscribers!
Then I noticed he didn’t have any friends. I figured that’s why he was so damned lonely and he went and shot up all those poor women, so I clicked to box to be his friend! Maybe that will make him feel better, even in death, and maybe his spirit won’t come back to haunt more guys into mass-murdering women.
Turns out George has to approve my friend request. Damn! Guess that ain’t gonna happen!
I so wanted to be this guy’s one and only, man, I swear, you coulda cried on my shoulder anytime, bro. You could even call me anytime you wanted, you could pour a drink in your place and me in mine, and we could talk about how fucked up women are and how hard it is to get laid if you’re not rich, or young anymore, or an alpha asshole.
This is one of George Sodini’s videos. Hide From Emotion is really kind of scary, considering what happened. The guy’s a dead man walking, talking from beyond the grave.
He doesn’t seem the slightest bit weird or strange or abnormal in any way whatsoever. I detected no social awkwardness, nervousness, anxiety, or poor social skills. He probably did a better job in front of a camera than I would have. His eyes don’t look weird or strange, and his voice is normal. His sentences are appropriate and the subject matter is consistent. There is no evidence of thought disorder, derailment or any of that.
Simply put, the guy is just not mentally ill at all.
What is freaky about the video is he doesn’t seem like such a nice guy. His voice is really angry, and his eyes look pretty angry too. There’s something creepy and scary about the anger in his voice. I don’t like it at all. It’s determined, extremely bitter, and ice cold. There are years of frustration in that voice bubbling over like a volcano.
This is George Sodini’s other video. How George Pittsburgh Lives is just sad. Sodini takes us on a tour of his house. Over and over, he keeps saying, “I’m sure the woman will be happy with this.” But there’s no woman coming over, not one, not ever. He had his cologne, matching furniture, huge speakers, 32 inch color TV, nicely made-up bedroom, clothes, everything, all set up for the Woman Who Never Came.
The dining room was particularly poignant. There were table mats and places set for two people, but you just knew the guy was going to eat alone again that night and every night. I almost cried when I saw that and I’m getting choked up as I reread it.
The video was made 5 months before he went on his spree. Once again, he has that creepy tension, violence and even aggression in his voice. A lot of guys come off like that, but they’re not scary. Once again, you get the feeling you’re listening to a human volcano.
At one point, the camera pans to a book called Date Young Women. Turns out Sodini had taken PUA (pickup artist) courses from some tool named R. Don Steele – that’s who wrote the Date Young Women book. I don’t give a damn about the PUA community one way or the other. But since tens of millions of American females really, really, really hate the PUA community, I figure the PUA guys must be onto something good.
Here is a video of George Sodini at at one of R. Don Steele’s workshops (the guy in the white shirt). The guys there are all different ages, young to older. Steele himself must be 70. At first the workshop isn’t bad, but the more you learn about Steele, the less you like this oily snake of a man.
There are young women there, paid by Steele, to talk to these guys, etc. and everyone says the women are miserable getting paid to talk to “old losers.” I didn’t get that impression at all.
Fact is, the anti-PUA feminist community are the haters –  haters of men!
In the video, Sodini looks quite stiff and awkward when he greets one of the women. It’s as if his limbs are made of wood or steel. That’s not good. I don’t do that.
I have the appearance, expression, attitude and voice of some guy who sat down in a room at the beach full of surfboards, wax, incense, beer cans and Aerosmith albums at age 20 and smoked joints nonstop for a couple of weeks, and here he is, 31 years later, and the weed still hasn’t worn off. I’m permastoned, and I don’t even need any bud anymore. I don’t know well that works, but it’s got to be better than the Tin Woodsman.
According to this ridiculous over the top feminist blog, appropriate titled Feministe, the PUA artists try to teach guys who are AFC (average frustrated chump) uberbetas to be, as she puts it, “asshole womanizers.” Having spent many of my younger years as an “asshole womanizer”, and then having spent quite a few other years (such as my middle age) rewriting the AFC book from early adolescence, I’ll have the Asshole Womanizer Special with soup and salad on the side, thank you very much.
Thing is, I don’t think that’s what the PUA guys do. I think they are just trying to show guys how to feel better about themselves so they can get girls. Right?
As far as my life nowadays, I had so much sex when I was younger that I can pretty much die happy now even if I never do it again. I probably slept with more women than most guys will in 10+ lifetimes, and most of them were attractive to beautiful. I can live off my memories until I die like an emphysema patient lives off his oxygen tank.
My sex drive is going down anyway, and girlfriends have told me that many to most of their girlfriends at 50 are in sexless to near sexless marriages. So a lot of guys my age aren’t getting any anyway, and that’s not counting the 20% who can’t even get it up anymore.
Middle age is the time to write a book, build a house, work on your car, read a lot of books, drink lots of good coffee, play music in your room, cook manly meals for yourself, have great conversations with smart and interesting people, take as many trips as you can, play at Renaissance Man, laugh til you drop and drink lots of red wine.
The race for the money is through, and things are all settled out. You’re either rich or poor or somewhere in between, and that’s what the future looks like too. Everyone’s more or less happy with their monetary situation, and the guys are hardly fighting anymore.
A lot of males your age look awkward, nervous, depressed, nerdy, fat, lame or idiotic. It’s like every year past 45, their confidence getting Hiroshima’d one more time. I assume the effects are cumulative.
At that age, if you’re still a cocky, swaggering conceited bastard like me who walks around like he’s King of the World, a lot of people will hate you. But a lot of others will be amazed. Look at that guy! He’s over the hill, he’s got nothing going, he’s broke, and he’s prancing around like an aging rock star. What the Hell, man? How does he do it anyway? They figure you must have earned it somewhere along the line, and there’s a sort of (O.G) respect that goes with that.
Sodini said women never give him a second look. Too bad. Women look at me a lot, and they ignore me a lot too. When I’m in my best moods, strutting around like Mick Jagger, the most beautiful women can around turn and smile great big huge smiles.
Women my age, old ladies, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, teenage girls, even 12 and 13 year olds, look at me and steal glances. That’s worth something right there. There’s no sex involved, but it keeps me from shooting up aerobics clubs.
There are lots of American guys who are not getting any at all. I’ve known plenty of them. I know a guy now (call him Joe) who hasn’t had sex in 19 years. When he was younger I think he won Player of the Year several years in a row, so I’m not sure if he cares he’s turned into a fucking monk.
When I was 19 or so I had this friend, Steve, a surfer. This guy would date like 3 or 4 women or girls every day. Morning date, afternoon date, evening date, then midnite he’d climb into some girl’s window at her parent’s house. He’d have sex with all of them. He always had 3 girlfriends at any time, and they shifted all the time. Plus whatever he could get on the side.
Females didn’t hate him at all; they all knew what he was up to, and no one cared. Mostly they were just lining up at his door, taking numbers, waiting to be called for their appointments, and walking away happily afterward.
In the summer, Steve and his incorrigible friends would rent a house on the beach. The keg was always full, and there was always a pound or so of pot in the place, since they were always dealing. They lived off salt water, surf wax, acid rock, beer and Thai weed. Women and girls were circulating through that place all day and nite. Steve might sleep with 100-300 females in a summer at that house.
The guy was my idol, but I could never come close.
Anyway, Joe lived something like Steve back then, and I don’t think he cares that he’s dry now.
I knew another guy, campus cop, totally normal and very good looking, no sex in 13 years. He was a hard rightwinger, so I figured he got what he deserved. I’ve known other guys, 5 years, 3 1/2  years no sex, that’s just what they own up to.
I know a guy, prison guard, who’s over 50 and never had a date. Nothing wrong with him, just incredibly shy.
I know a guy at 50 who’s never had sex. Until the recession, he made $75,000/yr as a salesman. He’s completely normal, except he’s a depressive. Man, women hate him so much for that!
That Sodini was 48 and trying to date young chicks is absurd right there. After age 47, I can barely look at young women without them giving me dagger eyes and acting like they are going to call the cops.
Around 47+, a man is going to have a hard time getting a young woman, especially a pretty one (assuming he doesn’t formally buy one). They don’t want us old farts.
If you have a lot of money, you can maybe pull it off. Maybe if you’re famous. Maybe if you have some status – think college professor and young coeds. Maybe if you’re a semi-celebrity in a little crowd – think artist locally known but not exactly famous or rich.
If none of the above, you can try looks – if you still great for your age, maybe. Charisma, especially the extreme charisma of the Steve types above, could maybe help you if you lack all the rest. But you’re paddling against the rapids.
People have hacked Sodini’s account and found he was doing Internet searches for “Avoidant Personality Disorder.” A lot of these guys hardly have any sex at all.
You can’t be this way. Life’s full of rejection. You might think I’ve been successful in life if you read above, but I’ve also been rejected by females 100’s of times minimum.
One thing that’s really creepy about the Sodini Phenomenon is he seems to be getting a weird fan club. There are all these guys leaving comments on his videos, cheering him on, acting like he’s their idol, saying “RIP!”, “He went out in style!” “Good shooting!” or saying he’s their hero. Others are saying they feel sorry for him.
On the other side, the feminist blogs are raging. “No one owes you guys a thing! No one owes you a date! No one owes you sex! You’re tools!”
Wow, breathtaking. So all us guys have the inalienable right to be lifetime celibates and waste our lives away. Fuck you. Seriously. You bitches. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.
On the other side, George Sodini Fan Club is cleaning their guns in the armories of their minds, peering through their scopes in their dreams, having reveries of the Big Dead Hottie Day.
Something isn’t working out.
While you’re chewing that fat, check out Female Misogynist. Yeah, it’s written by a woman. Incredible reading, and scary too.

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17 thoughts on “George Sodini Videos”

  1. I think a lot of people are buying into Sodini’s incorrect self-diagnosis. You’re touching on some of the contradictions here. Lots of 48 year-olds can’t score with young women, and so what? Sodini got laid in his 20s. Why didn’t he get married?
    This guy had bigger problems, and lack-of-game was just a piece of that. From everything I’ve read about him, I’m not sure he had any friends at all, male or female. But he didn’t notice, because in his mind a 20-something girl would solve all his problems.
    By the way, you’re being pretty generous about his house. It looked lame to me.

  2. I know a guy who is a bartender, and I think he is like your Steve friend in many ways.
    I have often thought that the best gimmick for getting lots of girls is being in a band, even if it is a small time local band. There will be followers, and with late nights, booze, etc., the natural result is…plenty of hookups from groupies who like indie music. Politicians can get laid a lot because they have a certain degree of fame, but outside school politics (student body president), it is hard for them to get action with MANY women. Remember my post about the fat fraternity president? The one I wrote on your old blog? Guys like him do well in college, but politically, politicians still cannot get away with as many affairs as rock stars, bartenders (warning to people: have to be quite good-looking), or people who take pictures of nude women. Have you heard of Al Goldstein of Screw magazine? He is a fat ugly guy, who fucked 7,000 women. Then again, he worked every day with sluts who do all sorts of things for money (Google him).

  3. RL:”According to this ridiculous over the top feminist blog, appropriate titled Feministe…”
    That’s funny — at the top of that Feministe website there is a picture of a young blonde female child waving around a shotgun. The quote “You reap what you sow” currently comes to mind…
    Modern feminism is just another anti-civilizational ‘Jewish evolutionary strategy’ forced down the throats of naive White female college students by ugly Jewish lesbian professors and various Jewish ‘activists’ who are far-leftists that clearly hate White males and White-Western civilization. Let it be known that the real goal of Judeofeminism is to undermine healthy relations between White women and White men by unnecessarily increasing tensions and causing strife between them; by screwing up relations between White males and White females the Judeofeminists hope that White-Western culture will eventually become weakened/prostrate enough so that Jews can slowly take it over and thus turn all Whites in to their slavish underlings.

  4. I have a feeling the guy was autistic. Clearly he came across as being normal, but it seems to me that mental illness had to have some sort of influence.

  5. glad to hear your thoughts on this bob. shit man, life is such a bitch sometimes and there’s a part of me that wants to actually like this sodini guy. he looks like a total kook to me but goddamn sometimes these bitches really piss a dude off.

  6. Robert, how do you square being ultra-left in the USA with being anti-cultural-Marxism? I mean, as a white male, don’t you sometimes feel like a 1940s-era Jewish Nazi?
    I mean, I understand your views on policy, and I agree with them to an extent, but how do you handle the fact that most of your political allies are destructive and antithetical to your professed worldview?

    1. Easy! As far as economics and a general view of society, I’m a socialist, a Communist, a Marxist, etc.
      However, Marxism *is* a science, or at least it is supposed to be. I would love if the Left and the liberals were right on race. I spent years believing that and more years desperately trying to prove them right. They are just wrong. The Left and the liberals are wrong on race. They are telling lies.
      The problem is that all race realism plays directly into the hands of the Right for the time being. So I can see why the Right opposes it. But as a science, we should be able to figure out a race-realist Marxism. Hell, we can come up with a theory for anything.
      My colleagues are just wrong on race in the West. But over in India, Nepal, the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Palestine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, where the real struggles are taking place, there is no discussion of race realism or Cultural Marxism. It’s just a matter of justice. The USSR and China had no need for Cultural Marxism. It’s a fetish of the West. The ultra-Left in the West is insane on race, but I don’t support their Western project anyway (revolution in the West).
      What am I supposed to do, man? I mean, I’m a Commie. I’m supposed to turn into a rightwing scum asshole (yeah that’s how I see them) just because the Left is nuts on race? Forget it. Race is only a small part of things. Economics is much larger.

  7. a comment from the nypost blog:
    Cheryl T:”I have watched the 2 videos and read the entire blog. I can not imagine feeling so alone and isolated, the way this man did! My heart aches for this man and the torture he felt, though I know he doesn’t deserve my sympathy.
    Those ladies at the gym must have been terrified beyond belief when this MONSTER made his intentions known! I pray God can forgive him for murdering those innocent and beautiful women.
    I once worked with someone who had similar beliefs. We recognized this persons COMPLETE lack of self-esteem early. Neither I nor my office mates would allow him to isolate himself. We SMOTHERED him with (purely professional) affection & attention.
    I admit our intentions were not entirely geared toward making him happy. Honestly, we didn’t want him to go “postal” on us! We actually feared him because we knew nothing about him.
    After several weeks of including this person in everything we did, he finally blossomed and became a true team player! He went on to become one of the most successful & indispensable members of our firm! He is also a happily married man, now.
    I hope that each person who reads this mans blog will not hate him, but will instead-pray that his soul be forgiven for this most horrific & terrible thing he has done.”

  8. You know something Silver, I just ought to ban you right now. You’re just plain nasty and hostile much of the time, and I don’t dig it. Some of my friends on here slam me sometimes and disagree with me, but they’re my friends. I don’t get the feeling that you’re my friend.
    I don’t know where the line is drawn where my friends like Lafayette get mad at me and people like you get mad at me, but one feels totally different from the other.
    So, I’m banning you.

    1. Those bastards! They deleted Saint George’s blog! Fuckers. I am going to my Sodini shrine to light a candle in his honor tonight.
      But seriously, what that guy did was just whack. He killed women. That’s messed up.
      There’s two kinds of women. There’s feminists and there’s real women. He just killed women period. Now if he killed feminists, that might be another matter. I would understand the sentiment, but I can’t even condone something like that. Some of the women who are most important to me in my whole life, including my own mother, are basically feminists. And not just equity feminists either.
      Power feminism, empowerment feminism, revenge feminism, gender feminism and the like have filtered down to US women to the point where most US females are simply gender feminists by default. They are even if they don’t realize it. Gender feminism has been inculcated subconsciously in modern US women similar to how caste has wormed its way similarly into Indian consciousness.

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