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George Sodini’s Webpage. Sodini, of course, is the guy who shot up the gym club, specifically targeting young women. He killed 3 women and wounded another 9. He felt rejected by women in his life, and indeed, it appears that women had been rejecting him. I think for most of his life he was not a bad person, but he was a sad person. At the end of his life, he became a sad, bad man, and he committed an act of unspeakable cruelty. Then he took his own life. He said that for most of his life, people had always been saying what a nice guy he was. That’s because he was a nice guy. He acted nice towards others, even towards women. The reason women said he was a nice guy is because he was one. Women don’t think you’re a nice guy unless you are one. A lot of the comments about Sodini are saying that this guy was a weirdo, filled with hate towards women for most of his life, and a social bastard. I doubt it, if he was a social bastard, he would have had to climb over the naked women in his bed every morning to go to work. Social bastards often don’t lack for sex, and women love a meanie. What do women hate? They hate nice guys. Nice guys and wimps. Sodini was a nice guy, and he came off like a wimp. Women hate that, so they rejected him. In his online diary, he notes that he went to a social function, and a woman asked him out of the blue if he had been picked on a lot in school. She asked him that because those are the vibes he gave off – victim, loser, wimp. He hadn’t been laid in 19 years, and he hadn’t had much sex in his whole life. Comments from females about that aspect are deriding him. All he wanted off women was sex, they bitch. Guess what, ladies? That is what we want off you. We also fall in love, sure, sometimes, but mostly men want and need sex from women. The comments are saying, “These guys are evil. Their whole goal in getting to know a woman is to have sex with her.” You got it, babes. That is our goal. If we fall in love along the way, nice, but it’s not a necessity. We are after sex. That’s perfectly normal. When we want to eat, we head to the fridge. When we want to sleep, we flop down on the sack. When we need to go, we plump ourselves down on the can. When we want sex, we try to screw a woman. We are mammals, after all, and sex is one of the highest drives in man, up there with food. Western females, driven insane by feminism, have issues with this fact of nature. No one faults a human for heading for the fridge, so why do we fault a hungry guy for trying to get laid? It’s all the same. In Third World countries not yet wrecked by feminism, females understand this, and no one thinks men are evil. Everyone knows men are sex-crazy bastards who will do anything for pussy, and women are guarded around men accordingly. They like us, but they know what we are all about. They guard their jewels, as Mohammad ordered. When appropriate, they trade their jewels for stuff, marriage, love, whatnot. Feminism has told Western women that males acting like the male mammals they are is evil, sick, twisted and even woman-hating behavior. So Western women are all pissed off at guys. By acting like normal males, they say we sick, evil, and insane woman-haters. The George Sodini’s don’t do this in the Third World. Most guys get married, and a woman doesn’t expect much from a man. What’s he there for, anyway? He’s a good provider, doesn’t drink, gamble, chase women or beat her. In the Third World, that’s called a “good man.” Most guys like Sodini probably get married. Those that don’t aren’t furious about their lack of sex. I’ve talked to male virgins in India and Egypt, aged 23-38. They were not bitter at all. They’d never married; of course they’d never been laid. Over there, women don’t give it up unless you marry one, pretty much. What’s to be bitter about? Sometimes I think this is a better arrangement. In that world, the Sodinis get married, if not young, then sooner or later. In marriage, the guy gets plenty of sex. Who knows if the woman likes it or not? For my Mom’s generation, it was a “marital duty” to be tolerated, and it was assumed you would not like it much. Husbands knew this, figured she didn’t dig it much, but didn’t give a damn. As long as he’s getting his head wet, who cares whether she digs it or not? That’s her problem, right? So the guys mostly marry, and mostly get all the sex they want in marriage. Women put up with the sex, or like it, or whatever, at any rate get supported, and everyone’s more or less happy. In the West, we expect unmarried guys like Sodini to get tons of sex. But why should he? In the Third World, most people would assume he’s never getting laid. I mean, he’s not married, right? You want sex, go get yourself a wife. We’ve also given single women sexual freedom, but they don’t want to use it like guys do. Human females are as picky, cruel and fickle as any other females in the animal kingdom. They select the best, dump the rest, and don’t worry their pretty little heads about any of it. Single women in the West don’t want to be giving it up all the time, and they want something coherent out of the deal. Money, commitment, marriage, a job, a passport, stuff, support, whatever. So the Western single females are having all the sex they want, for the most part, but their male counterparts probably are not. A few are, but most single guys are having dry spells at best. A few guys are cleaning up, just like in an elephant seal harem. I’m a sexual liberationist, but something is wrong with this picture. Why do we expect the single Sodinis of the West to all be screwing like Hefners and deride them as losers if they are not? That doesn’t make sense. Like with so many modern things, we have thrown out the old way, honed through tens of millenia. Not perfect, yet time-tested and definitely workable. The “modern and progressive” counterpart frankly goes against human nature and the history of our species, so of course it doesn’t work that great, yet everyone assumes it’s newer and better. What makes us assume newer is better? I have an old corkscrew, the kind they don’t sell anymore. I’ve bought several new ones, some rather costly, and none of them work worth a flying fuck. When it comes to sex, love and marriage, is newer better? George Sodini said no, guns blazing, and now four people are dead.

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21 thoughts on “George Sodini's Webpage”

  1. It doesn’t really make sense. Many modern White women reject ‘nice guys’ who are stable, hardworking, not alcoholics, not woman beaters, etc. Yet then many of them turn around and fall all over these faggy, feminized, urban metrosexual type of guys.
    This is all the fault of feminism as you say, and feminism is being force fed to White women by Jewish lesbian professors in colleges all over the Western world.

  2. Couldn’t the guy have worked on his game or just paid for it? A trip to Phuket or Angeles City would have been well advised.

    1. I’m convinced that lots of guys are incapable of “working on their game” and getting better. They can work on their game forever and never really get better enough to meet a Western women. A lot of guys out there are just out and out incapable of getting laid pretty much no matter how hard they try, is how I see it. I’ve known quite a few of them. I know one guy right now who is a 50 yr old virgin. He’s quite normal. I know another guy who is like this guy, has not had sex in 19 years. I’ve known others who have not had dates in 13 years, etc. The 13 yrs guy was quite normal. If people think you’re really weird, for instance, it’s damn near impossible to get laid.
      This model doesn’t really work. We changed the rules, but you can’t change human nature. Women don’t really want to use sexual freedom. It’s guys who do, but they always did. Women are pretty much still like the old days. The only want to give it up to get something in return. As my Mom said, in her day, the word was, “Don’t give it up til you get a wedding ring.” I don’t think things are all that much different these days.
      Once you start having regular sex with a woman these days, she usually starts wanting you to move in, then she wants to get married.
      In a more traditional society, George Sodinis filled with rage would not exist. He probably would have been long married by now. I think even really weird guys get married in those places. Pretty much everyone does.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Everyone pays for it. See all those recent scandals with celebrities and politicians buying high priced call girls? That’s how it works. Those guys didn’t buy those call girls because they could not get a woman. They did it because a lot of hot women refuse to give it away. If women always gave it away, there would be no market for whores. There’s a whore market because women in general don’t give it away.
      Anyway, if you’re married, you’re paying for it anyway.
      Most women have charged me for sex in one way or another, and I’ve officially paid for sex (paid a prostitute) maybe 5 times in my whole life. And I’ve had enough sex for 50 lifetimes. Those were call girls, BTW. Hollywood call girls, classy and fancy.

  3. There’s lot of fat farts just waiting to be satisfied, and if you perform well, they’ll spread your fame among their more hot and desirable friends. This guy ruined his life for no good reason.

    1. I think there’s lots of guys who can’t get a hot chick, or really any chick.
      Where I live most guys have homely gf’s or wives, or fat gf’s or wives, or both. I guess the guys are not prizes either. The notion that any guy on Earth can get the hotties for free is ridiculous. I mean I have, and I guess I still can, but I’m not your ordinary guy.
      If every guy on Earth could get the hottest women out there for free, for one, there would be no whore market. Think about it.

  4. The whore market exists because some guys prefer to go the short way. But you can eventually get the hotties if you:
    1- Don’t aim higher than you can shoot and start low in the ladder.
    2- Perform well.
    That gives you a chance the low self-esteem unattractive ones spread your fame among their hotty friends. Women gossip as hell, all the time. It’s a laborious procedure that, like every laborious procedure on earth, can be shortcut by money.

    1. I’m sorry but this is just nuts. The whore market exists because the best women cost money. That’s why, as you get older, the best women are often with the richest guys. He’s basically buying a permanent whore for all intents and purposes.
      Life was most fun for me in my teens and early 20’s. At that age, (college is particularly fun because no one assumes you should have $) everyone is broke, and a lot of the best women are pretty much giving it away, provided you have great game, or charisma or really good looks, or something like that. I had all three at that age, and I had the time of my life.
      As I moved into my middle 20’s after I graduated from college, everything turned into $$$$$ real quick, and most of the best women all of a sudden had price stickers on their backs. The guys were ruthlessly competing for $$$$ and things were just vicious. You could still get great women, but it wasn’t as easy. I don’t understand how right after you get out of college at age 24, you’re automatically expected to be rich!
      WTF, how is a young guy supposed to be loaded anyway? Money comes from seniority in life and it’s not easy for a young man to pile the bucks.
      Most guys that I see around are with women who don’t look that great at best or are homely at worst, or are fat, or both. I assume that’s all these guys have ever had. Most guys probably never sleep with really beautiful women. If they want to, they probably need to buy a whore.
      The whole notion that your AFC can get the hottest women on Earth for free is laughable. If you’re young and you have great game (and good looks helps too), you can do all right. After that, things get dicier because the women all want money, and if you don’t have it, game might not help you much.
      After your mid-20’s, most of the guys I knew who had really hot chicks had $$, that’s all there is to it. Or they pretended they did (drove a Beamer or Mercedes, etc.) At my age, if you don’t have money, you’re SOL. All the hottest older women are with rich guys, pretty much.

    2. I see. But how enjoyable could it be to go to bed with a low self-esteem unattractive woman?
      Maybe this is a naive question…

  5. I must to point out that i’m talking from the POV of a 26 year old. Maybe times get harder as I get old, one never knows…

  6. “I remember one day I was at Grandpa’s farm and I asked him about sex. He sort of smiled and said, “Maybe instead of telling you what sex is, why don’t we go out to the horse pasture and I’ll show you.” So we did, and there on the ground were my parents having sex.”

  7. You know what the most IRONIC part of all this is, with the nice guy thing and all?
    This caused a massive uproar in a certain movement (I won’t name them, but they use about a billion $ tax ).
    Get this… Not only is everyone there using this as an excuse to bash the entire male gender…
    Everyone there is saying “If he would have only been nicer”.
    I’m not kidding. I mean, what has to happen before they stop spreading that “nice guy” propaganda? How many nice-guys have to turn bitter assholes before they see that lie doesn’t work.
    Now, I’m in no way sympathetic of them. Nice-guys are pretty naive for buying it… And they get at angry why the nice-guy thing doesn’t work. How retarded do you have to be not realize the nice-guy thing is a lie, in like 6 months? 2 years? 5?!?
    And there’s still this movement that’s entirely focused on demonizing men, and spreading the message that the solution to all of the world’s problems is converting every man into a “nice guy”.

  8. I think a more interesting subject for examination is the phenomenon of the difference between men & women when it comes to suicide. I’ve observed this all my life. Women who intend to commit suicide just kill themselves. Men often want to take others down with them. What’s up with that?
    I’ve never contemplated suicide, but i can’t imagine wanting to drag other souls along if i did.
    I think the guy was just making excuses for his own inadequacies. Projecting away his shortcomings.
    It’s rather stupid to do that if you intend to end it all, because instead of being honest with yourself and changing your life Modus operandi, you lie to yourself and others, as if it makes a damn difference since you’re gonna be…gone. You’ve quit the game and swept the chess pieces to the floor, so to speak. Who’s learning a lesson? You could rationalize that the surviving family members of those you kill, and those you badly injure, will “learn the lesson” but what the hell do you care? What..are you a freakin’ humanitarian or something? You’re freakin’ DEAD. You killed people to “teach them a lesson”. Big deal. You won’t be around to grade the papers dumbass.
    And the curiculum is a failure. In the unlikely event that you really were a victim of some sort, folks have been killed & murdered in droves since time immemorial and there’s no shortage of assholes.
    Even guys that learn martial arts and are just buzzsaw fighters who walk around with a chip ready to fight at the drop of a hat if they’re “wronged”..dude, you can spend your life beating up assholes and it won’t accomplish a damn thing. All you’re doing is racking up jail time and worshipping violence.
    So a guy will externalize, a woman will just leave the party quietly. Why? I guess our brains must be wired differently.

  9. “I’ve talked to male virgins in India and Egypt, aged 23-38. They were not bitter at all. They’d never married; of course they’d never been laid. Over there, women don’t give it up unless you marry one, pretty much. What’s to be bitter about?”
    In India those days are disappearing as at least in big cities, women are becoming too independent minded and pre-marital and extra-marital sex is becoming more common by the day. India is slowing going down the same road as the West and nothing can stop it now.

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