Ali Jinnah's Dream in Ruins

Note: Repost from the old blog.
A tragic aspect of the failure of Islam to protect its minorities can be seen in Pakistan. Here, at least in terms of how Pakistani Muslims treat Pakistani Hindus, the famed Islamic “tolerance” for religious minorities is a shameful fraud.
In contrast, in mostly-Hindu India, Muslims are treated much, much better than are Pakistani Hindus. Pakistan has eternally shamed the memory of its founder, Mohammad Ali Jinna, who promised that minorities would have equal rights in Pakistan – this promise has completely failed.
The situation for Pakistani Hindus is a mess – first case in point being the many forced conversions of Pakistani Hindu girls to Islam that take place every year – similar to the situation in Egypt where many Christian women are kidnapped by Muslim barbarians and forced to convert to Islam.
These Pakistani Hindu women are kidnapped, taken to madrassas, and tormented until they “convert” to Islam. The backwards police (who are incredibly in on the whole barbaric scheme) then deliver phony affidavits to the parents saying that the girls have renounced Islam. The affidavit states that the girls changed their names to Muslim names and are disowning their parents.
They are then forced into marriage with some Muslim animal. If that marriage does not work out, incredibly, the girls are often murdered! As usual in the Cro-Magnon state of Pakistan, no one is ever brought to trial for this homicide! Note that the Pakistan Constitution forbids forced conversions to any religion, yet nothing is done.
Contrary to the epidemic of forced conversions from Hinduism to Islam, forced conversions from Islam to Hinduism in Pakistan simply do not exist. Clearly, it is much better to be a Christian or a Muslim in India than to be a Hindu or a Christian in Pakistan or Bangladesh.
Recently, reporters went out to talk to the Pakistani Hindu community about their terrorization by the local Muslim beasts reported that the community was afraid to talk because they were terrorized by the Muslim throwbacks.
Pakistan’s insipid blasphemy law, included in the Hudood laws discussed in my prior post here, is used wantonly by authorities to abuse religious minorities, and has led Pakistan’s religious minorities into a state of terror.
The Ahmadis, or Ahmadiyya Movement, a radical split from the Islamic religion, have been particularly targeted by the Hudood Laws. Some o these laws have been aimed specifically at the Ahmadis, and most of those prosecuted under the blasphemy section of the Hudood Laws have been Ahmadis. Ahmadiyya is a particularly interesting Islamic spin-off.
It was founded in India 1889 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. He claimed to be claimed to be the Mujaddid (reformer) of the 14th Islamic Century (the 1880’s were part of the 14th Century by the Islamic calendar) as well as the Jewish Messiah, the Muslim Mahdi and The Christian Second Coming of Christ. You can see he covered all of his bases.
In general, Ahmadis are not considered to be Muslims. They are particularly targeted by Muslims, as with Bahais, because they are seen as heretics. In Islam, a heretic is much worse than an non-Muslim who merely practices another religion, or an infidel.

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3 thoughts on “Ali Jinnah's Dream in Ruins”

  1. I like how you constantly add a negative adjective everytime you mention Muslim, such as Muslim beast, Muslim barbaric, et cetera.
    It really does wonders to the people coming on your blog and who don’t have any impressions on Pakistanis.
    And judging by all the amount of positive light that Pakistan’s had, I’m going to say if anyone does really know anything at all about Pakistan from CNN, Fox, et cetera, all you’re doing is really confirming their beliefs about the country.
    Religious controversies have always been taking place throughout the world. India has more Muslims than Pakistan does and there is a lot more religious segregation there. Muslims are not given equal rights in education, in property matters et cetera. This is one of the reasons Pakistan was created, a place where Muslims could reach their potential.
    I do agree with you about Jinnah’s dream not being fulfilled: Jinnah did not create an Islamic Republic of Pakistan; he created a country where EVERYONE had the right to choose his or her religion and not be ousted for it. However, the lack of a proper education system and the overpowering Jagirdari (land-owner influenced) system makes sure the 60% Pakistanis that live in rural areas are ignorant.
    If you plan on writing about a country, show both sides. If I needed to see someone bitch more about my country, I wouldve just turned on the TV. It would’ve been something else had you presented another argument to make your little writing assignment more…oh, I don’t know…unbiased? And perhaps then I could have actually commended you for writing your little piece.

    1. Well said Es.
      I personally believe that there needs to be more articulate vocalization that, by all means, judges Muslims and Pakistanis in particular for their shortcomings, but does it so fairly.
      Attaching a negative bias to the matter right off the bat does wonders to affirm the preconceived and ignorantly concocted notions of Muslims being backwards and all the rest. Does’nt help matters in the least though.
      But I must add, it is a sad admission at the end that Jinnah’s dream is, at the moment, running in ruins, unfulfilled and left asunder.

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