Alt Left: A Clash of Civilizations?

Note: Repost from the old blog.

There has been much talk lately of Islam clashing with non-Muslim European culture and civilization. Starting in the 1960’s or so, Europe began importing a lot of North Africans and other Muslims as a source of cheap labor.

Moroccans went to Netherlands and Spain; Tunisians and Algerians to France; Pakistanis to Britain; Turks, Kurds and Syrians to Germany; Libyans to Italy; and Iraqis to Norway and Denmark. Over 40 years, the Left in Europe has tried multiculturalism with the Muslim immigrants, an approach which has completely failed.

Large populations of angry young Muslims who completely reject European civilization can now be found in many of Europe’s cities. Many of the Muslim immigrants are hostile to open, Western, secular European values, especially women’s rights, gay liberation, pornography and open sexual expression, revealing clothing on women, and women’s sexual freedom.

Many are upset that it is illegal to beat your wife or to menace, beat or kill your female relatives for being “sexually loose.”

At the same time, it is true that there are a large percentage of mostly young Muslims (especially females) who are crafting a new, more open and tolerant view of Islam.

This hopeful view can be seen in the French Muslim Women’s Movement called “Neither Submissives Nor Whores” (loose translation). Many young Muslim women in Britain are refusing to wear the hijab while citing perfectly reasonable Koranic views that say that the hijab is not mandatory.

In fact, after Mohammad’s death, Fatima, Mohammad’s daughter, often preached in the mosque and never wore the hijab. One can make a case that only the prophets’ wives were required to wear the hijab.

One can also make the case that the hijab was only meant to cover a women’s breasts or her private parts – the Koranic wording is very loose and non-specific – it says a woman should cover her “ornaments” and her bosom.

Over centuries, however, Islamic scholars, operating merely on such loose phrases as “Men and women should dress modestly”, have elaborated a strict dress code that applied mostly to women, little to men, and ended up saying that most of a woman’s body should be almost completely covered. These scholars have had little Koranic basis making such a determination.

For centuries in Islam under the Ottomans, most women did not wear the hijab – it was mostly worn by upper-class women as a symbol of their wealth and status.

The “mandatory hijab” came about more with the anti-colonial movements in the Muslim World at the turn of the century as people turned inwards towards the more fundamentalist and reactionary versions of their cultures as an anti-colonial statement.

Country by Country

Multiculturalism has completely failed in Denmark. The Left pushed it for years and all it has created is a Muslim community largely hostile to secular Danish society at large and openly refusing to assimilate.

In the 1970’s and 80’s, many wealthy Iraqis and Iranians came to Denmark – those who could afford to get out. Many of their children – young people in their teens and 20’s, acted like spoiled brats. They were angry at having to leave their countries, and they despised Denmark.

The Danes set up taxpayer-funded programs to teach them Danish so they could get a job. Many of them attended classes but openly refused to learn Danish. Many of them still do not know Danish and are largely unemployable. When the teachers went home, they would destroy the libraries in the schools where they were being taught.

A combination of upper-class spoiled brattism plus Eastern contempt for the secular West proved to be a bad combination.
After decades of multiculturalism, Netherlands and Denmark are hanging up the towel and demanding that new immigrants either assimilate to the culture or take off. Radical imams who are not citizens are being summarily deported.

The consequences of the failure to assimilate are clear: one consequence is gang rapes. Gang rapes by young Muslim men of non-Muslim European women have been reported in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, France, and Indonesia.

There has been an epidemic of gang rapes in French Muslim ghettos also. Outrageously, in many cases, the police do not even prosecute these rapes because the gangs run roughshod over the neighborhoods, and the female victims are too terrified to testify. For their part, most of the rapists insist that they did nothing wrong.

In the Muslim neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden, there is a horrendous crime epidemic by Muslim youth gangs who rule the area and utterly despise Swedish society. Threats against crime witnesses, robberies, rapes of minors, and gang rapes have all exploded in Malmo. In the schools, where most students are Muslim immigrants, there is widespread anti-Semitism. Malmo is the face of catastrophic Muslim failure to assimilate to European society.

A similar picture haunts Denmark, where an astounding 68% of all rapes in Denmark are committed by Muslims who are only 6% of the population. In Norway, it’s a similar nightmare, as 65% of rapes there are committed by Muslims who are only 4% of the population. In recent years, Oslo has registered its highest rape rate ever – and Muslims are wildly overrepresented in Oslo’s rape explosion.

In Britain, there is a notable incidence of rape by Muslims of non-Muslim White British girls. In Denmark, eight Muslim Danish girls were killed by Muslim fundamentalist Medievalists for either leaving Islam or for honor crimes.

There is a ready explanation for the high rape rate amongst Muslims in Europe. In their home countries, the crime rate in general and the rape rate in particular is often quite low, Pakistan being an exception.

Muslims are most comfortable living in Muslim societies. Living as a Muslim minority under the rule of infidels is insulting and hurtful to the unfortunately supremacist mindset of most Muslims.

Living under Muslim rule accords well with such supremacism. Islam is meant to dominate, and the word itself means to submit. In Europe, young Muslim men are outraged at the scanty clothing and loose sexual mores of many European White non-Muslim women.

In their way of thinking, such women are whores, and they are more or less for the taking. It is permissible to rape them, since they are making themselves readily available. In their home countries, there are not many women walking around clothed like that, and women’s sexual freedom is an underground thing, so their mores are not so offended.

Furthermore, there is stigma attached to being a criminal in an Islamic society, whereas as a Muslim minority under the rule of infidels, perhaps there is less stigma, and possibly criminal behavior is even seen as appropriate rebellion.

We should note here that many of the young Muslim criminals in Europe are not especially religious, and most are actually turned off by radical Islam. There is something else going on here – a profound sense of alienation and rage.

The problems of Muslims in France are particularly acute, where they make up about 12% of the population and in recent years have staged wild riots lasting weeks in which they burned 1,000’s of cars and abandoned buildings. Nobody quite knows what these riots are all about, but the Muslims living in the suburbs of big French cities are clearly not happy campers.

But all of the usual signs are there. In French Muslim ghettos, the insanity of Left multiculturalism has left Islamic fundamentalist  morals police to roam the French ghettos harassing and attacking women who are not veiled.

There is an ongoing disaster in French schools, where the schools have been taken over by male Islamists who act as “big brothers” and enforce “Islamic morals” on Muslim girls. Makeup, dresses, and skirts are banned, and girls are not allowed to go to the movies, to the gym, or go swimming. These rules are enforced by these fundamentalists via beatings and intimidation.

But the situation in the schools is actually better than the scene outside of school, where the backwards custom of forcing unwilling girls into marriage at only age 14 or 15 is common.

Muslim students are in open rebellion against French society – they frequently refuse to read Voltaire and Madame Bovary, acknowledge the existence of other religions, sing, dance, or draw pictures of faces or anything that contains a right angle because it looks like a cross.

In my opinion, students who refuse to practice these basic normal scholastic activities due to their preposterous religion should simply be given an “F” in that subject, if only due to their sheer contemptuous defiance.

Muslim students, heads swollen with liberal “equal rights” bullshit, demand their own tables and bathrooms so they will not have to share them with infidels, the right to not come to school during Muslim holidays, and the right to get served halal food.
It is almost impossible for secular or non-practicing Muslim students to avoid the Islamic dictates in these schools. For example, even non-Muslims are forced to fast during Ramadan.

The Muslim students voice a lot of support of Islamist terrorism, are frighteningly anti-Semitic, and engage in lots of aggressive Islamic proselytization. Jewish kids are subject to continuous anti-Semitic abuse, and freedom of religious choice for minors can no longer be protected.

The lunacy has reached the point where the French now have almost separate facilities in their schools for Muslim and non-Muslim students, a Kafkaesque joke that makes a mockery of French Republicanism.

The new generation of French Muslims, born and raised in France, is being raised by their twisted culture to see themselves a separate nation opposed to everything the West stands for. In this group, anti-democratic views and support for Osama bin Laden were widespread.

Similar disaster looms elsewhere in the West. In Holland, you can see pitiful Moroccan girls with a smiley – their throats slashed (non-fatally), cut from mouth to ear with a knife for not wearing a veil. In Sweden, the charming folks at CAIR (the largest US Islamic organization) objected to prosecuting two Muslim men for the  honor killing of a Swedish girl.

Prisons house disproportionately Muslim populations, and they are serving as an incubator for radical Islamists in Europe.
Australia has also seen its share of the nightmare of Muslims refusing to assimilate to the West. In large Australian cities, many Lebanese have immigrated in recent years. Although many were Muslims, many more were Lebanese Christians.

For those Identity Politics Leftists who complain that this is due to anti-Arab racism by White Australians, the fact that Lebanese Christians have caused almost no problems at all in Australia is a slap in the face to their theory.

The usual symptoms of the nightmare afflict these areas of Australia, with Muslim gangs taking over Muslim districts, high crime rates, gang rapes of White Australian women by Muslim men, with the added outrage that the gang rapes are both condoned by their backwards Muslim society and excused by morally twisted reactionary mullahs.

In one particularly outrageous case, the entire Muslim family of one rapist showed up at the trial to defend their sociopathic criminal rapist son, showing their utter contempt for the victim by calling her a slut and a liar throughout the trial.

In other cases, the barbaric families of the Muslim rapists threatened the families of the female rape victims. Muslims like these are backwards people with no place in Western society. We ought to collectively deport them back to their Middle Eastern sandboxes. Some of the insanity of these Muslims of course often mirrors the insanity of their backwards cultures back home (honor killings, etc.).

In barbarian Muslim Northern Nigeria, for instance, women who are raped by a family member are often punished by the law for adultery, similar to the insane Hudood Islamic laws in the nightmare state called Pakistan instituted by former dictator Zia al-Haq’s Islamization process in the late 1970’s.

Haq’s Islamization process is widely considered to have been a disaster. As part of this process, he brought in large numbers of Saudi instructors and built a huge number of madrassas, or religious schools. The teachers in these schools were usually Salafists from the Gulf. This era was really the root cause of the radical Islamic movement in Pakistan.

It was then when radical Sunni gangs, egged on by Zia, were formed to attack the Shia “niggers” who had finally started to stand up for their just rights after having spent centuries withering under the boot of Sunni Jim Crow oppression in Pakistan.

I really don’t want to go here, but Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, a site pretty much devoted to bashing Muslims, does have an interesting and thought-provoking article here called What Is a Moderate Muslim? Those who desire to refute Spencer need to put their money where their mouth is and offer reasonable, coherent arguments refuting his points. Simple insults like “Islamophobe” or “bigot” will not cut it.

Most reasonable progressives should agree that all forms of fundamentalism are examples of cretinism and obscurantism at best. This surely applies to Islam as well as Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. Salafism is extremist fundamentalist Islam, and it can be reasonably attacked on many fronts.

It shares much in common with both the Wahhabism of the reactionary Saudis and with Qutbism, the philosophy of Al Qaeda. Many Western progressives are getting sucked into the vortex of backwards Sunni fundamentalists, especially the Salafists. One argument is that some Salafists are peaceful, while the armed ones tend to resemble Mssrs. Zarqawi and Bin Laden. I have always felt that peaceful Salafism is hate speech, kind of like the KKK without guns. In other words, it sucks. This blog post goes a long way towards fleshing that out.

This post has probably been a pretty depressing read for any Muslims or anyone sympathetic to Islam. Hence, we ought to end on a bright note.

A recent survey of the Arab World shows that the varieties of Islamic fundamentalism espoused by Wahhabism, Salafism, Qutbism, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc. are not popular at all in most of the Arab World.

Here are the results of the survey:

Vast majorities in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco support some variety women’s rights. Support for the Taliban-Al Qaeda position on women ranges from 1-9% in these countries.

98% said women should have the same rights to education as men clear through university. 91% said women should have an equal right to work, and 78% said they should have the same working conditions as men. 91% said women should be allowed to own property and own and manage economic projects. 95% said women should be allowed to choose their own husbands, and 97% condemned physical and mental abuse of women.

62-90% opposed polygamy, but men supported it more than women. 79% supported women’s political activities, and 76% said women should be able to hold office. There is much more support for the hijab, however – 43-50% said that women must wear it, while 1/2 said it was a personal decision.

On the down side, majorities in Jordan and Egypt opposed a female president, although Lebanese and Moroccans were less hostile.
Bottom line is that Arabs are not nearly as misogynistic, reactionary, and fundamentalist as they are made out to be. By the way, the ME Times is a good progressive Middle Eastern publication, opposed to Islamic fundamentalism, Arab backwardness, along with US imperialism and Zionism.

It’s a welcome anecdote from the usual Arab nationalist and pro- Arab regime junk you get from the Arab press, much of which is funded with Saudi money.

Muslims in the Middle East appear to be better behaved than the Muslims in Europe. However, they are the same people. Let us face it – Islam wants to dominate; it is a supremacist religion.

In some places where Islam dominates, other religions are sometimes treated fairly well. Christians are treated with at least some degree of decency in Morocco, Iran, Uzbekistan, Albania, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. Even Jews are treated fairly well in Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, and Albania.

Where Islam dominates, Muslims relax and can often treat other religions well.

And they can also also be moderately tolerant of sinful behavior. Many women in Lebanon and Egypt do not wear the hijab, and the hijab is almost banned in public places in Turkey and Tunisia. Prostitution and nightclubs are common in Beirut, Cairo, and the UAE.

Mini-skirted upper class women are commonly seen on university campuses in Kuwait. Pre- and extramarital sex is common in Cairo.
There are discreet underground male gay scenes in Cairo and Upper Egypt in Egypt and in Morocco, Arabia, and Kuwait. There is quite a bit of lesbianism in Arabia in girls schools and amongst the frustrated wives of the royalty. Gay male pornography is available to anyone in Arabia with a satellite dish, which just about everyone has.

There is a lot of illegal drinking in Kuwait and probably other places in the Arab World.

I could go on.

But in Europe, Muslims are a widely-despised minority, and more importantly, they are being ruled by infidels. Islam wants to dominate, and Muslims rebel when ruled by infidels. The open sexuality, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, pornography, gay populations, and feminism contrasts with the discretion with which such things are treated back home under Islam.

This is the crux of the matter.

But those Western Muslims who are unable to assimilate to Western societies need to consider going somewhere else.
Muslims who consistently violate and show contempt for Western norms and continue to espouse backwards fundamentalist values – for instance, Muslims who believe that those who insult Islam or women who preach in mosques should be killed – need to be removed from Western societies if possible, hopefully via deportation.

Update: This post has received accolades from a conservative blogger at Pleasant Misery. Although we certainly disagree with conservatives on most things, in the fight against Muslim fundamentalist idiots, we will take any reasonable allies that we can find.

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16 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Clash of Civilizations?”

  1. It is time for Americans and other Westerners internationally to stop the worship of multi-culturalism and start appreciating that Western culture, like democracy, isn’t perfect but is better than all the alternatives.
    You go to any American college and there will be some white female ranting about various discriminatory “isms” rampant in our society, and the need to think multiculturally. That same female comes back a week later to complain about the various atrocities committed against women in non-Western places. The Asian immigrant females don’t participate in these discussions because they’ve seen REAL non-Western cultures.

  2. Those links – ‘Saudhouse’ brings up an attack-site warning, and ‘Beware the deviation…’ gets ‘ file not found’.

  3. this is a great blog.
    Reactionary, proto-capitalist mudSlimes need to get out of Europe if they don’t like it there. I don’t care about race, but I do care about humyn rights, womyn’s rights, and secularism. If mudSlimes aren’t willing to live by those standards, then they should be deported, forcibly if necessary, and the same applies to fundamental Christians.

    1. Your language is very harsh, much harsher than I dare use on my blog, but I do find myself in agreement with the emotional thrust of your comments.
      Welcome to the site, BTW! We need more Leftists here. The Left is boycotting me due to articles like this, and I am being overrun with White supremacists and fascists since they love posts like this.
      It feels sort of lonely and it’s nice to meet a kindred spirit.

    2. I don’t really care about them. We hardly have any of them around here, and everywhere I lived in my life, there were hardly any Ultra Orthodox Jews. I honestly do not understand why people are so upset with them. I used to hang around Hollywood all the time and I saw these cats walking around there sometimes. One could simply ignore them or check them out like a tourist.
      Are the U-O Jews really and honestly that much worse than the hordes of these criminal Underclass Hispanics we are importing, or the Black Underclass?
      Anti-Semites have got to be kidding. Jews are White, number one, they’re more or less civilized number two, and they aren’t a bunch of Underclass amoral scum, number three.
      What’s the big beef about Jews anyway? At worst, they are annoying.

      1. Fair points. I wouldn’t dump on most Ulta-Orthodox ones. Most of time it secular Jews shitting on them. I think most UO Jews don’t even support Israel. They only care about their own little rat’s nest.

        Not sure what they’re up to, but when I saw Bill Clinton speak in person, he had a bunch of ethnically dressed Jews smothering him. Every modern President seems to have a pic of these Jews piling around the President. It’s reasonable to assume that they bend our Commander in Chief over the Resolute desk. I’ve seen packs of Orthodox Jews act in this way, sort of like a gang of un-smooth tribalists. It’s striking how attached at the hip of Presidents this group of Jews is.

    3. I’m sure ‘Jewish Leftist’ was being parodic.
      If you’d read anything about Postville then you’d know why all the ‘hordes of Underclass Hispanics’ are coming.

    4. No, I’m quite sure he is not being parodic. A lot of Jews, even leftwing Jews, are not happy about Muslim immigration to the West at all. Looking at Europe, I can hardly blame them.
      I think it’s preposterous to blame the millions of illegals flooding in here on a bunch of Jews. Jews are 2% of the US population. Jews are often not being very helpful on this matter, but way too many Whites have just sold out the country something horrid on the illegals question. LOTS of liberal Whites support the illegals out of humanitarianism or some such. It’s hard to find a Leftist White who isn’t fervently pro-illegal.
      Even many conservatives support illegals. Here in California, a huge number of White businessmen are behind the illegals all the way, and on the national level, it’s hard to figure out who loves illegals more, the US Chamber of Commerce (and it’s local branches) or La Raza and MALDEF.
      Sure, Hispanics support them, that’s only natural.
      But way too many Blacks do too, and there’s no sense in that at all. I guess Blacks figure that coming out against illegals is siding with Whitey against another oppressed dark-skinned minority, and I guess lots of Blacks would sooner drink cyanide than do that.
      The problem is that we now have millions of anchor babies, and almost every single of them is pro-illegal all the way. Here in California, many of them are coming of age and moving into their 20’s. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.
      Truth is this whole state has just been mentally colonized by PC insanity, and most Whites you talk to anywhere on the political spectrum won’t dare say a bad word about illegals. It’s like they are afraid to say anything. PC Thought Control has almost made voicing thoughts like that illegal.
      Plus there are Hispanics everywhere, and if they overhear you talking shit about illegals, they start to get this real cold and menacing air about them. They act like they’re going to kick your ass.

  4. I am not sure that I agree with everything you say about whites, but since you seem to have many of the same political views as I do, I will lay those differences aside. After all, whites (referring primarily to white, Christian Fascists) are responsible for much of the death and destruction in recorded history.
    I think immigration needs to be ideology based instead of race based. I would much rather have, say, a socially liberal black atheist socialist as a neighbor than a fascist white mudSlime convert.

    1. “After all, whites (referring primarily to white, Christian Fascists) are responsible for much of the death and destruction in recorded history.”
      Common liberal BS. As if all the death and destruction caused by the Ottoman Empire and the various other Islamic forces is a historical fabrication.
      Lets not forget about all the people that were killed by the atheists, communist Soviet Union.
      The bottom line is that people have been killing each other since day one.

    1. No, I’m not being sarcastic here. White converts to Islam, and I do know a few, tend to be the most extreme, racist, sexist, and homophobic of all – not that they weren’t that way before they converted. If a black person can respect me for who I am, then he is more worthy to live in America than a bigoted White.

  5. Well, thanks for open the debates , it’s so simple to generalize concepts and to say that Muslims are there to rape, to kill and to dominate, I suffer my self from those fucking cliché… I’m living in Europe for 8 years, I lived in France, Spain and Belgium and I visited England for a couple of time but still my criminal record is blank I don’t have even any traffic offences and I paid my taxes like everyone else…
    This cheap theory of samuel huntington it is the new imperialism and represent the ugly face of those westerner who are mentally ill or ignorant and sometime that kind of thinking suit their interests…
    As for anti-semitism, Isreal is the result of European anti-semitism and it’s a deliberate attempt to kick the jews out from the west… Therefore the Palestinian become the victims of the victims…
    Please have a look on “Edward said” books “Orientalism”, “covering Islam” you may learn something…

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