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[wpvideo Z9qS070I]
This is a video of Duncan singing along to John Lennon’s “Imagine” along with some seemingly “heavy” text to go along with it. He seems like a pretty normal guy in this video.
[wpvideo UGAmwHvQ]
This is a pretty strange video by Duncan, I guess intentionally so. It’s also supposed to be “heavy”, but I think it’s just pretentious and lame. There’s a death mask at the end that should get people thinking.
[wpvideo Nnzw1YBx]
This is actually a very well-done video shot by Duncan when he visited his family for Thanksgiving 2002. There are a few shots of Duncan and many of the other family members. He shows some pretty good cinematography skills here, though I am no videographer.
I’ve gotten really into this case, but I have to admit that it creeps me out. What I can’t figure out is how he makes friends so easily. I’ve been reading his blog, The Fifth Nail, a lot. He makes all sorts of friends everywhere he goes.
He has people over for dinner and to watch movies, he goes to parties, he goes scuba diving with a bunch of guys, he goes on skiing trips with groups, he goes on skydiving trips with groups, I guess everyone thinks he is just fine. He goes out to eat at restaurants, makes dinner dates, goes to clubs and bars.
He’s always hanging around with people. It’s not like people take one look at him and think he’s a weirdo and start running away. He seems very personable and charming, he’s an extrovert, loves people and gets along very well with them. How strange. And most people just think he’s a regular guy.
This really is the classic sociopath. In the course of my life, I have repeatedly run across people who others insisted were “psycho”. Usually they said they were dangerous. Often they said that this person “looked like a child molester”. Others, or usually the same person, were said to “look like a serial killer”. Others were said to “look like rapists” or “look like criminals”.
In a few cases, especially where they said, “He looks like a hooligan,” or “he looks like a thug”, they were sort of right. These guys were gangbangers. For the others, I’ve never known any one of them to commit any serious crime at all. I checked out a lot of these guys, and most of them were the most harmless people you could ever hope to meet.
I felt that most of them were some type of neurotic. Neurotics can look pretty odd and out of it. They were almost all very shy, socially awkward, nervous and anxious. Some of them even talked to themselves sometimes under their breath, but a lot of people do that.
Some had funny, weird looks or even stares in their eyes. I don’t know what the funny eyes meant, but on talking to them, it was clear that they were completely sane, so I just ignored it. God knows what goes on in peoples’ minds.
I don’t think any of these guys were married, and most of them looked like they hadn’t had a date in ages. They seemed like the sort of person who would only leave the house if they absolutely had to, and some were not working and more or less housebound. Others were terrified to go out of the house, and only left when they could not put stuff off any longer.
They regarded parties, bars, meetings, trips, outings, get-togethers, or even jobs where they had to socialize with absolute horror and avoided them if at all possible. They were introverts, and many were very introverted.
I don’t get it. As a society, we are fucking up. Why do we continuously identify the least dangerous people among us as the most dangerous. While apparently blinding ourselves to the Joseph Duncans? Is the whole “loner” thing, or the “he was a real quiet guy” thing? True, some loners snap, but I think these are the angry, antisocial loners, not the kind I’m thinking of above.
Duncan is a psychopath. Psychopaths are very extroverted and they love to do dangerous things. Note that Duncan got involved in skydiving, scuba diving and skiing – three dangerous sports. Note that he is comfortable everywhere he goes, and he’s a classic extrovert.
No matter where he lands, he makes friends quickly and has people around him much of the time. He loves parties, bars, group outings, sport clubs, having people over for dinner and movies, on and on. Here is the recollection of a man named “Sean” who Duncan befriended when he moved to Fargo.
Sean is left with his head spinning. Nothing about Duncan seemed to make any sense. This is a very typical reaction of one who has dealt with an expert manipulative psychopath. It’s as if you were hit some some unnamed type of tornado that no one understands yet. Those who interact with them are typically left spinning, bewildered and confused. It’s like they don’t know what hit them.
I don’t like to say never, but these anxious, shy, introverted to super introverted types, especially if they are relatively social (not antisocial) and relatively friendly, are just about the most harmless people on the face of the Earth.
The dominant emotion is fear, and the direction of the energy is inward, not outward. Projection is not used much, and the person tends to be self-blaming instead. Plus they often have very high moral values.
These types do not often end up in jails and prisons, and they don’t commit a lot of crimes. If they do, they commit drug crimes, and some may even be dealers, but lack of sociability may make that difficult. Some may drink too much and get into trouble that way. Surely they are capable of embezzling money from places, and a few might steal from employers. In general, this person simply does not aggress on others.
Aggression, if it exists, is directed inwards, and the fact that the overwhelming amount of energy is directed inwards, combined with their generally very high moral values, almost makes them incapable of serious aggression. They simply do not have the amount of externally directed energy and the lowered morals necessary to do such things. A few might kill a spouse, but that’s rare, and probably needs a lot of provocation.
It’s the extroverts who commit the overwhelming amount of crime in our country and probably in our world. Societies of introverts (NE Asia) have high morals, little aggression and low crime. Societies of extroverts (Africa) seem to have something like the opposite.
I think it’s probably because these introverted shy types seem “weird”. They possibly look weird just because they are so introverted. They live in their own minds and probably often look distracted. A distracted person does not appear to be engaged with those around him, so he seems odd. Also, many neurotics find it hard to control their thoughts.
Their minds just go all over the place. When you don’t control your thoughts well, you look nerdy, strange or crazy. I think the main thing is fear. Neurotics often appear frightened, and the guiding principle of neurosis is fear. Most people are probably find frightened of anxious-looking people to be frightening themselves.
Psychopaths generally do not appear strange or weird, and as a rule, they are not mentally ill. They are “normal” in a sense. One of the best books ever written on psychopaths is The Mask of Sanity, by Harvey Cleckley.
Furthermore, they are absolutely fearless. The sociopath can travel all around the country or the globe, and he’s at home everywhere he goes. He lands in a new town, makes friends right away, and is out on the town every night. A super-introvert goes to a new town, probably feels horribly lonely, is at a loss on how to make new friends, and spends a lot of time alone. Look at how fearless Duncan is.
The psychopath doesn’t look like a weirdo, and he’s able to con all sorts of people into befriending him. He cons prisons and parole boards into releasing him, and he cons women and men into loving and befriending him. Duncan conned this man into befriending him, and he spent a lot of time over at the guy’s house, hanging out with his kids and befriending them too. The man now admits that Duncan conned him.
Typically, he doesn’t lack for a date or sex. As a general rule, psychopaths can get laid just about any time they feel like it. Because the super-introvert seems “weird”, we assume he must be dangerous, when he’s actually the most harmless person around. Because the psychopath seems ok, we let him into our lives. Over and over. The consequences are devastating.

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8 thoughts on “Joseph Edward Duncan III Videos”

  1. Hi Robert,
    Smart as a Fox. Clever as a Wessel. That’s Jet and yes he did make friends easy. While living with me and my lover he interduced us to a group of gay couples that meet monthly to socialize. We held several events at our home where Jet lived (April 1, 1996 to April 1, 1997) and he made friends with all. I have a Photo of Jet standing in the living room of the home just blocks away from where the two girls in Seattle Vanished. I also can tell you Jet called me on April 5, 1997 complaining that his girlfriend wouldn’t answer the phone when he tryed to call her and I asked him where are you and he said ” I’am in Disneyland” and then hung up. I remember it being early that morning like around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. so I think it was before he took Anthony in riverside.

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