Is The Idiot Box Making Us Smarter?

A young commenter named Ger is going round and round with me on the Primitive People Have Primitive Languages and Other Nonsense post. This person thinks that primitive peoples are actually smarter than civilized ones and suggests that civilization actually makes you stupid. An analogy was made to domesticated dogs and cats getting stupider after they were civilized and made into pets.
Problem is that civilized peoples have IQ’s that tend to be much higher than primitive or 3rd World peoples. When 3rd World peoples move to the 1st World, their children gain around 5-15 IQ points in the first generation, suggesting that civilization is good for your brain.
The Flynn Effect has been ongoing at least since 1930, with the most noticeable effects in the First World. IQ’s have been rising at about 3 points per decade due to this effect, which seems to be largely one that postulates that higher levels of civilization actually make residents more intelligent, possibly an adaptation to deal with the increasing complexity of modern life.
Adding further evidence to the data is that more primitive or Third World peoples who move to First World societies tend to flounder, suffer heavy unemployment, use welfare a lot, drink, take drugs, engage in domestic violence, commit lots of crime and suffer lots of imprisonment and finally to suffer diseases and die young.This in spite of rising IQ.
This suggests that while primitive peoples are highly intelligent (one way to prove this is to look at the miracle of their insanely complex languages) they still have not evolved the “rocket scientist” intelligence necessary to flourish in the First World. Why didn’t they evolve sky-high IQ’s? They probably did not need them. If they needed to be rocket scientists, read Moby Dick and take advanced calculus, they would have evolved the super IQ’s to do it.
Anyway, Ger doesn’t believe any of this, and thinks the modern world is a gigantic Idiocracy Factory. A recent comment:

How is sitting in front of a TV eating fast food cognitively demanding?

Granted it doesn’t require any brains to eat the Big Mac, but there may be more to the TV than meets the eye.
Actually, people have been wondering what is driving the Flynn Effect and one theory that they have come up with is…the Boob Tube! Yes the Idiot Box is thought to be making people smarter.
My late father thought this theory was insane because he hated TV.
But you need to sit back and really think about what is going on with TV. Even US sitcoms are surprisingly intelligent these days. The dialog is witty and clever and operates on several different levels. Same with your standard drama shows. These also operate on several different levels at once and there is one level, like in the sitcoms, that is actually quite intellectual. You really have to be smart to get out of these shows everything that is put into them.
On sitcoms the jokes come right after the other and they are quite sophisticated. On dramas, things happen very quickly, plots are often extremely complex, etc.
On complex TV shows, in any given minute, many different things may be going on, sometimes all at once.
Many shows nowadays test our knowledge – see the knowledge game shows for instance.
Even cable news is cognitively demanding. The issues are complex, and the stories quickly move on one after the other. Very intelligent people are interviewed in succession, and they don’t really simplify the concepts they are dealing with a lot.
Even modern cartoons have a Hell of a lot going on with them. I can’t believe how sophisticated Adult Swim stuff is.
Bottom line is if you really want to get something out of TV, you need to be on the ball and paying attention, sometimes to multiple things all at once. This gets massively magnified by the modern tendency to channel surf.
The Flynn Effect is seeing its most explosive gains on visual analysis and visual reasoning. TV, along with cell phones, computers, VCR’s, remote controls, dials on automobiles, microwaves and many other things, even garage door openers, all require some kind of programming to make them work properly these days.
Of all of these, the TV must be considered one of the strongest drivers of all, if only due to its ubiquity.

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39 thoughts on “Is The Idiot Box Making Us Smarter?”

  1. I think you’ve probably watched too much TV.
    Let’s look at the studies, rather than just make things up.
    ” television did not just impair academic achievement, it retarded intelligence. They discovered that the more television tenth graders watched, the lower they scored on IQ tests. The inverse relationship between IQ and television watching held even after the researchers controlled for socio-economic status, sex, and family size.”
    The article has plenty more damning evidence.
    But it’s not just intelligence, its violence too:
    We shouldn’t be surprised that watching thousands of murders on a glowing square in a room would engender a feeling that violence was normal, and therefore make the viewers more likely to commit it.

  2. Most American ‘talmudvision’ (TV) is utterly sickening. It’s not merely bad, it is downright anti-cultural.
    95% of talmudvision is Jew-created guttertainment, and too much of it will rot your mind.

  3. Most American ‘talmudvision’ (TV) is utterly sickening. It’s not merely bad, it is downright anti-cultural.
    95% of American talmudvision is Jew-created guttertainment, and too much of it will rot your mind.

  4. How do The Flynn Effect folks go about testing the IQs of Third Worlders who don’t read? Remember Mariam Mekeba’s “The Click Song”? How do they test Africans who click instead of talk? I don’t get The Flynn Effect. Also, l agree with your late dad that there’s not a lot to be gained from watching endless TV sitcoms and dramas. I think the dumbest dramas going are those BBC detective shows starring Helen Miran and a bevies of ethnic actors all pitching in and solving murders and internal corruption cases together. They’re dumb because they never arrest any Rothschilds.

    1. They have tested people in Kenya, Dominica and Brazil. The Flynn Effect is much more robust there than in the US. Everyone tested could read just fine.
      My Dad said that, but at the end he was watching a lot of TV anyway.

  5. How do The Flynn Effect folks go about testing the IQs of Third Worlders who don’t read?
    They could use Raven’s progressive matrices…

    1. Look, Reader, I can’t have you bashing me like you were doing over there at Occidental Dissent. If you’re going to do that, then you can’t post here. And you might want to apologize for that too. And don’t do it again, or I will have to revoke your posting privileges, ok?

  6. TV is complete shit for morons.
    Even if any of the points you made in your defense of TV were valid (and… they aren’t really), the problem with TV is not just that it’s crap, but that it’s *passive*. You just sit there like a sponge and absorb a bunch of complete garbage. You don’t DO anything.

  7. The story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the forgotten inventor of television, and David Sarnoff would make a great Broadway musical. David Sarnoff could be, like, the inspirational Fanny Brice character. Born in humble circumstances (of Jewish immigrant parents from Starvania) he claws and swindles his way out of the ghetto to the top of the American corporate ladder where he spends the rest of his greedy graspy life pissing on everyone beneath him. Philo T. would be living on Granny Goose potato chips and California Dip in a trailer in the desert while Sarnoff and Bill Paley gnosh on pan seared crab cakes at C.Z. Guest’s fabulous New York penthouse parties. Truman Capote would be there in a bedroom with the fur coats going through purses looking for pills and then getting it on in a broom closet with Paul Robeson.

  8. Many of the Baby Boomers and their parents (‘The Greatest De-Generation’) are some of the most brainwashed and soft-brained people on Earth because of their overwatching of American Jew-dominated talmudvision (TV).
    Many Baby Boomers and their parents routinely watch 4+ hours of talmudvision EVERY DAY. That fact is truly sickening. This is because they came of age in a time when talmudvision was on the rise (1950s-60s), and thus ‘the mysterious glowing box’ has unfortunately seared in to their consciousness or something.
    Luckily many of the post-baby Boomers (people who are Generation X, Generation Y, and so on) are substituting the internet for the guttertainment found on the talmudvision – this is very good because the internet is interactive and educational, while talmudvision is very passive and tends toward brainwashing people with Jew-friendly PC ideas and hyperconsumerism.
    As more and more of the younger peoples of the Western world move away from the Jew-dominated mass-media (epitomized by talmudvision) and toward the more free and open internet, we can look forward to a rise in pro-White/anti-Jewish sentiment.
    Onward Cyber Soldiers!

    1. The net is anything but educative. Actually, you have to search carefully the useful information, and this is usually available only after paying a fee, obtaining access through an educational institution, or through an especialized sharing service (this is usually semi-ilegal). If you think whatever crap conspiracy theorists and anti-semites of all kind offer for free is worthy to be called educative, your world view is horribly twisted, to say the less.

    2. The worse for him. I have been told that anti-semitism is actually encouraged by the jewish overlord, as an easy way to target potentially disruptive elements. I wouldn’t be that deep into it, if i were him.

    3. artritico:”The net is anything but educative. Actually, you have to search carefully the useful information, and this is usually available only after paying a fee, obtaining access through an educational institution, or through an especialized sharing service (this is usually semi-ilegal). If you think whatever crap conspiracy theorists and anti-semites of all kind offer for free is worthy to be called educative, your world view is horribly twisted, to say the less.”
      What the hell are you smoking? Of course if you spend all of your time on celeb-gossip websites or porn sites you aren’t learning anything, but there internet is brimming with useful information and it’s growing daily. By using the internet one can also get around the censorship of the mass-media manipulators by actually reading what normal, everyday people have to say instead of a bunch of lying Jews and their pathetic Judaized allies.
      Millions of books and articles (many of them obscure and rare) have already been scanned on to the web, with more coming every day. If you aren’t using those highly educational resources that is your fault.
      I agree that the cost of web access is far too high, but that’s only because the plutocratic Jew-monopolists have sung their greedy fangs in to various broadband networks just as they with other major mass-media operations. If you go to non-Jew-dominated nations like Norway, Denmark, Germany, etc, internet access is very cheap there, only about 20-25 dollars a month instead of the 50+ dollars it costs in Jew-wrecked nations like the Jewnited States. There is even push in some of those countries to make high-speed internet access even cheaper by just incorporating it as a nominal fee with people’s electricity bills.

    4. RL:”White Preservationist is a hardcore anti-Semite. I would not bother trying to reason with him.”
      I am an extremely rational, reasonable, and scientifically-oriented person. In my spare time I study various scientific fields, including evolutionary biology, genetics, physical anthropology, astronomy, neurology, forestry, soil science/agriculture, general ecological sustainability, geometry, and medicine (among others). I’m an amateur statistician too. I’m also in to very rationalistic forms of analytic philosophy.
      My anti-Jewish beliefs are based on cold, hard reason and undeniable scientific facts gained over years of careful study, NOT “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or other such nonsense. The term “anti-Semite” is extremely biased and loaded, and thus I prefer the phrase “anti-Jewish activist” (or simply “anti-criminal activist” since Jewry is an international criminal ‘mafia’ of sorts).
      Also, I know that you are yourself quite Judeoskeptical, Mr. Lindsay – even though you claim to be “pro-Jewish,” I know you realize that organized Jewry has done tons of damage to White nations in the past few centuries…you’ve written plenty about the major Jewish role in causing many problems in White-Western nations.

    5. The net has loads of useful information allright, but is has as well at least 1000 times more crap, that’s a fact. And I don’t see how it improves my education seeing an evil great Jew global conspiracy in everything. Rich Jews and non-Jews behave exactly like the same way that elites have behaved all over the history of mankind. It’s a matter of human nature, not Jewish. Face it.

  9. “As more and more of the younger peoples of the Western world move away from the Jew-dominated mass-media (epitomized by talmudvision) and toward the more free and open internet, we can look forward to a rise in pro-White/anti-Jewish sentiment.
    Onward Cyber Soldiers!”
    Wait a minute…China and Australia have cyber laws in place that are the envy of Talmudic hall monitors the world over. If anything, there’s probably going to be a crackdown, not a loosening up, of the flow of content on the Net. “The Heretical Two” are sitting in a British prison right now because their website (hosted in the USA) was deemed hateful by the folks who trademarked that word. In part 2 of the You Tube video about HR 1955, the home grown terrorism bill, you can actually watch a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center lobbying a senate sub-committee for more Internet censorship. Hal Turner, Tom Metzger and Bill White have all been visited by the FBI since the inauguration. They’re the canaries in the mine. It will probably get worse before it gets better because they’re working 24/7 in the universities and think tanks to find ways to put the brakes on free speech in America. We’re being led into Communitarian global governance without a whimper. Before you know it the US will be subject to the same cockamamie laws that already govern the “free” flow of ideas and information in places like France and Germany. “Tune in, turn on and boot up” was Tim Leary’s last mantra. “Bye Bye Blackberry” might be the cri de coeur of those seeking freedom and autonomy in the future.

    1. whodareswings – what you say is true, and it’s yet more proof that international/organized Jewry (including the Jewish plutocrats and money-masters, the lying Jewish propagandists, and the Jewish political manipulators) HATE FREE SPEECH.
      Since JEWS HATE FREE SPEECH, it is obvious then that JEWS HATE WHITE-WESTERN CIVILIZATION – thus, since organized Jewry is opposed to the most fundamental right of White-Western civilization (freedom of speech) they must be considered an enemy of White-Western civilization and dealt with appropriately.
      If Jewry triumphs over White-Western civilization (which they are increasingly close to doing), a New Dark Age of totalitarian Judeoplutocratic tyranny will descend upon the world and all that is good and true will fall by the wayside as the rotten, the base, the sick, and the anti-cultural gains hegemony under the guidance of a Jewish elite of parasitic rootless cosmopolitans, including lying lawyers, greedy bankers, deceptive journalists, faux-socialist/leftist professors, disgusting Jew doctors, and so on.

    1. Some interesting discussion but he’s been getting quite a few trolls.. and for whatever reason seems to be a bit angrier in his posts lately.

  10. To Alpha Unit:
    I have thought for a while that Abagond is black even though he generally doesn’t address his own race directly. His last several posts have involved the police and white racism. I realize now it was his comments, not his main blog entries that were the indicator that he is black:
    Abagond’s reply:
    Most black men have been stopped by the police for no good reason but most black men are not crooks. The police stop me repeatedly. Sometimes the same patrol car keeps passing me. It is a complete waste of their time, I can assure you, but apparently they do not think so.
    He also had an earlier post about being stopped by the police and wondering if it was because he was black. I bring this up because Rob and a few other posters seemed to think he was a white guy married to a black woman.

    1. I see what you mean. I wonder what led to the idea that Abagond is white, if he isn’t.
      Maybe it doesn’t matter a whole lot, actually.

    2. I did some research before I came to that conclusion. Some of Abagond’s Black female commenters were saying things like, “As a White man, Abagond…” things like that. I found a number of threads like that. And he would respond to them and never say he wasn’t White. Weird. And then he’s always writing about White guys and Black women. That’s like about his 2nd favorite subject.

  11. To Alpha Unit:
    I see what you mean. I wonder what led to the idea that Abagond is white, if he isn’t.
    I believe the presumption started when Rob was posting on the discussion of White men marrying Black women.. (or the lack of the same..)
    Maybe it doesn’t matter a whole lot, actually.
    For the most part, I would agree it does not matter except for the few occasions when makes certain assumptions about the general thought processes of White people in the US. Obviously it is not easy to categorize how most White people think about certain subjects but I tend to think someone of the same race would (generally) have a better handle on how someone of your own race operates. For example:
    “Most whites seem to have a childlike trust in the police that is naive and unfunny.”
    Uncle Milton:
    And how did you come to this conclusion…? Most of the white people I know have a very ambivalent view of police. As a (white) friend of mine put it referring to your average beat cop… “Here’s a guy who quite possibly was pushed around in high school, he has a gun, he is probably angry most of the time… you could never be this guy’s friend but he has power over you for the period of time you are dealing with him… and he expects you to kiss his ass..”
    An exception (among others..) would be his discussion on color blind racism and then there is some gray area that I think bears further discussion.
    Rob – Sorry I am hijacking your thread. I’ll look some interesting anthropological phenotypes to post here… like Persian or Filipino models – in the interest of science.

    1. It’s all right. I don’t dig cops either. I want to like them and I want them to like me, but I don’t think they really do, and they keep proving it to me. I suck up to them really hard when they stop me. They’ve already arrested me a few times, threatened to kill me, slammed me around, threw me into a wall, etc. Anyone who thinks cops go easy on Whites is wrong. If they arrest you, they don’t care what color you are. You’re a scumbag to them.

  12. I guess as I do not post here regularly.
    Does that make me a troll?
    Don’t answer that anyone just thinking out loud.
    I just want to throw my 2c worth into this conversation as I’ve been thinking about the media’s influence on us collectively a lot lately.
    We in my little family have just recently gotten rid of our cable TV as with times getting tougher it was the 1st item on our budget to be considered for the chop.
    In my work history I worked in the electronic gaming department of a Casino for two years (slot machines), it was a very amoral and boring job.
    So I and my peers were always looking to entertain ourselves subtly at our patron expense.
    The thing is when a normal person walked in off the street they were pretty sharp and cognitive and I couldn’t get away with anything, in terms of sliding in little insults for our amusement, such as “you’re a Prince among Kings” and “today is the only day you’re a winner” and similar little lightweight comments along those lines.
    Immature I know, but trust me between all the CCTV, no pockets, ‘no anything’ rules outside your specific job description you were left with nothing to do except to be an enabler for addicts which was frankly too depressing (every gambler has a ‘the big one that got away’ losing a jackpot/combo story which they have share with you repeatedly all day, so it’s very easy despising them.)
    But what I noticed over time is once someone (not even a regular per say) had spent just a couple of hours in front of one of those machines their brain would became glue!
    Seriously their eyes would glaze over and it was like they were in some strange mental tunnel.
    And their reactions to everything became so slow.
    And that’s when they were ripe for our silly little entendres.
    It was like something out of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ because often patrons would just stagger away from their own, hard earned, several hundred dollars worth of coins and even when you’d try to reunite them with their money their would be dazed confusion and denial.
    If they didn’t take their own money then procedurally it meant I’d have to wait for security, which took ages and would often over ride my long awaited break time (on company premises only.)
    Before I change subject some other Casino titbits.
    The slots General Manager had a PhD in Psychology; we made 90% of the whole Casino’s revenue (the other 10% being table games and F&B combined) with us having virtually no staff.
    And in the ‘industry magazines’ we’d get from Nevada. The first half would be dedicated to video games for the kiddies and the last half would show case ‘I love Lucy’ stylized (through graphics and sounds etc.) slot machines psychologically aimed specifically for the boomers and older ‘from the cradle to grave’ (the average age of a slots patron was something like 65.)
    Probably the most insidious part was the ‘players club’ cards customer tracking system, where we’d get all your personal information under the guise of customising your prizes. And from these cards we’d know everything in terms of your habit and likes and dislikes and on every shift we’d have a manager who’d just monitor all real time gaming data on a PC in his office and radio us ‘guest relations attendants’ to run round and schmooze the high rollers with their favourite top shelf drinks etc. provided they were betting enough or had been recently distant enough to merit the attention (our systems would automatically post out free dinning vouchers if they were too away for too long anyway, or if it was their birthday etc.)
    Now the long winded connection with TV that I’m trying to make is that I have two babies ages two and three and even though we’d monitor what DVD’s (mainly) my bubs could watch, I was starting to see that same zombie look in my kids eyes and it scared the hell out of me.
    And kid’s movies and TV shows are so guilt trippy/ preachy now either pushing multiculturalism or condemning them for the state of the environment.
    And all of these reality shows that GenYer’s love are just appalling.
    Where you ‘Joe nobody’ can be plucked from obscurity to become an instant mega star (for one week.) Who needs hard work? When flashy, shallow extroverted narcissism is the call of the day.
    And you should see how gay young White males appear in these shows, temper tantrum throwing, and whiney, crying; make up wearing, singing, dancing fools.
    Not good.
    The most satisfying thing about recently cancelling my cable sub was how many times the company has called us to try to retain us as customers before their decoders are retrieved (10 times+ at this point.)
    Actually another crappy job I briefly had (stay in school kids) was as a door to door sales man for Oz’s largest cable TV provider before it became over run with Indians (red dot), try being stuck in a van with 5-6 Indians Pee Ewww, not fun, different diets I guess.
    And the allocation/area that I most distinctly remember working was in a very Orthodox Jewish area here in Melbourne (North Caulfield.)
    I’m just bringing this up because of all the Jewish comments on this blog and this being a TV specific thread.
    But trying to sell cable TV to these people made me feel like I was Satan himself here to tempt the chosen people. Seriously I would knock on a door where the angry yamica wearing father of the house would tell me that they don’t even own a TV followed by a ‘if looks could kill/get away from my babies’ stare.
    Or I’d get invited in to give my 30 minute spiel to an older couple to then be thanked for the information and when I’d ‘ask for their business’ I’d get laughter as if it was never a option, or I’d go up to some fortified mega-mansion and ring their locked gate video doorbell (that looked more high tech than my home entertainment system) to be told that “we don’t have any money”, maybe they spent it on the doorbell?
    It may sound like I brought that up to reinforce the ‘old cheap Jew stereotype’, but it’s more to illustrate how anti-cable TV they were (from also working in retail I have observed that most so called high IQ groups are cheap…Chinese, the Scots (another stereotype granted), Indians (again I know, but trust me they are shameless they want everything for free.) And so on.
    And finally the most surreal thing I witnessed working in this very affluent, but very low sales area (incidentally poor people love cable TV and slots machines …actually and come to think of it alcohol, takeaway foods/obesity, higher crime, low life expectancies, bad dentistry, domestic violence, depression, higher insurance rates etc.)
    Sorry again, ‘surreal witnessing’… was on the
    Sabbath from Friday dusk seeing the older grey haired ‘fiddler on the roof’ Rabbi looking Orth Jews (all in their garb) walking slowly with hands clasped behind their backs whilst pondering questions and instilling wise consul to their young wards in tow (also in their garb …hats, curls, jet black suits, though is summer. )
    While I’m walking along next to them in my T.G.I.F.’s style corporate denim shirt with clipboard and company hat all covered in my company’s generic logo.
    That week I felt like a complete (capitalistic?) tool and I made no money to boot.
    And on choice, when you look at what we humans choose to look at when we’re given the choice of picking our own entertainment/ news online.
    All the ‘most popular’ news stories seem to be about teenage girls wardrobe malefactions, children molestation stories, some starlets decision to show her boobs in a movie, who’s the sexiest master chief contestant, ‘man rapes horse’(in the last 24hrs), ‘mother kills own children’, ‘pet acts like a person’ and ‘hey White people don’t forget that you’re racist’ reminders and so on (well we’re getting a lot of the latter type example down here lately.)
    But all my solutions to our ‘progress’ either makes me sound like a fascist or a hypocrite, so I usually just ‘shut up’.

    1. “Hey White people don’t forget that you’re racist”
      Damn, that’s too funny, man.
      I guess TV and whatnot is self-selective. I have a high IQ and in general, I do not watch any of that crap you are talking about. Instead I like to watch The History Channel, documentaries, A & E, Discovery Channel. Either that or Fox News. Fox News is horrible, but at least it’s real news.

    2. Hey GenX in Oz, why don’t you tell us another juicy tidbit – tell us about how JEWS dominate the immoral gambling/gaming industry in the USA, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere – it is JEWS that are getting people addicted to gambling so that JEWS can STEAL THEIR MONEY from them.
      And hey, I’m an American of mostly of Scottish/Scotch-Irish descent – why you calling me cheap? 😉

    3. GenX in Oz:”It may sound like I brought that up to reinforce the ‘old cheap Jew stereotype’, but it’s more to illustrate how anti-cable TV they were…”
      Yes, many JEWS are anti-cable TV and thus don’t allow the minds of their children and women to be poisoned by TV, yet JEWS are the ones mostly in charge of the sickening mass-media (TV, Hollywood, porn, etc) that works to corrupt the minds of Whites and other non-Jews worldwide.
      The international Jewish mafia must be brought to justice for their criminal and anti-cultural misdeeds.

  13. How The Jews Dumb Down Goyim – that would be you
    lf you was a jew and want to control the world, in essence control all the 200 states of the world, would you want goyim to know that you is in control of their state? Of course not, so what do you want: Bright and educated or as stupid and ignorant (m)asses possible?
    What you do is you dumb down the (m)asses. How you do it is that you find the dumbest jew-loving shabbat goyim there are, pay them a little extra and tell them they are “intellctuals”, call them “journalist” and post them up in the jew run Talmud Vision, TV.
    What you have now is stupid people who believes that the dumb goy they see on TV is an important person who will tell them how the world works. What the jews do is that they promote STUPIDITY. Fox News, aka Faux Nonsense is a very clear and easy to understand how the jews is dumbing down the (m)asses.
    Bill O’lier is bashing some “liberals”, ie commi scumbags. Stupid republicans thinks: -There they got it! Finally someone who tell the libs off! What the jews is doing is that they take the steam off the frustrated republicans. That is all there is to it. The stupid mouthpiece Bill O’lier will not change a thing.
    lt’s the same thing with Jesse Ventura, stupid and ignorant rep’s will tell themself: -Now, there you got it! Why the jews is posting up JV is because he takes the steam off frustrated people. Why the jews post up STUPID goyim like Brian Kilmeade is because ignorant people like JV will get a free shoot. Brian Kilmeade is a sitting duck, even the most stupid person can think he is smart compared to Brian Kilmeade. That is why the jews post him up. The jews promotes stupidity.
    Jesse Ventura will not change a thing. Just as the fraud Alex Jones will not change a thing. l don’t say that JV is a fraud, but he is ignorant, and what will ignorant goyim teach you about the jews? Not a thing.
    What do all people you see onTalmud Vision, TV have in common? They will all deny that there is a jewish conspiracy. This is why the jews post them up, they will all tell you hell-bent that it’s anything BUT the jews.
    Occasionally the jew will post up someone like Bollyn who will say it’s the jews. The only reason the jews do that is to be able to ridicule anyone that says it’s the jews. lt’s the same scam all over. People who are stupid will smile and say things like tin-hat on, and then think they are the smart ones.
    What the jews promotes is STUPIDITY. Talmud Vision, TV = Stupidity and ignorance in order to dumb down the (m)asses. Whatever the jews do in their propaganda-machine is that they promotes stupidity and ignorance. For the self-imposed “intellectual” goyim the jews promotes another jewish stupidity – the bogus, smear-slander accusation “antisemite”.
    Many goyim who think of themself as educated and intellectuals use a lot of their time to think and speak about “antisemitism”. They feel “smart” when they know how to spell “antisemite”. What is “antisemitism” really? Just another jewish fraud to dumb down goyim. Only stupid and ignorant people will take the jewish fraud accusation “antisemite” serious. Most people can’t say, less spell “antisemite”, for them the jews post up Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Bill O’lier etc.
    “”It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)”

  14. When did Bill O’lier bash any jew commi scumbag? He never did, only stupid non-jewish commi scumbags. Wonder why he never had the chance to bash a jew.The jews who owns the Talmud Vision, TV in the whole western world NEVER bash jew communists – only goyim commi scumbags.

  15. The jewish Frankfurt School was all about dumbing down the whole academia in the whole western world. That is what all the jewish “intellectuals” spend their entire life thinking about: How can we dumb down goyim so much that they don’t understand that we want to control their state – with out they understand that we jews controls there state?
    That is what PC is. Dumbing down goyim.

  16. The net has loads of useful information allright, but is has as well at least 1000 times more crap, that’s a fact. And I don’t see how it improves my education seeing an evil great Jew global conspiracy in everything.
    Rich Jews and non-Jews behave exactly like the same way that elites have behaved all over the history of mankind. It’s a matter of human nature, not Jewish. Face it.
    heg: To realise that there is in fact a Global Jewish Conspiracy is to grow a brain. lt takes time and it’s hard work, but when you done it you will be je(w)ise. lt’s not about the (m)asses, it’s about the elite.
    Who are pushing the Hate Law’s to end free speech in the whole western world ?
    What could YOU and your non-jewish elite possibly gain by Hate Law’s?
    Nothing! The ONLY ones that have anything to gain from Hate Law’s is the jews. Everybody else lose everything. lt’s not the jewish (m)asses that are pushing Hate Law’s in the WHOLE western world, it’s the jewish elite.
    ls it the non-jewish elite that conspire on a global scale to end free speech? Why would they do that? To stop people from criticising jews? For what reason would the russian (m)asses first thing to do back in 1917 be to writ a Hate Law that said that anyone that criticise the jews would get the Death Penalty?
    Nobody – except the jews – gains anything from Hate Law’s, hence the jews write all the Hate Law’s. And the JEWS do it on a GLOBAL scale. Australia, Canada, EU and America has Hate Law’s and they are all written by JEWS – and it’s GLOBAL.

  17. Anyone denying that it’s jews who write all the Hate Law’s in the whole world is either a shabbat goy, the jews Useful Idiot or a complete village idiot.
    lt can be proven by jews only sources. l have provided links many times on this topic but most people are just plain STUPID, so STUPID that even the jews themself admits to their face that it’s the jews who does it, they are so STUPID that they will explain it’s anybody BUT the jews.
    Most people are so STUPID that even when the jews BRAGS that it’s the jews they deny it’s the jews. Really … how stupid can you get? The jews tell you to your face that it’s the jews and that they do it as jews, and the stupid goy denies it’s the jews behind all the Hate Law’s in the world.
    How do you as a minotity take power over the majority? You write the laws and then turn the whole judicial against it’s own people, and that is what a small group of jews do all over the world. They write the Hate Law’s in the whole world and then they send your own police to hunt YOU down when the jews tell the police to hunt YOU down.

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