Illegal Aliens Don't Vote

I don’t particularly like illegal aliens in the aggregate, though I’m known to socialize with them and even buy them a taco if they are hungry, or a beer in the bar if they are thirsty.
Check out this stupid-ass article via the never-heard-of-before Cutting Edge News, which, it turns out, is a far Right and pro-Zionist neoconservative rag. That they get 1.4 million readers a month is frightening. On the other hand, we do get 90,000 readers a month right here on Robert Lindsay.
This article is really retarded. I have no doubt whatsoever that illegals register to vote, probably by giving the application to someone who can speak English to fill it out. They do this to get into the system in order to get their fake ID’s so they can work. But I doubt if many of them vote.
I live in a community that is completely overrun by illegals and their anchor baby horror-children. The illegals certainly do not vote, and the anchor babies usually don’t either as they are too busy smoking dope and gangbanging.
These illegals are not involved in their communities in any whatsoever. I would laugh if I heard of any significant number of them voting in an election. They’ve probably heard that voter fraud is a felony and I’m sure they’d like to avoid that. They are pretty paranoid people, believe it or not, and most of them want to avoid anything that’s going to get them in trouble legally or get them deported.
We are talking about a community that takes no interest whatsoever in politics, that can’t read, write or in general even speak English, and who lives on the margins. The idea that they would vote, or could even read a ballot, is comical.
Legal Hispanic aliens are another story. Most of them don’t speak English really well either, don’t read much English, probably can hardly write English at all, and are estranged from US society. I guess a few of them might vote, but I doubt it. They do speak English better than the illegals, but they have a lot of problems with the language and are most comfortable with Spanish.
These illegals avoid anything having to do with government in any way. After a traffic accident or if they get victimized by crime, they refuse to go to the cops. You will never see one near the government building. They are voting? GMAB.

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One thought on “Illegal Aliens Don't Vote”

  1. Yeah I have never heard of cutting edge news either?!?! Weird.
    Anyhow I am going to have to disagree with you Mr. Lindsay, alot of these illegals were registered by the infamous ACORN to vote for Obama!

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