Jesus Loves Tortillas

Note: Repost from the old blog.

Look closely and you can see the Son of God in yellow outline, Shroud of Turin-like, in the center of the heated and rolled slab of dough. If you’re schizophrenic, this is a secret message telling you to go to the nearest taco truck, buy two rolled tacos of any type, and eat them, right now. If you aren’t and are merely a believer, you may be having a religious experience right now. I’m not, but then, I’m so secular, I’m just this side of agnosticism.

Guy shows up everywhere, huh? All those Mexican Catholics going to Mass all the time and praying finally had an effect. Jesus repays their prayers by showing up on their favorite form of flattened dough. Wonder if he likes tacos too?

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One thought on “Jesus Loves Tortillas”

  1. Im sure Jesus likes to be eaten, to have his juices spill into peoples mouths, and his dark solids chewed and swallowed by his faithful servants.
    Lovely man.

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