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  1. The Jew Run ”Workers Paradise” Sovjet
    Everything you ever heard about the jew run Sovjet ”Workers Paradise” is of course nothing but jewish lies. – There was no unemployment in Sovjet and all the other communist dictatorship. Of course there was no unemployed in Sovjet, every non-jew was the jews slaves and slaves are never unemployed.
    How did the jews make the ”workers”, jewish code word for slave, come on time to work? First you pay the workers nickels and dimes, small change. Not enough to live on but so much you must have it to make ends meet. After work you must be wheeling and dealing and stand in line for two hours to maybe get a half loaf of bread. Now you don’t have the time to think about politics, less have any time to do any ”counterrevolutionary activity”.
    lt’s very easy to get the ”workers”, the jews’ slaves to come on time to work in a jew-run Communist dictatorship. One minute late — ten percent off the next paycheck. Two minutes late — 20 percent off the next two paychecks. Three minutes late — 30 percent off the next three paychecks.
    Still don’t get it? Okay, five minutes late — one month in a forced labor camp. Ten minutes late — two months in a forced labor camp. 15 minutes late — three months in a forced labor camp.
    Still don’t get it? Okay, 20 minute late — six months in a forced labor camp. Half an hour late — twelve months in a forced labor camp. You refuse to work at all? Five YEARS in a forced labor camp. lf you show contempt for the jewish ”judge” he would give you another five years just because of that. Ten years forced labor camp.
    This is how the jews made the non-jews come on time to work in the jewish ”workers paradise”, carrot-and-stick. What you just read is unique information. To my knowledge none has written about this before. Why l know this is because l came across a Harvard report from the 50’s that had interviewed some 400 non-jews who came out alive from the jews ”workers paradise” Sovjet.
    This is before the jewish fraud PC crap-for-brains bullshit had infested the academia. When l do a search l always add the word Jews and it turned out that one standard-Q in this report was: What do you think of jews?
    One of the responders went thru the roof when asked what he thought of jews. His boss was a good friend and he was half an hour late for work and got 12 months in a forced labor camp. Once you got that sentence the jews didn’t allow you to return to that work or even the same town.
    You have a wife and children? What of it? The jews couldn’t care less. What this responder said more was that the ”judges” that handed out the punishment for being late for work was 80 percent jews, and that jews were NEVER punished the way the non-jews were. The jew-run Sovjet was nothing but one big slave camp for the Russian people. “Workers paradise” my butt.

    “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” — The American Hebrew Magazine, 10, Sept. 1920
    The Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System

  2. Jews and Their Code Words – by Hoff (aka heg)
    The highest worldly power you can get is to control the state. There is nothing complicated about the jewish conspiracy, the jews want to control all the 200 states in the whole world. To take control of your state – AND – you not understanding that the jews control your state, is the jewish conspiracy.
    Why the jewish conspiracy works is because most people do not understand that jews controls their state, and that is because the jews will do ANYTHING to hide from you that they control your state. What you don’t know you can’t do anything about.
    What the jews do is that they use code words to hide what they are up to. Once you see the big picture, that the jews want to control all the 200 states of the world and understand what the jewish code words mean, then everything becomes very clear and transparant.
    The jewish marxist-leninist mumbo-jumbo is all about confusing people from understanding what communism is really about – jews taking control of the state. But once you understand the jewish code words in marxism-leninism there is nothing complicated about the mumbo-jumbo. Bourgeoisie, class enemy, counterrevolutionary, kulak, enemy of the state and whatnot smear-slander words in marxism-leninism are all jewish code words for anyone that is resisting the jews taking control of the state.
    The jewish fraud communism is all about jews taking control of the state – with out the (m)asses understanding that jews controls their state, hence the marxist-leninist mumbo-jumbo bullshit. lf you don’t know the communist vocabulary the word Masses is a jewish favorite code word for the stupid and ignorant non-jewish people, that would be you. Before you read this article you diden’t know that communism is a jewish fraud, second you diden’t know that Sovjet 1917 to 1991 was run lock, stock and barrel by jews, hence you are either stupid or ignorant and to the jews it dosen’t matter either way, simply because you don’t know that the jews controls the state and that is the way the jews wants it, one big (m)asses, in essence one big dumbed down population. The dumber and ignorant the better for the jews.
    You don’t have to read any book about communism to understand what communism really is, l just explained it to you what it’s all about, jews taking control of the state and hide it from the (m)asses, and to do that the jews uses code words, ie the jews smear-slander and lie about anyone resisting the jews taking control of the state.
    Whatever the jews do it’s the same modus operandi, first: How do we take control of the state and hide it from the (m)asses? Jews invented the jewish frauds communism and zionism, but they diden’t invent all the other political ideology’s. What the jews do is that they infiltrates every single political party and organisations in the whole world and then twist the policy to what is good for the jews. To hide what they are doing the jews ALWAYS uses code words.
    ”Liberal” is jewish code word for a non-jewish communist in the western world. Every single issue every single ”liberal” party is pushing is EXACTLY the same as the hardcore marxist-leninist are pushing. Go on, prove me wrong.
    What the jews did was they started calling some of their communist propaganda-pamphlet (what you call Paper) ”Liberal”, changed the vocabulary and just keep pushing their jewish fraud communism, but with new and confusing code words. Racist, nazi, bigot, homofobia, right wing extremist, the bogus word ”anti-semit”, hater, intolerant, etc etc are all the same as the jewish smear-slander words in marxism-leninism, any non-jew who resist the jews taking control of the state.
    What the jews have done is that they have infiltrated every single ”liberal” party in the western world and twisted the party police to what is good for the jews. The MO, Modus Operandi is exactly the same as in the jewish fraud communism, the jews ALWAYS say the opposit to what the jews really mean. Any jew communist-liberal will tell you with tears in her eyes how much the liberal-communist love all people and how tolerant they are and the next secund they will spew hate over – all jewish code words.
    Of course the jews don’t stop there, to infiltrate all the once true liberal parties, the jews infitrates all the conservative parties as well. The once conservative party of my country is today competing with the hardcore communist and ”liberal” about who can be most pro-massinvasion and most pro-homosex. The second largest morning paper of my country was a conservative paper, today the very same paper is totally pro-massinvasion and pro homosex. l saw this happen with my own eyes, the paper changed owners and over night it went communist.
    What amazes me the most is how easy it is to change how people thinks and acts. The once true liberal party of my country went thru a major change in the early 90s. l discussed this with a friend mother and she said she diden’t understand a thing, this was not the liberal party she had known all here life. Back then l diden’t know the first thing about jews, but today l know what happend, some jews to control of the party and twisted it into a ”liberal”-communist party. This party is directed from Tel Aviv. This party’s agenda is today the jewish communist agenda.
    There is nothing complicated about this once you understand that jews owns the whole jewish propaganda-machine in the western world, what you call ”media”, that the jews wants to control all 200 states in the world and that the jews don’t want you to understand that the jews controls the state. All you have to look for is the smear-slander and lying code words. The more anyone is smear-slanderd the more they are resisting the jews taking control of their state.
    What are the nr one smear-slander victims in the jew owned propaganda-machine? The arab world, Iran’s president and North Korea. So where do the jews have least control of the state? The more ”democracy” your country is the more the jews controls YOUR state, but you don’t know that do you? ”Democracy” is jewish code word for – We the jews controls the state. Most jews knows that ”democracy” is a jewish code word for: Jews controls the state, and you don’t even know that the jews uses code words did you?
    ”Worker” is communist jews code word for Our Goyim Slaves. Go on, just watch the smug smile on the jews faces next time they say ”Worker”. The smug smile is because the jews speaks about YOU to your face but in code words. lf l was a jew l would also have a smug look on my face. Think about it, here the jews have been in our face in at least 50 years on Talmud Vision, TV, promoting jewish communism and relentless talked about ”workers” and what the jews meant all the time was: Our goyim slaves. l think that is funny and if l was a jew l would be rolling over on the floor laughing.
    Ohhhh … Watch the smug smile on the jews face next time they say ”Liberal”, that is jewish code word for stupid goyim that will help us the jews take control of the state and then this stupid goyim will enslave himself. ”Liberal” is jewish code word and it means exactly the same thing as ”worker”. Of course the jews thinks that’s funny, hence the smug smile.
    lf you call yourself ”liberal” or Communist than it’s time for you to wake up and start using your brain, that is the body part between your ears. Next time you hear a jew say ”liberal” or communist with a smug look on their face, they are talking about you – not with you. Whatever the jewish ”intellectuals” are doing it’s all about how they can take control of your state – and hide that jews have taken control of your state. Whatever the jews says it’s always with code words. The trick to get on top of these criminal jews is to understand that the jews want to take control of your state and to hide it the jews uses code words. Understand that and spot the jews code word and now you can do some real fighting the jews. First you find the problem and then you can solve the jewish problem.
    Code words is one of the jews 30 secret weapons.

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