A World Without Blonds

Note: Repost from the old blog. When the White race goes extinct, White nationalists tell us, blonds will go with us. Blonds like this one below will be known only from photos in museums. It will be a sad day for mankind.

In a world without Whites, all mankind will have dark hair and dark eyes. The blond, beloved by men for 10,000 years, will go the way of the dinosaur. All that will remain will be the bottle blonds known today from such lands as Israel and Argentina. “Does she or doesn’t she?” we may inquire of the lass above. Only her hairdresser knows for sure.
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One thought on “A World Without Blonds”

  1. Thats my type of women. Serious, perhaps not too glamorous, yet she has a beauty all her own.
    Unconcerned with such paternalistic heteronormative constructs such as facial hair.
    She is a true woman.

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