New Weekly Traffic Record On Robert Lindsay

A new weekly traffic record* for the 4th highest hits in a week was set last week on Robert Lindsay. There were 15,761 hits, breaking the previous record of 13,828 set five weeks prior. That adds up to an average of 1,975 hits per day. In addition, there were 1,137 visits to the old site, for a total of 14,965 hits for the week. That averages out to an average of 2,138 hits/day for the week. Most of the traffic comes in from search engines, because most other sites don’t link me for some reason. I get the feeling they are offended by the site or disagree with us. Most of the only sites that link me are pretty much beyond the pale of respectability. On much of the Leftist blogosphere, linking to Robert Lindsay is reportedly banned on a “no platform for fascists” basis. Like I’m a fascist, right. Thanks to all of my readers, and especially to my new readers. *I record daily, weekly and monthly records for the Top 5 only.

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6 thoughts on “New Weekly Traffic Record On Robert Lindsay”

  1. RL:”Most of the only sites that link me are pretty much beyond the pale of respectability.”
    Why do you consider two particular websites which link to you, namely Occidental Dissent and Accidental Dissent, “beyond the pale of respectability”?
    Just reading the description of yourself and your blog under the ‘ABOUT’ section here pretty much already puts you well above and beyond the hallowed halls of American PCness. So what’s the problem if many other people who are as un-PC as you (or even more so) happen to link to this blog?

    1. Not a problem, but it’s sad that the “normals” won’t touch me with a 10 foot pole. Every now and again regular conservative sites link me, but then their readers say, “Take down the Nazi link!” and they delink. Same thing on liberal sites. Most of the liberal and Left sites that used to link me just quit.
      Every now and then someone links me at Democratic Underground but then these Jews usually come in and say, “Take down Robert Lindsay! He’s a racist and an anti-Semite!” These Jews have all these links saved up from my site where they selectively quote me in my most indiscreet moments, and they have collated all of these into little files that they collect. They have these files on LOTS of people who they hate.

    2. RL:”Not a problem, but it’s sad that the “normals” won’t touch me with a 10 foot pole.”
      Who cares what “the normals” think? When was the last time “normal people” ever came up with new ideas, pushed the envelope, challenged the pathetic status-quo, accomplished truly great things, and so on? The answer is of course THEY NEVER HAVE, and thus they’ll forever remained mired in their intellectually mediocre normality. I say good riddance – blaze your own path and ‘to thine own self be true.’

  2. Well, don’t lose your nerve. These ‘fake left’ bloggers talk to each other and next to no-one else. They have no credibility with the working class they claim to represent. In fact, you can tell by their language that they want to actively EXCLUDE the proles. And they are mostly agents of jewry.

  3. And they are such hypocrites about this ‘no platform for fascists’ bit. ( it also includes no platform for anyone who claims that jews have anything to do with Israel). Take the British leftie bloggers ( I don’t know the US ones apart from the mindnumbingly pompous jewish agent Louis Proyect) Socialist Unity ( Andy Newman) or Lenin’s Tomb: they would bar you for life for linking to David Duke, but both link to Harry’s Place. Now, David Duke OPPOSED the war in Iraq, and adocates nothing more extreme than racial separatism ( which I disagree with), like black leader Louis Farrakhan, and pointedly dissociates himself from white supremacism ( of course he IS a racist but…). Harry’s Place on the other hand, claims to be left ( ‘humanitarian’, ‘decent’ left – you know the rest) , but is a blatant jewish race-hate site, hosting the most vile anti-Islam and anti-Arab filth, masses of it and constantly; AND they SUPPORTED, JUSTIFIED, LIED to support and enable, ADVOCATED for the US policies that have so far killed at least 3 million ( US arming of Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf war, the sanctions, the Iraq invasion, the ongoing genocide in Palestine ), and deprived the whole of Iraq and Palestine of education, healthcare, adequate food and housing. The Harry’s Place lot are as guilty of this as Goebbels and Streicher were for Hitler’s sins. But the lefties have no problem linking to HP; many of them post there regularly; and allow the vile pervert David T.(who runs the shithole) and others to post on their own blogs. So what has David Duke ( or Robert Lindsay) done to compare with this? Who have they killed?
    Chomsky, in his essay which was used ( without his permission) for the intro to one of Robert Faurisson ( Holocaust revisionist), in his defense of Faurisson’s free speech talked about the ‘left’s’ “… ongoing commitment to totalitarian and Stalinist practices…” [ ok, I disagree with him about Stalin]. They’re no different now. They are committed to a top-down vanguardist structure, where the leaders ( unelected and mostly jews of course) decide what can be said. This is exactly the opposite of ‘the working class in power’ that they claim to want; it is the opposite of the effective, informed democracy that most of us would like to see. These weirdo Trots and the career bureaucrat trade unionists who still call themselves communists – these are not a ‘left’; as Chomsky (again) said ” the Leninists have done nothing in recent years but disrupt populist movements.” That’s it. Dishearten and discourage. Mystify, bewilder and bore. These people are an obstacle standing between the working class and an effective left movement. There can be no doubt whatever that they are infiltrated to the point that their policies are effectiviley decided ( or at least vetoed) by the secret security services of the capitalist states, and the zionists of course.
    Beyond their pale is where you want to be.

  4. Actually, I think I overstated the case a bit above. Of course, there is a substantial ‘left’ ( excluding the obvious fakes like the ‘humanitarians war’ advocates) who we can at least read without encountering the bullshit we get in the MSM, like ” our ‘leaders’ do their best but get it wrong sometimes ” and so on. But there is always a cut-off point after which the scenario I describe above applies. The chopper always comes down when discussion gets round to national-based solutions ( i.e. possible ones), and of course the ‘jewish question’ ( ” How much is it?” – the jewish question, Ha Ha Ha). Of course, Trots have opposed EVERY revolution that’s ever happened, and there’s no reason to suppose they’ll change; and of course, most of their leaders, and ALL of their theorists, are jewish.
    So there’s the gate past which ye dare not pass – the one that leads to ACTION! Talk all you like, but keep waiting for a magical world-wide simultaneous workers revolution, keep building the (jewish-led) vanguard party, and don’t notice that the jews are running everything and well on their way to owning everything – what does the racial makeup of the capitalist elite matter? Unless it’s WASP, of course.

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