Henry Louis Gates Arrest Report

Here is a copy of the arrest report for Henry Louis Gates, one of the nation’s pre-eminent Black scholars, who was arrested at his home for, as far as I can tell, Criminal Stupidity and Mouthing Off To a Cop. It looks like he got what he deserved.
I won’t go into the details of the case; it’s all over the news and you can read it here. Appears Gates lost the keys to his house and ended up trying to break into his own house. Someone spotted him and called the cops. Cops came and he refused to cooperate, started screaming and yelling like a dumbfuck, and logically got his silly ass arrested.
All was not lost, as now he’s probably going to write a book about it and make a bundle.
Whenever some big hotshot Jew gets arrested and actually goes to prison for some financial crime, he usually spends the whole time in his cell reading about anti-Semitism. Why? He’s a Jew, he’s in prison, so obviously the only reason that could ever happen is anti-Semitism, right?
Blacks are getting just as bad as Jews. That victim-crack has a killer high, but it hooks you real quick, and good luck getting the Jones off your back. Gates is now going to use his arrest to look deeper into race in America. He’s an idiot, but he’s really just a victim-addict, and all addicts are sort of pitiful when they are Jonesing. Instead of researching race in America, he ought to study up on why he’s acting like such a dumbass.
Before he thinks twice about pulling this crap again, Gates needs to read my previous post, Don’t Mess With Pigs.

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12 thoughts on “Henry Louis Gates Arrest Report”

  1. Black Like Me (2009) More at IMDbPro
    Black Like Me is the true account of Henry Lewis Gates Jr’s experiences when he passed as a black man. Henry takes treatments to darken his skin and leaves his home in Texas to travel to Harvard University. At one stop, Gates encounters a black Princeton professor, Cornel West, who befriends him and shows him how to “act right” so that he can fit more easily into the African American academic culture. It is through West that Gates learns to put reverse racism in the service of cultural Marxism. Most of his encounters with whites are quite friendly and disturb him. As a professor, Gates meets several white men who refer to black men and women in superlatives which angers Gates even more. Throughout the movie, Henry is lauded and showered with awards by whites without reason. In one of his many walks around Cambridge, Henry finds himself on a park bench sitting by a white woman. A white man walks by and says, “She’s yours.” Even though he has six honorary doctorates, singing and dancing jobs are hard to find. Henry meets Screaming Jay Hawkins whose son, Screaming Jay Jr. is a Hammond organ player. Henry tells Jay Jr. about his “passing for black” at Harvard, and Jay Jr. becomes enraged. Jay Jr. feels that Henry could have served the plight of the black man better as a Jewish president of the university. Jay Jr. asks Henry if people would believe the story. Henry sings, “I don’t know, but I’ve been told the streets of Heaven are paved with gold. Keep your hands on that plow, Oh Lord.”

  2. According to one account, Professor Gates was “astonished” that this happened to him. A 58-year-old “black man in America” is astonished that a cop would be on a power trip with him.
    Bless his little heart.

    1. I support the cops in this incident. If it would have been me instead of him, they would have hassled me just as much as they hassled him. He appeared to be breaking into the place and an onlooker called the cops on him.
      You’re never going to go to jail in such a case if you just cooperate. The cops are confused and don’t understand that you’re breaking into your own house. You need to clear that up with them. Raising a stinking fuss is just going to get your ass arrested.

  3. And even if you KNOW that the cops are just messing with you, you’re not doing yourself any favors by raising a fuss. The fact that Gates didn’t know this is what astonishes me.

    1. I have recently learned the hard way, that cops can lie on police reports and distort everything, to the point where I think government is completely corrupt.
      only people who havent seen that there are no checks and balances on the judical system and that you are guilty until proven kinda innocent can know what I am talking about.
      there is a dangerous police state under way in this country, and the ACLU is not taking care of its own.
      crowley should have been fired, not invited to the white house for beer.
      I directly challenged the power structures of corruption and they went after me with lies lies and more lies.
      The problem is that most people cannot bear to realize they live in a country that closely resembles the most oppressive regimes every created, and so they mock those who have been crushed by them.

    2. I learned, too, years ago when one of my neighbors got burglarized and asked me to give a statement to the police after I saw the thieves take off.
      I went in there thinking that the officer would let me write down everything I saw. Instead, he asked me a lot of questions and then composed a narrative of his own, using what I had said to him.
      That police report was a distortion of what I said to him, and I didn’t want to sign the damned thing. I learned then and there never to take a police report at face value.

    3. Yeah, I was arrested two times. Both of the police reports should have started out, “Once upon a time.” They had me doing things I never did, saying things I never said. It was outrageous. Those guys should teach creative writing.

  4. Obama would not be so pissed off if Gates was not a member of the black elite that both of them are a part of.
    Imagine if it was some inner-city black caught stealing $20 to feed his family. Then there would be no sympathy – just lectures about responsibility.

  5. Nicely put. A small miscommunication has stirred the hornet’s nest of racism is America. Way to go, Gates.

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