The Jews Threw the Blacks Out of the Pool

The recent imbroglio over the private swim club renting out space to a summer day camp for Black kids and then revoking the membership when 65 Black kids actually showed up to swim has been in the papers a lot lately. What you don’t hear is that the suburb, Lower Moreland, is significantly Jewish (the Jewish population is 8 For links to the significant Jewish community extant at the club in question (the Valley Club),  see here from Web Archive – The Silverman Community Day, April 30th, Bryn Athyn Hockey Rink. So basically the Jews threw the Black kids out of the pool. The President of club, ethnicity unknown, could be a stand-in for a typical liberal Jew. He voted for Obama, feted Martin Luther King recently, and made a show of renting out space to inner city summer camps. Then when the Black kids actually show up, it’s NIMBY time. As usual with Jews, it’s do as I say, not as I do. Jews are the most wonderful friends the Blacks ever had, until a Black family moves in next door. Hypocrisy, thy name is Jew. I haven’t yet figured out all the mental meanderings, defensive structures, complexes and whatnot are lurking behind the Jewish Hypocrisy Structure, but Jewish Hypocrisy is probably a major driver of anti-Semitism. I generally like Jews pretty much, but their hypocrisy really sends me up the wall, or maybe even through the wall, sometimes. If it does that to a Judeophile, think of what it does to your average semi-Judeophobe fence-sitter. The Jews are always promoting the ideas of non-Whites having sex with Whites*, mass immigration to White countries**, Blacks are just fine, go ahead and move into their wonderful neighborhoods***. What we ought to say to the Jews is, “You first!” How many Jews think it’s cool that their precious JAP is dating some thuggish Black guy with gold chains, rims and a grill? How many Jews think it’s cool that we just go ahead and flood their shitty little country with, say, 50,000 assimilation-hostile, crime-prone Gentiles a year? How many Jews are just itching to leave their lily-White upscale neighborhoods and move into a majority-Black town? You first, Jews. *I am not opposed to Whites dating, breeding with or marrying non-Whites. I’ve been dating non-White women since I was 16. Most of my friends have done this too, a brother has married an Asian woman and has a Hapa daughter and a cousin married a Black woman and has a mixed-race son. **I am not opposed to non-White legal immigration to the US, but I want to reduce all legal immigration to the US to possibly 350,000/yr., initiate a points system and eliminate chain and family reunification immigration. I want to end illegal immigration and revoke the anchor baby nonsense in the Constitution. ***I am an integrationist, but nevertheless, tragically, White flight is often justified.

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41 thoughts on “The Jews Threw the Blacks Out of the Pool”

  1. I might have been a little quick with the heavily Jewish remark, although it does have a higher percentage of Jews than the national average. Found in the Google cache is this breakdown for Lower Moreland:
    Lower Moreland township, Pennsylvania (PA) – Sperling’s BestPlaces
    35.11% are Catholic; 15.20% are Protestant; 0.15% are LDS; 5.58% are another Christian faith; 7.94% in Lower Moreland township, PA are Jewish
    You are right about the director being a standard liberal.

  2. I have only found the names of two board members: Amy Goldman and John Duesler. Goldman is a classicaly Jewish name, I am going with Gentile for Dr. John Duesler:
    Confirmed that John Duesler, the President of the board is an Obama supporter:
    FWIW, the Philly branch of the Jewish Community Center allows (and still allows..) the kids to swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
    All Creative Steps founder Alethea Wright was trying to do was find a place for her kids to swim on Mondays.
    With their neighborhood Frankford pool closed because of city budget cuts, the Oxford Circle campers did find a new home at the Klein Branch of the Jewish Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    1. Thx, but I’ve had it up to here with Jewish hypocrisy on race. How many Jews are losing their jobs to illegal aliens? Zero. So of course they support them to the hilt. A couple of ultra PC Jews really infuriated me recently by calling me racist and I’m still mad about it. They both make tons of $ and probably live in lily White and very safe communities. Yet they have the nerve to call me racist. Goddamn that makes me angry.

  3. I think this is going to bring Heg out of the woodwork:
    “The Silverman Community Day, April 30th, Bryn Athyn Hockey Rink
    Huntingdon Valley Police, Fire, and Rescue Day, Summer 2005
    Lower Moreland Haunted Hayride, October 2004
    More to Come!”
    Silverman is clearly a Jewish name but the large majority of names on the swim team in 2002 were Gentile:

  4. Hell yeah! Great post Mr. Lindsay.
    So ya want me to try guilt-tripping me in to breeding with some Black ghetto skank Dr. Steinberg? [prototypical far-leftist Jewish sociology professor] Well then, how about your nice little Jewish daughter start having kids with some Black ghetto thug gangbanger first, Dr. Steinberg?
    I fully concur: ‘You first, Jews!’

    1. I’m actually pretty much a philosemite, but Jewish hypocrisy on race really drives me stark raving bats. I’m convinced that Jewish hypocrisy is a major driver behind anti-Semitism.

  5. I don’t know. I guess I do not see what the big deal is; I mean, this club is a private organization, correct? So who cares what their policies are? I guess it was wrong to invite the swimmers and THEN kick them out, but then one one wonders why they were not more prudent when it came to figuring out who the kids were when it came to invitation time.
    Suppose I have a home with a pool (I don’t), but I decide to invite people over. This would be private, so one can legally discriminate as one sees fit.

  6. They were probably little “antisemitic” black bastards. Poor, poor “persecuted” fake ashkenazi “jews”. Why us?

  7. “This is somewhat confusing. If you accomodate the public, in what way are you a private club?”
    The difference in solicitation, or invitation only. Private clubs are invitation only.

    1. I see. I wonder, though: if I decided to rent out one of the rooms in my house, I am then in the rental housing business. Don’t non-discrimination laws apply at that point, even though it is my private home?

    2. Yes, you cannot discriminate. However, private clubs, I think, can discriminate legally. They often try to get them on liquor licenses and stuff like that though. I’m not sure where these guys messed up. It looks like they were selling access to their pool. I guess at that point, they are no longer private.

  8. This is the best post on this blog, in my opinion. Regarding the hypocrisy, the Jews can send their kids to yeshivas so they don’t have to mix with Deshawns (that can break your jaw for looking at them the wrong way), or Kierras (that pull your hair out for talking to their boyfriends).

  9. I would love to see these “Jews” that threw the kids out of the pool. I bet that they had pale skin and maybe curly hair. Damn that sounds like a Turk or Russian to me. Just another white to me. No Semetic blood. It amuses me when I hear these other whites make these racist comments towards these “Jews”. Lying scumbags? You just described your average white person.

    1. CK:”I bet that they had pale skin and maybe curly hair. Damn that sounds like a Turk or Russian to me. Just another white to me. No Semetic blood.”
      Ever heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

  10. “It looks like they were selling access to their pool. I guess at that point, they are no longer private.”
    Country clubs have been discriminating for a long time and there is nothing that can be done about it because it is considered private. They sell a membership, much like the owners of the pool. Think about it this way, say you are a wealthy homeowner with an Olympic-sized outdoor pool.
    People can even discrimminate when it comes to housing, if they are renting out a place they THEY live in. Go to the Craigslist housing listings, and you will see their rules, guided by laws.

    1. What I get from the information on Craigslist is that if I’m renting out a room in my own home, it would be okay to discriminate as long as I’m sly about it. I couldn’t openly state what I want or don’t want.

    2. That’s great work, AU. I was dubious about Scott’s claims myself. Really, I think if I am renting out a room in my home where I live, I think I ought be able to be a racist asshole about it.

  11. Thx very much for this info, Olive! It’s great.
    WB, BTW, we missed you here. We need some normal people to balance out all the Nazis. Why should my comments be filled with Nazis? I hate Nazis, WTF man?

  12. EG: “there many Negroes and Mongoloids attending yeshivas in the US..?”
    No, great point EG. There a VERY FEW Negroids and Mongoloids attending Jewish yeshivas and other Jewish schools in the USA, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.
    Clearly this MUST change…a court MUST order that ALL Jewish yeshivas and Jewish schools MUST LEGALLY become more racially/ethnically diverse and integrated or else they will be SHUT DOWN. To deprive the Negroids and Mongoloids of a great Jewish education is clearly based in RACISM and DISCRIMINATION – thus in the interest of racial/ethnic fairness all Jewish schools MUST henceforth become as diverse and multiracial/multicultural as possible.

  13. RL:”The next suburb over is Wilmont Heights, now a heavily Russian community. Most of those Russians are actually Russian Jews.”
    Yup, many of the so-called “Russian-Americans,” “Ukrainian-Americans,” “Polish-Americans,” “Belarusian Americans,” and so on who have immigrated to the USA in the last few decades from the former USSR are NOT from the native Slavic stock of Russia/Ukraine/Poland/Belarus/etc – the majority of these new “Eastern European Americans” are of course Jews from those nations and did decidedly NOT originate from among the Slavic natives.

  14. It’s just more Jewish lies when JEWS try to call themselves “Russian-Americans” or some such other deceptive label when in reality they are JEWS who were once living in Russia, the USSR, etc and who are now living in the USA.
    They will forever remain JEWS and can never become White Anglo-Americans, White Russians/Slavs, White Germans, and so on. Jews need to accept the fact that JEWS ARE NOT WHITE. They never have been, and they never will be.

  15. instructions for jews accused of racism: wear your boxing gloves, one marked ‘anne’ and the other marked ‘frank’. such attire allows you the occasional racist outburst.

  16. silver:”What is your problem, Olive, are you congenitally fated to distort the truth?
    Of course she is…she’s Jewish. A large majority of Jews are hypocritical and compulsive liars. In fact, it’s almost a rule of nature that JEWS LIE.

  17. Russian jews promoted multiculti in the 30s. Douglas Reed was in Sovjet with Eden and he saw display where racemixing was the topic. l’ll see if l can find the text later. The communist jews that was in control of all the communist countries forced people back and forth. Chines into Tibet, russians into Latvia, ukrainians to Siberi and so on.
    All the jews in the whole world has always promoted racemixing. Period
    Robert, i couldn’t agree more: You first, jews!

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