Spot The Language 14

Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments. We normally like to use only Latin scripts, except when we play Spot the Script. But in this case, we will use a well-known script that is actually used by a 76 languages, mostly from a former large country. We will not play any tricks on you here – this language is one of the largest and most famous ones using the script, and it is fairly common on the Net. We are not playing Spot the Script here; it’s obvious to any intelligent person. You have to figure out the language using the script, but the clues are pretty easy.

З безди подземних, з огненной вихожду геєнни Ярополк, братним мечем, люті убієнний, Брат князя Владимира. Ні! Глагол сей ложний. Не Владимир мой брат єсть, но враг мой, безбожний Братоубійця. Кая лесть! Многажди красно ім’я будет, но своєй вещі несогласно. Владимир — владініє мира знаменуєт, а брат мой з родственною кровію воюєт. Брат мой, — о горе! — і сей глагол неістовий: враг мой, супостат лютий, жрець моєя крові. Доповідь, кацапе.[] Так поводяться справжні патріоти Росії. І ви від них не кращий.

Pale borderlands, meltdowns and Holodomors in the endless waves of grain. It’s ’32 and I’m hungry. Candidates get dioxin for dinner. Holidays on rocky beaches on the shores of ebony seas. Is this the homeland of the Indo-Europeans? Nationalist – fascists – Judeophobes in Canada, descendants of the UIA. The golden homeland of the Slavs, devastated in 1240 by Genghis. Then to the Poles, to Lithuania, on and on, always ruled, never ruling, until a flutter in 1917. Bohdan Khmelnytsky rebelling, and 20,000 dead Jews. Makho’s nigrescent legions. Later, a raging Barbarossa storm from the West, 18

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