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Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments.

Gasit initial pe L.e nu cred ca filmul este real dar totusi myke nu mai posta cacaturi de genul asta. Si eu postez multe cacaturi dar de obicei sunt text (vezi postul cu fetusi). Uneori imi doresc sa nu fi renuntat la drepturile de admin …link dar de ce cacat sa te uiti la snufuri
trecand peste un mic documentar
Un filmulet facut de mine pentru un proiect pe care il coordonez la facultate:
El se adreseaza copiilor cu varste cuprinse intre 2 si 6 ani si incercam sa le inlaturam teama de medic! NU recomand celor care au mancat sau celor sensibili. Film din categoria snufuri.
Bob Geldolf (actorul principal din The Wall) are o melodie foarte interesanta. Clipul e dureros.
Turnul ala se vede perfect de la mine din clasa/banca. A fost si la stiri faza asta. Orientarea oamenilor veniti la plimbare… Asta e chiar trist si oricat ai protesta, daca nu ai forta sa ajungi la baietii rai de la UE faci degeaba. Adica sa fim seriosi, in justitia din, poti sa aduci oricate argumente mereu scapa oamenii cu bani.
Am mai pus cateva filmulete. Ala de la jeg e misto facut, restul sunt de caterinca

At first one thinks this is a certain very well-known language (at least I did) then it turns out to be another language on examination.
It seems to have preserved quite a bit of structure from a very famous old language that all members of this subfamily derive from. This is probably the most divergent member of the branch with only about 27% cognates in common with the other members of the family. Since it is related to such widely-spoken languages, you would think it would be studied more, but apparently it is not.
Kings with girl’s names and Iron Crosses. Dacians and bomb-blasted oil fields in 1944. Heads on sticks and a lad named Vlad. Eccentric noblemen with a hematophagia kink.
And that’s all the hints you get.
European again. This is the first link coming in from this country. It’s nice to see they are getting on the Net and making some nice forums.

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