Spot the Language 11

Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments.

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fds mas movio de hace caleta de rato.
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This is really a tough one. I will give the language away – it is Spanish. This is a form of Spanish that seems to me to be unique to a particular country where Spanish is the official language.
I get hits coming in from this country a lot due to one particular video. It is interesting that they are wired up pretty well for a Spanish-speaking country, most of which are not that wired. Many of the hits coming in from this country feature the type of heavily-slangy Spanish seen above.
I may be wrong; this may be just “Internet Spanish” that is written all over the Internet, but I think not. Also, I had a friend from this country, and he spoke one of the strangest, most slang-filled forms of Spanish I’ve ever heard.
Most Spanish-speakers are gracious if you know even a word or two, but this guy was as severe and picky as a Frenchman about getting it right. Like most elites in this part of the world, many here insist that they speak the “real, pure Castillian” here, but I really doubt it.
This is from a site for young people who are into goth and heavy metal. Goth, metal, death metal, etc. are all pretty popular with the young folks in this place.
They hate Indians here with a passion, yet they are almost all part-Indian themselves. The Indians were most certainly not all killed off – that is just a rumor.
Salvador, Gabriela and Agusto. From radical Right to radical Left, the pendulum does swing, and not a lot in between. Screaming economies, presidential machine guns, and football field executions. Mining and ag exports, blazing hot and bone dry to cold and wet soaring peaks. Boys from Chicago, judges from Spain and don’t forget Lautaro.

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7 thoughts on “Spot the Language 11”

  1. Apart from Chilean slang there is a lot of “internet Spanish” and even “SMS Spanish” as you already have guessed.
    For example:
    “k” instead of “qu”
    “x” instead of “ch”
    Elision of vowels, particularly “e”: perdonam hrmanita savs k t kiero = “perdóname hermanita sabes que te quiero”
    As Spaniard from Catalonia, Chilean Spanish is one of the Spanish dialects in the Americas among the easiest to understand for me (with the exception of the slang used among the younger generations!).
    The problem of the Spanish language is the huge distance between the standard language (which already comes into diferent flavors and small vocabulary and grammar variations depending on the country) and the slang and pronunciation used in everyday life which can be really hard to understand to users of other Spanish varieties.
    The less educated and the younger the speaker is, the more problems I have to understand many Spanish dialects from the Americas.
    To put an example: I once saw a Mexican film, “Y tu mamá también”, during the first 15 mins. of which I could only understand a few words of what was being said!

    1. Chilean Spanish is really weird. A lot of other Latin Americans can’t even understand it. Chilean telenovelas syndicated elsewhere in South America receive subtitles.

  2. I’m glad you bring up the matter of the richness of the Spanish language. It’s something that a lot of non-natives have no clue about, and is really a major issue at the cultural level.
    I tackled the issue of the Español vs. Castellano dichotomy (which you briefly bring up above) in a post of my own. If you have an opinion on my claims (agreement or not–I love informed debate), then I invite you to let me know. You can read my take on the matter at
    Bryant Hillas

  3. That Text is so Awfull ,that Being Myself an Spanish Speakers costed me a lot of energy, to Understand Whatever She´s tried to say.
    Well, Like an Spanish Native Speakers I like to being Neutral When I (E.g) Chat With Foreigner Spanish Speakers. Even When I write to My Friend, I keep a good level of Grammar.
    Following the Topic that Woman Text.
    She Is not very Skippy.
    Establishing a Profile, is like, you know the type, a person Who is used to send “Short and Poor” Messages With his Cellphone and Talk like that in Real Life.
    People that Mix in a funny way “English Terms” With the Worstest Class of Spanish.
    !”que a este ritmo pensare en buscar otro partner jajaja no pasa waxo SALUD2″
    Here, Below there is common spanish slang Expression. “Jeropa” That means “Wanker”.
    But is Writed Up side down, the real term is “Pajero”, is like say “Kerwan”.
    “alu2 a todos en especial al jeropa del eddi”
    I Don´t look a “Poor Person” Without education here”, I Look an stupid one, Maybe from the Middle Class, because Poor people doesn`t even have computers or can pay gold Fotolog Gold acounts.
    Poor people, Unless on my country don´t Mix English With Spanish and Call the people that do that ,”Snobs”.
    This Person is a bad example of our culture, very Shameful.

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