Jews and Anti-White Activities – A Puzzle

It’s pretty well-known that Jews are behind a lot of PC nonsense, and much of the anti-White propaganda that constitutes multicultural studies seems to be written by Jews. Cultural Marxism, the Godfather of Political Correctness, was formulated by a Jewish Marxist named Herbert Marcuse. Whiteness Studies, an interesting field that unfortunately is Ground Zero for anti-White propaganda, seems to have been invented by Jews. It’s well-known that Jews were behind the rewriting of the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates of non-White immigration to the US*. Since then, they have been one of the leading supporters of continuing mass non-White legal immigration and even illegal immigration to the US. Affirmative action seems to have been a heavily Jewish project, though most Jews seem to oppose it now. A friend of mine is taking a sociology class now that he calls “Anti-White Studies.” The professor is Jewish. He’s been gone recently, and another professor came in to sub for him. The sub professor was Jewish too. The worst White self-hating anti-racist PC loons and nutjobs are often Jews or half-Jews, such as Tim Wise (half-Jewish) and Noel Ignatiev. Given all this, it’s no wonder that White nationalist types often don’t like Jews. Who could blame them? There is a big debate going on about why Jews do this. One side of the debate, the philosemitic side, says they do it out of out of liberalism or for other reasons, or anyway, they are not “acting as Jews” when they do it. Instead, they are, say, “acting as liberals, not Jews.” The other side says that yes they do do it as Jews, and that they have specifically Jewish reasons for doing this. Various reasons are then listed. It’s an important question, and I have wondered about it for a very long time. I still don’t have all the answers, because I still can’t figure out a lot of Jewish behavior. First of all, who are the Jews? The Jews are White; they are a White tribe. They are best seen as a strange White tribe that refuses to identify as White and is hostile to all the other White tribes! They are sort of like a traitorous White tribe, as opposed to being non-Whites. A friend who is on says maybe 5 It’s clear that Jews have it in for the rest of the Whites. Before I continue any further, I would like to say that I don’t blame Jews for feeling this way, and if I were Jewish, I would feel this way too. That said, I feel that this Jewish mindset is ultimately self-destructive and hence bad for the Jews. Jews fought with all or most all other White tribes the whole time they were in Europe, so they don’t like any other White tribes. This is an historical battle, and most Jews have not forgotten it and continue to carry on this fight. Further, the last time a bunch of Whites got together as ethnocentric Whites, they tried to wipe every Jew off the face of the Earth (I’m no Holocaust denier). So for the Jew, White ethnocentrism simply = genocide. That’s all there is to it. In addition, every time the other White tribes got nationalistic, they always said that the Jews were not part of the nation, and they attacked them as aliens. So Jews are hostile to the independent nationalisms of all of the other White tribes because historically, it has been bad for the Jews. Once again, who can blame them? Now, we do have some records of US Jews saying that White race replacement in the US will be good for the Jews. One prominent Jew is on record as saying that once US Whites get below 5 Now, it’s possible that some Jews in other White countries may be working for the same agenda, but we don’t have any direct evidence. So the goal behind some Jews promoting White race replacement would simply be “Never again!” Now, how many Jews promoting mass non-White immigration to White countries actually think like this? Who knows? You don’t often hear them come out and say it anyway. Keep in mind that Jews were typically immigrants to many White nations. So they see anti-immigrant stuff as hurting Grandma Esther on Ellis Island. Personally, I think Jews are bonkers to be importing all these millions of super anti-Semitic Hispanics, but I guess their other commitments blind them to that. Also, Jews see immigration restriction as automatically feeding back into nativism and nationalism, which sooner or later has a tendency to come back around and bite the Jews on the ass. So there may be a knee-jerk reaction to it on that basis. Jewish promotion of mass non-White immigration seems to go hand in hand with anti-White politics in general. When you look for the craziest, most whacked out White self-hate movements, it always seems like there are a bunch of Jews leading the charge. Jews do not make up all of the membership of these movements by any means, but they seem to be the major part of the spearhead forging away at the bow of the movement. Similarly, Jews scream racism constantly at other Whites, and are usually incredible hypocrites at the same time. I am starting to think a reasonable mathematical equation is Jew = hypocrite. A couple of Jews called me racist recently for particularly stupid reasons, and I’m still mad about it. Both of these idiots make good money and live far away from The Diversity. Both are very ethnocentric Jews and one married another Jew. Yet they deny the right of ethnocentrism to me. So, no, these Jews are not promoting the non-White immigration wave due to their liberalism or whatever, and it’s not correct to say that they are not acting as Jews. They are acting as Jews, period and in a whole host of other objectively anti-White activities. *I do not support ending all non-White immigration to the US like most other White advocates. However, I would like to end illegal immigration for good, reinterpret the Constitution to get rid of the anchor baby madness, and reduce legal immigration to maybe 350,000/yr. I’m not opposed to non-White immigration to the US, and most of them may make fine Americans. My position is that anyone of any race can be an American.

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19 thoughts on “Jews and Anti-White Activities – A Puzzle”

  1. I do not support ending all non-White immigration to the US like most other White advocates. Is this the first time you’ve called yourself a white advocate? It came as a great surprise to me.

    1. Yes, and I am going to put it in my About section too. I am White, so how can I not be a White advocate. A famous saying from the Jewish sage Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who am I for?”

  2. I think Jews are bonkers to be importing all these millions of super anti-Semitic Hispanics, but I guess their other commitments blind them to that.
    Knowing my people like I do, I really wouldn’t eliminate bonkers from the equation.
    A friend who is on says maybe 50% of the Jews there do not even identify as White. Instead they check something stupid like “Middle Easterner.”
    That’s quite anecdotal.
    And Uncle Tim is apparently of mixed heritage. So I blame your people for that guy. (see comments).
    A famous saying from the Talmud says
    It was Hillel. One of the very greatest of Jewish sages who preceded the Talmud by centuries. In other words, a good choice for referencing Jewish thought, Robert.

  3. And Uncle Tim is apparently of mixed heritage. So I blame your people for that guy.
    “If one reads “White like me” you’ll find Tim Wise’s mother was a gentile with the maiden name of LuCinda Anne McLean, so basically he is not Jewish by the standards of quite a few Jews, including the state of Israel.

  4. Correction:
    “If one reads “White like me” you’ll find Tim Wise’s mother was a gentile with the maiden name of LuCinda Anne McLean, so basically he is not Jewish by the standards of quite a few Jews, including the state of Israel.

  5. DK:”Knowing my people like I do, I really wouldn’t eliminate bonkers from the equation. ”
    Jews actually have higher rates of general mental illness than most other races and ethnic groups worldwide. They are also more commonly afflicted by serious mental disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, horrible OCD, major depression, etc.
    Jews back in the day used to write about the higher rate of mental illness amongst Jews – – but for some reason they don’t do much of that much anymore.
    I blame the high rates of Jewish insanity on too much Jewish inbreeding, the crushing insecurity and stress caused by widespread anti-Jewish persecution, and their near-permanent diasporic/wandering/rootless existence in which barely squeaked by for so long at the margins of a hostile Europe which really didn’t want them around at all.

    1. I regard this as nuts. Everyone knows Jews are neurotic. That’s a given. I do a lot of online therapy with OCD patients because I have written articles about. The % of Jews who have OCD seems to me to be incredibly high; I just can’t believe it. Nevertheless, OCD sufferers are utterly harmless and are about the least dangerous people on Earth. About the rest, I am not so sure. I am extremely dubious about the high rates of schizophrenia. It should have shown up in Israel. The highest rates of schizophrenia are in Ireland and Croatia.

    2. One of the major causative factors of schizophrenia is urban-living, and Jews are quintessential urban-dwelling cosmopolitans – thus, they are very likely have much higher rates of urban-induced schizophrenia than average.
      Jews are also much more likely to be schizoaffectives, AKA “fairly functional schizophrenics.”
      If Jews aren’t more prone to all of the various affective and their related schizo disorders, why are they closely studying Jewish genetics in an attempt to track down potential genetic markers for those disorders? –
      Also, the second paragraph of the following PDF states that: “Two separate epidemiological studies in Israel have demonstrated at least 50% higher rates of schizophrenia among European Jews (Ashkenazi) compared to their non-European Jewish counterparts.” –

  6. Related to Jewish insanity, I of course forgot to include the most telling link –
    They sure were more blunt back then! The first sentence from that link reads: “Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large. From statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that they are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews.”
    LOL! So why do Whites continue to let these Jewish basket-cases disproportionately run and control their economies and banks, their political systems, their mass-media, their hospitals, their legal systems, their elite universities, and so on? Now THAT’S insane!

    1. Truth of the matter is that if a Jew is significantly mentally ill, they are not going to be allowed to function in any position that has a lot of power and authority. I did therapy once with a Jewish heir to a media fortune who was a multimillionaire but his OCD was so bad, he was not given a corporate position with any status or power.

  7. The very high rates of severe OCD amongst Jews is likely related to Jewry’s very insecure/marginal existence for so long – the Jewish obsessive-compulsives likely engage in highly repetitive OC behavior patterns in order to make themselves feel ‘safe’ and ‘in control.’
    I think that Jews also suffer from high rates of mania/hypomania (plus its associated major depressive episodes). But if a person’s mania/hypomania is manageable and not too severe and out-of-control, it can often result in success because it often translates in to ambition and ‘drive’ – see John Gartner’s recentish book THE HYPOMANIC EDGE:

  8. Dear Robert
    Most of the Jews who become supercritical toward the society in which they live tend to be critical toward Zionism as well. It is not the most Orthodox Jews, it seems, who become the fiercest social critics.
    It probably works this way. Because of their Jewishness, many Jews can’t identify with the people around them. When they also become alienated from their Jewishness, they acquire an outsider mentality and therefore identify with those members of society which are the most like outsiders, which in countries like the US means the poor and the non-white.
    Eric Hobsbawm is a typical illustration of this process. His surname really is Hobsbaum. His parents were German Jews, but he wasn’t even raised as a German. He is one those people who call themselves cosmopolitan because they really don’t belong to any nation. Hobsbawm likes to denigrate nationalism and to denounce the very notion of nation as fraudulent. People like him are like frustrated bachelors that furiously attack the institution of marriage.
    I have no use for people like Hobsbawm, but it is unfair to see them as Jewish activists. Trostky was once asked whether he was Russian or Jewish. His reply was roughly as follows: “The question is mistaken, I’m neither. I’m a universalist social-democrat.” That illustrates the mentality of these anti-national non-Jewish Jews.
    Have a good day. James

  9. “There is a big debate going on about why Jews do this. ”
    There is no doubt in my mind that Professor Kevin Macdonalds general thesis that Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy (aimed at Whites) is correct. This is backed up by the science of Evolutionary Psychology after all.
    Frank Salter has also proffered some scientific theories on Ethnic Genetic Interests that can be utilized by White Nationalists.
    Science is on our side! Don a lab coat, White Man, we are fully justified to be Pro-White! White Rights now!!!

  10. Robert wrote,
    Nevertheless, a Hell of a lot of those half-Jews have an extremely strong Jewish identity and behave politically like Jews in many ways.
    I don’t think so. I would say that a hell of a lot of half-Jews have an extremely strong hyphenated identity, which makes them hypersensitive to these and other similar issues.

  11. Aren’t only Jews from U.S. White race traitors? I never heard of Jews from any other country betraying their race like American Jews do.

  12. Watching “One Night with the King” which is the story of Esther. They are invoking Nazis in this film with the main antisemites’ use of the swastika. It’s interesting that they lionize the symbol in a way. Star of David/Jews good, Swastika/Whites bad. The Jews are taking modern concepts and transplanting them to their old tales.

    Jews are People of the Book, and the media is sort of their modern expression of this, with a lot of symbolism, agenda-pushing, etc., so much so that it’s more than most Gentiles can wrap their heads around.

    I admire media Jews’ ability but can honestly say the Jew media isn’t a friend of the White man. The average Jew isn’t the enemy. He’s a Normie but perhaps exhibits the tribal tolerance RW mentioned Blacks have. Israeli Jews are possible allies of pro-Whites but are rejected. I’ve done this myself as a very active pro-White. Many Israelis reached out to me, and I rejected them. Not sure Israelis are good optics for our cause as they took Palestinian land.

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