By 2100, All Coral Reefs on Earth Will Be Gone

A terrifying fact. That’s hard to believe, actually. I do not write much about global warming because it is so damned depressing, and it seems like the morons who run the world (capitalists) are refusing to do anything about it. Honestly, the capitalist system, by its very nature, mandates that we must allow global warming to occur to the fullest extent possible. Why? Because putting a reign on global warming is bad for profits and bad for capitalism. It is a law of capitalism that capitalists will oppose anything that gets in the way of their profits or reduces them. If they have to kill millions of people, start wars, or even ruin the environment of the planet, the capitalist will simply go right ahead and do it, come Hell or high water. He will deny and refuse the negative consequences of not dealing with the problem, because he must deny these things. In this sense, capitalism is honestly unsustainable. It contains the seeds of its own destruction, as Marx said, and like an addicting drug or a personality disorder, blinds the affected entity to the fact that it is ill. The illness proceeds anyway, and tremendous damage is done to the entity, including, in many cases, death. Therefore, capitalism, by its nature, is simply incapable of reform. All reform of capitalism in the name of human good comes from anti-capitalist forces. This is because all positive reform of capitalism comes from forces that impair capitalist profits. Everything that impairs capitalist profits is by its nature anti-capitalist. There is the very real possibility that world capitalism may cause untold damage to the very environment of our planet in the coming decades. Fortunately, I will be dead before the worst of it happens. This brings up an extremely important question. If capitalism is going to blow up the world environment and there is no way to stop it within the capitalist system, can we really afford capitalism? Even if socialism does not yet very well (This is a fact) is it still necessary since at least socialism is not mandated by economic laws to blow up the planet? Think about it.

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5 thoughts on “By 2100, All Coral Reefs on Earth Will Be Gone”

  1. What’s going on is an planet-wide ecological Ponzi scheme where our future generations are fucked because of this generations greed. It’s the same thinking that led to the recession, but with even worse consequences.

  2. “A Communist country following a very capitalist mode of development”
    Having state controlled businesses or one party rule doesn’t exactly make China a communist country. With Deng Xiaoping it left that path and now tries to push Confucianism, when not ‘rational nationalism’ as a state philosophy, while leaving the old name. Its more national socialism, in a neutral sense, then communist, again in the neutral sense.
    That said, I agree Rob seems to be overly enthusiastic about communism — at least as a functional national system. It really doesn’t matter what kind of economic policy a state, or for that matter group, engages; I just matters how the individuals act. But, given human nature as it appears, since people are fairly shortsighted you need some kind of environmental policy — make, make, make and hope to clean up later doesn’t work with the environment any more than my kitchen. One the other-hand, the make soup twice a week and hamburgers once demand side model, is pretty poor at adjusting to variability, when it doesn’t just promotes a top down shortsightedness.

  3. This is a very sad and extremely disgusting and disturbing fact.
    One of the main reasons to save the White race from extinction/near-extinction is that Whites have done more than ALL other races COMBINED to help save and preserve our Earth’s precious environment. Once ‘evil Whitey’ goes near-extinct or is subsumed by the lower races, who will pick up the environmental banner after them? Likely NO ONE ELSE WILL, and in a post-White world the Earth’s environment will continue to degenerate in to a near-unlivable cesspool of overpopulation and its resultant pollution and overstraining of resources.
    You think that the Hispanics (once they take over the USA) will give a shit about its overall environment, cleanliness, and general livability? If Latin America (where they come from) is a preview of where we are headed, the answer is obviously “no.”
    Also, we must vigorously oppose international/globalist plutocratic Jewry because they are clearly the major masterminds behind international plutocratic capitalism and its neverending as well as terribly energy-intensive ‘free trade’ which is so wrecking our Earth’s environment.

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