Whites In Latin America

Updated June 25, 2014. This article is 64 pages long, so be warned. I’ve been reading a lot about this issue because I find it fascinating. Of course the media is going to feed you a lot of crap, nonsense and lies about this situation, so where do we go to really learn about it? Maybe I should ask some Latin Americans? That isn’t going to work. Most of the Latin Americans I have met are from the middle and upper classes, and almost all of them insist that there is no racism in their particular country. That sounds dubious! So, where shall we go to get the straight-up ugly truth? No better place than Stormfront, the home of Nazi White nationalist maniacs! True, they are not very nice people, but I figured that if there were any Latin Americans on there, they would definitely tell it like it is. Indeed there is a Latin American forum on Stormfront, and it is populated by lots of Latin American Whites. I learned a lot there, reading probably over 1,200 pages over a few days, but I’m not going to link to any of the comments because why link to Stormfront? The truth will be very depressing to White nationalists, and it surely destroys some of their cherished myths. One of them is that racial separatism is possible. Apparently it is not. Another is that as a White population shrinks, separatism becomes more of an urgent reality for a larger number of Whites. The truth, as we see in Latin America, is quite the opposite. As the White population shrinks down below 5 First of all, many or probably most White nationalist types in the US are Nordicist idiots who think that Latin American Whites are not “pure Whites.” Regardless of the truth of this, Latin American Whites have a more lax view of Whiteness. To them, if you have White ancestry, and if you look White and you act White, you are White. This strikes me as very reasonable. During colonial times, children of a criollo (pure Spaniard, or White) and a castizo (1/4 Indian, 3/4 White) was considered to be criollo, or White. This person would have been 1 The Latin American system classes all European Meds as White: Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, Romanians, Greeks and Yugoslavs. Also, White Arabs, especially Lebanese and Syrian Christians, are also considered White. Latin American Whites also consider Armenians and Georgians to be White.

Penelope Cruz is a classic Med beauty, and she's in completely White. Cruz is born in Spain. This is pretty much a class White Latin American phenotype.
Penelope Cruz is a classic Med beauty, and she’s completely White. Cruz is born in Spain. This is pretty much an upper class White Latin American phenotype.
How many Whites are there in Latin America? That’s a very interesting question. Many figures are tossed about. I figure the best figure is around 170 million+ Whites in Latin America. What was interesting on the forum is the way that they described Latin American Whites. According to them, the average White down there is very, very racist in US terms. In Argentina, the general belief is that they are White and not a part of the rest of Latin America as a result, and there is open contempt, at least in private, for mestizos and mulattos*, not to mention Indians. The general belief, contrary to the US, is that dark = ugly. Indians are ugly, Whites are beautiful. Latin American Whites do not necessarily despise mestizos, though some certainly do, and this feeling is more pronounced in some countries than in others. In many cases, Whites do not dislike mestizos of the same social class. However, the contempt for Indians is a hallmark of the mindset of Latin American Whites pretty much across the board. In the US, the feeling is quite the opposite. Indians are not regarded as ugly, and Indian women have long been fetishized by White men as sex objects. Indian men are not seen as ugly either. We pretty much like Indians here in the US. Similarly, Whiteness is highly prized all over Latin America in both Whites and non-Whites, whereas in the US, many Hispanics, typically Chicanos, get angry if you suggest that they are White or part-White. This is seen as an insult to them. In Latin America, Indians are widely despised by Whites, there is no way of getting around that obvious fact, and no amount of denial and lying will make it go away. Let us look at Mexico. It is a common Mexican lie that there is no racism in Mexico. This lie is usually perpetrated by mestizos and Whites. I doubt many Indians would tell you that. Among the Mexican upper class, with the males at least, there is once again a belief that Indian women are ugly. Nevertheless, Mexican politics means that most Mexican Whites say they are mestizos, deny their Whiteness, and hate the US. These are traditions of Mexican society. Mexico decided a while back to deal with the race issue by formulating a lie that said that every Mexican was a mestizo, and that’s that. That lie is called mestizaje, and it is said to be the essence of Mexicanness. There is another lie about Mexican society, this one about Blacks. A friend went on a tour of Mexico and was informed that the large Black population had simply disappeared. The truth is that they were “bred out.” They were bred into the population so heavily that the average mestizo now is Denial of Whiteness goes along with mestizaje . Hatred of the US (the gringos), is part of Mexican culture for a long time now. These same Mexicans, who deny their Whiteness, insist they are mestizos and hate the gringos, the men anyway will have nothing to do with a woman that is pure Indian or maybe mostly Indian. On the other hand, they date, sleep with and gladly breed with mestizos, especially the lighter ones. They will often deny this by saying that the mestiza is White like they are, or not like the household help, or whatever. These same Mexican Whites are also very happy to have mestizos and Indians moving into the Whiter parts of Mexico, as this means more low wage labor and more customers to buy their stuff. White consciousness in Mexico is essentially about zero. The same White Mexicans who will insist that they are mestizos and not White will get angry if you call them indio. Indio is a big insult to any White Mexican. Nevertheless, there is little overt racism in Mexico between mestizos and Whites, perhaps due to the homogenizing effect of mestizaje. However, there is some discrimination in employment to the extent that lighter skin makes it easier to get a good job than darker skin. Light skin, eyes and hair are valued traits, but they are not necessary to get along in society. However, there is considerable racism against Indians. In addition, most White and mestizo Mexicans have a deep and abiding hatred for Blacks, whom they call pinche mayates (fucking niggers). In recent years, the number of White Mexicans marrying mestizos has been very high. In Mexico,  mestizos often want to marry White according to the tradition of mejorando la raza, literally, “improving the race.” Mestizo men are said to have an extreme fetish for blonde White women. It is true that if you watch Mexican TV, you might think Mexico is 9 The history of White Mexico is quite interesting. Forum posters say that Mexico was around 3 What’s happened since then is more and more breeding with mestizos and possibly even Indians, such that the percentage of White Mexicans is now about There are up to 10 million Whites in Mexico. Areas of Mexico that were 9 Historically and to this day, most of the Whites lived in the northeast, but they are also scattered throughout the country. Nuevo León in the northeast used to be overwhelmingly White until a vast migration of Indians and mestizos from the South swamped it. Afterward, very heavy mixing occurred, and Nuevo León is no longer a White state. Most of the Whites in Nuevo León live in the large city of San Pedro.
Monterrey, a large city in the economic powerhouse state of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey is a mostly non-White city now; Whites only live in a few sections.
Monterrey, a large city in the economic powerhouse state of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey is a mostly non-White city now; Whites only live in a few sections.
But there are still small towns in the mountains of Nuevo León which are, bizarrely enough, all-White towns. Many people in these towns have blond hair and blue eyes. The original plan for Nuevo León was to create a separate Spanish colony, separate from New Spain, but it never came to fruition. This state is prosperous and plays a very important role in the Mexican economy.
A player for the Mexican team Los Tigres. Although very dark skinned, he would probably be considered a Mestizo in Mexican society due to the concept of social race. If you are heavily Indian but don't speak an Indian language or live an Indian lifestyle, you are automatically mestizo.
A player for the Mexican team Los Tigres. Although a very dark skinned Indian, he would probably be considered a Mestizo in Mexican society due to the concept of social race. If you are heavily Indian but don’t speak an Indian language or live an Indian lifestyle, you are automatically mestizo.
According to posters, along with the claim that Mexico was 4 With Mexican-Americans, things are a bit different. I have seen very White Hispanics who act angry if you tell them they look White. Many of them do not even realize that Hispanics are mixed with White and Indian. The levels of White-hatred among US Hispanics seems to be quite high, probably as a result of US culture. Within the Chicano community, some Whiter Chicanos complain of a lot of mistreatment, often due to envy. Costa Rica is a very interesting case, and the Nevertheless, this population had become much less White during colonization, since the Spaniards brought few women with them. Most male Indians were either killed or exported to Peru. Hence, the colonists bred with Indian women. This continued all through the 1500’s and 1600’s. Later on there was an input of Black slaves from Jamaica. By independence, these people were about 5 The Central Valley region, where Whites initially settled, is still as White as Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and Antioquia in Colombia, two heavily-White enclaves in Latin America. This region may be 9 After independence, the government had a policy of importing White workers from Europe, and this continued until about 1950 or so. This resulted in mass breeding with the original Costa Ricans, hence the original group became lighter over time. This is why Costa Rica traditionally has been such a White place. As late as 1960, Costa Rica was probably 9 However, in recent years, a large influx of mestizo illegal immigrants from Nicaragua, Colombia and other places has come into the country. There are 4 million native Costa Ricans in the country, but there are also 1.5 million Nicaraguans and 1.3 million Colombians. 9 The Colombians are regarded as “the Jews of Costa Rica” in that, once they go into a business sector, they tend to quickly dominate it. Hence, Colombians are somewhat resented in Costa Rica.  Downtown San Jose now looks like Mexico City. Crime has risen along with the mass illegal immigration. In addition, on the Caribbean Coast, there are now many Jamaican Blacks, possibly also illegal immigrants. In coastal cities, people tend to be mixed-race. In the inland cities, most people are White. In recent decades, many mestizos have appeared among native Costa Ricans, as the Whites there are starting to breed in with mestizos. In some places, a majority of Whites are now married to mestizos. Nevertheless, the upper class is still overwhelmingly White, as this photo set of Costa Rican Presidents shows. And Costa Rica is still a mostly-White country. The population is 7 Costa Rican Whites are quite racist and openly dislike Indians and Blacks, in keeping with the Latin American standard. They have fewer problems with mestizos, unless the person is a heavily-Indian mestizo. A sort of Latin American version of PC nonsense along the lines of Mexico’s mestizaje has recently become de rigeour in Costa Rica. The notion is, “We are all White.” In addition, the usual anti-White nonsense history familiar to any American is now taught at all high schools. Most Whites are drinking the Nonsense Koolaid, and White consciousness is now very low. Honduras has the tiniest White population in Latin America; only At some point, this group become seriously inbred, and many of them migrated to the US in order to spread out and ameliorate their genetic issues. The situation of Cuban Whites is also very interesting. Cuba was an 7 Hence, at the time of the Revolution, 8 The rest included 1 There was little breeding between Whites and Blacks because Cuba was a very racist society, something the anti-Castro Cubans deny. Part of the reason for this was high White race consciousness in Cuban Whites. Another aspect was that breeding with Blacks would be like breeding with your former slaves, as many White Cubans were slaveholders. This was seen as insulting and degrading to Whites. After Castro, most of the Whites took off, and they keep on leaving. Cuba is now 3 Cuban Whites go back to Cuba now and say that their beautiful White homes are now inhabited by Blacks and mulattos, and this infuriates them. They insist that after Castro, they are going to go back and take over all their White property from the Blacks and mulattos. This is probably a fantasy. As you can see, there is a heavy racist element in the whole anti-Castro movement. Cuban-Americans were described as still very racist, and most want nothing to do with Blacks or mulattos at all. In South Florida, you will rarely if ever see a White Cuban-American woman with a Black man. It is just not done. Further, there is a lot of housing discrimination in Miami as racist Cuban Whites refuse to rent to mestizos or mulattos. The situation in the Dominican Republic was described as dire. Posters said that maybe 1
Problems with the classification: In the DR, Dominicans like this are considered to be White. These people are more accurately classed as light mulattos.
Problems with the classification: In the DR, Dominicans like this are considered to be White. These people are more accurately classed as light mulattos.
The DR has always been a much darker place than Cuba or Puerto Rico. Dominicans have long looked down on Haitians as Blacks, and most Dominicans will tell you they are mulattos no matter how much Black they have in them. In part, this is a way of distinguishing themselves from Haitians. Soon after the Haitian Revolution in 1804, Haitians invaded the Dominican Republic. The Haitians quickly turned this into a nonstop rape-athon of the Dominican women. Anyone who was lighter-skinned such as Whites and mulattos was quickly killed, and the Dominican Blacks were enslaved by the Haitians. That is why to this day, Dominicans hate Haitians so much, over 200 years later. Most remaining DR Whites are in the areas of Santo Domingo, the capital, and Cibao and Bani. These were tobacco-growing regions, and tobacco did not need huge armies of slaves to work on it. Hence, tobacco growers were often small landowners. The lack of slaves meant that there was much less interbreeding between Whites and Blacks. The situation in Puerto Rico was very confusing, although it seemed as if maybe the population is 6 Some White Puerto Ricans in the US are race-conscious. Even in the US, it is not common for a White Puerto Rican woman to date a Black man. However, in Puerto Rico, things are different. A number of non-Whites try to marry White in a mejorando la raza gambit. Kinky African hair is devalued as pelo malo or “bad hair.” Many Puerto Rican Whites are quite racist by US standards. Slurs and jokes about Blacks are commonplace. There was racial apartheid in Puerto Rico until 1898. Until that time, Blacks were not allowed to own businesses or be doctors, lawyers or engineers. Up until the 1960’s, banks would not hire Blacks, and Blacks were not allowed into some clubs. Since the 1960’s, salsa music has been promoted. Most Whites dislike this “African” music and want nothing to do with it, but it is extremely popular with Blacks and mulattos. Upper middle class areas are 9 There is a serious illegal immigration problem consisting of Blacks and darker mulattos from the Dominican Republic. White Puerto Ricans have a very dim view of the US Puerto Rican community, whom they generally describe as “trash.” They say most of them are Blacks and mulattos and act worse than the non-Whites on the island. White Puerto Ricans usually do not live in Puerto Rican enclaves in the US and instead tend to be spread out. Unbelievably, there is even a tiny number of Whites in Haiti of all places. Haiti is 9 The original Whites were massacred in 1804 during a rebellion led by a Black named Desallines. Almost all 25,000 of the White slaveholders and their families were killed in the uprising, which ended slavery in Haiti once and for all. Considering the Whites were slaveowners, as a revolutionary I support Desallines’ Rebellion, but they should not have killed minors or mentally disabled Whites. There was one case where they killed a screaming crazy White woman who was well-known to be mentally ill. Some of the Blacks wanted to save her, but the mob had their way. The rebellion also ended colonialism in Haiti. With 25,000 Frenchmen dead, France said goodbye and good luck to the colony. France has been furious at Haiti ever since. After the Whites were either killed or left in 1804, the place quickly fell apart, and the Blacks begged the Whites to return. Some Whites did return, but in 1805, a Black leader ordered all of the Whites to be tortured to death. It’s hard to believe, but one of the big vote-getters in one of the recent fake elections in Haiti was a White man named Charles Baker (photo). The rest of the Caribbean has very few Whites left, and those that remain, posters on the forum report, have very much of a siege mentality. Barbados ( There is also a group of very light-skinned mulattos in the Caribbean – especially in the Grenadines and St. Kitts – who see themselves as White or near-White. They refuse to marry Blacks and will only marry “high yellows”, “redbones” or “Portagees.” I assume that those are words for very light-skinned mulattos. Some even have White features like green eyes. In Barbados, the Grenadines and St. Kitts, there also remain small White communities who seldom intermarry. They only marry White out of tradition. Along with this is a refusal to date or even socialize with Blacks and mulattos. For this, they have long been accused of racism. The Bahamas has a St. Barts, unbelievably, is a 3 Martinique is Jamaica is only .0 The Cayman Islands still have quite a few Whites (1 All through the Caribbean, the White birth rate is low, about the same as in the US. The birth rate for the Blacks and mulattos is much higher. Although White communities are hanging on in the Caribbean, posters acknowledge that they are “culturally Africanized” to some degree due to living near Blacks for so many years. Colombia has a large White population estimated at around 2 Antioquia Province is one of the Whitest places in Latin America along with Southern Brazil and Costa Rica’s Central Valley. This region is 8 The capital of Antioquia is Medellin, and this is also a very White city, but recently many Blacks, mulattos and Indians have been moving to the city from other parts of Colombia, so it is not as White as it used to be. Manizales is another majority-White city. The Whites are mostly Spaniards, but curiously, in Barranquilla and Santander, there are many Germans. Colombia received a very large input of Black slaves. There is a lot of racism in employment here, and the dumb blonde gets the job over the competent Black with a degree. Everything here is all about appearances both genetic and personal – your height, weight, clothing – and above all else, social class. Other than that, some say that race relations are generally pretty good, keeping with the trend in the most heavily mixed Latin American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. However, others say that racism is still a very serious problem in Colombia. 30 years ago, it was not uncommon to see signs in Colombia saying saying, “House For Rent. No Blacks.” To this day, it is very common for Afro-Colombians to be turned away from upscale establishments on account of their color. Whites are about 2 There is a vast population of Blacks, mulattos and zambos. (Zambos are mixed Black-Indians) in the country, especially in certain areas. Venezuela also received a large number of Black slaves. Ecuador is a profoundly racist society, as you often see in South American countries where the White Similar to how it was in the Jim Crow South, non-Whites are not allowed to eat in White restaurants, or if they are, they must use a separate set of dishes. Whites often wash their faces and hands after dealing with a non-White, as if they had been dirtied. Official figures show that Ecuador is 6 The racial history of Ecuador is pretty nasty. Slavery lasted in various odd forms all the way until 1930, and de facto White rule was ongoing until the 1970’s. Non-Whites were not allowed to have any significant government or military posts until that time. In the 1970’s, a progressive regime allowed non-Whites into the officer corps. The nation is very racially stratified, and Whites, Blacks, mulattos, mestizos and Indians all pretty much marry their own. From 1809 to 1905, Chinese and Jews were banned from entering Ecuador, and there was something resembling an actual racial apartheid structure in place. In the early 1900’s, a progressive mestizo president came aboard and initiated a series of major changes. At the time, the White population was 3 In the 1920’s, a significant wave of German immigration came to the country. Presently, Germans make up the largest One would think that there would be hardly any Whites in a country like Peru, yet 1 This gives us 3.5 million Whites in Peru. The rest of the population is 4 Peru is an incredibly racist society, and Lima is regarded as the most racist city in Latin America. If a mestizo or Indian stops a White on the street of Lima and asks directions, the White will usually refuse to speak to them. The Whites there have the attitude, “We don’t even talk to these people”, who they refer to as cholos. Even mestizos experience a lot of racial discrimination, and this experience was one of the reasons so many young Peruvian mestizos became cadres in Sendero Luminoso. My perception is that the average Peruvian mestizo has a lot of Indian blood, possibly even mostly or pure Indian. Social race is rampant here, and if you take off your Indian clothes, move out of the village to a big city and quit speaking Quechua, you can automagically transform yourself into a mestizo. Many light or upper class mestizos identify as White and desperately want to be White, and many are admitted into White social circles. A lot of these people have high levels of cognitive dissonance. You may hear an obviously mestizo upper middle class mestizo point to a lower class mestizo as dark as they are and curse the “cholo de mierda” (shitty cholo). Posters said that the rest of the mestizos who are not trying to identify as Whites really hate Whites and don’t try to hide it at all. Race relations in Peru appear to be catastrophic. Although official figures put the number of Whites in Bolivia at 1 The Indians were said to have a grudge against the Whites going back centuries to the Conquest. Posters said that the Indians consider the whole country theirs, hate everyone who is not Indian and want to throw all non-Whites out of the country. Whites have traditionally tried to marry only other Whites, but lately some young Whites are starting to date Indians and Blacks, much to the consternation of their more traditional relatives. Whites do not really hate mestizos, though out of tradition, they do not date or marry them. Furthermore, the mestizos often hate the Indians just as much as the Whites do. Posters described White Bolivians as living in fear. Expressions of White ethnocentrism invite attacks, robberies and even homicides, so Whites tend to keep their heads down. The feeling among Bolivian Whites is that they are losing their country. Many White Bolivians are taking off, often migrating to Southern Brazil. About 5 The official figures showing 5 The reason the government number is higher is because it relies in self-report, and many Brazilians who are light-skinned but not really White see themselves as White and identify as White. The rest are Blacks, mulattos, Indians, caboclos (mestizos) and zambos. Something like 4 Census figures say only about This means that Brazil has a Black and part-Black population of 3
A typical Brazilian mulatto. Although he is a player on the Argentine soccer team Boca Juniors, his parents were Brazilians.
A typical Brazilian mulatto. Although he is a player on the Argentine soccer team Boca Juniors, his parents were Brazilians.
About 1 A tiny . There are possibly 96 million Whites in Brazil, meaning that Brazil has one of the largest White populations in the world. The stunning truth is that Brazil has more Whites than most European countries. If Brazil’s Whites were a country, it would be one of the largest White countries on Earth. Southeastern Brazil is still very White, especially Rio Grande do Sul. The three southern states – Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina – are the Whitest ones; in addition, the state of São Paolo is still majority White, but it is much less White than the southern states. São Paolo used to be overwhelmingly White, but lately it has been flooded with non-Whites from the northeast and other areas. The city of São Paolo now is heavily non-White (7 A recent government survey found that the South is 8 In Rio Grande do Sul, Blacks and mulattos are concentrated in the southern part of the state near the Argentine border. In Parana, they live near the Paraguayan border.
The South of Brazil, an extremely White part of Latin America
The South of Brazil, an extremely White part of Latin America
The Whites are mostly Germans and Italians (7 French, Poles, Dutch, Ukrainians, Swedes, Belgians, Croatians, Lithuanians, Jews, Russians, Romanians, Lebanese and Syrians are a yet smaller sector. West of Curitiba there are 10 The White South has its roots in history. There were few Indians in this part of Brazil for some reason, so they were easily overrun and routed. The main industry of the South has always been cattle ranching, and there is no need to import Black slaves for that. Further, there were few of the plantations that characterized the North. This is also one of the wealthiest regions of the country. The An Argentine female sports team. How White can you get?
An Argentine female sports team. How White can you get?
The largest White group are Italians at 6 German and Irish Argentines mostly segregate themselves from those of Spanish and Italian descent, but many Argentines are some mixture of German, Spanish and Italian anyway. There is a certain amount of German supremacist Nordicism in the German community along with very high levels of support for Nazism.
Argentine soccer player Ortega. Spanish descent.
Argentine soccer player Ortega. Spanish descent with small Indian admixture.
Only about There was a large Black population in the 1800’s in Buenos Aires, but they seem to have vanished into thin air. Argentine legend says they fled the country due to persistent discrimination, but that seems a little dubious. They were probably just bred into the population, and the Argentine gene pool is now Since the 1990’s, there has been a huge illegal immigrant invasion of mestizos and Indians from Bolivia (by far the largest group), Peru, Paraguay and Chile. There are other immigrants coming in from Asia, mostly Korea but also some from China. Immigrants, almost all mestizos and Indians, are continuing to pour into Argentina at the rate of 200,000/yr. The government does nothing to stop it, and recently gave citizenship to millions of mestizos and Indians from Bolivia. The illegals from Bolivia and Peru are regarded by White Argentines as troublesome people who commit a lot of crime, engage in street protests and riots, and have no interest in assimilating. In addition, the heavily-Indian illegals from Peru and Bolivia have an extremely high birthrate in Argentina of 6+ children per woman. The girls start getting pregnant at age 14-15. On the other hand, White Argentine women are only having 1-2 kids at most. The posters were complaining about this and saying that the non-White immigration situation in Argentina was far worse than in the US and that in 20-30 years from now, White Argentina may be just a memory. Posters said that White Argentines were very racist at least in US terms. Most were said to be sympathetic to Nazism and fascism, and this is why so many Nazis fled to this area after World War 2. However, the fascist military dictatorship, which flaunted Nazi imagery, nostalgia and anti-Semitism, pretty much ruined things in terms of overt White consciousness in the country. To be strongly pro-White now is to be a Nazi or pro-dictatorship, and this is not acceptable in polite society since the dictatorship was so unpopular. There is also still an extremely high level of anti-Semitism in Argentina, at least as compared to the US. White Argentines complain privately about how Jews and non-Whites are wrecking the place, but have a “What can you do about it?” attitude. The mestizos of Argentina are very light, and at some point it gets really hard to tell who is a light mestizo and who is White. The mestizos identify as Whites and say they are White. The reason for this is that the huge immigration from Europe to Argentina lightened the Argentine mestizo population, similar to what occurred in Costa Rica. Also there has been a dramatic increase in White-mestizo breeding in the past few generations, something that was previously rare. In addition, a correlative to US hip-hop culture called cumbia villera has recently showed up. It is based on the culture of Argentina’s mestizo and Indian ghettos, and the topics and mindset of the music resemble rap – songs about killing people, selling dope, treating women like crap, etc. Most Argentine Whites are horrified by this trend, but a lot of young Whites are getting into because it’s “cool”, the same way a lot of young Whites are getting into Black rap music. Young Argentine Whites who are into villera music are also starting to date mestizos. As in the US, it’s White females going for the darker, thuggish types. There the young White women go for mestizo villera types, and here young White women go for Black rapper types. At the same time, there is an increasing trend among Argentine Whites to say that they have a little bit of Argentine Indian in them, sort of like the way many White Americans say that they have a little bit of Cherokee. This is seen as progressive, liberal and hip. I mentioned above that most Argentines are quite racist and are contemptuous, at least in private, of mestizos, Indians, mulattos and Blacks. It works the other way too. Argentines say that many Mexican, Caribbean and Colombian mestizos, mulattos and zambos really hate Argentines. Some hate Argentines and Chileans more than gringos. They call Argentines “Nazis” even though Argentines have never done anything to them. However, many of these same folks would love to get into Argentina. The situation in Chile is very confusing. It’s not really a White country. It’s more of a light-Mestizo country. 6 Mixing occurred early in Chile, as it really took a long time to defeat the Indians; they really put up a hard fight here. They were not totally defeated until the 1880’s or so, and after that, they were not exterminated, but their population was seriously reduced. There were not many White colonists in Chile, and the few who were there were often soldiers. Mass breeding occurred between White soldiers and Indian females. This constituted the basic stock of the nation. The initial White stock was mostly English and Spaniard. The Spaniards were mostly from Castille, Andalusia and the Basque region. Later, many immigrants arrived from Europe, and there are large German, Italian and Croatian colonies in the South. White Chileans are also Swiss, British (often Scots Irish) and French. Among the Germans, there is high support for Nazism. The lower classes tend to be a bit darker shade of mestizo (2 However, Chile is experiencing the same problem as Argentina, a mass invasion of darker mestizo illegal immigrants from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, mostly the first two, beginning in 2000. Further, many of the White Argentines who settled there after the recent crisis are going home. Along with the mass immigration of Peruvian and Bolivian Indians and mestizos has come a serious wave of street crime. The local Chilean Indians are not much of a problem. They live isolated in their own communities and leave other people alone. White Chileans will happily breed with mestizos and even Indians. Often it’s a White girl and a mestizo or Indian man. White consciousness is pretty low in Chile. Posters lament that the racial situation in Chile looks dire. Many posters commented that mestizos and Indians in Latin America really hate Whites. Although this is a typical White nationalist claim everywhere (that all non-Whites hate Whites), there may be something to it in Latin America. One said he had heard Indians and mestizos saying that they were going to take power all over Latin America and throw all the Whites back to Europe. All posters felt that Lula in Brazil, Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia and Castro in Cuba were anti-White Leftist politicians. Lula was seen as anti-White for initiating affirmative action for non-Whites for the first time in Brazil. Chavez was accused of “ethnically cleansing” Whites from the country, but that seems like nonsense. What’s going on actually is that wealthier Whites are leaving Venezuela due to Chavez’ socialist policies. Morales was accused of wanting to take over all the Whites’ property and give it to Indians and mestizos. All over Latin America, the Indian, mestizo and anti-White cause was seen as being led by Communists for various reasons. Some of the reasons given were quite dubious. It’s probable that these Leftists are simply being driven to ameliorate the vastly inequitable situation in their countries. One poster noted that in spite of the profound racism, at least in his part of Latin America (apparently Peru), Indians and mestizos of both sexes were constantly trying to marry White or at least have babies by Whites. This went so far as males misleadingly impregnating White women, females misleadingly allowing themselves to be impregnated by White men, ingratiating themselves to and flattering Whites, etc. The poster said they want to marry White to “wash themselves.” I find it dubious that mestizos and Indians have that much self-hatred, but it’s possible. All of his aunts and uncles married mestizos, and none of the marriages turned out well. He described Indians and mestizos as aggressive, abusive (usually verbally but sometimes physically), and unable to control their emotions well. None of the mixed race offspring of his relatives did well in school. All of his White relatives now have mixed feelings about their part-White kids, and to some extent, they are ashamed of their offspring due to their mixed blood, poor grades and mestizo values. While most posters lamented the historical fact that the original White settlers to Latin America had bred in heavily with Indians and to some extent Blacks, others attempted to rationalize it. As one put it, it was either Indian and Black women or homosexuality/bestiality. Some posters attempted to explain why White men had bred in so heavily with Indian women. One described it as a natural match. Indians being racially Mongoloid or Asian, Indian women are similar to Asian women. Indian women, similar to Asian women, were described as very submissive, and White men liked this quantity very much. The poster noted that in the US you see many White male/Asian female couples for the same reason. A Caucasian male and a Mongoloid female appears to be a natural mix. Each party gets what they want out of the relationship. Another poster said that many White males continue to breed with Indians, Blacks, mulattas and mestizas because these women are not laboring under the same sexually repressive strictures that White women in the region are. The life of a moneyed White woman in the region is somewhat restricted sexually, as she feels bound by the Madonna/whore dichotomy characteristic of Hispanic culture. However, in the White women in poorer classes and with non-White women are much freer sexually. As one poster put it, “Indian and Black women spread their legs very easily, and many White men are tempted by this.” All posters felt that the future for Whites in Latin America was hopeless. Continued immigration of non-Whites, high birth rates of non-Whites combined with low birth rates of Whites, along with continuing and accelerating intermarriage of Whites with non-Whites, meant a slow darkening of the White population and its eventual diminishment to low numbers. Various proposals were suggested to “take back our countries,” but all were rejected as hopeless. One suggestion was mass emigration to Uruguay, seen as one of the last holdouts for Whites in Latin America. This was rejected as impractical, mainly due to the small size of the country. A while back, there was a “move to Argentina” movement, but that didn’t seem to catch on either since most White Latin Americans love their home countries and don’t want to leave. Another problem was that Argentina’s economy was very bad. There were many threads about leaving Latin America and moving to Whiter places, especially Europe. Some radicals offered militant proposals. One was to declare a White nationalist state in Southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, separate from Brazil, and presumably evict all the non-Whites.
A version of the White State that some Latin American White nationalists envision. It's surely unworkable for a variety of reasons.
A version of the White State that some Latin American White nationalists envision. It’s surely unworkable for a variety of reasons.
From that base, the new state would expand across the rest of Brazil, pushing the Blacks and mulattos into Northeastern Brazil. Then the Blacks would be shipped to Central Africa and the mulattos would be shipped to Angola. This proposal seems unlikely to come to fruition. The White State in the Southern Cone, expansionist or not, is a pipe dream for other reasons. Part of the problem is that Brazilians and Argentines, even the Whites, hate each other. I’m not sure what it’s all about, maybe soccer. Also they speak two different languages and have very different cultures. Further, even White Brazilians are very nationalistic and would probably never want to leave Brazil. A union of Uruguay and Argentina would actually be possible due to deep cultural connections between the two, but it would not be good for the White state, since Uruguay is PC Central in Latin America. It would be like annexing a gigantic Spanish-speaking Massachusetts. I saw in these threads the future of the US. America will become much more mixed and Spanish-speaking. The history of the continent is one of the marriage of the two great races, the White and the Indian, and the language of the marriage was Iberian. We missed out on it here, since so many Indians died, White immigration was so huge, and most colonists were from Britain. Also, White colonists here brought women along. Soon the US will become just another Latin American country, that is, we will finally become part of the continent of the Americas. In other words, the unusual and continentally anomalous experiment of “America” will slowly end, and we will finally join the Americas. *Although the word mulatto is offensive to Blacks and mixed race people, I am going to use this word because that is the way that Black-White mixed race folks are referred to in Latin America. Further, “mixed race” is a seriously idiotic way to describe Black-White mixes. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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184 thoughts on “Whites In Latin America”

  1. You should check out the girls of Guadeloupe. Mainly a Black/White mix, with the refinements of French education – it’s a pretty good mix, and far away from the obnoxiousness and obesity that African American women seem to strive for.

    1. I don’t mind West Indians. I knew a light-skinned Haitian woman from the elite once, and she was very beautiful. She was real smart and classy too. I dated an 18 year old girl from Jamaica a while back. She was very sweet and pretty smart. Not bad looking either.
      Show me some pics of some Guadeloupe chicks.

      1. “No better place than Stormfront, the home of Nazi White nationalist maniacs! True, they are not very nice people, but I figured that if there were any Latin Americans on there, they would definitely tell it like it is.”
        There is an immense amount of trolls pretending to be whites in SF for the fun of it ( Jews pretending to be WNs and blacks pretending to be Asians and so on).

        1. Most people who are not White Supremacists/ outside the HBD sphere, only know of StormFront (they’ve never heard of AmRen, Daily Stormer, etc.), they know of 4Chan but are quite aware it is satire.
          Do you have any evidence to show that StormFront is overrun by trolls? It would lower my opinion of WNs even further because Storm Front is actually the most tame and intellectual (more so than AmRen) these days.
          Do you know anything about VNN? It seems like satirish to me. Only temp guys who don’t care that much..come by for a laugh, sound about right?

  2. Hobert, in Brazil the indians are less amerindian and more asiatic in looks. A real brazilian beauty will have some indian touch even if she has no indian blood. For example Juliana Paes, Luiza Brunet (still beautiful), Patricia Poeta (who reminds me of Anna Netrebko), Suzana Alves, Sabrina Sato (throwing a lively half-japanese in the mix for your sake) or even Roberta Close (who was considered the most beautiful brazilian woman some time ago).
    They may or may not have indian blood, still they are what brazilians consider beautiful and that means a bit of asian or a lot of blonde or both. That’s to say I’m unaware of any dislike of indians because of their looks, but then Brazil is too big a country for small statistical sample me.

    1. yes, asians are beautiful ,and now i will write my final checkmate to prove that East Asia will rule the world= India will be paralyzed forever by Hinduism, Europe is ruined from its potential thanks to Spain, Italy and lately France and finally i do hope that United States becomes a hispanic nation instead of a white majority country, and then it will be less competitive, with those facts in mind, China,Korea and Japan will prevail

      1. I have this unexplained talent with Hispanic women. When I look one in the eye, their is a dazzling ray of multicolored light that seems to span right into her mind and mine creating an instant connection. The effect is better than fireworks and creates a stunning moment of “electric schock”.. I don’t know if I can control this power, and use it at will, but I’m going to try. Is there a technical term for this phenomena?

        1. asian divine power, to me asians are demi gods, i will gladly venerate every asian on earth; that is my opinion and i don’t know if i am right, now i need to go to college after 2 weeks of vacations

        2. It’s not divine, unless I can control it. If I can, I will become The Most Interesting Man in the World.

        3. WTF chingook, what crackpot anime shit have you been watching man? Those Hispanic women have nothing for you and nothing with you, so that must be those blind chingook delusions that you hold. One acknowledgement of your tiny pecker and you are done.; She was probably shocked she was seeing a chingook for the first time and probably could be looking past you, you have no powers, you have to let go of those delusions LOL!

        4. @Xera,
          That dazzling multicoloured light in her eyes is the Rohypnol he slipped in her drink taking effect.

        5. the first woman, sandra melendez talks in circles and circles in that video, cantiflea like in Mexico we say, long time since i didn’t watch that video so i didn’t remenber it, i will post a better video of another mexican woman,Luisa (a friend of the first woman Sandra in fact) she is intellectual and has good lexicon

        6. Muahaha ,Argentina is more like 50%-60% : / ,i fully realized it today, i used to think they were like 70%-80% White.

    1. I have nothing to do with him whatsoever. I don’t even know the guy really. I did email him once. We disagree on a lot of stuff. He is more radical than I am and more willing to be racist. He’s very hard-hitting in his posts and really attacks minorities a lot. He’s also a very conservative Republican. I prefer to be more even-handed and objective in a journalistic sense.
      I do respect him in a way though.

      1. All white people are 10% mongoloid. This is due to Genghis Khan, Attila The Hun, and other Central Asian visionaries throughout history and pre-history. This was revealed in a ground breaking population genetics study last year. I had actually speculated about this in a post a few years before. LOL. It is through the wisdom of the Mongol race that Caucasoids haven’t degenerated into the most extreme autism.

  3. “In the US, the feeling is quite the opposite. Indians are not regarded as ugly, and Indian women have long been fetishized by White men as sex objects. ”
    Where did you come up with this? I lived next to an Indian reservation for over a decade and knew only one white guy in the hippie subculture within the rural farming/fishing community we lived in who had an Indian girlfriend. None of the working men in town (Grange, Rotary, church members etc.) had any truck with the Indian women. And we all drank in the same two taverns. Why? The scene on the res was too squalid. Even if an Indian women was attractive (most weren’t) involvement with the family and extended family usually brought some kind of trouble.

    1. Been going on forever. “Squaw men.” Read any Native American novel and it’s all about all the White guys trying to screw the Indian chicks. In the town I lived in in Sierras, there was a helluva lot of White guys with Indian women. Lots!

  4. I suspect that the romanticization of Native American life gets stronger the further away from actual Native Americans one gets.

      1. med is mediteranean? B-Real is Mexican (not sure what race) and Afro-Cuban. The other members of Cypress Hill are also Afro-Cuban.

  5. The idea that the anti-Castro movement is motivated by racism has to be considered leftist propaganda. I can’t say anti-Castro Cubans aren’t racist but the Castro regime is quite racist and many dissidents are black. The people who run Cuba are all white.
    Latin Americans are a weird mix. You see all kinds of looks, because the people aren’t evenly blended so you see all kinds of combinations. As a practical matter the upper-middle and upper classes in Latin America are white, whatever small mixture of other races they may contain. Life for them is pretty nice, in some ways nicer than First World life for the same people. The super rich live like the nobility of old. Political corruption means even under leftist government they have the power. That’s the US future with Obama, Latin Americans in the country or not.

  6. It is so funny when Americans analyse the “racial” reality of Latin America, projecting theirs own prejudices upon us.
    In Latin America whiteness means nothing, particularly when we see so many poor whites fooling around.
    This is not a society moved by race but by money and ambition. It goes as simple as this: if you have money you have the power and can bought a white woman abroad, if you wish.
    With respect to “race”, people is so mixed here that nobody cares much about it. If someone is born white and blue eyed is just a chance of genetic and nobody can’t ensure there isn’t some exotic ancestors in the family tree.
    Get accustummed. The U.S. is going to be a mulatto country pretty soon and a lot darker than the average Latin American country. Obamania is your future. Live with it

    1. This is a gigantic lie. I did absolutely no analysis at all in this piece. All Idid was quote your people!
      In order to get away from this typical Latin American defensive lie, all of the people quoted in the piece were White Latin Americans themselves! Granted, they were on a White nationalist board, but I take it that their views are pretty right on, as they are right there on the ground.
      It is simply not possible for Mexico’s Whites to even exist at all after 500 years of mass interbreeding without some form of White consciousness. Obviously, in the White upper classes, there is a strong tendency to breed White.

      1. Well, it depends on who you talk to. Racism is indeed more subtle in Latin America than it is in the US. No question about it. The middle and upper classes in Latin America may have more white people among their population than the lower classes, but the upper classes are not mostly white—not any more. Most rich people are dark. The traditional upper class—those who have been in the upper class for several generations— indeed are mostly white, but they are a tiny minority. It’s very common among the traditional upper class to see dark and white family members. So, you are both right in a sense. Yes, there is racism in Latin America and it’s ingraned to a greater extent in some family cultures in families who have probably not mixed, but most white people in Latin America are indeed mixed and the distinction between dark and white is about as relevant and thought about as the distinction between blond and brunette in the US. So, though Latin Americans are in denial—after all, look at TV and the disproportionate number of whites in the media–most people don’t give skin color much thought. Yes, being white is seen as a plus, but no more so than say being slim in the US. Skin color is not seen in terms of “us” and “them”. You can’t draw a distinct line and say this is the white population and this is the dark population and Robert himself points out that most whites are mixed. So therein lies the confusion. Americans or Europeans see the obvious distinctions Latin Americans are making when they see that whites in Latin America tend to be wealthy and are overrepresented in media, but Latin Americns think nothing of it because most their friends and/or family are dark. In the US, this is not the case. There is the white population and the non-white population. Us and them.

      2. Being Mexican myself, I’d have to say that I would rather much breed with a beautiful olive-skinned Mestiza than a Scandinavian female. No offense to Nordics, but there are many, many Mexican females from Tijuana to Cancún that are simply G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Problem with White Americans is that they’re only used to seeing the much less attractive, desperately poor Indo-Mestizas from Mexico’s Southern states. They’re kind of Mexico’s version of your fat, Jerry Springer watchin’, compulsive eatin’, trailer park White females. Instead of Springer they watch “Laura”…the latest middle aged, botoxed, fake boobed Peruvian talk show sensation that’s taken her career up one notch after moving her show’s production to Mexico City.
        On the other hand, having grown up in South Texas I’m pretty much accustomed to seeing the ridiculously beautiful Mexican females, whether they’re White or Mestizas. Trust me Robert, if you swing by South Texas, Mexico’s Northeast, and Central Mexico you’d know what I’m talking about. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if you married one of our females and lost your White consciousness along the way.
        PS: You should check out the woman who represented Texas in the 2011 Miss USA pageant. She’s from Laredo and she’s one of the quite abundant females that we get to see around town day in and day out. Here’s the link!

        1. Well Robert, Euro-Mestiza is not a term that is applied in Mexico, but neither is Indo-Mestizo(a). I’m pretty sure that in Mexico, they actually teach in their History and Geography textbooks that ALL MEXICANS ARE MESTIZOS. Hence, neither Whites nor Indians in Mexico have any strong racial consciousness. I think that the only ones who do have a strong racial identity are the extremely rich upper class White Mexicans and the extremely poor non-Spanish speaking native Indians.
          So, if you are giving me a “Euro-Mestiza” box to check off for Ana’s phenotype I would have to say YES, she is Euro-Mestiza as are most of the people of Northern Mexico, from Tamaulipas to Baja California. Wouldn’t you say she looks a little bit like Kim Kardashian?
          The reason I got hooked to reading your posts was because I’ve always been curious to know how non-Mexicans (primarily White Americans) view Mexicans. To be totally honest with you, it wasn’t until about two years ago that I became familiar with the term “Euro-Mestizo”. I don’t have a clue as to how or where it originated because like I said before it doesn’t exist in Mexico. But I have a strong feeling it originated in the United States. Needless to say, I actually appreciate you shedding some light on a topic that most people seem to ignore, but even more so for providing a forum for discussion.
          As for myself, if I’m ever asked to respond to the “What’s your race?” question on a job application or any other document I always respond….WHITE. To give you a little clue as to how I look like, if I had a dime for every time I heard “I thought you were Italian” or “You look Italian” I could probably buy myself a Happy Meal at McDonald’s with all those dimes. Or, as my college history professor from Kentucky said….”You look just like another White guy with dark hair and brown eyes.”
          To give you an idea as to the phenotypes that are very common in Northeastern Mexico among the people who hold political power and the people who run the drug cartels check out the following links.
          The guys shaking hands in the top picture are Tamaulipas governor Eugenio Hernández Flores and Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina (Lower right corner). In the bottom pic, Eugenio is right in the middle holding someone’s hand.
          The picture on this link is of Osiel Cardenas, leader of the infamous Gulf Cartel. If I’m not mistaken he’s from either Reynosa or Matamoros (both Tamaulipas border cities). He came from a poor working class family, which kind of gives you an idea as to what an underprivileged Mexican might look like in the Northeast.
          In this video from the website of a UK newspaper, The Telegraph, drug kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal is presented to the Mexican media after his capture. His nickname is “La Barbie”. His blond hair and colored eyes pretty much explains it. He comes from a middle class family and he’s from my hometown of Laredo,TX. Both of his parents were born in Nuevo Leon state.

        2. White Supremacists like to say that non-white genes, which in the case of noridicists, would include Mediterranean genes as well, are stronger than nordic/white genes.
          Perhaps it is simply a bias (although I see no reason why) but I always see women with darker phenotypes as healthier than nordic women.
          Intelligence isn’t everything, and that’s why “healthy” (as I said above) genes are preferred, and are expressed differently than nordic genes.

    2. Coming from a Latina, I disagree. One of the biggest problems with Latin America is racism. And racism is closely related to classism. Your race is your class in Latin America. And how does having a “mulato” president make the U.S. mulato? If the U.S. does become darker, it will be and is because of the poor, usually dark skinned latino immigrants immigrating here.

      1. I think the difference is that there is no one drop rule (that would get ridiculous), and there is not the legacy of legal segregation in most Latin America.

  7. Not true Olive. I have just spend a couple of days reading several hundred pages on that forum. The overwhelming majority of those people are of Spaniard stock, and sometimes Portuguese. I found no evidence of any Nordicism like you discuss there in Latin America; no one talks about it. I think most Latin American Whites are not Nordicists.

  8. It is in the gentic interest of individuals to favor a greater survival rate for thier genes.
    In a society where 70% of the ancestry is white (People who originated inside the boundaries of Europe) even if one is a 30% mulatto it is in that persons genetic interest to support any public policy that favors the survival of white genes overall.
    If a policy is proposed to pay parents who are 90% white to have more children, then that government policy is in the best interest of the genes of the citizen who is 30% mulato and he should vote for it.

  9. I read your article online tonight. Your writing has improved dramatically, especially recently. Whatever dope you’re on- it’s working. I will surrepticiously drop the printed out article on my J-professor’s desk. War-out! – Shire-Reeve Arpiaio

    1. I just read your article online and it’s a racist, hate-filled diatribe against people of color and whites. You, sir, are much, much, worse than Hitler. Shame, shame!
      OH, SHIT! I JUST REPLIED TO MY OWN COMMENT…MUST BE MY “evil twin”…moohoohoohoo haha ha ha ha HAH! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAHHHH…….
      Respectfully, Hymie Shlomowitz, Prof. of Anti-White Studies, Fresno, Northen Mexico (formerly Kalifornia, U. S. of A-Holes)

  10. I gonna report you to the DEA, the JDL, and E-Bay complaint hotline. Don’t ask me why. I just looo-oove FREEDOM! Dammit! And why do you hate God, while we’re on the subject? I’m reporting you to Her, too! (yes, it’s a “She”). You’re a piece of shit White Male Homo-Phobic Nazi! And She is, too!

    1. And, while we’re at it, change my FUCKIN’ icon. That looks nothing like me and you know it! Confess! Confess! I have a much larger “male part”, for starters…

    2. You fag.
      This comment really made me horny. Plus it was funny. I just had 5 LOLgasms in a row.
      That does it. I’m heading to the local gay bar and I swear I’m gonna drink 11 Peniscoladas.
      See ya there?

    1. Reply to THAT? I DON’T THINK SO!
      Ok, here goes (ellipses) parentheses…
      Nope, won’t see ya there. Enjoy! You gay, capitalist PIG!

  11. The ones who “reported” about Colombia don’t seem to know the country very well, except the remark that social class and appearance are more important that any kind of “racial conciousness”, but it happens the same way all around the world so it’s not a great discovery nor makes us exceptional in any way. For one, the bit about Antioquia being “95% white” is outrageous. The actual proportion is lower, about 80%. And even those “whites” have some proportion of black and indian blood. And the claim about Bogota being “a mostly white city” is even more outrageous, if one means Bogota as the whole city and not only the 4 or 5 superwealthy families who have been breeding among themselves and controlling most affairs in the country since colonial times, much like a de facto nobility. Bogota is pretty much a mestizo city, having received migrants from all over the country, and people from Antioquia usually refer to them as “indians” in a scornful way. About Manizales being a white city, well…..i traveled there thrice as part of my high school delegation in an interschool tournament, and thrice i was hosted by “white” families in which a member was dark skinned……..so much for “racial purity”. Aside, is a pretty minor city, with less than half million inhabitants, but a nice one anyway. Neither Barranquilla nor Santander have Germans, just people with German surnames, who anyway are integrated in mainstream society an have Spanish as their first language. I went to school with one such fellow, although this actually was “Danish” rather than “German”.
    Inaccuracies aside, i have to say i’m just glad white supremacists are a minority, and a fringe one at that. Really no one gives a heck about their wacko ideas of “forming a separate white homeland” and most fair skinned people live their lives aside darker skinned people just well. Maybe most of us (including me) having siblings with different skin colors has something to do with that.

  12. A lot of these people on those forums exaggerate for some reason. I think it is because they think it helps their cause or it is just subconscious.
    A lot of them are in fact nordicists and they either don’t even know it or are lying. Even if they are Spanish they still act like nordicists; a Spanish person that looks northern European is OK to them but a 100% Spanish person that looks a little more swarthy is labeled a mestizo or a mixed breed. An example is Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza. A lot of them think she isn’t white and has Amerindian features. I think she is white even if she does look a little ‘exotic.’
    I know a girl from Brazil and she is part arab. She looks white but more tan. In Rio she would be called white by most locals but in southern Brazil she is looked down upon by the local white people.
    All over that forum in the North American, European, and Latin American sections posters will exclaim that every other white female they see has a mixed black baby! I think they are exaggerating a lot. I live in the US and yes it is true that mixed race relationships have increased. However, it is still a small majority of the total amount of relationships that I personally see. I suppose that the types of relationships that one sees while walking down the street also depends on where you live too.

    1. I don’t think so. Posters on that Latin American forum were really, really against Nordicism. They hated it, and Nordicists were practically banned from that sub-forum. Also, the “Is this person White?” type threads, well, they really hated those. The most regular posters acknowledged that not only were all Meds from Southern Europe White, some White Berbers, Lebanese and Syrian Christians, Armenians and Georgians were also White.
      They were not into one drop rule and the idea seemed to be that if you were at least 85-90% White, you were White in a Latin American context.

  13. Yea, well they may say one thing about not being nordicists but actually practice something completely different (When I say nordicists, I don’t literally mean nordicist. What I mean is that they accept Southern Europeans that have Northern European facial features regardless of hair and eye color but reject the swarthy ones).
    I’ve looked though some of the forums and people post pictures of attractive white females from latin america. Posters will always single out a female that they think is part black or Amerindian or whatever. The reality is that most of the rest of us would see that female as white.
    I think someone should ask them what they think about the actors on The Sopranos. Most of those actors are pretty swarthy.
    Or what they think of Salma Hayek. She is half Lebanese/half Spanish but from Mexico. I bet a lot of them think she is part mestizo.

    1. The ones on the Latin America forum are not like that at all. They are adamant that many White Meds are swarthy. The folks on that forum accept all Euro Meds are White, period, end of discussion. I read like 2000-3000 pages on that forum to do the article.

  14. This is my last comment on the subject.
    Your own quote:
    “Posters said that Lula is a mulatto (though he looks White to me)”
    Like you, I think President Lula looks white! Those WN posters may say one thing but the comments they leave about people based on a picture speak for themselves.

  15. I agree with tom, most white racists are subconciously Nordicists and tend to guess a person’s degree of “non-white admixture” according to an ideal of Nordic purity. But it amounts much to self-delusion. Latin American society is so thoroughly mixed that a person can develop a perfectly “European” look and nevertheless have levels of Amerindian and African ancestry as high as 40%. And have parents and siblings that look like the fucking mongrels they are. Furthermore, the range of variation on craneofacial, or for the record any physical features, pretty much overlaps among different geographical races, much as them wagers of the holy racial war hate to admit it and tend to think instead in terms of stereotypical “Negro”, “Nordic”, “Caucasian”, or whatever labels they are so fond to put on people.

    1. I agree with that, but those folks on the Latin American board were very, very strongly pro-Med and strongly anti-Nordicist. Their opinion was that anyone descended from the native inhabitants of Southern Europe was White, period. They were forgiving of non-White ancestry in Latin America. I think they were willing to allow 1/8 non-White or so.

  16. I´m a first generation Mexican. Both of my parents are European. My dad was born and raised in northern Italy and my mom is from Austria. My dad was sent to Mexico in the 60s by his employer at the time and after 5 years in Mexico City he decided to stay for good. On a trip to Los Angeles in 1967 he met my mom who was also on vacation there and the rest is history. In Mexico City where I live there is a very sizable white community. Many of them are the fifth, sixth, seventh or 10th generation to be born in Mexico but quite a few of them are only the first or second generation just like me and my brother, and in most cases they are not of Spanish descent. Several of my friends here have German, Dutch, Italian, Polish and English last names.
    Anyhow, even though I saw a few inaccuracies in your article, I found it to be very insightful and informative. Thanks!

    1. And may I ask where do you hide? Because I honestly saw like 1% of whites during my stay in Mexico city.

  17. Frankly. I’ve been to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay and all over the Americas. I think that Argentina is more white than 75%, more like 85%. In Brazil even in Rio de Janeiro 50% of the people pass for white, and there are quite a lot of white Nordestinos of Portuguese descent. Phenotypically speaking half of Chileans pass for whites. In Costa Rica also quite a lot of whites that people may confuse for mestizos, because it’s a tropical country and people tan a lot. Uruguay is definitely the whitest country on the American continent. You also forgot about Nicaragua. Nicaragua has almost 20% of whites. As for Mexico and Peru, I think 8% is exaggerating, more like 4.5% or 5% for Mexico. I also doubt than more than 5% for Peru since the last racial census made in 1940 showed them to be only 3.7% white. And that is what I saw with my eyes.
    Stormfront is quite radical even in the Latin Forum. Funnily enough the less white countries (Mexico, Peru, Ecuador) are much more optimistic and inflate their numbers and the more white countries (Argentina, Brazil) are pessimist and deflate them. That is my personal experience. Your article was great and informative.

    1. Brazilians who respond to the census, are actually the ones that greatly inflate the white population. White=successful, black=poor. So even people who have no white heritage may classify themselves as white if they feel that they’ve “made it”. In Latin America everyone wants to “move up”. So what is often done, as mentioned in the article, people will check mestizo if they are indian, mulato, if they are black, and white if they are mulato or mestizo.

      1. wrong same thing in other countries not only in brazil for example indios/native or mestizos might put white and pass for white in argentina same thing happens in other country people lie about what race there is I believe brazil has more whites than any other country in latin America allot of European immigration occurred in south of brazil just like argentina

  18. is it true that bolivian and peruvian indio and mestizo immigrants are growing very very rapidly in argentina.

  19. Hello Mr. Lindsay
    I am a Peruvian and I was just wondering where did you get that information of the 1940 census saying that peru was 3.7 % white, my dad grew up around that time in peru, and he would always say Lima was over 70% white and Peru’s population overall was around 40 to 50 % white(that’s what it says in most peruvian history books), and the indian population was at 5% to 10%. Even In all his class pictures every single person was white so were all the teachers. It’s was not until the 60’s and 70’s were Millions of indians who were living in the andes, Amazons, or around that region were migrating to the main Peruvian cities and that time those indians were not counted in the population so as soon as they started migrating Peru’s indian population started getting way bigger. Plus if you check some other statistics the Average indian peruvian women has way more kids then the average White peruvian women. Right now Peru is like you say only 15% white and 45 % indian. but just know that about 60 years ago peru was a White majority country.
    But peru is still basically run and represented by whites, every single president before Fujimori was white, he was the first non white to become president of peru. And all of our famous celeberties are white.
    I am in no way racist or against indians the only problem i have is that most indians or cholos that’s what we call them here are lazy people who don’t care about peru.

    1. I’m a Peruvian mestizo and i’m not lazy and i don’t consider myself culturally as equal as most “cholos” here (i hate the ultra-racist/clasist word cholo but whatever…)

    2. Fúck you racist scum piece of shit. There is NO such thing as “white” race, and by the way, there is nothing wrong about being “Indian” or “Cholo”. Get the fúck out of here.

  20. hi, it’s a very explicative comment about white people in latin america, well i’m chilean, my father is spanish and my mother italian, well i think i’m white, but i don’t care. In chile the racist people come from low class people, they hadn’t a very good education and are racist, BUT! in chile are more xonophobic with peruvian and bolivian people, only for the oldest wars, in bolivia hates chile because chile don’t wanna give up an ocean territory winning in a very old war, peru lost south territory now are from chile for these reason i want explain the “hates”, and Chile – Argentina the “hate” it’s very simple it’s only for the reason we are neighboring countries but the relationship with argentinan people are good, well thats all its my vision of south america, i live here
    greetings from south america, Chile.
    and the PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, if you care of colors are a f*ckin racist, the black people, indian, white and all types of colors are the same thing, all had kidney, brain, muscles, fingers, eyes, hair and heart, we are humans.

    1. It’s good to hear from people like you. Can I ask, how do you think most Chileans view blacks? I know there aren’t many there, and when I visited, I got a lot of surprised looks from people. Like they’ve never seen a black before. I saw a few there every so often, but probably only about 5 within 3 weeks. Part of me thinks that given their lack of experience with blacks, they may simply have no opinion one way or the other. But I don’t know. I really liked Chile, very beautiful country.

  21. well, in chile the black people are a impressive minory in; the north of Chile are more black people because are new generations of inmigrants from black slaves from Brazil; well in my opinion i had other ideas from the people because i travel in a lot of countries in latin america and europe i’m from the south zone of chile but now i live in the north-central zone, this city is very very tourist (Viña del mar, the garden city look in wikipedia) and we can see a lot of different races arund the world, but in the others city’s the people aren’t the habit to see black people, if you Tulio come only to the capital Santiago you can see the very very annoying people in Santiago if you don’t go to the high class zone only can see very stupid, ignorant and annoying people, in the “public” zone of santiago the people are racist and all this stupid stuff, recently in chile almost 15 or 20 years the immigrants are accepted here because the militar and dictator Augusto Pinochet, are a very nationalist and exiled or kill all people had other thinking, and the immigrants aren’t accepted.
    I think if more black immigrants come to Chile the Chilean people create an habit with this race and this type of racism decrease.
    I hope this info help you.

    1. I actually did see Vina del mar and it was a very beautiful place, one of my favorite beach towns in Latin America. I like Santiago too.

  22. Interesting… it’s weird to read an article written by a foreigner about this topic. I’m argentinian (from patagonia) of mixed background, luckily I know quite a lot about my indian part, which is not very common among mestizos. My maternal grandmother has an important amount of mapuche blood. The rest of my ethnic background is white (mostly catalonian, basque and galician). I think there are more argentinians whit mixed ancestry than what you state in the article, but it’s just my point of view. Anyway most people here don’t think in terms of race, it’s very unusual. I realized I was a mixed race person when I was like 18 years, never tought about it before.

    1. God Bless the Indians in Argentina, they have suffered dearly in recent years. They are a tiny portion of the population there.

    2. Americans tend to think in terms of white Latin Americans and dark Latin Americans as if they were two separate people, but again you can have a dark person and white person who are brothers from the same two parents. Yet it is true that there is a continuum that goes from dark to white that most Latin Americans rarely talk about. They only allude to it. It’s an undercurrent of racism that is hard for outsiders to understand. They aren’t separate people, yet in a way they are. There are people that lean more toward the white and others who lean toward the mestizo, is the best way I can describe it. All in all though both colors coexist with a certain obliviousness to color. It’s a paradox. But not to much is said about it and it makes most people very uncomfortable. When Americans refer to themselves as “us whites” it makes most Latin Americans cringe because it’s so pointed to be talking about race when distinguishing themselves from Latin Americans, especially since some Latin Americans are white. It’s kind of like making a distinction between blonds and brunettes in the US.

    3. I know what you mean. I hear white Americans upon finding out that another white is of Latino sound surprised and say, “oh, I thought she was white”. I mean the person could look as white as Michelle Bachelet, but because they are from Latin America, American whites can’t wrap their heads around the fact that “Latino” has nothing to do with race. It’s really weird. I don’t know why so many Americans confuse race and culture. My only guess is that because most Latinos here come from Mexico, and it’s usually the dark ones, they just reflexively associate “Latino” with non-white. Now they simply don’t view any Latinos as white, even if the person is as white as they are, genetically. Even many of the white Latinos living here get it screwed up. I’ve heard many of them say, “I’m not white, I’m Latino” and their skin may be pasty white, with light eyes and all.
      Also, the variation within family thing is true for blacks too. My mom has 9 brothers and sisters ranging from yellow-complexion to dark brown as well as varying hair-textures. My grandfather was light-skinned. My grandmother was dark skinned. So the kids were all over the place. My mom is light skinned, my dad is dark skinned. My sister could be mistaken for a mulatto, while I look like an ordinary dark-skin black guy. I would love to get a DNA test and find out what percent of what I am.

    4. Martin, do you know what race Diego Armando Maradona identifies with? Even though, he looks Mestizo to me, I believe he identifes as White. From watching the FIFA World Cup, I can tell that half of the Argentine footballers have a noticeable trace of Indigenous ancestry. In Mexico, where I’m from, they would probably be considered light-skinned Mestizos, or Euro-Mestizos as some Americans call them. From your point of view as an Argentinean, is it possible that your government might have an unofficial policy of promoting your country as majority White even though DNA studies have shown that 56% of Argentines are Mestizos because they have a combination of Amerindian and European genes? By the way, the research was conducted by Daniel Corach, a geneticist from the University of Buenos Aires. Here’s the link to the article with the evidence he collected:

  23. The concept of whiteness in Mexico is oh so elusive. You might see someone who is white and assume he’s all white, only to find that his brother or sister is dark. The upper classes TEND to be whiter overall and have more people who are white, but we’re not talking a separate group of people here when you talk about whites and non-whites.. Some families can pretty much identify themselves and other families they know as white, but they are few and far between. And even then, you don’t know what Indian genes are lurking in the background. There is no real white separate community except in certain regions like Los Altos of Jalisco and Monterrey. The original founders of those towns were white, but with each generation the dark-skinned population seems to reproduce at triple the rate to where the whites are a tiny minority even there. What I bemoan is the lost European tradition. During the days of the Spanish colony, 1500’s through the 1700’s,believe it or not, Mexico was far more advanced culturally and wealthier than the US. The size of the identifiably white community was of a much larger proportion. You look at the buildings and see what they were doing in terms of mining, textiles, ceramics, tools, agriculture and it was oh so grand. While Americans were huddled on the Eastern Seaboard, unable to cross the Alleghenies, the Spaniards had built splendid cities all over Mexico in justa few decades. They were far more organized and very hard working. There are terrible exaggerations about how they treated Indians. They went to the Missions voluntarily. They liked the 3 squares they got and the shoes on their feet. The work of the missionaries was a sincere labor of love. The Spaniards didn’t kill the Inidans off and put them on reservations. I have no animosity toward the darker skinned people, most my friends are dark, but I do wish that European (euphemism for white) culture and race would have been conserved in Mexico. There are some wonderful people in all races, but forgive me, overall, I think whites are more prone to orderly behavior. I like how they look. Pure unforgiveable prejudice, I know. I wouldn’t want Mexico to be ALL white, just MORE white. Why shouldn’t we want to survive, or all people’s for that matter. In my lifetime (I’m 53) I saw the white upper class dwindle to just about nothing. You look at people from prominent families and they’re predominantly dark, you look at their grandparents, they tend to be white. No race has a right to rule over, mistreat or discriminate anyone else, but shucks I wish Mexico were whiter! Sorry. Also you said Latin America is 50% white. Try 5%. But if it’s 5% it would be hard to determine who among that 5% is just incidentally white or really of mostly or all white ancestry. It’s just so elusive. I’m part Scandinavian and part Mexican…..mostly white…. I think. LOL.

    1. So what do you propose be done to make Mexico whiter? Sterilize mestizos and Amerindians? What’s funny to me is that all the white nationalist lamenting about the declining proportion of whites really has nothing to with non-whites. Only a minority of whites marry non-whites. So the claim that whites are declining because of outbreeding is bunk. Whites decline because they have chosen to. It’s nobody else’s fault that they reproduce below replacement level. So I don’t get all this anger towards non-whites like they are to blame for the white demographic implosion. We have nothing to do with it. How many kids do YOU have by the way? Unless you have 5 kids, then point the finger of blame at yourself. Lamenting non-whites does nothing to benefit YOU.

      1. No anger to non-whites, at all. God bless all peoples! I must say that I am torn. I have a lot of dark-skinned friends and family from outbreeding within my wife’s family and my own who has mixed with Filipino. These people are precious to me. But lamenting my people’s declining population is no different than, say Jews, Native Americans or Eskimoes lamenting their own declining population or outbreeding. How is this any different than someone who exclaims, “Viva la Raza”, or extolls the virtues of “la raza de bronce”? To them I say, “Right on, brother”! I want them to be happy and proud, regardless of my own opinions. And I certainly don’t blame non-whites in Latin America for our declining population. I totally agree with you. I just happen to like how we look (yeah that’s silly), but more importantly, I suspect that we are more prone toward orderly and productive behavior. Whether that’s cultural or gentic, I don’t know. What I can say is that I don’t believe in judging AN INDIVIDUAL on the basis of race and I don’t think it’s accurate. I just simply love my people as other people love theirs. As for outbreeding not being a problem—or put it this way—a reality since it’s only a problem to some whites—that’s just not so. There most certainly is a declining white population in Latin America due to outbreeding. Again, you see whites and dark skinned people in the same family with succedding generations getting increasingly darker. In the upper class, you look at the kids and they are very dark, one of the parents, not so dark, and the grandparents, totally white. Ni modo. Nobody’s fault but our We don’t need to antagonize people over it, make people feel bad or discriminate, have an official policy of limiting dark-skinned breeding. Certainly not. The decling white population is a problem for who? Whites. When I hear whites in the US complaining about Mexicans having so many kids, I have the same reaction as you. I say,
        “Mexicans are supposed to stop having kids just because it’s inconvenient to you?” There being more whites is good? For who? So, I must admit I am quite ambivalent, but nonetheless on target. There are obvious differences between races as there are between breeds of dogs. Should we try to manipulate that like breeders of dogs do? Absoulutely not. By the way, I think Obama is the greatest US president ever. I think the best looking people on earth are mulatoes. I know I seem contardictory, but objectivity often looks contradictory. Much of life is one big paradox.

      2. I wasn’t proposing we do anything to make Mexico whiter, I merely said I wish Mexico was whiter. Mexico belongs and should belong to the dark-skinned people who are indigenous to that land, I just wish we could have our own little corner. And I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but ourselves. I would PREFER my one and only daughter marry within her race, but I don’t insist on it. I should have had more kids. There is one kind of outbreeding I think would benefit Mexico: outbreeding with Asians.

        1. George, we already have “our own little corner.” It’s called the Northeast. I don’t know about you, but I think that many Mexicans (especially White ones) from other parts of the country have a hard time grasping the fact that Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon are where most phenotipically White Mexicans live. Just take a look at the poor folks of the region. Even they look very Caucasian. They look very different than the poor people of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Veracruz, and Chiapas. Coahuila’s demographics are pretty similiar to Nuevo Leon’s and Tamaulipas’, although some people might think that it is a true mestizo (or even Indo-Mestizo) state rather than Euro-Mestizo like its two neighbors to the east. Historically speaking, these three states managed to break away from the Mexican Federal Republic in 1840 and formed their own República Del Río Grande. More so than political differences with the central goverment in Mexico City, their decision to secede had racial and ethnic overtones. Eventually, the República Del Río Grande failed within on year and Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Coahuila were reincorporated into the Mexican Federal Republic. If I’m not mistaken this is something that has been omitted from the history textbooks of Mexico’s public schools, and it is rarely ever talked about.

    2. George, I think I understand exactly what you’re talking about. Like you, I really do wish that there were more Whites in Mexico, but I DEFINITELY WOULN’T WANT FOR MEXICO TO BE ALL WHITE. In other words, I would love for Mexico to be a little more diverse. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Europeans, Asians, and Middle Easterners were immigrating to Mexico just like anywhere else in the Americas. What happened? Well, the Mexican Revolution of 1910 pretty much pushed the country a step back in the increasing diversification of its population. Since the Revolution primarily catered to the poverty stricken heavily agrarian Indo-Mestizo Southern states, the industrial hubs (usually in the North) were left to develop with their own resources rather than with the collaboration they were receiving from immigrants. However, there are still certain cultural remnants of that multicultural nation Mexico was destined to become. Modern-day Mexican Banda and Norteño music, are explicity German and Czech in their oompa-oompa beat. I even have a brother in law whose paternal grandfather came from Greece! Maybe when our beloved Mexico gets its act together and actually starts to crack down on corruption will foreigners once again want to join our society.

  24. Katherine, you said the whites were hiding because you saw only 1% whites. LOL. Many of those whites you thought were tourists were actually white Mexicans!!!! I remember an American friend of mine who went with me to Mexico City commenting on all the tourists from the US or Europe, I insisted many were Mexican. He went up to this tall nordic-looking guy and started asking him questions. The guy spoke English, but not very well, so just to see if it would help, I started speaking Spanish and sure enough he was rattling away and gave us the info we needed. But., particularly in Mexico City, it is true, most people are quite dark. The people are more polarized between dark and white than the north where the mixture is pretty thorough. I’m torn because there are many dark-skinned people I love and respect, yet I am a racist to at least some degree. I prefer the company of hispanics of any color. I love seeing whites speaking Spanish with all the qualities of hispanics. Nobody should be judged or mistreated on the basis of the color of his skin….I just wish there were more whites. Sorry. I wish there was something you could put in the water so all the recessive white traits would prevail in the general population. I have no problem with a little Indian blood or a little black blood as long as white prevails in some people. In the same way salt and pepper by themselves taste awful, but as condiments add greatly to the flavor, so it is with races. Some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen have been mulatto.

    1. I kinda agree with you some things here. This might sound racist, but I don’t find Amerindian women attractive at all. But the Spanish-descent Mexican girls and the Mestizas are pretty damn hot. I can’t deny that.

    2. Central and Southern Mexico are more polarized along skin color because the 3rd and 4th generation descendants of recent immigrants, primarily Spaniards and other Europeans, are given a much sweeter ride to the top of Mexico’s social pyramid. Who allows them on that ride to begin with? The tiny White Mexican elite that still DOES NOT want to distribute evenly the wealth generated by its massive economy.
      Over on the Northern states, we don’t have that much of an elitist problem because there wasn’t a large Amerindian population to suppress and exploit. Hence, generally speaking, there’s still a lot more people in northern Mexico that are descended from Spanish colonial families that had a relatively low rate of intermarriage with Indians. The racial mixing was primarily among Spaniards and Mestizas, which is why most middle and working class people in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California, Sinaloa, Durango, and Zacatecas have very dominant Caucasian features such as facial and body hair, taller height, lighter eye color, and of course…lighter skin color. More often than not, an auto mechanic or gas station attendant in Monterrey can very well blend into the “pure” White upper class if he dresses for the part.
      So yeah, I agree that in Northern Mexico, the mixture is pretty thorough. However, unlike in Central and Southern Mexico where it is 50-50, a guy from Nuevo Laredo whose DNA makeup could be 70% White and 30% Indian may very well marry and have children with a woman from Chihuahua whose admixture is about the same.

    1. Tulio,
      80% of Brazilians very well may have some European DNA, because about half or more of the country is mulato or mixed. If you add the mulato population with the whites, then possibly. But there would be overlapping since there are many whites of african or indian descent, and many blacks of eurpean or indian descent. DNA studies from Latin America are notoriously just as unreliable as the census, as the article shows. DNA studies are known to be extremely biased, and usually are done to prove that a certain group is dominant, (usually whites).
      For example, if you were to do a dna admixture test on my family, maybe 80-90% would be of European descent. But most are not white, but may have a European ancestor.
      Blacks and Indians are known to not be counted in the census, or undercounted, or counted as white, or mixed. I just wish latinos would stop blaming gringos for the racism.

  25. Argentina, Uruguay – possibly the most poorest all-white nation on earth. Maybe they should pull their ugly heads out of ther lilly white asses and fix their pathetic countries.

    1. “White beaners”
      Lol! Didn’t know there was such a thing.
      In all seriousness, however, I would much rather live in Argentina than Mexico, Peru, or other Mestizo/Indian countries in Latin America.

    2. Actually I think the worse white countries are in SE Europe and some other former Soviet states.
      I went to Montevideo, Uruguay last year and it was quite a laid-back charming little city. I’d love to live there. Btw, Uruguay is about 5% black.
      There’s quite a bit of poverty and corruption in Argentina.

      1. Yes, I’ve heard that they also have a bit of a problem with crime in Argentina, at least since the economic meltdown.
        Besides, many of the Argentinians aren’t white white as they like to claim but rather light mestizo or light mulatto. Pretty much all of the Latin American populations are mixed to some extent.

        1. I agree 100% with your comment. 56% of Argentinians are actually mestizos. The other 44% are pure Whites who are very likely the 4th and 5th generation of the European migration. The reason that Argentina promotes itself as a White country is because more than half of the population is phenotipically White. In my humble opinion, the only difference between Mestizos from Argentina and Mexico is that Argentine Mestizos carry Italian surnames while Mexican Mestizos carry Spanish ones. This is so because the Italian immigrants to Argentina (just like Spanish conquistadors in Mexico) came without wives. Needless to say, many Argentines are actually very similiar in physical appearance to the Euro-Mestizo people of Northern, Central, and Western Mexico.

    3. I don’t know from what ”white country” are you but take a hard look at the country where you live and you will see those ”pathetics whites” that populate your own place, what about those ”bikies gangs” aren’t they a ”pathetic wasted unproductive form of subhuman white waste? at least the countries you mention above they know what they are but you are a one eye ”white beaner”

    4. You should be looking at those millions of ”white underclass” that they are growing by the day in that ”very rich nation” of yours, the USA is supposed to be the greatest and rich nation and they have third world conditions in many places and their ever growing ”white underclass”

  26. Maliciosa Deliciosa,
    More than 90% of the Brazilian population have white genes, what the text says and proves is that in Brazilin blacks there’s much white blood. Just remmembering that brazilian population is heterogeneous, so if this guy maybe 30% white the next one 100% and the next one 58%.
    To the writer of the text,
    Brazilian and Argentinian rivalry began in the XIX century, we had a war in the 1820’s and the resulting standoff is the creation the buffer, Uruguay. Since then untill the 80’s there was a kind of military cold war. Argentina didn’t have the resources and Brazil was happy with the status quo.

  27. Hey, I disagree with what you said about the mixed population of brazil.
    First off the mullato and black population is more like 70 million not 110 million.
    And your forgeting about caboclos (indian-white mix) actually number between 20 million to 30 million making up a big portion of Brazil’s pardo population.
    Also about Puerto rico, most are not mullatos their either octoroons or triracial people
    many are mixed with Taino, spanish and african not just white and black.

  28. Ok well I’m Afro-Dominican. My grandfather was black Dominican and white French. So I’m part French it’s the only mix I have in me. But I consider myself black I mean hell I am. I know there are a lot of self hating black Dominicans but it’s not all of us. Just look at Manny Ramirez or Dsvid Ortiz or Robinson Cano they’ll tell you they are dominicanos but they are also negros. Zoe Zaldaña Don Omar Tego Calderon don’t forget Celia Cruz and Roberto Clementé all black though only Zoe Zaldaña is Dominican. When I lived in Monte Cristi in the DR I noticed a lot of people who look white to me and they were mainly white I lived in a mostly black neighborhood. When someone said a racist comment we fought that simple my cousins are thugs but that’s not important. I live in San Antonio, Tx now. Everyone is facinated by a black kid speaking Spanish EXCEPT a lot of the people from Mexico. They see me speaking spanish and keep walking like it’s nothing new to them I asked a lady I knew named Rosa were there blacks in Mexico because I didn’t know I asked in Spanish and all the only Spanish speaking woman came up saying SÍ SÍ NEGROS ESTAN VIVIENDO EN MEXICO(yes blacks live in Mexico) they say slavery brought them there. Almost all if them were pure white maybe Carmen was mixed part Indian. My wife infact is Sioux Indian and Spanish of Mexican ancestry. I call her white she gets offended I say our daughters white and black and Indian which she is. I finally explained to her the difference between race and nationality. She’s comfortable being white and Sioux hell her middle name is Sioux go figuer. Well my point is there are many race ethnicities and skin tones in Latin America some clearer than others. Me my culutre is Afro Dominican nationallity is dominicanos my race is black. Latin America is no different than north America except it America needs to close it’s damn border…..de Diego Amerigo Santiago no hay pa’ nadie

  29. Hey Robert Lindsey. As a White Latin American I think alot of the information you put was wrong. At least the part about White Latin Americans disappearing. The CIA world factbook puts Mexico white population at 9% but I heard its really 15% to 18%. And Mexico’s white population wasn’t 40% during the colonial period it was more like close to 20%. I’ve heard that there are migrants heading to northern Mexico but the majority of Northeast Mexico is still white. You can talk to a lot of Latin Americans about that. They’ll tell you the same thing. My friend who goes to Mexico says the same thing. And as for brazil, Sao Paulo is 70% non white? SAY WHAT!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been there yet but that is just purely wrong. I’ve read in the census that its 70% White. Personally I AM GLAD there are a lot of white people in Latin America. But then again I personally think that if a person looks white then they are obviously white. Even if they are 20% black or whatever. I may have been born and grown up in the U.S. but in the end I guess I haven’t assimilated I guess. I don’t mean to come off as if I am insulting you but I think at least half the information you got was wrong. At least when it came to the decline of white population. However, remember, all mestizos do not look the same. The phenotype can range from more European to more indian. The White upper class of mexico and Brazil maybe mixed but the non-white ancestry may not be enough to show and vice-versa. Basically its a color continuum.

    1. I find it interesting that you said that if a person is 20% Black, but looks White then they are obviously White. By that standard, I would have to say that Mexico is between 33-40%White. The reason is simple. Amerindian features are more easily diluted than are Black African features. There are even White Americans who are known to have claimed some sort of native indigenous ancestry such as Chuck Norris, the late Patrick Swayze, and Johnny Depp (this last one actually looks like a lot Mexicans I grew up with). The term Euro-Mestizo has even entered the lexicon of American English terms used to describe people according to their race, specifically light-skinned Mexicans who are predominantly White in appearance.
      I don’t know about you, but I think that ever since the world got smaller through the invention of broadcast television and the internet, Latin Americans have gotten into a tendency of competing with each other to see whose country is whiter or has a larger population of Whites. What do you think?
      By the way, as far as Northeastern Mexico being majority White, I would have to say that I agree with that statement. As you might have already guessed, I am in fact Mexican and from the Northeastern border city of Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas. I grew up across the border in Laredo,Texas and it is basically an explicit fact that my native region is not as White as it used to be. Many people from Southern Mexico, and even some from Central America have established themselves in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros, and Monterrey in neighboring Nuevo Leon state. Most Mexican nationals who reside in Laredo, Texas are in fact, White (as are most of their Mexican-American brethren), and this often shocks non-Mexican Hispanics coming from the East Coast and California.

  30. But I am not trying to come across as a know it all. Not at all. However, I don’t think White Latin America will disappear anytime soon. At least not the people who could be mixed but have the white phenotype.:)

  31. Well this has been an interesting read as a white anglo celt,from england, all i have to say is that i have a friend from the west indies, he is what you would call black , whats funny is that he has green eyes, and red hair,I have little problem with such beings, what I dont like is people who make , there skin colour the essense of their being,their is alot of blacks in the USA that do this, thous that were percuted have now become the percutors,here to a world of 50 eyecolour 60 hair colours , the year 2300, future, were mind kind reigns supreme, were I rules over us in all ist forms,BNP, BRITISH NATIONIST, see there is no equal to what we are, Greek thought is this= lets see if you are stupid ,or have brains, MATTER+MIND = IS SUBJECT TO MATHS,ALONE western thinking.

  32. ***QUOTE***
    I saw in these threads the future of the US. America will become much more mixed and Spanish-speaking.
    The history of the continent is one of the marriage of the two great races, the White and the Indian, and the language of the marriage was Iberian. We missed out on it here, since so many Indians died, White immigration was so huge, and most colonists were from Britain. Also, White colonists here brought women along.
    Soon the US will become just another Latin American country, that is, we will finally become part of the continent of the Americas. In other words, the unusual and continentally anomalous experiment of “America” will slowly end, and we will finally join the Americas.
    In response to the above final comment, I certainly think intermarriage is quite substantial in the US, particularly between Whites & Hispanics/Asians. Amongst the US Born Population, is somewhere around the 40-50% range!
    Sure some people may look at this negatively, but this will be necessary to forge a common identity, else we’ll end up killing each other like other parts of the world. I see the White / Latino and Asian/Indian Mixed Marriages generally working/forging together well.
    However Black Mixed marriages due to historical reasons/discrimination will be a lot harder to through into the mix!!
    Regarding the comment about Spanish in the US. I don’t believe this will become the dominant language in the US. There maybe areas where Spanglish/Spanish prevails to some extent, such as South Florida/So-cal and Southern Border States.
    However most 2nd/3rd Gen Hispanics speak English as their primary language, and add the intermarriage figures to the above, and the percentage of English Only/Dominant Hispanics significantly increases, as most Intermarriage the main language becomes English
    Also in response to one of the above users, I certainly think we need a 40-50 year Immigration time-out. During that time Like the European Immigrants did in the 1924-1965 time-out, there “mixed” with the established Americans, to build the Nation we have today!
    I certainly think a 40-50 time-out is important and subsequently the intermarriage rate will increase as well!!

    1. Very well stated Rick!!
      I just don’t know where people get this Bullshit that Spanish will take over. Being a British Expat (of White and Indian Origin) and having lived in the US for over 10 years, in So-Cal/Texas and Now Florida (all with Moderate to Large) Hispanics populations, from what my eyes and senses/life experience tells me is the general rule is US Born Hispanics speak mostly (to) overwhelmingly English as their main language. Also being Married to a 2.5 Generation American of Central American (Mestizo Ancestry), she speaks perfect and unaccented American English and at best conversational Spanish, and this seems to be the pattern with her Hispanic family/extended family and friends!
      Also Spanish is almost Entirely Dependent on CONTINUED and ALMOST NEVER ENDING Immigration. I see this changing the US Economy is in VERY BAD SHAPE (despite what yahoo and MSNBC state about the so called” recovery)! And also the Lat-Am countries are actually doing boyent so I see Mass Immigration frizziling out, heck we may even get a Much Needed time-out!
      The powers that be will never allow Spanish to “Take over” like the above poster mention, they have too much invested in English, plus the Asian-Pac Region speaks English as the common language, and the future is looking more East than “due south”! What the powers that be WANT TO DO, is replace the Cohesive White Middle/Working Class with a Mixed (Euro/Mestizo) working class, that is more docile and controllable (honestly this is what they want to do, no conspiracy b*llshit). We could say they want to implement “Neo-Fuedelism” so a bit like Latin Americas Social/Racial Hierarchy…. So a small/moderately large White (Light) Elite / Managable and Dependant Middle class and a Large Mixed (divided and un-cohesive) Working class! This is why they push (for the short/medium term at least) all these Hyphenated Labels and IOU + “You owe us” B*ullshit… They want a fragmented and divided “Common people” MASSES!
      The reality is Hispanics (outside the immediate border region and the La-Raza/Some Brown Priders B@llshit folks), follow the 3 Generational Language Switch (Immigrant – Mostly Spanish / 2nd Gen – Mainly English, but speaks Spanish “Bilingual” **to varying degrees** / 3rd Generation English Dominant/Only…. All recent and historical research/evidence shows US Born Hispanics following the same path of previous immigrants. The difference is of the US Hispanics American population 30% are Immigrants, so therefore a good percentage are Spanish Dominant. Nearly 70% are US Born, the foreign born percentage is declining. As America and to some Extent the globe enters the World Wide Depression part 2… So as the US Born continues to increase (and this is where the growth is!) you will see spanish gradually reducing….. Any Rational thinking folk, knows you want to get ahead in this country and increasingly Europe/Asian/Africa etc… you need to know good.fluent English!
      Also good point about Asian and Hispanic Intermarriage with Whites, I think this is happening in such large numbers because the 3 groups are somewhat/mostly compatible…. In particularly I noticed that the Educated/Upwardly mobile Hispanics tend to marry US whites, in even higher numbers that the General US Hispanic Population (which is also high)…. My guess is there will be a large tri-racial population of Whites/Eurasians and Euro-Mestizos “Castizos” in the US. I just cannot figure where Blacks will be in this Mix! Will they always be (for the most part” the “Out group”.
      End of my thoughts and Comments. Thanks!!

  33. LOL, racism is no longer prevalent in South America as it once was a long time ago. Now people in the upper class are mestizo or dark colored, the minority in the upper class are whites, but thanks to statistics, there are more Mestizos in the upper class than whites in the upper class, since whites arent so many, especially in Peru, where I am from. Now every body regardless of race is accepted. Just ignore those latin american idiots in stormfront.org lol Or you can email me about this issue.

  34. IRONY ALERT!!!!! The dark-skinned, shirtless “Mexican” soccer player in the picture is really an import from A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-A. His name is Daniel Ludueña and I seriously doubt he ever played for my favorite team, TIGRES. Like Ludueña, I have seen many dark and light-skinned Argentine Mestizos play in the Mexican Primera División (Mexicos’s Top Soccer Tier). Some 5 or 6 years back, I read an interview in a magazine in which Ludueña stated that he had experienced some extremely harsh racism while he played for Buenos Aires’ River Plate F.C. According to him, moving to Mexico was the best move of his career. Funny thing is, most White Argentine soccer players end up moving to Mexico too if they are not picked up by top European football clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester United, etc. The icing on the cake, though, is that the average Mexican Mestizo soccer player MAKES MORE $$$ in his country’s league than the average White Argentine does in his. And, along with their country’s soccer players, many Argentines of all colors have immigrated to Mexico in the last 35 years or so preferably to Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Sadly enough, White and Mestizo and even Indigenous Mexicans look down on these Argentines and tend to derogatively call them A-M-B-R-E-N-T-I-N-O-S instead of the proper A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-O-S. (Hambriento(a) =a dirt-poor person dying of hunger…Drop the “H” and the “I” and put “INOS” after the “T” and you get “Ambrentinos”)
    PS: Here’s a link which makes a reference to Daniel Ludueña wanting to acquire Mexican citizenship in order to play for Mexico’s national soccer team also known as EL TRI given its tri-color flag (Green, White, Red).

  35. Firstly, Puerto Rico was never predominately white until somewhat recently, about 100 years ago. Maybe immediately following the death/murder of natives. But many Indians who spoke Spanish and neglected their former lifestyle was called white, not mestizo or Indian. Something happened in PR to where mixed people are calling themselves white. Ive heard theories. But there are more puerto ricans in the U.S. than on the island. Most here opt to identify as mixed, other, or black. Typically only recent European immigrants are “pure”, but even then there’s no telling where there European DNA will take you-Africa, Asia, the middle east? Honestly, this whole conversation is silly. Roman Catholic conquerers unlike Anglos did not bring woman and are notorious for the amount of children they fathered with native and african women. Most families who have been in Latin American for an extended period of time are going to be mixed no matter what they call themselves. Euro-Meztizo? That term sounds silly. I assume that’s a mixed person that looks more white. DNA admixture tests would be irrelevant if we could read someone’s dna with our eyes. In response to the blog post black cubans are actually blacker than Dominicans because they have much more recent arrival from Africa, some have even repatriated and still speak native languages.
    There are a lot of whites in Latin America, but depending on the country many are mixed. And it depends on your definition of white or mixed. I think its funny how the word mestizo is used. It really means a person mixed with any race, not just white and indian. Many so-called mestizos are tri-racial. Some are not at all native.

  36. @Robert Lindsay
    “Indeed there is a Latin American forum on Stormfront and it is populated by lots of Latin American Whites. I learned a lot there, reading probably over 1,200 pages over a few days, but I’m not going to link to any of the comments, since why link to Stormfront?”
    Just curious have you signed up and tried to comment on Stormfront before?
    I think Stormfront is an intelligence front to keep an eye on right wing groups which the militia movement looked like it was a big deal during the 90’s especially after Waco. It is at least monitored by domestic intelligence services.

  37. Hello, I also think that since most L.A. countries are so mixed racial concepts are been replaced with clacist ones.
    In my case I´m 38yo peruvian with indian ancestors but also with french, irish and german ancestry, when child I was blonde and white as snow, even so now I look asian (some people, even peruvians often think I´m a chinese, japanese or korean tourist, lol).
    I was the only “white” guy in school, classmates called me “gringo”, “alemán” (german) and so. I even thought It was not normal to be so white, I wanted to get darker, a normal kid, just like the others (I would have paid in order to get darker).
    At the age of 26 with internet I discovered I was not white either, that only pure bloode nordics should be called “white”, but well, who care. I´m not interested in been darker anymore, like I´m also not interested in been considered white, I hate damned whites, you and your race clasifications. I´m only a mixed race peruvian citizen.

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