Spot The Language

Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments. Thought I would play a little game with my readers here called spot the language. Every now and again I get links to the blog from sites written in strange languages that I cannot at first identify, but can only identify by running snippets of them through Google and analyzing the results. Here is one, and I do not have the foggiest idea what it says:

Snimci koji se ovde postuju mogu da vam zagorcaju ceo zivot. Ocekujte jos kasnije. Ne salim se.

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6 thoughts on “Spot The Language”

  1. That is exactly what it is. I suppose I could ask you which one of them it is, but since the three are really the same language, that is pretty dicky.
    Damn you’re good man!

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