Spot the Language 4

Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments.

Rekisteröityminen on maksutonta, mikäli sinulla on ns. luotettava sähköpostiosoite. Tällaiseksi luemme pääsääntöisesti esim. koulujen ja työpaikkojen osoitteet. Mikäli käytät esim. jotakin ilmaissähköpostia, voit vahvistaa tunnuksesi tekstiviestillä. Käyttämällä tekstiviestivahvistusta pääset käyttämään palvelua välittömästi rekisteröitymisen jälkeen. Saat tarkemmat vahvistusohjeet myöhemmin. Kaikki rekisteröitymisen yhteydessä kysyttävät tiedot ovat pakollisia. Voit myöhemmin lisätä profiiliisi muita, vapaaehtoisia tietoja.

Ok, here we go again with spot the language. This one should be easy because it looks like another language that we all should be familiar with lately. Or does it? Is it time to adjust your glasses script? Does it really look familiar? Or is that just an optical illusion. Another European language. We are stuck in Europe for now, sorry. What’s all this about case? Did someone say Latin had lots of case endings? Oh, man, Latin speakers were just pikers, come on. They could have done so much better than that, but they wanted to keep it simple, unlike some linguistic superstars. It’s said to be pretty hard to learn, but maybe it’s just a challenge, and the natives learn it like nothing. Some speakers may be blond, some may have blue eyes, some may drink and get depressed, but if you had to speak such a language, perhaps you might get under the weather yourself. This country just loves one particular video, but maybe that has to do (shiver) with their political history. This place is wired to the gills with the broadband Internets. I’m sure the rightwingers hate this country, but they sure got wired orders of magnitude better than we free market nutjob losers in America. Collectivism has its virtues, and this is a case in point. One more clue for the really slow: They were what before they even started? I’d be surprised if anyone misses this one, so don’t surprise me, team. Neener neener.

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7 thoughts on “Spot the Language 4”

  1. Alright, it is the language of the guys that were Finnished before they even started.
    Actually, it is problably easier to master the Finnish case system than the Latin one because Finnish has no gender.
    Cheers. James

  2. If I remember correctly, Finnish has 14 cases. The total number of cases are then 14 x 2 = 28. The 2 stands for singular and plural. In Latin, there are 6 cases but three genders, so that makes a total of 3 x 6 x 2 = 36 cases.
    However, cases carry meaning while gender is semantically vacuous, except in the case of substantivated adjectives. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Finnish is easier than Latin.
    Cheers. James

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