Spot The Language 2

Repost from the old blog. Spot the language. Text of an unknown language, plus clues. Answer in the comments.

Seda mulle meeldib peale reede veel teha ka laupäeval, pühapäeval, esmaspäeval, teisipäeval, kolmapäeval, neljaoäeval ja ka kõigil ülejäänud nädalapäevadel. Aga ma tahaks sind kiruda ka, et sa kohe OT pääle kaldusid: minu küsimus oli siiski aus ja otsekohane, puudutades, kergel ehk erutavalt kõditatdes vaid hardstyle ennast!

Your initial reaction, if you are smart, is that this is one particular language. However, I will give you a hint. It is not the language that you think it is, that is, if you are smart and guessed right. Another European language, of course. But who knows if it is Indo-European or not, like the last one? Are they part of a smaller language family? Your guess. One again, from a link to my site. This particular country has been flooding in for a long time for one particular video. No prizes but short-term fame. See ya in the comments. Nya nya.

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