Possible Flynn Effect Massive IQ Rise in Mexican-Americans

From a fantastic race-realist blog called The Inductivist by Ron Guhname, we have information that the IQ of US Mexican-Americans may be rising, probably due to a Flynn Effect. There has been an incredible 10 point rise in only 25 years or so. Keep in mind that all of the data has been renormed by decade due to progressively rising IQ’s (Flynn Effect), so the apparent slow growth in White IQ actually masks a 10 point increase over 35 years. Over 35 years, there was a 12 point gain in IQ, 3.4 points per decade or .34 points per year.
Mean IQ for White Americans
70s 99.1
80s 99.2
90s 100.5
00s 101.3
Now compare to mean IQ for Mexican-Americans, using the same test:
Mean IQ for Mexican Americans
70s 85.2
80s 84.4
90s 91.8
00s 95.1
The 1980’s show no gain, but there was a great 7 point gain in the 1990’s and another 3 point gain in the 2000’s, which adds up to a stunning 10 point gain in real IQ over a 25 year period. This in addition to the 10 point Flynn gain that occurred anyway during the 35 year period time but was masked by renorming.
Looking again, from 1985-present, a period of 25 years, Mexican-Americans gained an incredible 17 IQ points. That’s .68 points per year, or 6.8 points per decade. During this period, the Mexican-American IQ grew twice as fast as the White IQ. Over 35 years, they gained 20 IQ points, .57 points per year or 5.7 points per decade.
Importing lots of low-IQ Mexicans from Mexico is not a solution to anything. Are those Mexicans “genetically low IQ?” Probably not, since that 85 IQ may well rise to 95, give them 25-35 years or so. But that’s 25-35 years of poor behavior we have to tolerate.
Meanwhile, as the low-IQ flood continues, the problems of the ever-replenishing low-IQ recent immigrants just perpetuate, solidify, and eventually become a cemented subculture that is not only impossible to eradicate but also infects surrounding groups.
Indeed, their IQ’s may rise later on, but at the moment, your average Mexican immigrant has an IQ of 82. That’s way too low to function well in a modern advanced capitalist society. No wonder there is a such a “general decline” in areas overrun by recent Mexican immigrants.
They are not very smart!
So of course we see increased crime, graffiti, gangs, rundown areas, broken-down cars, squalid homes, dirtiness, trashiness, littering, corruption, along with epidemics of gang membership, teen pregnancy and school dropout. Why the epidemics? That’s what dumb people do in advanced Western capitalist societies. They drop out of high school, get pregnant while they’re kids, become single Moms and join gangs.
The question is why don’t Whites do these things in such high numbers. Answer being that they are smarter. The smarter you are, the less likely you are to do idiot stuff like that.
Based on the data above, Mexican Americans anyway present no obvious problems in terms of IQ (On this test, they score only 6 points below Whites!) but recent immigrants are probably a catastrophe, for at least the next 25-35 years anyway, and continuous flood tide of unscreened immigration from Latin America means a nightmare that ever perpetuates, rising again, Lazarus-like, with each new pulse of low-IQ immigrants, even as older cohorts brain up and civilize themselves.

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37 thoughts on “Possible Flynn Effect Massive IQ Rise in Mexican-Americans”

        1. All right jerk-off, you are banned. My data actually shows a 90 IQ for Mexico. 82 I believe may be for the Indians. I can’t imagine that I wrote 82 IQ for Mexico because I do not even believe that.
          Back to your Tapias Bar with you.
          HAVE A NICE DAY!

  1. hmm, there may be some truth to this.
    Italians and irish were thought to have shit for brains. once they assimilated, they did fine.

  2. I have some additional ideas. Look at the first google post.
    They perform poorly in school compared to white people.
    This *may* be because of biological personality differences, instead of IQ. These personality differences could cause a person to be less interested in school work, and more in other things.

    1. “…This may be because of biological personality differences, instead of IQ…”
      I think you really have something there. I think there is too much emphasis on IQ and not enough on, [ I may be making up stuff here but I don’t know the right word] ,”civilizational emotional compatibility”. An example. The Jews have very high IQ but I would take boat loads of Mexicans for one Jew deportation. The reason is the Jews may not directly hit you over the head but if your not watching them they have no morals what so ever. They have one of the singularly lowest “civilizational emotional compatibility” of any race on the planet. Huge, massive, numerous, hoards of people have for thousands of years called them “Nation Wreckers” because…they are.
      Another example would be Blacks. Low intelligence and very low “civilizational emotional compatibility” but at least they are easier to cut off at the path than Jews.
      At the other end I believe the Japanese have the highest “civilizational emotional compatibility” of any race on the planet. The 19th century British were way up there too.

    1. “Mextards” are finally being recognized for their intelligence. Ironically, you “racial realists” should have seen this coming since you should have known that a population that is a hybrid of Europeans (Spaniards) and Asians (Amerindians)as are “Mextards” naturally has a higher intelligence than that of pure Europeans by your own turd writings.
      Enjoy being left in the IQ dust by the children and grandchildren of “Mextards”!

      1. Spaniards aren’t ‘white’ or ‘pure’ caucasian. They are another varety of ‘shit-skin’ particulary from areas such as Andulusia (Southern Iberian Peninsula).

  3. it has little to do with IQ, it has to do more with culture.
    american culture is primarily desendent of protestant christian culture, and hence is conservative in nature. mexicans are catholic . go to any catholic country and you will see rampant alcoholism and fecklessness.
    Ireland, (white country) has a massive alcohol problem
    Italy has a culture that is also, not as good as northwestern european culture. drinking and womanizing is mainstay in italy.
    Germany, England, etc, have protestant churches and therefore their culture was able to be influenced by the word of God.
    The solution in mexico i think is to, whiten it a little more, and change their religion to protestant. Only the word of God will civilize someone.

    1. “The solution in mexico i think is to, whiten it a little more, and change their religion to protestant. Only the word of God will civilize someone.”

    2. Instead of the Church shaping the people’s culture maybe it’s the people’s culture picking the type church.

  4. To say that Mexicans are genetically inferior is a dumb thing to say. IQ tests are flawed. There are several social and psychological problems which white Americans don’t face, that effect the learning process to say your culture is better is just egocentric.I am Mexican and have an IQ of 137 but I also did not face the problems that poverty brings. So stop you just seem ignorant.

      1. Im a mexican-dominican mix.
        I have a 143 IQ. And I love burritos 🙂
        Of course Im much whiter than the average Mexican. I’m almost 80% European.

    1. I don’t care whether White culture is better or not, for anyone else. I just want to keep the White culture I have. I don’t owe Mexicans anything. Certainly not a place in my country/culture.

  5. Our culture is better. If people who come here with low IQ’s and for all these “social” reasons have better IQ’s for being here, then it is proof that our culture IS superior. Otherwise IQ would be on the rise in your country of origin to at least match what being in our culture does. Jose. Or did you miss out on extrapolation 101?

  6. I’ve dealt with Mexicans my whole life. Here’s a surefire, practical way to assess how smart individual Mexican immigrants are; look at how many kids they have. Those very, very few that I’ve known who have 1 or 2 kids maximum have been reasonably intelligent and competent people smart enough to navigate life in the US without placing undue burden on our society and social safety nets. These are the ones with common sense and basic decency. The problem is that they are so, so rare.
    In my experience, the Mexican immigrants who have more kids are WAY dumber. And they seem to be ever dumber with each successive offspring. This is true of both married couples and the many single Mexican women who have a large brood of kids sired by different dudes. These are the vast majority of Mexican immigrants. If people can’t figure out that their and their children’s lives are better with few kids…..they are fucking stupid and you don’t need a standardized test to see it. Birth control isn’t rocket science. I’ve known many Mexican mamacitas with like 3 to 7 kids from different dads, and those women seem at least borderline retarded to me.
    Mexican immigrants in the US have 4 kids on average, while every other race/ethnic group has 2 kids or fewer on average. Whites are far below replacement. With such low wages, how on earth do they support all those kids.? Every form of subsidization they can get their manos on…..that’s how!
    I come from a family of poor Euro immigrants who have done well here and I can assure you, succeeding in this country as a newcomer means having 1 or 2 kids max. But that takes intelligence, planning, foresight, restraint, and basic problem solving….things uncommon among the bottom-of-the-barrel Mexicans that end up here.

  7. “Massive rise in IQ” among new Mexican immigrants? How? The mean IQ for Latino-Americans born and raised here is only 89. They’re just dumb, let’s face it. That’s why living around them is like kindergarten from hell. We have to be cautious about what colors we wear. Just recently in Madera, CA, a janitor was beaten senseless for wearing blue by some fat, ugly beaners. We see Mexicans do alot of stupid shit like that on a regular basis around here.

    1. I live in Madera, California. I have never heard of this incident. I am certainly not worried about what I wear when I go outside. I have been told that it is obvious that I am some White guy who has nothing to do with the gang thing, so they will just leave me alone as they consider me not a part of it. I have been living here for 6 years. It’s not paradise, but one can definitely live in a majority-Mexican city. It’s livable. I cannot live in a majority-Black city. I simply will not live there. I do not consider such places livable. Large groups of Mexicans are much easier to be around than large groups of Blacks.

  8. Yes, Mexicans are less disagreeable than blacks, but that doesn’t take much. After Reagan’s ’86 amnesty, I saw my peaceful, virtually crime-free, white working class central CA neighborhood (closer to Stockton) change to a dirty, 3rd world Mexican gangland crime-infested shithole. As other white families fled, we remained and were the regular targets of burglary, vandalism, and even extortion attempts. They love to steal, especially form whites. It’s part of their Aztlan, LaRaza fantasy. My brother was a rocker guy with long hair and refused to take any shit or get in with any of the local gangs…..so a gang of 4 neighborhood beaners jumped him and put him in the hospital. Gang drive-bys became somewhat common on our old street. I’m not bothered much per-se by Mexicans shooting each other. It thins out the herd a little bit. Unfortunately though, bullets can stray and hit worthwhile people. When the ‘hood turned Mexican, unsupervised little butt-dumpling kids and dogs started running loose in the streets causing problems.
    The place essentially turned into Mexico. My relatives that still live there have to watch what colors they wear because the stupid beaners maddog even white people who don’t conform to their retarded social rules.
    Mexicans are just a nasty breed of people. If you find them livable to be around, you must not live in the barrio or your standards must be rock-bottom low.

  9. Could it be from crossbreeding, more white getting into the mix, and depending your perspective, bringing Mexicans up or bringing whites down?
    I doubt the Flynn effect has THAT much difference, as Mexico is not getting any better as a place to live, invasion from Mexico is actually IN-creasing, not DE-creasing! Whites must be getting dumber to let more in, PLUS the ones coming in are more obvious, even arrogant about doing it to help themselves and their country, rather than to help America, from Salma Hayek on down!
    LZ’s comment about Mexicans moving into a neighborhood mirror my own, so let’s just skip that part.

    1. Mexicans already had European ancestry. Less than Puerto Ricans who are more white they are and have an IQ average of 82.

  10. This is an old post but do remember Hispanic also includes White Hispanics.
    If you factor it by race say using the old Casta system for simplicity I suspect you’d end up with different result,
    White Hispanics (Criollo and Peninsular’s, German and other stock lines) with White IQ , Mestizos with lower , Negritos (Blacks) lower and Indios with probably lower than that though I’m not sure about the later
    Some Indian admixture if in a Flynn Effected environment doesn’t seem to matter . My guess and I don’t know is that reduces the likelihood of very high IQ but this is unlikely in any case.

  11. It’s easy to understand the frustration of some of you who have been exposed to the proletariat of Mexico coming and settling in your neighbourhoods. But, do not forget we also have our own proles here, the poor Blacks and the poor Whites. Any poor neighbourhood, in general, will be affected by similar issues here in the U.S., in China, and on Mars.
    I am (Mexican) American, a native New Yorker by birth into this marvellous megacity and I have travelled to Mexico annually since my early days. Never once did I ever experience any sort of gang violence, shootings, robberies, and/or things mentioned on here by others. Sure, it exists everywhere but it is interesting to note that I learned about this on here. Someone said their neighbourhood was “turning into Mexico”. I find it quite ironic, to say the least, that I would find that here in the U.S. and never in all of my trips I have taken to Mexico (mainly non-tourist areas).
    Lastly, as for the I.Q. and race connection, most Mexicans are as you know, mestizos. European-Indigenous mixtures. Their Indigenous ancestors surely were no idiots with those civilizations and empires they were capable of building from nothing. Their European ancestors also do not lag behind also. It just so happens that the ones who come here tend to be majority Indigenous or solely Indigenous, the socially disadvantaged of Mexico. Although, I have definitely seen a decent fair share of White Mexicans in the U.S. too. It is my experience that it is their (Mexican immigrants) social class which affects them, as I’ve seen their wealthy counterparts do exceptionally well, even above average Americans. Thus, I am faithful to the idea that social class, education, and mentalities are what shapes individuals.

  12. This is very interesting to me as a Hispanic person who grew up in a middle class family. The last time I have gotten my IQ score results, it turned out to be 97 – two points above our supposed average.
    I am high school graduate and am currently in my first year of university. Things are going quite well for me and I am passing all of my classes (Practical classes – economics, maths, etc.).
    My two younger siblings are still in public school, and it seems as though they are doing quite well in school also.
    I would suspect that one of them quite have a triple digit IQ.
    We mestizos, yes, but we are for the most part Yaqui indian. My father has more spanish in him but some of that got ‘swamped’ by my mostly native mother.
    My mother was a straight a student and competed in various mathematics competitions during her time in school.
    I am very interested in the demographics of hispanics, and wish to know more about their varying levels of intelligence and other characteristics. I wonder about hispanics who are from different native tribes, those who are mestizo, those who have lived through poor and healthy environments. etc.
    I want to know why my family is so civil and effective in American society.
    I am disappointed in the lack of information that is available to us on this topic.

      “Gee, these Italian-Americans are richer than normal” was my first reaction in Phoenix to seeing Criollo from Nogales on a buying trip across the border. I thought the same thing when I met a Filipino Haciendero (Dual Spanish-Filipino citizen).
      Why would Criollo people immigrate to the United States? They have a good gig going in Latin America or Philippines.
      The difference between them and some Al Pacino-type is that they are RICH. If you planted them outside a New Jersey pizza parlor in a grubby tracksuit you would assume they were Sicilians.
      White Mexicans sometimes live in America and commute over the border to work as doctors, engineers and lawyers. You meet them. They GO OVER THE MEXICAN BORDER TO WORK.
      Some pure Spanish-Americans live in Texas (Canary Islanders like the Javier Bardem character stalking Josh Brolin) and New Mexico-Arizona (Basque) who went there directly from Spain with land grants.
      Colorado has a Sephardic Jewish population of “Latinos”.

    2. JOSE MACIAS Come now, there are few Spanish towns in New Mexico and Northern Arizona where Basque people immigrated from Spain on land grants with wives and families.
      These folks are not “Mestizos” or the Indian blood in them is so tiny you can barely see it.

    3. Spanish-Americans from New Mexico towns and Canary Islanders in Texas who immigrated directly from Spain have not struggled to “integrate” into U.S. society.
      They OWN HUGE AMOUNTS OF LAND in Flagstaff and New Mexico. One told me they are mostly Basque.
      Show me one Criollo who wishes to immigrate to East Los Angeles. Or even a Castizo. No, these folks are poor Indians and Mestizos who reflect Latin America’s age old Red Man-White Man racial problem that is now a Pink Man-Red Man racial problem because Mestizos and Indians sometimes clash like Chiapas.
      People who want to leave Mexico are honest poor Indians from villages ruled over cruelly by Criollo officials whose administrators are Mestizo and criminals, losers, failures, prostitutes, druggies of Mestizo ancestry from nearer the U.S. border who simply cannot make it in Mexican society.

    4. JOSE Yaqui Indian means your family has been in the Southwest a long time. This is slightly different from Mestizo criminals or desperate Chiapas Indians streaming into East LA.
      After all, Yaqui Indians have been living in the Southwest as American citizens throughout its history.
      There are SOME pure Spanish in New Mexico or Northern Arizona. I’ve met them. The so-called Hispanos who migrated directly from Spain and were U.S. citizens 150 years before Trump’s German grandfather had heard of the United States or his father became the first Trump born on U.S. soil.
      The issue of immigration applies to Mexican Indians and Mestizos but not to Criollos who show up once a year to go on shopping sprees in Texas.

  13. This is interesting. Another thing to consider is that the majority of Mexicans that come to the US are people that are below the average financially and educationally in Mexico. They are not the “average” Mexican. I live on the border and am surrounded by Mexicans. I’ve noticed that the Mexicans that I’ve met who came with money for businesses or with an education do exceptionally well. I’ve never had any problems and we don’t have a great deal of crime. It’s definitely better than when I lived in Gary, Indiana! It reminds me of the Flynn Effect study in rural Kenya. I believe they had a 15-20 point rise in just one generation after they made some changes to their diet and education system.

  14. Is there equal opportunity for Mexicans than “whites” and does racism or discrimination play a part in the having kids or joining a gang or other stupid behavior. I know plenty of smart mexican americans who didnt go to college becausw their parents or them couldnt afford it. When youre first generation it takes years to get established, learn the language and make friends. I do agree most mexican immigrants have lower iqs though although those who immigrated after being schooled in mexico have stronger education in certain subjects higher than typical americans.

    1. I live in a city that is 67% Hispanic and to say there is racism against Hispanics around here is just insane. Yet they still do very poorly in school. I have never seen an ethnic group with a more anti-intellectual or anti-schooling mindset than Mexican Americans. They are even worse than Blacks. And they are utterly apolotical in the worst possible way. Most don’t even bother to vote.
      And yes the ones educated in Mexico actually got a BETTER education down there than these ones up here and they are LESS anti-intellectual and anti-schooling than Chicanos. I have met Mexicans in Mexico and there is a pretty vibrant intellectual and even literary culture down there especially among the Whiter types.
      Most South Americans are much more pro-intellectual and pro-schooling than Mexicans or Chicanos because the culture of SPAIN is still huge among South Americans, especially the upper classes. I had an Argentine gf who almost worshiped me for being a “man of letters” and a Peruvian woman who basically wanted to marry me for my brain, to fuck my brain I guess. Also South Americans are insanely political.
      Mexicans are utterly depoliticized due to PRI co-optation. Even Central Americans seem a lot smarter and more educated than Mexican immigrants and they are quite political. Mexican workers have ZERO class consciousness and it’s the same here. They need another revolution down there, dammit. The 1910 one is burning out and it’s also a big problem.
      Mexicans don’t see any need for progressive politics since “we already had our revolution” and “we already have a socialist government.” Problem is the last statement is a joke. The PRI are classic sold out revolutionaries who ought to be thrown out of the Socialist International. And they keep getting worse.

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