New Weekly Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay July 5-11

Yet another traffic record was set on Robert Lindsay the past week. There were 22,094 hits to the site during the week, breaking the previous record set only the week before of 16,784, a 3 Traffic came in for articles on the race of East Indian people (many East Indians wanted to know what race they are), for lurid jokes about Michael Jackson, and for coverage of the Spree Killer in Gaffney, South Carolina. Thanks to all of my readers, especially the new readers!

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4 thoughts on “New Weekly Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay July 5-11”

  1. I wish I had a trust fund. A live worth living is a life of leisure and fun, not some 50-hour work week.
    What’s the point of working to get only a 2-week vacation each year (one that I cannot even afford right now at my $12 an hour job) or to have money saved for a ‘retirement’ when I am 65?
    Right now I am lucky to have a slack job where I play on the internet mostly, but it still sucks, because if I could I would be doing something else.
    I am fine with living in poverty, as long as I can do what I want. Would working a slack 20-hour a week job make more sense than collecting government assistance?
    The only real rational for working 40 hours, that I can see, is to attract a mate and support a family; otherwise, it is simply not worth the time sacrifice.
    And the only benefit for having kids, as far as I can tell, is that sense of continuation after death. That is the only reason I want kids.
    Hopefully, the Singularity will come soon, and lifespans as we know them will change. Recently it has taken a couple decades to add a year on to life, what happens when medicine/science can add on a year, each year?

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