James Loewen's (Sundown Towns) Ethnicity

James Loewen’s ethnicity is the subject of speculation among White nationalists. Loewen is the author of Lies My Teacher Told Me and Sundown Towns, and he has a Sundown Towns project up on his website. He’s extremely liberal, but most sociologists are like that nowadays.
I do support his Sundown Towns project and the book sounds great, but then, I’m not a White nationalist. As far as I am concerned, anyone can live anywhere they want to, and indeed, housing charters are illegal, as they ought to be. I am not so sure of the wisdom of distributing Section 8 Ghetto Blacks all over nice towns and cities, but I do not think that that is Loewen’s project.
One thing I disagree with Loewen on is that White Flight is always a symptom of White racism. It can be, but generally, it is not. If Blacks as a group acted like Asians, I doubt if many would have a problem with them. Blacks claim people hate them just because of how they look, but I doubt it. If they acted like Chinese people, how many would hate them for their dark skin and African features? Get real.
Black behavior in the aggregate, particularly among young Blacks, especially among young Black males, is the cause of much racism against all Blacks in the US. The assimilated types pay with racism for the sins of the Underclass. Most Whites, at least here in California, are pretty reasonable these days, but no one in their right mind wants to live with ghetto types. I wish Loewen and his crowd with acknowledge that.
One thing that Loewen is wrong on is that in his Lies My Teacher Told Me he suggests that the Olmecs of Mexico may have come from Africa. No sensible anthropologists promote this theory, and in fact, it is insulting and even racist towards Amerindians of the Mexico, implying that they are too incompetent to create a great culture, and that such expertise would have had to have been imported from outside.
The African looking features on Olmec statues are actually Mexican Amerindian looking, especially the flat faces. Africans have marked prognathism as a group, and Mexican Amerindians have faces that are nearly flat on a prognathism scale.
They only appear prognathic to us Whites because are extremely non-prognathic on the prognathism scale. That is, Whites score about -2 on the prognathism scale (receding lower faces) whereas Amerindians score about 0 (totally flat faces). Because they are more prognathic than we are, it is assumed that Amerindians are prognathic, while we Whites are not. It’s just an illusion. Such a myth is common among Latin American Whites. I have a chart that shows this, and maybe I will upload it later.
About Loewen’s ethnicity – I have an email to him, but he may not respond. He responded to me earlier though, when I sent him a mail about his Sundown Towns project.
I just did 20 minutes of research on the guy, and I am almost certain that he is a German Catholic. Loewen is either German or Jewish, but his Mom’s name is Winifred (German, not Jewish), he teaches at a Catholic University (How many Jews do that?!), he comes from Decatur, IL (few Jews, probably lots of Germans), and his phenotype appears to be Middle German or High German.
He has a classic German face that few if any Jews have. Further, he appears to be tall and angular. Another classic German type that few Jews share. Specifically, that phenotype appears to be either Nordic or Noric (cross between Nordic and Dinaric), if I am not mistaken.
I have an email to him, but he may not respond.

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14 thoughts on “James Loewen's (Sundown Towns) Ethnicity”

  1. I just did 20 minutes of research on the guy, and I am almost certain that he is a German Catholic. Loewen is either German or Jewish, but his Mom’s name is Winifred (German, not Jewish), he teaches at a Catholic University (How many Jews do that?!)
    Yes I suspect he is a gentile German.
    As for Jewish professors at Catholic universities, yes they exist:
    and by the way he is currently a visiting professor at a Catholic university but previously taught at the University of Vermont and at a Black college in Mississippi.
    The name Lowen can apparently be German, English, Jewish, Dutch, or Swedish:
    To my eyes, yes he looks gentile.

    1. As far as the Lowens, we are dealing with Loewen here, not Lowen. Loewen is either Middle German or Dutch. To me, he looks Middle German or even Bavarian. For sure, that’s not a Jewish phenotype at all.

  2. I don’t think the guy’s Jewish. He just sounds like your typical liberal asshole from Vermont, who lives in a lily white area but wants to shove diversity down everyone else’s throats.

    1. Pretty much. I’m not really against his sundown towns project though. Restrictive covenants should be illegal, and housing discrimination should be illegal too. At least on race anyway. I think you ought to be able to discriminate in other ways, but not on race. He’s wrong about White Flight though, and he totally ignores the inevitable decline that occurs to most towns once they pass a certain Black tipping point.

    2. I am a liberal myself who wants to shove diversity down your throat.
      SO SCREW OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Yours cordially,
      Bill Link

      1. Why do you want to shove “diversity” down everyone ELSE’S throat, but flee if your own area gets too “culturally enriched”?

  3. Sure, nobody minds a nonwhite or two. But like you said, once a few move in that “tipping point” is rapidly reached.
    And I disagree that only whites like monoracial environments – everyone prefers the company of their own.

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